Best Wood Headboard Reviews in 2022 (Top Picks With Ultimate Guide)

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Let’;s be honest – what is the first thing that grabs your attention when you walk into a bedroom? Most likely, the bed. Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. After all, we spend a quarter of our life sleeping, so it only makes sense to get a beautiful, functional, and the best wood headboard to go with the bed.

When it comes to furniture, most people prefer wood. The reasons are simple: it looks good and lasts forever. The best wooden headboard would serve the same purpose. It will elevate the look of your room, and you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

Our Top 10 Picks for Best Selling Wood Headboards

Even though solid wood furniture is traditionally pricey, you can find some cheap ones made with recycled materials. It can save you money to buy a headboard with a bed frame instead of buying a complete bed set.

1. Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard

Sauder, based in Ohio, is a reliable name in the world of furniture. It is a truly American family-owned business that has been producing furniture since the 1930s. Their furniture, like this headboard, is environment-friendly. They use sustainable methods to produce furniture with engineered woods (a mixture of post-milling leftovers and trimmings).

1 19

The Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills Bookcase Headboard doubles as a bookshelf. It has two adjustable shelves and a large compartment in the middle. One can house all their nighttime necessities on these shelves and not just books.

The headboard is laminated particleboard with a beautiful Carolina Oak finish. It is versatile enough to go with almost any type of bedroom decor. It can fit with any full or queen-sized bed.

When assembled, the length of the headboard is 62.76 inches, and the width is 10.91 inches. The height is not too high and not too short, coming at 40.63 inches. The width is ample to house the books in completely without them sticking out. The weight is 61.5 pounds once assembled.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Sturdy and high-quality construction
  • Great value for money
  • Made in the US
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Requires assembly
  • Extends a few inches from the sides of a full-size bed

2. Atlantic Furniture AR288844 Richmond Headboard, Queen

The Atlantic Richmond Headboard is a simple solid hardwood headboard. The design is timeless and can easily pair well with any other bedroom furniture. It is quite lightweight, weighing just 27 pounds.

2 21

It is 55.8 inches wide and 44.5 inches tall for the Queen size. However, it also comes in twin, full, and king sizes. You can choose from multiple color choices that include brown, grey, white, and caramel.

Just make sure you are buying it to use with a metal bed frame. Any basic metal bed frame should pair with the headboard seamlessly. The assembly should not take too long, either. You will be done in a matter of minutes without any help.

Atlantic Furniture is an eco-friendly furniture manufacturer that uses sustainably resourced timber. They use steel reinforcements in their products to increase durability and sturdiness. This should easily last for years to come.

The best part about this headboard is its finish. With what Atlantic calls a ’Five-Step Finish’;, you get a very rich color but not at the expense of the environment. It is non-toxic and completely scratch and water-resistant. In addition, it is not just a varnish but a true and deep color.

The back panel is completely enclosed and has cord access. It serves functionality with simplicity. Whether you live in a small apartment or are an avid reader, this product can be a perfect option for you.

  • Easy to put together
  • Less carbon footprint
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Attaches to the frame at the very bottom

3. Ameriwood Home 5749215COM Farmington, Queen Headboard

If you love the textures of wood and want to give your room a country feel, the Ameriwood Farmington Headboard might just be what you are looking for. It has a beautiful rustic texture completed with decorative panels.

3 20

It is a laminated MDF with particle board construction but does not really look like one. The finish on it gives it a true barn-wood feel. It comes ready to be assembled with pre-drilled holes that can help attach it to virtually any bed frame.

The queen-size headboard has a 66.75 inches width and 48.31 inches height, with 2.75 inches thickness. You can get the idea that even for a standard queen-size headboard, it is quite big. It is part of the Rustic Farmington bedroom furniture collection. So if you like, you can get the nightstand and dresser in the very same texture and design.

It is a heavy headboard even though it is not entirely made of solid wood. It weighs 65 pounds on assembly that makes it much more stable and durable. You do not necessarily need to put it with the wall for support, as it can stand upright on its own.

  • Beautiful rustic finish
  • Looks like real wood from a distance
  • Durable construction
  • Assembly takes time and requires two persons

4. Aspen Rustic Cherry & Black King Headboard by Home Styles

The Aspen Headboard in rustic cherry and black shades is one of those pieces of furniture that scream class and elegance. It has recessed picture frame moldings combined with carved posts. The headboard seamlessly joins with the king and even some California king size beds.

4 20

This is a big headboard measuring 82 inches wide and 52 inches high. The depth or thickness is 4.25 inches. Even though it is big, it is not quite heavy, weighing 57 pounds. The posts are made from solid mahogany while the veneers are made of black engineered wood with a cherry color finish.

The Americana style headboard does require assembly. However, the assembly is quick and easy. You will receive detailed instructions on how to put it together. So even if you have never assembled a headboard, you should be fine.

Since it is mostly solid wood, it is sturdy, stable, and long-lasting. The design certainly makes it eye-catching and the focus of your room. The molding may seem like they would stick out as you would need pillows to rest your back. However, that is not the case here, and you can be sure that you can rest your back easily with or without the pillows.

  • A beautiful combination of cherry and black finishes
  • Appropriate height for a king-size bed
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to put together
  • May not fit all California King beds
  • Does not come with screws and bolts

5. Ameriwood Home Colebrook Queen Headboard

Ameriwood, based in Wright City, MO, is a popular brand in the world of furniture. The US-based brand has been producing wood furniture for decades. You can expect good quality products and helpful aftersale services from this company, just like this Home Colebrook Queen Headboard.

5 20

This is a two-tone slate headboard consisting of white posts and top with brown woodgrain slats in the middle. It is a laminated particleboard and MDF headboard that is still pretty sturdy like solid wood.

The size is adequate for any queen-sized bed. The width is 64.625 inches, the height is 42.375 inches, and the depth is 2.125 inches. The weight of this product is 45 pounds. This one comes pre-drilled with holes to be fitted with your bed frame. The holes are approximately 54 inches apart.

It has a unique combination of colors that is not quite common in wooden furniture. The white parts also have woodgrain accents, so essentially all of it looks like solid wood construction. It has one of those universal looks, i.e., you can keep it in the adult’;s room or a teenager’;s room, and it would fit in with the rest of the decor just fine.

  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value for money
  • Does weigh too much
  • Does not work with adjustable beds

6. Barn Walls Rustic Mix Headboard Queen Size

This one is surely a unique and modern wood headboard from Barn Walls. This is their flagship aesthetic design in which they use new and mixed wood to look rustic, old, and solid. The design is hand distressed to get that rustic look, so it should not be mistaken as old, used wood.

6 20

The good wood headboard consists of mix stain panels joined together to create a plane headboard. These include honey, walnut, coastal grey, and golden oak. There are many other colors and stain variations available in the same headboard.

It is made from real wood obtained sustainably. The thickness of the panels is uniform, giving the headboard a thickness of just three-quarters of an inch. Now, that is not thick if you compare it with other solid wood headboards. Nevertheless, it is high-quality wood as it remains stable.

It is a wall-mount headboard, i.e., it will not fix with the bed frame. That makes it a safe purchase if you are concerned that a headboard will not fit your bed frame. It is easy to assemble and comes with all the hardware needed to mount it to the wall.

Once assembled, the dimensions of the headboard are 64.5 inches x 36 inches. There are three panels in the queen-sized bed that collectively weigh 36 pounds.

  • Great woodwork on the panels
  • Easy to hang
  • Gives freedom to choose any bed frame
  • Height can be adjusted according to need
  • Can be moved easily
  • There may be a gap between the headboard and mattress
  • A bit expensive

7. South Shore Holland Headboard with Shelf

The South Shore Holland Headboard is a safe and functional choice for a headboard. With clean and straight lines, as well as the jet black finish, it has a very sophisticated look. The headboard is made from laminated particleboard.

7 17

The company is based in North America and manufactures products following high standards. The product does not have any non-toxic elements, so you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment by purchasing this headboard.

The headboard also features a small shelf within the board that you can use for decorative or functional purposes. It is not big enough for books, but you can easily place an alarm clock, candles, trinkets or your phone. The headboard weighs 49 pounds and requires at least two people for assembly.

You can easily fit this headboard with any corresponding size bed frame. The queen size is 60.5 inches wide, 40.6 inches tall, and 3 inches thick. The manufacturer offers a certified and tested packaging that ensures that the headboard reaches your door intact.

The headboard comes in other finishes as well, which are somewhat dark except for the white one. Dust is usually a problem with dark finishes. However, this one is a breeze when it comes to cleaning. You can simply clean it with a damp cloth. Dust or water will never damage the finish.

  • Five-year full warranty
  • Eco-friendly sources and practices followed
  • Great value for money
  • Easy assembly
  • Accessories are not included

8. Sauder 415106 Carson Forge Headboard

This is yet another great product from Saunder, a company that specializes in eco-friendly wood furniture. Weighing 76 pounds, this one is a big, heavy, and solid headboard. It is made from engineered wood that is a by-product of real wood products. This makes it a green choice for furniture.

8 17

The design is simple but speaks volumes about the quality. The headboard extends all the way to the bottom. Therefore, it offers very stable support to your bed and mattress. The bed frame would sit very snug with the headboard.

The Washington Cherry finish has a versatile look to it. Therefore, it can sit well in almost any bedroom. The queen-sized headboard measures 66.42 inches x 51.61 inches. The thickness is 5.04 inches, which explains why it is heavy.

All Sauder products are made in their facility in Archbold, Ohio, so you are essentially buying a locally made product. The company gives a 5-year limited warranty, which makes it a safe purchase.

  • Easy assembly even for novices
  • Heavy, long-lasting built
  • Green manufacturer
  • Made in the US
  • Lifting it is not easy (requires at least two people)

9. Mantua HB45-CE Arcadia Wood headboard

The Mantua Arcadia Wood headboard is made from premium-quality solid wood. You have an option to choose between three different finishes with this headboard: Ebony, Vibrant Blue, and Glossy White. The former two are well-suited for rooms with white or color paints or wallpaper, while the lattermost is best for darker color paints or wallpaper.

9 17

If you only prefer pure wood furniture, this could be your choice. The design is simple, and so is the texture. It is one of those classic looking headboards you can see it in movies from all times. That said, the simplicity makes it look modern too as minimalism is the trend these days.

Mantua is also an Ohio-based company that has been in the furniture industry for over 60 years. They only source quality materials and often recycled as well. This product, in particular, is a great example of their craftsmanship. Even though it is solid wood, it weighs just 30.5 pounds.

The queen/full-size headboard is 63.5 inches wide and 44.75 inches in height, while the thickness is 3.9 inches. It can be used with an adjustable frame as well. The finish is a deep paint and not just a stain.

  • Assembly hardware included
  • Very reasonable price for solid wood
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be used for both adults or kids
  • Exposed screw heads

10. Atlantic Furniture AR287824 Mission Headboard

This is a twin-sized headboard from Atlantic Furniture with a very traditional design. The mission slats are solid hardwood. As is common with Atlantic Furniture products, all sourced materials have been sourced ethically and sustainably.

10 17

It has the standard Atlantic Five-Step finish that is non-toxic and very clean. Since there are multiple layers, you get protection from scratches and water. Using Para rubber trees and plantation grown mahogany, this product does not have a high carbon footprint. You can buy this wood headboard without being worried about deforestation.

We listed it as the high quality wood headboard as it is very lightweight, weighing just 18 pounds. The dimensions once assembled are 52 inches x 25 inches. It should fit with any twin-sized frame as the height is pretty adequate for a twin or twin XL bed.

  • High-quality wood
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Excellent value
  • Eco-friendly materials and production
  • Comes without hardware

What is Headboard?

To find the best quality wood headboard, you first need to learn about what actually is headboard and what features make it better than others.

The headboard is the part of the bed that attaches to the back. While many beds come complete with a headboard, if you have a simple bedframe, you will need a headboard separately.

When they were first used in history, it was to insulate people’;s heads from the cold coming through the walls. However, today, they are almost universal and come in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials. You can now find metal, wood, and divan headboards in the market.

Headboards may seem like an aesthetic for the room, but they can be pretty useful too. Usually, it serves as the focus of the room, but some may have storage space as well. There is a marked difference between a bed without a headboard and a bed with one. The latter is obviously aesthetically pleasing.

In most cases, you can easily attach the headboard to the bed frame with screws. Often, there is a footboard too for the other end of the frame to give it a complete look.

Benefits of Using Headboards

Here is a quick list of benefits you can get from buying the wood headboard.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

The look of a room with a bed along with a wood headboard is pretty different from the one without a bed with a headboard. It serves as the focal point of your bedroom and decides the look and feel of it. You can translate your aesthetics with the choice of the headboard.

  • Budget-Friendly

Most people choose to get a basic metal bed frame and then get a headboard separately to save money. You really can save a considerable amount of money, and not just once. The headboard gives you the freedom to switch to new designs whenever you please.

9 17

If you are someone who gets bored with something quickly, you should go for a headboard instead of a complete bed frame with a headboard and a footboard. With just a basic frame, you can replace the headboard style frequently and ultimately transform your bedroom.

  • Prevents Scratches and Stains on Wall

If there is no layer between you and the wall behind your bed, it will most likely get scratches. You know how you sweat and have to change the sheets every week. You cannot change the wall when you lie against it with your back. The wear and tear on the wall can get ugly. No one has the time to paint their room or replace the wallpaper every few months. That is why a headboard acts as a protection for the wall from unnecessary stains and scratches.

  • Back Support

The universal purpose of the headboard in any bed is to provide support for your back when you sit on it. You will sit on your bed a lot of times, and you would want to have comfortable back support. A bed without a headboard to lie your back and head on would be very uncomfortable.

The best headboard provides stable back, support whether they are wooden, metal, or fabric made. It will also make sure your pillow stays in the right place. Sleeping on a bed without a headboard often results in your pillow slipping away.

  • Protection from Cold

If you sleep against a wall that is thin and does not have proper insulation, your head will get pretty cold in winters. You do not want to wake up with headaches. The headboard can serve its birth purpose really and protect your head from the cold coming from walls and windows.

It offers not just protection from cold but also from concussions. Imagine hitting your head hard against the wall when lying on the bed. With a headboard, you will not hit the hard concrete wall. You reduce the chances of seriously injuring your head, if not completely eliminated.

  • Easy to Make the Bed

Believe it or not, having a headboard makes it so much easier to make your bed. Without one, you would have to tuck in the sheet into the rails of the bed frame. With a headboard in place, your sheets will not move so much in the first place. When they do, it would be easier to tuck them in between the headboard and the mattress.

Buying Guides

When buying furniture, people are always drawn to the looks. However, if you want your money’;s worth, you have to take into account many other attributes. There are many types of headboards but if you want to get a wood headboard, here is what you should consider:

  • Function

You need to ask yourself if you need a headboard for a specific purpose. Most commonly, a headboard serves as a backrest for people to read or watch movies on the bed. Some may be short on storage and need one of those headboards with shelves or hinged cabinets.

10 17

When choosing your wood headboard, keep the function in mind. If you just want one to rest your back on, make sure it is comfortable. If you just want one to make your bedroom beautiful, you can go for the one with more design details.

  • Size

The first thing you want to make sure is that you get the right size. The headboard has to fit with the bed frame you have. If you have a queen-sized bed, you need a queen headboard. Usually, these headboards a bit bigger than the traditional bed size.

When we talk about size, it is also important to consider perspective. For a wide bed, you would want a tall headboard. A height of 40 inches from the ground is decent enough. The height also depends on who the bed is for. A tall person would want a tall headboard, whereas a child would want a shorter headboard height.

  • Material

Even within the wood headboard category, you will find many varieties. A solid wood headboard would definitely be sturdy and high-quality. However, it would also be expensive. You should look into the type of wood too as some are better than others.

Your other choice, which is less expensive, is particleboard ones that are laminated with sheets to look like a wooden headboard. With either of those options, you would want to make sure what type of wood and other materials are used.

  • Space

How big is your bedroom? The answer to this question will help you choose the right size and design of the headboard. For a big-sized room, you can go with stocky headboards that are big and heavy. For small rooms, it is best to go with a smaller headboard with a simple design. You do not want to overcrowd your room by having too big of a headboard attached to your bed.

In addition to considering the size of the room, also take into account the overall look and feel of the room. This is where the versatility of a wood headboard shows. You can get anything from a classic country-style look to the minimalistic Scandinavian look. Make sure the headboard goes well with the rest of the decor.

  • Warranty

It would be best if the headboard comes with a warranty, especially if it is an expensive one. Many manufacturers do give warranties for their furniture. So if anything goes wrong, you can claim a refund from the company or have a replacement delivered.

  • Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is something you would want to consider. Assembling a headboard and attaching it with the rails of the bed frame is particularly easy. That said, these things can be quite heavy, so you would need someone to help you.

In general, the assembly time should not be longer than half an hour, even for a rookie. If it is too complex or you are not able to assemble it, you should hire an expert to do it for you. That means an extra charge. Some manufacturers may even offer free assembly and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the height of the headboard measured from the floor?

Yes, the height of most headboards indicated in its product specification would be measured from the bottom, i.e., the ground where its legs would stand.

Some headboards have their panels extending to the bottom, while some do not, which can confuse you as to what is the exact height of the product. However, almost all of them indicate height measured from the ground up. For a wall-mount headboard, the height represents the vertical length of the headboard.

  • How do I know the headboard will fit my bed?

The furniture industry follows standard sizes of beds. Most headboards are manufactured according to those sizes. So if you have a queen bed frame, a queen size headboard should easily fit. If it does not fit, there could be a problem with either the headboard or your bed frame.

To be extra certain about the size, you should measure the distance between the brackets on the side rails of the bed frame. You should compare this with the distance between the holes drilled on the headboard. Some manufacturers mention this information as well in addition to the dimensions.

  • I have never assembled a bed. Do I need an expert’;s help?

Headboards are usually easy to assemble and attach with the bed frame. Most manufacturers will send you detailed instructions, often with pictures, to help you set it up. However, you will need to enlist the help of a friend as these can be heavy to lift, and you need another person to hold the two in place.

While you do not necessarily need an expert’;s help, you can always get it to save time and ensure the correct assembly. It will cost you additional money, though.

  • Can a wood headboard be attached to a metal bed frame?

Yes, you can easily attach your wood headboard with a metal bed frame. It is not necessary to have similar materials for the frame and headboard except for a divan bed. You just need proper hardware to make sure you can attach it with a metal bed frame. Make sure the screws are supplied with the headboard or the bed frame.

  • What style of the headboard should I go for?

The style varies a lot, even if you are committed to buying the wooden headboard only. Besides size and materials, you should think about the style that fits your room’;s decor in general. Not all wood headboards have wood finishes, some are painted and have heavy decorations.

If you like your furniture to be attention-grabbing, you could go with something that has a complex design. If you like simple designs, go for the basic slat or box headboards. For kids, you would want something colorful but simple. There should be no sharp corners on the headboard.


A wood headboard can easily elevate the look of your room without you making too many changes around. Whether it is solid wood or MDF, you can be sure about it, giving you many years. Assembling and taking them apart is easy as well, which is great if you move a lot.

It is recommended that you research the manufacturer before buying their wood products. With deforestation becoming a threat to the planet, you want to make sure the company resources the wood efficiently and sustainably. Make sure to properly dispose of or recycle your old headboards.

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Henry Carlson

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