Best Headboards with Storage Reviews You Can Buy in 2022

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Before, conventional headboards are just plain headboards; no use, just part of the bed as a design. But in our age today, headboards also had its taste of innovation. Bed headboards today already have built-in storage where you can place the things you want to be within reach inside the bedroom, without you needing to get up and walk. Storages in headboards became one of the deciding factors when planning to buy a bed. All because we want our phones, eyeglasses, medicine, and other important factors to be within reach to make us feel secured and also enjoy a hassle free rest.

But please don’;t get it wrong. Headboards even if it is more of a functional type, still holds its decorative characteristics that will match the style of your bedroom. The color, designs, platform, and the functionality is customized to meet the buyer’;s taste.

So in this review, we will unleash the best headboard with storage so you won’;t have a hard time deciding which one to buy.

Top 10 Best Selling Headboards with Storage Reviews

1. Prepac BSH-8445 King Bookcase Headboard

If you want it to be just plain and simple, Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard is your match. The color is plain and classy. The laminated finish adds to the elegant look. So if you’;re more of a laid back person or a couple who just want a simple plain rest, you will surely love this.

1 17

This is also the headboard with storage for the minimalists. You can just keep a few things such as books, a small tool like an alarm clock, and a few photo frames can fit it.

It is a standalone headboard and you can fit even a king sized bed into it. You need worry on some squeaking sound especially if you followed the instructions on how to assemble it. No bothering odor from the wood too making you breathe comfortably while sleeping. Since the headboard storages are open, you cannot escape from dust so a daily wiping of dust is recommended.

  • Easy to assemble, time needed is few minutes only
  • The design is elegant and classy that can match any bedroom style
  • The price matches the look, design, and the materials used
  • Not that sturdy, use of hammer not recommended
  • The internal support are not all sanded down so be careful when touching it
  • Some of the parts are not labelled making it difficult to assemble


If you want high quality, then you must look for another product. The elegant look is just a facade. The quality will bother you. It may last long though if you really take good care of it.

2. South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage

A product that is relaxing to look at; this is what this headboard with storage is all about. Again, this is a design that a minimalist will like. The look is plain and simple. The main storage has bigger room so you can place more things. There is also a side storage for book where you can decide if you want it to the left or to the right. Another exceptional trait  is the cable management that will protect your cables from damage. This also adds safety especially if you have kids that may see the cable while it is connected.

2 19

Reviews say that it has a good quality, sturdy enough to place some heavy items. This storage is made from Canada that’;s why all materials used in making the headboard are all eco-friendly.

When you buy it, you will have access to its Customer Support and will give you undivided assistance within 7 days upon purchase.

  • Comes with a 5 year-warranty that will make you feel secured
  • No need for sophisticated cleaning agents, just a simple wiping is enough
  • With cable management hole that protects cable from intertwining
  • Pressboard pieces are damaged and difficult to assemble together
  • A lot of damaged deliveries resulting to returns
  • Particleboard is not sturdy, attaching something or pounding it with hammer is not recommended


South Shore’s dainty look will surely win the hearts of the simple people. But since this is part of the bed located at the head, it’;s important to buy the one with the highest quality because you wouldn’;t want your headboard to be collapsing in your face.

3. Revere Headboard with Storage Queen

Apart from the bulky size, most of the other characteristics of this headboard with storage is enticing. Yes, it is kind of bulky that eats up more space when attached to the frame. But this comes up with small drawers positioned at both sides. This gives you the liberty to store your most valuable possessions like jewelry.

3 18

Of course, the bookshelf part is still there in the middle or at the upper portion of the drawer. This headboard also has cord or cable outlet protecting your cables and also the people in the bedroom from being attached to possible faulty cables.

What’;s good about this is the height of the storage is not that high from the eye level. This gives a relief to the user if something will fall from the storage without you knowing. The storage is also spacious enough to accommodate more books.

  • Larger storage for things, spacious enough to accommodate more things
  • Easy to assemble, it will take you 1.5 to 2 hours only
  • The drawers protect very important things since it can be locked inside
  • Missing and damaged parts when delivered resulting to returns
  • There’;s a formaldehyde like smell that is not good especially for kids
  • Not fit to some full sized beds


Make sure you checked all parts during delivery, in case you purchase. The formaldehyde like smell is also unacceptable. Other than that, this headboard with storage is modest enough to consider. The closed drawer will also relieve your most precious things from dust.

4. Sauder 410147 Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard

Your headboard deserves a nice look. If you’;re into it, Sauder could be a perfect match. Green is also in with Sauder because of the exceptional way the headboard is manufactured. It is made from engineered wood from high quality wood trimmings and post-milling leftovers. Sauder makes sure that they can transform left-over wood into something beautiful like this headboard.

4 18

This headboard is easy to assemble, for some it only took them 15 minutes handling a hammer and a screwdriver. But in case you’;re lost in the middle, their customer service team is ready to assist you via phone.

The spacious middle allows you to place books, bags, and other belongings. While in the drawers, since it is closed and you can lock it, you can place those belongings you only look for occasionally or belongings that need to be secured. Highlighting also the enclosed back panel that has cord/cable hole to make you more organized and safe from any untoward incident because of entangled cord connected to electricity.

  • Affordable yet not cheap looking, the elegant look catches attention
  • Easy to assemble without the need of sophisticated tools
  • A solid headboard feel even if it is made from engineered wood trimmings
  • Damaged drawers, a double sided tape connects it to the main headboard
  • The headboard is too heavy to handle
  • Did not fit into a full bed


Being too heavy to pull and push, disappointing drawers, and the likes, will give you second thoughts of buying this. But if your budget is limited, then you can have this, but then again, set your expectations to a lower level.

5. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors

Feel sentimental with this nostalgic looking headboard from Kallisto. 2 small doors at the middle will definitely welcome your precious belongings. You need not worry of placing it far from you since this headboard can handle those. You can also place your books inside and secure it from dust.  At the sides are the remaining part of the storages. The size of the compartments dictates which items you can place on them. Like the space on top is smaller than the bottom. Obviously, above space are for your clock, watch, eyeglass while at the bottom of it is where your photos, and other memorabilia, even books.

5 18

Made from laminated composite woods and a sturdy MDF backer that is CARB compliant. This means that the headboard is free from formaldehyde emissions.

This headboard also promises a sturdy built. Setting up won’;t require much time and effort. It even comes with a clear instruction booklet.

  • Unique style with a nostalgic 2 door-design at the middle
  • Allows you to just sit back, relax, and choose from 40 books you can store
  • No sweat setting up, will only require up to 45 minutes to finish
  • Dents and scratches during the assembly
  • Some parts are not properly labelled making it difficult to assemble
  • Doors not aligned, so it is difficult to open or close


If you’;re into style, then this is in. During the set-up, you need to be gentle so you won’;t scratch the surfaces. You need patience until full set-up is finished. Nonetheless, this headboard serves its target functionality.

6. South Shore Spark Bookcase Headboard with Storage

Plain and simple yet highly functional. This is how you can describe this headboard from South Shore. There are 3 very spacious and evenly divided open compartments. This gives you the liberty to decide the items you want to place on those compartments.  It comes with a cable management hole at the back to organize your cords making your gadgets secured and free yourself from any untoward incident.

6 18

The materials used in manufacturing are direct from Canada. It promised a toxic free ensemble making it safe even if you inhale the smell of the wood. The whole assembly is protected from any damage during shipments too.

Also comes with a 5 year warranty and an ever reliable customer support team ready to assist you in case you encounter trouble during set-up.

  • Spacious compartments that gives you liberty to decide what items to place
  • Easy to assemble with a helpful customer support you can ring in case you need help
  • Plain and simple design that is not an eyesore in the bedroom
  • There are unfinished sharp edges that may bruise your hands during set up
  • Some said that it cannot be attached to a bed frame, only in the mattress
  • Missing parts that make it difficult to set-up


This is the headboard for those who are not expecting much, otherwise, you’;ll get disappointed. One quoted that it doesn’;t give the value of your money. Nonetheless, if you just want a plain and simple headboard, this is a perfect match for you.

7. Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard

What you will love the most in this storage headboard is its vintage finish. Though made from engineered wood, the texture finish is Carolina Oak highlighting a vintage look. This kind of finish makes this headboard match any bedroom style, especially those with the rugged old motif.

7 15

When it comes to functionality, this headboard is spot on. It has 5 compartments, 1 huge in the middle and 4 side storages. The storages are open which allows a freehand in placing your things. There is also a cable hole where you can insert your cord to avoid it being tangled.

Sauder is known to follow strict standards when it comes to their headboard products. Upon purchase, you are assured that you get the thing that you need. Yes the headboard needs time to assemble and you need not worry if you’;re alone because their customer support team is ready to assist you.

  • Adjustable headboards that allows your bed of any height to fit in
  • Proven sturdy when it is already built, solid rock as they say in the reviews
  • The package is complete with the tools with extra screws
  • The assembly takes much time because of some unclear instructions’;
  • There is an odor from the wood and the odor takes time to dissipate
  • There are sharp edges that may bruise you or damage other parts


The pros still outweighs the cons. The cons are manageable. The vintage look will make you fall in love with this storage headboard. Your purchase will never give you regrets.

8. Benzara Contemporary Style Gray Finish Bookcase Six Shelves Headboard

Benzara storage headboards are best fit for guest rooms, dormitories, hostels, or any bedroom that is vouching for a minimalist look. The gray finish is kinda off for the old ones but a turn on to the millennials because of the old rugged look. This Benzara storage headboard is made from premium hardwood that is so easy to clean and maintain.

8 15

It has 6 major storages. There are 3 large storages on top where you can store big items and big books. The lower 3 compartments are smaller ones for smaller things that you always want to be of reach. If you want your book to be at the lower part, you need to store it flat.

This headboard with storage has a price that is kind to the pocket. Very affordable and serving the same purpose of those expensive ones. So if you’;re on a tight budget, go grab this one.

  • The contemporary style is a turn on to the young of today
  • Very affordable that hostels or dorms can afford to have one for each of their beds
  • Majority of the reviews say this headboard storage has very poor quality
  • This storage headboard does not attach to the bed
  • Made from very cheap material


The reviews have proven how poor the quality of this headboard storage is. If you want a sturdy, something you can use long term, then this is not for you. But if you’;re on a tight budget or if you will just putting this storage headboard away from the limelight, you can definitely manage to have this.

9. South Shore Fynn Headboard with Storage

So here it is, a storage headboard that has multi-optional on who you will store your belongings. The storage has 2 styles; 2 open compartments, and a sliding door on one side. The sight of this storage headboard is appealing. When you’;re looking at it, one thing that will enter your mind is the word organized.’’ Everything will be organized from the items you will place on it to your gadget cords.

9 15

Though the material is only from laminated wood, the promise of sturdiness was not discounted. You can entrust not only your precious belongings, but also those heavy items.

The sleek structure is also safe for the kids. It won’;t give you the worry of getting bruises due to scratches, dents, and other imperfections.

  • A sturdy fixture when assembled, all screws fit making it a clean immovable fixture
  • Mixture of storage styles that can serve your multi-purpose needs for using headboards storage
  • The materials used are certified safe and for long term
  • There are reviews saying there are missing part when delivered
  • Not that easy to assemble unlike other storage headboards
  • Labels and photos are confusing, some thought that this is a bed frame and storage headboard in one


This is a 5-star in terms of functionality but only a 1-star when it comes to materials used in manufacturing the headboard.

10. South Shore Cosmos Bookcase Headboard with Storage

At the end of a busy day, you are definitely anticipating a relaxing moment inside the bedroom. Before sleeping, you want kill time by reading or browsing the net with your tablet or iPad. And when you’;re about to snooze, the next thing you want to do is to just reach out the storage in your headboard and put on your items. Good thing South Shore understands this desire and its Cosmos bookcase storage headboard is here to give in to that desire.

10 15

This storage headboard is just a simple fixture that its simplicity will surely relax your mood. South shore is known for its laminated particle board with tested materials that eliminates damages during shipping.

The headboard is also designed with cable hole to organize your gadget cords freeing them from being tangled. This storage headboard is open compartment styled giving you freedom to place your bedroom belongings at once.

  • Proven made from sturdy materials
  • Simple yet elegant design that is pleasing to the sight
  • Some deliveries have damages, dents, and scratches
  • No inserted instructions on how to assemble
  • Not that easy to assemble and will require hours to finish


In the overall reviews, the cons outweigh the pros. Check all items during the delivery and return if there’;s a need to. Nonetheless, the price is just fit for the quality. This can serve as storage headboard for your teens and guests.

Different Types of Storage Headboards

Based on style, different types of storage headboards emerged in the market.  But this is not all about styles. Note that each style represents a certain functionality. Here are some of them,

11 9

  • Conventional Storage Headboards

This is the type of storage headboard with minimal compartments. Usually this only comes with 2 wide storages that are open. You can easily put in any of your belongings even while you’;re lying on bed as you can usually reach the storage without looking.

  • Storage Headboards with Drawers

Drawers in a storage headboard were considered for the most precious items you want to be within reach. There are also drawers with built-in locks for added security. It’;s because of this feature why many are now into storage headboards, because of the convenience and security of having your valuable things at hand.

  • Storage Headboards with Sliding Doors

Having sliding doors does not only protect the items from dust and danger; but can also protect the person on the bed. Built in drawers will make you push and pull the lid that are sometimes causing the body or head to bump on it. Sliding doors eliminate this kind of danger.

If all compartments are being covered by a sliding door, this means all items will be protected too. Eye sores such as hanging objects that is common in an open compartment will also be avoided.

  • Multi-compartment Storage Headboards

For those who want it all, then this type of storage headboard is for you. There are items you wouldn’;t want to show to others so you keep in the drawers. There are items you want to get easily so you store it in the open compartment. And also, there are items you want to protect from dust so you keep them in the sliding door compartment. Though this type of storage headboard is usually costly, this has been the storage headboard of choice because of the multi-purpose characteristic.

Choose whatever style you want, all will serve its particular purpose. Worry not if you want a particular  design as there will be options to match your style. What’;s important is you  get the most out of your chosen style.

Benefits of Using Headboards with Storage

Headboards today aren’;t just for decorative purposes. Most products on the market today are highly functional. Add on purposes were included so you can get the most out of your headboard. The in thing today are those headboards with storage. Highlighting in this article the top benefits a headboard with storage can do. If you are contemplating on buying one, this can help you decide if you will push through or not.

12 9

Here is a rundown of its top benefits.

  • Highly Functional

Apart from being a plain headboard, different ways to store you precious items can now be done in a headboard. Manufacturers crafted headboards with a design to serve this purpose. There are headboards with multiple compartments, there are those with drawers, and even those with gadget cable organizer. It has become a one-stop shop for your storage needs. You can store books, you can place your precious photos, gadgets, bags, and other personal belongings. The drawers can also serve as a security box for your most precious items.

As many manufacturers are transforming into headboards storage these days, expect more functionalities that you can enjoy.

  • Comes in Different Styles

If you are still that person who’;s into the looks of your home fixtures, you need not worry when purchasing your new headboard with storage. The styles are at par with other home fixtures of today. The models can blend with the motif of your bed and the whole bedroom as well. The wood material comes in different colors and different finished. Indeed, no boring headboard will be at sight because of the wide array of choices you can make.

  • Saves Space

Part of its major functionality is to give you more space for other bedroom fixtures. Instead of allocating space for your storage, this now comes in compact with your headboard. As there is more space, your bedroom becomes more appealing to the eyes. You will have better sleeping or resting experience. A breather indeed.

  • Cost Efficient

Since you are purchasing one item already, your pocket can now breath from extra expenses. Either you can allocate the budget to other bedroom fixtures or allocate to other budget items, or even regard it as your savings. Whatever purpose it will serve, headboard with storage doesn’;t just create more space in the bedroom, but will also add more zeros into the money in your bank account.

  • Safety and Security

Safety and security are two important factors if you have kids or elders in the bedroom. Because moving around could pose a danger to these feeble persons, it is vital to have all the things that they need within reach when they are already in bed. Thanks to the discovery of headboards with storage; as this bedroom fixtures eliminated all the worries. Elders need not walk to the bookshelves or drawers, or even to get their transistor radios. Kids need not run to and fro to get their toys, kiddie books, and other things. The things they mostly need can now be stored in the headboard.

Considering all these benefits while contemplating on purchasing a headboard with storage will no longer take much effort. The benefits show it all. These things are why you are to purchase one. So waste no time and go ahead to the next shop.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Headboard

Don’;t get too excited in buying your next storage headboard. Don’;t fall too soon to the promises of the products. You need to contemplate first what to purchase, where, how, and most of all the whys. Storage headboard is costly so you make sure you’;ll get the value of your money. Here are some important considerations you can rely on.

14 1

  • Storage Set-up

How the storages are set-up, designed, and positioned, are very important. This will dictate how you will be able to make the most out of its functionality. If you’;re that person who has so many precious belongings that you want to secure in your headboard, those with drawer storage is for you. If you’;re that person who just want an easy reach to your things, then the open storages are for you.

See, it really depends on your preferences. It will be seldom that you will discover a one stop shop headboard serving different types of storage set-up. If there are, they surely have the highest cost in the market.

  • Foundation

When we talk about headboards, we also talk about durability. Durability will often be relative to the foundation of the fixture. The sad thing is, false promises are present everywhere. All products are claiming they are sturdy but you will only find out if they are true or not after your purchase.

A good foundation means the base materials of the headboard are already tested by time. These are genuine premium wood. And we know that this type comes with a price. So if case you bumped into a cheap product that claims they are made from premium materials, go check the reviews first before buying. Or better not buy at all and start looking for another one.

  • Storage Space

It’;s not enough that your headboard storage. You should check if it can accommodate all the items you want to put in. See also if the space is safe to accommodate your things and not as if you are forcing your items to fit in. Storage space should also be diverse so you can put in different items at once.

  • Aftersales Service

It pays to consider this for any item you will buy. In the case of storage headboard, since it is really costly, you need to ensure that you can talk to someone from the manufacturer after your purchase. And not only right after your purchase but in the coming months or even years to come until you get rid of the storage headboard. Another predicaments of buyers today is the lack of aftersales that if they encounter issues, they will have a hard time connecting with the seller or the manufacturer. This is a real stress if this happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

In any product, FAQs are very helpful and a decision making factor of every buyer. FAQs emanates from the actual experiences or questions of actual users of the product. So you wouldn’;t worry of getting bogus questions from bogus people who are just after for their popularity online. Nonetheless, here are some FAQs you can check in case you want to purchase a storage headboard.

  • Is it easy to assemble?

This question comes in mind especially to those who are alone setting up the headboard with storage. When you read the product reviews, assembly time matters to most. Even if in the buying guide indicates the number of minutes or hours it will take to be assembled, they are still  waiting for the story of those with actual experiences.

  • Is it a standalone headboard or it needs to attach to the bed frame?

A good headboard storage will have that capability to attach to the bed frame. This will prove its sturdiness. Headboards that are separate are not popular, so buyers check on this one first. Standalone storage headboards are usually incompatible to most bed frames.

  • Does it really fit to the bed?

Truth is, this has become one of the most sought FAQs for storage headboards. All because frustrations from buyers are flooding. The labels already dictates the type of bed a storage headboard is compatible. But for some reasons, the headboard and the bed still do not match. So buyers rely on reviews before they purchase.

Above are just top 3 of the most asked questions when it comes to storage headboards. There are lots in fact, but these 3 become the most critical items that will help potential buyer easily identify which one they will buy. If you will be careful in checking this one, you will most likely get the product you are aiming for.


The best headboard with storage is not dependent on brand, style, color, and many more. Buyers should also not rely too much on reviews, but then again, not to the point that it will be taken for granted.

It all depends on how you will use it, what items you want to place on it, the style matching your bedroom, and a lot more. Buying one heavily depends on the buyer and that is you. With all the reviews in this article, you now have ideas what to do on your next purchase.

And don’;t forget, while reading reviews is empowering, sharing your actual experience is caring. Don’;t hesitate to highlight the negative and use it to improve.

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