Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed Reviews (2022)

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There’;s zero fun in watching TV and binge-watching your favorite shows in bed if your pillow gives you neck pain the entire time. You may think your position is to blame, but no! Whether your ultimate goal is to enjoy TV in bed by propping yourself up against the pillow as a back support or lying down to catch up on your beloved episodes, if it’;s not providing maximum comfort and adequate support during whatever position you are in; the pillow is the culprit!

Not all pillows are made equal! To watch TV with optimal comfort and full support, the best pillow for watching TV in bed helps in this case. Such pillows are specifically made to prevent neck soreness and maximize back support at the exact height you want to avoid getting upset for a better TV watching experience among other activities such as reading, working on a laptop, etc.

10 Best Rated Pillow for Watching TV in Bed Reviews

1. Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow (Editor’s Choice)

The Linenspa shredded foam pillow is available in sizes standard, X-large, and XX-large with neck support. It comes in two color options: navy and stone. Choose what best suits the theme of your room and personal needs. Taking time out for yourself works like magic for your mood and wellbeing, but if things around aren’;t committing to your cause of finding a comfortable leisure time, take your average pillow for an example.
1 12
Switch things up with Linenspa which allows backrest to contentedly watch TV in bed. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and generous shredded memory foam, it tackles pain in the lower back which is the most susceptible area.

Keeping your posture aligned both physically and mentally, this also isn’;t sweat-inducing and you can revel in hours of comfort and entertainment without feeling hot or swathed in sweat. The soft velour cover is easy to wash and care for. The standard size is great for children and adults alike, but taller and larger persons would greatly appreciate the extra sizes without any complaints.

Multipurpose and convenient, this product goes a long way to make you feel at ease with more than just watching TV; reading, relaxing, scrolling on your phone, working on a laptop, breastfeeding and even assists in recovery from a surgery. Bonus points go to the useful carry handle for effortless transport from room to room!

  • Has a 3-year warranty for worry-free use.
  • The machine washable cover can easily be spot-cleaned, too.
  • Made for all body shapes, heights, and almost all purposes.
  • The pillow is usable with surface support or without.
  • Doesn’;t lose its original shape overtime.
  • Has a chemical smell. It’;s nothing air-drying or a few hours under the sun can’;t fix.
  • Takes 48 hours to completely expand. Give it time and it’;ll be worth it.

2. Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow

The Cushy Wedge pillow is only available in the shade white with dimensions 25 x 24 x 12. Can be used for leg elevation, to jack yourself up when you’;re watching TV in bed and to have elevated sleep. The cover is removable and washer-safe; a great feature to observe timely hygiene. It sports high density memory foam which is firm but soft, comfortable yet made to last for years to come.
2 10
Exclusively built to relieve and prevent pressure from the spine, neck and shoulders, the cushion conforms to the shape of your body and offers personalized comfort. The versatility of this product is commendable; from reading to scrolling, nursing to lounging, acid reflux and pregnancy, even serious patients and side sleepers could get impeccable use out of this wedge pillow.

Helps with sleeping like a baby and the breathable cover makes certain you take a snooze without feeling hot and bothered. In simple words, you can do it all comfortably!

The pillow is customizable to any position you desire, be it a 45-degree angle or any that helps you seek better comfort. High-quality and sturdy, this won’;t collapse under your weight and neither does this clump or lose shape, which is what makes this a fantastic choice for those in need of some solid comfort.

  • Multipurpose and will not budge under any individual’;s weight.
  • Features removable washable cover that’;s soft and breathable.
  • Has a unique slope that bears unlimited advantages for anyone in search of comfort.
  • Covers 100% money-back guarantee in case you wish to return the product.
  • Stays cool and makes watching TV in bed an untiring experience.
  • Only one shade to choose from.
  • Takes time to loosen up to your comfort requirement.

3. Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow

Relax Home Life bed wedge pillow comes in 25″W x 26″L x 7.5″H size dimensions only in the color white. Cover made from bamboo and polyester feels wonderful, considering most pillows only include a polyester one. Bamboo keeps you cool throughout the night; it’;s sweat-resistant and eco-friendly. Not to mention, the cover allows easy removal and washability, while being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant; expect a good longevity.
3 12
If you’;re planning to watch TV in bed, this pillow works best for that position, whether you choose to stay upright or lie down. A triangle shape, memory foam and a sloping style behaves as a strong firm base for all kinds of activities but feels super comfortable at the same time.

Elevation works like a charm for those suffering from poor breathing, nasal, head, and heart problems. With that said, this could quickly become your best friend for a good night’;s rest; back, side, and stomach sleepers could all benefit. In addition, this product improves blood circulation.

The wedge pillow doesn’;t depress easily; stays firm under your bulk and won’;t lose shape. Neither too high nor too low, the perfect height and shape keeps you feeling healthy and sleep fitfully.

Moreover, if you wish to keep a lid on your snoring for the sake of your partner or children in the room, this pillow prevents that and saves the day!

  • Is supportive without loss in shape or firmness.
  • Features machine washable and removal zipper cover for easy care.
  • Uses bamboo which is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • It’;s a risk-free purchase with a lifetime warranty.
  • No adjustment period! Works as promised right out of the box.
  • Has a faint odor when you open the packaging. Air drying it might help!
  • Takes a few hours to completely expand.

4. Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Most people obsessed with watching TV in bed could relate to the struggle of finding a good pillow. An agreeable position is necessary and must we admit this wedge pillow fits the bill. Brentwood Zuma presents Zuma in three sizes, a 7-incher, 10-incher, and a 12-incher. The shade range is limited to white alone.
4 9
The knit fabric crafted from natural bamboo is skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly. Suppresses moisture and lets you relish watching TV, reading, napping and lots more by helping you maintain a pain-free position while you remain dry and comfortable.

Adding to the numerous advantages, people with permanent back, neck and shoulder troubles as well as those facing respiratory and nasal issues can also take advantage and let out a sigh of relief at the personalized comfort it bids.

While watching TV in bed, we often end up staying in one position for hours on end and unknowingly disrupt the flow of blood which makes our legs go numb. Placing the pillow under the legs helps restart the circulation and adopt a more relaxed posture.

CertiPUR-US foam means this is approved for medical use. Owing to the sturdy foam and firm structure, sleeping on this unit doesn’;t give you creases or wrinkles; which is a big positive for those reconsidering their sleeping position just for this cause alone. It contains a removable and washable cover that stands the test of time even after numerous washes.

  • Well-made and sturdy to last you a long time.
  • Firm but soft enough for the most perfect sleep
  • Approved for medical use hence multipurpose.
  • Available in three sizes to pose effective for children, teens and adults.
  • Features natural bamboo cover to keep things healthy both for you and the environment.
  • Only available in one shade.
  • Much too large to sleep on all night. Consider the sizes wisely.

5. Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow

True to its name, this bedding unit makes relaxing and watching TV in bed extra comfy by eliminating body soreness and numbing to add the strength back into your body. Available in white shade only with one size option measuring 22’’ wide and 12’’ deep; convenient for any bed and conforms to all shapes and heights.
5 4
It’;s ideal for propping yourself up, lying down in an elevated position to stop tension between your neck and shoulders, and serves as a great neck support without straining. The washable and removable cover of breathable polyester fabric improves sleep by promoting ventilation and controls sweat.

It comes with a high-density memory foam base; pressure-resistant, soft and firm, it holds onto its shape and is multi use for your precious needs. Triangular shape allows adjustments just the way you prefer; behind, under or over are no longer a problem. On the more, foldable design and a carry handle permits easy carrying to any location; the portability renders this a travel-friendly purchase.

It makes a difference in your life and facilitates better concentration for watching TV or playing games. When you’;re sitting in a right angle, you’;ll notice how light your body feels and how productive and active the mind becomes. In case of any food spills, the foam can be effortlessly cleaned on the spot with a mild cleaner or a damp cloth.

  • Retains its shape thanks to the thick and firm foam padding.
  • Provides extra support for neck, back, legs and the head.
  • The cover is easy to take off and machine wash.
  • Contours to your body to drain tension from all body regions.
  • Carry handle makes it simple to take this anywhere with you.
  • Only one size and color option is available, but the size fits all.
  • Comes with a white zipper which doesn’;t match with the color of the fabric.

6. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow Bed Wedge

This bed wedge lets you understand the true meaning of chillaxing. 18 inches high, 15 inches wide with 11 inches arms at the sides are the only size option available. Same goes for the dark gray color. Fortunately, the pillow is favorable for all body sizes and heights without fail. It comes compressed in a box and takes a day to fully reform to its original shape.
6 2
Manufactured by keeping all the important pressure points of your body in mind, especially those areas most sensitive to strains and sprains, it provides support accordingly. Once you’;ve found the foam has adjusted comfortably to your body, you’;ll keep coming back for more and more.

Far more ergonomic than your average pillow, this aligns your neck, back and shoulders into an ideal position for watching TV, working on a laptop or surfing the internet.

Super-soft and plush, it has the right amount of sink to it without allowing your body weight to ruin its shape, get it clumped or spoil the firmness. There’;s a good amount of flexibility but it remains steady and possesses moisture-wicking abilities, owing to the anti-clump shredded foam padding and ventilating velour cover.

Spot-resistant and created for easy spot-cleaning, the cover is soft on the skin. Transferring the pillow from one place to another is a breeze as a result of the carry handle on the top.

  • Comfortspa cares enough to provide a hassle-free refund policy.
  • The stain-resistant fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Has a side pocket to tuck in your TV remote or other small essentials.
  • A carry handle for uncomplicated location change.
  • Usage of medical grade material solves heartburn and reflux problems.
  • Limited color and size options.
  • Takes quite long to adjust into shape after opening the package.

7. Nestl Reading Pillow

Dive into your favorite Netflix seasons with the Nestl pillow. Unwind and relax back on its ever-so-soft backrest and relish the firm support. To make pillow even more exciting, there are 44 color options, sounds too good to be true? Well, have a look yourself and pick what suits the color theme of your bedroom the most. Moreover, it’;s available in three sizes; from medium, large to petite. Choose according to your unique demands and preferable height.
This pillow revolutionizes watching TV and playing games since it could be used on the floor, against the headboard of the bed or as a free-standing support unit. The built-in arm rests convince you into a more relaxing position for improved blood circulation and to sort out body numbness.

People recovering from surgery, pregnancy, post-partum and even individuals with body disability can easily utilize this pillow for easy comfort and better posture. Children and adults love to lounge and be entertained; hence this poses as the perfect solution for all their activities.

You can store your remote, game controller, phone and more in the pockets available at the sides of the arms for easy reach; no more leaving your comfy space to get the things you need in bed.

The velvet fabric, apart from being customizable, removable, and washable tends to leave you warm and cozy. We only recommend it for winter or for use under an air conditioner if you don’;t like feeling hot in warm weather.

  • Soft zipper removable and washable covers with different color options.
  • Get 100% money back guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Perfect for all body sizes and the entire family.
  • Demands no support for using.
  • Pockets for keeping essentials at hand reach.
  • A strong chemical smell which drifts off with use and good care.
  • Takes a while to get back into its original shape.

8. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Wedge Pillow

Avana wedge pillow is a complete orthopedic support system available in a 4 piece unit and a 5 piece unit, depending on your needs and budget. The four pieces work together to offer rest and maximum comfort. And the clever design assures every single part of your body is taken care of.
8 1
Completely adjustable and customizable thanks to the five different colors, you can utilize it for some serious TV watching session, or passing time playing games.

People who are confined to bed or those who love to laze around in the bed would appreciate the very personal approach Avana pillow has to serve you a peaceful time. Filled with firm medium density memory foam and protected with luxuriously soft micro-velvet covers, the fabric allows ventilation and doesn’;t make you feel hot or stuffy!

Anybody looking to upgrade their lounging situation, Avana doesn’;t disappoint and won’;t tire you out, even if you’;re pulling an all-nighter. The covers are easy to remove and very simple to clean to practice cleanliness with ease! You can use the cushion under the legs, for head elevation, spooning, and reading among many other various activities.

The 4-piece option is 24 inches wide whereas the 5-piece option is 30 inches wide. Each piece is made from supportive polyurethane foam for a sturdy framework that doesn’;t slide down or uselessly budge from its place either on the bed or on the floor.

  • Very firm and stays in place.
  • Five different color options to choose from.
  • Covers are removable and washable.
  • Could be adjusted to your liking
  • Targets pressure points for optimum comfort.
  • The foam is hard. It’;s meant more for elevated sleep and lounging, not sleeping flat.
  • Quite narrow for some. Be intelligent with the sizes.

9. MALOUF Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

Another fantastic choice for watching TV in bed is this Malouf’;s offering. Packed with a mixture of memory foam and traditional foam, it gives the correct amount of strength and support. The cushion is soft; easy for backrest, sitting upright and enjoying your favorite TV shows. It could also be used for reading, gaming, working on a laptop or simply relaxing.
This bedding accessory only comes in gray color, luckily that goes with all kinds of home décor and color themes. Also, there’;s only one size available; 21 inches high, 15 inches wide with 13 inches long arms. The print on the cover reflecting the letter Z’s’ looks aesthetic and adds quite a fun vibe to any room. It may even attract you to sleep on time.

The covers are gentle on the skin and body because they’;re crafted from soft bamboo and polyester. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and encourages a cool night’;s sleep. The filling is firm but has a smooth overall feel and doesn’;t cluster or lose shape compared to other average pillows in the market. A handle is also attached on the top to carry the pillow from one room to another without effort.

This is a sizable pillow that gets the job done. Users agree the comfort is next-level good, so much so that it may lull you to sleep in no time. Furthermore, this doesn’;t get overly lumpy or creased after hours of use.

  • Buying from Malouf helps support their child sexual exploitation prevention foundation.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • One size fits all and one color complements every color theme.
  • Breathable, sweat-absorbing and fights heat.
  • The covers are made from hypoallergenic bamboo.
  • Needs back support for leaning.
  • The case is not removable and washable. Use a linen or disinfectant spray to freshen it up.

10. Brookstone 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow

Watching TV in bed is fantastic for forgetting the pressures of the day, but if you don’;t own the best pillow for that purpose, that’;ll be more of a nightmare for your mind and body than a relief. Neck soreness, strains and cricks are not cool at all; invest in a wedge pillow instead; to ensure proper support and optimum comfort for what you love doing most in bed.
Brookstone comes with two color options; beige and grey. The bed wedge pillow is in one size only with dimensions 22″L x 12″W x 22″H. However, it’;s built to fit all body shapes, heights and bed sizes. This lounger is lifesaving and bids pressure-point relief. You can use it for elevated sleep, under the legs, for various activities and health concerns.

Firm in all the right places and cushy where it’;s supposed to be; you won’;t encounter shape loss or this surrendering under your weight. Whether you seek help for better food digestion, gas problems or acid reflux, it meets all your demands respectfully.

Breathable and awesome at air circulation, it cozies you up for a dreamy sleep. Covered in Napsoft material, the fabric is plush and cloud-like soft. Beyond that, the contour is flawless for back sleepers. Most customers find this comfortable for all night long and agree that the shade range suits any sort of house décor and color theme.

  • Works great as a multi use pillow.
  • Keeps you cool during sleep and play.
  • The firmness speaks of good-quality and durability.
  • The covers are extremely soft
  • The size is perfect for all body and bed sizes.
  • The covers are non-removable and not washable. A linen or disinfecting spray would keep them smelling fresh.
  • Takes quite a while to get into shape the first time.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pillow for Watching TV in Bed

Buying a pillow for watching TV in bed without knowing exactly what you expect from a pillow and what kind of features could impact the TV watching experience is a ticket to disappointment. It’;s more about the user than the product itself. You could easily purchase a bestseller only to end up disliking it if you’;re unsure and unaware of its specifications. Let’;s get you informed then, shall we?

  • Washability
Now, that’;s common sense, isn’;t it? To ensure proper care and hygiene, you should pick pillows that come with removable and washable covers. Because if you’;re about to select a product without a detachable and cleanable fabric, you may have to be extra careful using and protecting it against spills and stains.

Plus, the extra caution required could easily make you less interested in that pillow, so better make your choice with a model that can be cleaned. Even those which can be spot cleaned or come without a cover but can be washed still are fine, too. Just make sure to read the washing guide for proper care.

  • Comfort
We’;re not talking about hard pillows here. We want firmness yet softness for watching TV in bed. The pillow should be firm enough to bear the weight of your back, shoulders, neck and head, and not lose shape over it. The padding should provide support without straining your neck or causing your body to go sore.

A good comfortable pillow keeps you comfortable for long, even if you don’;t change positions for hours on end. Additionally, it shouldn’;t cause sweat neither make you feel hot nor cold either. The fabric must be breathable and crafted from soft materials, itchy or toxic materials won’;t do!

  • Shape
A lot of factors make up this category. If you want an upright position, make certain the pillow is large enough to support from the lower back to your head region. Most models come with height higher than 7 inches but then this all boils down to your personal preference, though a higher height is always recommended for watching TV.

The pillow must remain stable and shouldn’;t budge from its place. Simply put, it ought to be heavy enough to hold its own shape and stand upright. Go for free-standing units because you never know where you may need them. If you do place the pillow against a surface, it should only increase the comfort rather than decreasing it.

Also, pillows that aren’;t creasing; require less maintenance and do not clump lift some major burden off you.

  • Extra but Useful Features
Pillows with pockets and a collapsible design are a bonus since you can not only store your little essentials in there, but get the benefits of hassle-free pillow storage itself for travel purposes. Even those with handles add so much value to your purchase and you can transport them from one location to another without difficulty. Look for such bonus features for extra worth.

  • Warranty
We cannot stress how important a warranty is, particularly when buying online. Warranties help us make a risk-free purchase and convey how much faith the brands have in their products. Whenever you’;re buying yourself a pillow, be mindful that you’;re protected with the safety of a guarantee or some sort of easy return/refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Best Position To Watch TV in Bed?
We know nothing feels better than coming home after a busy and tiring day to watch TV in bed. But it does come with several complications especially if proper precautions are not met. The best approach is to sit upright and make sure your lower back and head are well-rested. The neck shouldn’;t be craning or straining for a better view, it must be in a straight and pressure-free stance to avoid muscle tension later.
The best pillow for watching TV in bed is exactly made for such reasons. Practicing healthy posture and taking the aid of products that simplify enjoying TV in bed could help avoid the risks of developing a forward head angle, rounded shoulders, and joint pains, and even sleep distractions, too.

  • How to Make Watching TV in Bed More Comfortable?
We’;ve discussed the best posture above, but you know you can do a lot to make watching TV in bed even more comfortable? Pillows that come with pockets prove awesome here to store your remote and snacks because snacking gets a new meaning with the TV on. And with required essentials at hand, you won’;t have to get up continuously and spoil the mood.

Extra pillows to elevate your legs and rest your arms could go a long way to make you feel comfortable and are more likely to allow you a good night’;s sleep without stressing your body out.

TV shows already downloaded, recorded or movies alone are so much better than watching on TV because that way you can escape ads and get to the good stuff. Do some self-care while you’;re at it, put on a mask or give yourself a relaxing head massage. You’;ll kill two birds with one stone, right?


Finding the best pillow for watching TV in bed would no longer be a struggle with the details and reviews we have provided. Pay close attention to the features discussed and read customer reviews to ensure you are making the right choice. Although, we’;ve done our complete research on these pillows, looking at the brand claims, ratings, warranties, color and size options could help you additionally in solidifying a decision. Once a decision is made, be sure to follow the instructions of using that particular pillow in order to avoid jumping to wrong conclusions. Set a budget and work accordingly!

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