Best Recliners for Sleeping 2020 (Reviews & In-Depth Buyers Guide)

Feeling comfortable is one of the key components when it comes to promoting a more restful sleep. However, while most people feel completely relaxed in a bed, there many of us that can’t get this kind of comfort when sleeping in our beds.

Fortunately today there are several good alternatives to traditional beds and one of the most popular of them all are sleeping recliners. They offer great comfort and support to those with restrictive physical issues or other health issues like back pains.

They are not only limited to this people. They are also a perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax and rest comfortably. With this in mind, we decided to prepare a small list of some of the best recliners for sleeping that are available in the market today.

We’ve gone further to highlight some of the main things you need to consider when purchasing a recliner. Therefore, whatever the type of recliner you are looking for, this brief but informative review plus guide will help you select the model that will suit all your needs.

Top 5 Best Rated Recliners for Sleeping Comparison Chart

ImageNameDimensionsWeightMaterial TypeWhere To Buy
NHI Express Addison Large36 x 38 x 41 inches70 lbsPolyesterCheck Price
Homall Single Recliner Chair29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7 inches61 lbsFaux LeatherCheck Price
Christopher Knight Home 29940127.5 x 28.5 x 36.5 inches84 lbsPolyurethaneCheck Price
Larkinhurst Traditional Earth 40 x 43 x 40 inches141.2 lbsFaux LeatherCheck Price
Esright Massage Recliner33.5 x 35.8 x 43.2 inches___LeatherCheck Price

6 Best Recliners for Sleeping Reviews

1. NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Microfiber Recliner

In the first position is the NHI Express Addison, a wall-hugger recliner with a contemporary design, but built to great quality. The top highlight of this NHI Express recliner is without a doubt its solid construction.

The entire frame is made from a sturdy, hardwood and bears a weight of up to 250 pounds which not only makes it very stable but also quite durable. The frame is well padded with thick yet soft microfiber upholstery and it’s very roomy. It offers adequate comfort and space allowing you to toss and turn with very little restrictions.

Best Recliners for Sleeping

Considering that it only requires around 4 to 5 inches behind it so as to recline fully, this model won’t take much space. Therefore, if you have limited space, then this would be a perfect choice.

Reclining mechanism is manual. There are no electric motors but the best part is that you will have little trouble operating it as the reclining mechanisms are of good quality. The movements are smooth even when you recline it to the maximum 135 degrees.

When it comes to assembly, the NHI Express Addison won’t pose any challenges as it requires no tools making the whole installation process much convenient. The chair features four separate pieces which are designed such that they just slide in and fit without much hassle.

Generally, if you are looking for an affordable recliner that can provide optimum comfort without being too bulky, then this is perfect choice.

  • Solid, durable construction
  • Very comfortable for sleeping and can support adequate weight
  • Offers great support for the whole body
  • Takes up not too much space and it’s easy to assemble
  • The upholstery is stain resistant which makes cleaning easier
  • Footrest is a bit short
  • May make some squeaking sound overtime

2. Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric, Taupe

Following the NHI Express closely is the Lifestyle Power recliner which is an electric recliner designed to provide optimal comfort and easy operation. Like its counterpart, the Lifestyle Power is a wall-hugger recliner.

You only need to place it a few inches away from the wall to fully recline. It occupies less space which means you can even use it in a small room. However, what really makes this recliner standout is its efficient electric reclining mechanism. It facilitates a quick and easy operation.

Recliners for Sleeping Reviews

All it takes is a single push of button on a remote control and you find the perfect position. It reclines almost to a horizontal position and this is made possible by its Layflat Premium Mechanism. You will be able to adjust it to any position you want without any reservations.

The frame is quite sturdy and the upholstery is a premium plush fabric. The fabric is very soft with ample padding and combined with the individually wrapped coiled seating, it will offer a comfortable rest.

The best part is that it’s super quite compared to the NHI Express above. It operates silently. If you are sensitive to noise, this is something that you are definitely going to appreciate. Assembling this recliner is quite easy too. No tools involved. You only need to slide in and fit the different and in a matter of minutes, the recliner is ready to go.

To sum it all, this is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want the hustle and bustle of a mechanical reclining mechanism. It’s very comfy and you will get to enjoy a good nap furniture with minimal disturbances possible.

  • Sturdy frame with generous padding for maximum comfort
  • Quite and easy to operate electric reclining mechanism for a peaceful sleep
  • Stain resistant upholstery makes cleaning easier
  • Supports up to 250 pounds hence can accommodate a wide variety of occupants
  • Features a built-in USB charging port
  • Does not come with a battery backup
  • Emits some strange smell at first, but it wears after sometime

3. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black

The Homall Recliner is an attractive piece of furniture with a sleek, modern design that will look elegant when placed almost anywhere in the house. It’s a simple, reliable push-back recliner and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a budget pick.

To start off, the upholstery is made of a high-quality polyurethane leather that’s safe and friendly to the skin. Underneath it is a thick sponge padding which is present on the wide back, seat cushion, the wide armrests and even the footrest.

Best Sleeping Recliner

The padding is quite generous and confers utmost comfort. The fact that it’s thick means that it will take a little bit longer before deteriorating and losing that soft feel. The double padded footrest adds even more comfort to your feet and you can retract it at any time to suit your body’s needs.

The unit has a highly-durable steel frame that facilitates a strong and reliable support to occupant’s weight. It’s strong and sturdy capable of comfortably supporting up to 265 pounds of weight. Moreover, it comes with rubber feet, hence it won’t indent your floor.

Reclining the chair to meet your requirement is quite simple too, but it’s completely manual operation and there are not levers or recliners. There is no any straining in adjusting it. It’s a gentle sloping recline and it goes all the way to a nearly horizontal position. It requires around 18 inches from the wall in order to fully recline.

In short, despite its affordable price, this Homall recliner is indeed built to great quality and it’s an option that’s worth considering especially if you are on a budget. You will particularly find it very comfortable for sleeping or just relaxing while watching TV or reading a book.

  • High durable and supportive steel frame
  • Large-size seat and back cushioning for optimal comfort
  • Adjustable footrest with extra padding
  • Upholstery is easy to clean and does not accumulate much dust and dirt
  • Simple to assemble and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Might be a bit small for tall people
  • Requires manual operation

4. Great Deal Furniture Teyana Black Leather Recliner

This Great Deal Furniture Recliner is another sleek and classy chair that would look stylish with almost any room design. The beautiful polyurethane leather upholstery covers a sturdy birch wood frame that creates a solid base and makes the whole chair feel stable throughout.

The upholstery has an awesome surface feel and it’s generously padded at the back and the seat. It provides great support to the whole body and it feels very comfortable to sleep on. It’s not that wide compared to the other recliners on this list which means wider or taller people might have a difficulties pulling their legs up.

best power recliners for sleeping

Nonetheless, its smaller size makes it a perfect option for a smaller room or if you have a limited space and you want to install a reclining chair. Like the Homall and Lifestyle Power above, this one too reclines to almost horizontal position for sleeping. The operation is however manual with a side-panel lever.

As for assembling, it pretty easy as it comes in two pieces only and its lightweight compared to the other recliners above. In general, if you want a cool, stylish recliner that can offer you the necessary comfort you need to sleep soundly, then this is a nice unit to consider.

  • Very comfortable padding for sleeping
  • Manual reclining mechanism that’s easy to operate
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Perfect size for those with small rooms and need to save on space
  • Sleek and modern design that will fit with almost any room décor
  • May not be ideal for larger people
  • Footrest is a bit difficult to push down

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Larkinhurst Rocker Recliner

Offering a mixture of a comfy reclining couch and a rocking chair, the Ashley Larkinhurst indeed does not disappoint when it comes to comfort, performance and looks. This traditionally styled, rocker or sleeper chair is built to great quality.

With the rustic look of its weathered leather combined with the nailhead trim accents, you can take a nap fashionably in this chair. Looks aside, this Ashley Furniture recliner is built to last. Both the footrest and seat have been reinforced with metal to ensure that the chair remains very sturdy and durable.

best recliner chairs for sleeping

Comfort wise, the upholstery is a blend of polyester and polyurethane that’s quite as comfortable as real leather. The back, seat, and armrests are heavily padded and the chair itself it’s roomy, making it really comfortable to lie back on and perfect for sleeping.

The rocking motion is smooth and quite soothing, however you will have to rock it yourself or rather with your own body movement because it’s a manual rocker and much similar to a rocking chair.

The reclining mechanism is also manual and features a side-panel pull tab that allows to adjust the chair to your preferred position. It can rock in both recline position as well as the sitting position. The chair only rocks when you want it to which means you can relax or sleep without the rocking motion if you want to.

All in all, there is very little to hate about this Ashley Furniture Larkinhurst model. If you are looking for a comfortable and great looking rocker recliner chair to sleep and relax on, then this might just be the perfect choice for you. It requires some assembly, but it won’t be that difficult.

  • Frame is sturdy and strong
  • Upholstery is heavily padded making it very comfortable for sleeping
  • It can rock both in the recline and sitting positions
  • The reclining mechanism is simple without much hassle
  • Comes with a 5 year mechanical warranty and 1 year fabric warranty
  • Might not be ideal for tall sleepers

6. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Closing our list of the good recliners for sleeping is none other than the Esright Massage recliner. This is not your simple, ordinary recliner. This is a multipurpose, one-stop-shop solution. It’s a recliner that embodies all the sets of features that you would want in an ideal seat.

To start off, a great recliner for sleeping needs to feel comfortable and this Esright model offers nothing else but comfort and relaxation. The unit features a soft yet sturdy PU leather upholstery with thick comfortable padding. You can feel this generous padding throughout the back, the seat, the footrest and even the armrests.

is sleeping in a recliner bad for you

The leather is quite strong and resilient, doesn’t seem like it would succumb to agents of wear and tear. The chair also has quite an ergonomic design and will be comfortable for almost every body type.

You can recline it to a maximum of 150 degrees which is nearly horizontal, so you can recline it to your preferred position, one that will give you optimal comfort. Aside from this, the Esright Massage recliner has few other tricks up its sleeves.

The chair can swivel 360° offering you a chance to sleep in any direction you want. On top of this swivel, the chair features a massage function with five modes which also include two intensity levels.

All these combine jointly to enhance your overall comfort allowing you to enjoy and relax yourself to the maximum extent. The chair can also rock, so it’s complete package.

Generally, this Esright Massage model is indeed a recliner of its own kind. It’s extremely worth purchasing as you will definitely get the value for your money. It’s not hard to set up and each armrest features a cup holder.

  • Well-padded from the seat to the back, to the armrests and to the footrest too
  • Has several amazing features including a massage function to enhance your comfort
  • Offers extra storage spaces and two cup holders
  • Comes with a remote controller for easier operation
  • Not that difficult to assemble
  • The swivel feature does not lock into position when you move to the direction you want
  • Locking the footrest in position is also a bit challenging

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Recliner for Sleeping

If you want to buy the best sleeping recliner, one that will serve you well for a long time, then there are some key factors you need to examine. These includes:

  • The Frame –

The durability of the frame is very important. You want to make sure you pick a recliner with a very sturdy frame that will withstand great abuse and last for a long time. You should pick a unit that has a frame made from either a strong, durable hardwood or strong steel. One way to determine this is to check the weight rating of the chair.

Most standard recliners have weight ratings of 200 to 300 pounds which means they are very solid and will hold up pretty well in the long run. There are some large recliners that can support up to 500 pounds. If you can get your hands on these models then it would take years before you can think of investing in another recliner.

  • Comfort –

One of the key factors to keep in mind when selecting a recliner for sleeping is comfort. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can go to sleep much easier and sleep more soundly.

Comfort mainly comes from the materials used and the support they offer. Look for recliners that will give you ample support in all the right places. It should be generously padded at the back, neck area, the seat, armrests and even the footrest to ensure great support and comfort to the maximum possible extent.

Consider the fabric covering the chair too. It should feel soft to the skin and as well be resilient enough to withstand wear and tear. You also want to consider the size of the chair, that is, how wide it is both at the back and the seat areas. It should be wide enough to comfortably accommodate different body shapes.

sleeping recliner reviews

  • Reclining Mechanism –

The reclining mechanism is also something you want to take a look at before purchasing a recliner. Should you go for a manual or an automated reclining mechanism?

The latter is much more convenient because most come with a remote control, so it’s a matter of just pressing a button. Manual recliners will either have a lever or a side-panel pull tab which means some effort will be involved in operating the chair.

Aside from the reclining mechanism, you want to also consider how far enough the chair can recline. If you prefer to sleep completely horizontally, then you will need to pick a model than will fully recline to a zero gravity position or rather 180 degrees angle.

On the other hand, if you prefer to sleep at different angles, then you should go with a chair that offers many reclining positions.

  • Size –

Size is equally important when it comes to reclining. The recliner you want to buy should fit into the room you want to place it without taking too much space or looking out of place.

Check the dimensions of the chair and the amount of space it needs in order to recline to its maximum angle. If you have a very limited space, then the recliners for sleeping to go with would be wall-huggers since they do not take up much space.

Types of Recliners

You will find many different types of recliners out there, but we are going to look at four main types that are quite common in the market. These include:

  • Rocking Recliners –

These recliners have the ability to glide or rock back and forth. They are a perfect replacement for beds. Their rocking motion is quite gentle and soothing which calms you down and slowly induces sleep in you.

They are ideal option if you have trouble falling asleep. They are also an excellent option for nursing moms as they can help calm down the baby and get them to sleep fast.

  • Wall-Hugger Recliners –

As there name suggests, wall-huggers are recliners that can be placed next to a wall. They are designed such that they don’t take much with most only requiring 4 to 5 inches behind them so as to recline fully.

These are perfect option when you are limited on space and the fact that most have a low profile makes them much easier to get up from the sofa when you are done resting.

  • Massage Recliners –

These are basically designed with various massaged functions and offer multiple massage modes whereby you can pick the setting that you most need. You can enjoy a gentle massage when lying down on these sofas.

Some even feature built-in heating system providing an extra level of massage. They are the best option if you want to ease some muscle fatigue and stress plus they can even help combat sleeping problems as they can massage you right to sleep.

  • Lift Recliners–

Lift recliners are designed to help the occupant get out of the chair easily. They feature a motorized system which with a single push of a button gently lifts the chair bringing you to your feet.

These are suitable for elderly people or those with mobility issues as they will ease the strain of getting in and out of the recliner. They are also perfect for pregnant women who often have difficulty getting up and down.


Like all furniture, getting a quality and well-functioning recliner is very important if at all you want to sleep soundly and enjoy the chair for longer. Therefore, you need to examine every single option carefully.

You can definitely find the suitable model that will cater for all your needs on our list of best recliners for sleeping, that is, depending on your preference as well as budget. They are not the only options out there, but as far as functionality and value for money is concerned, we would highly recommend considering them.

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