Best Pillow For TMJ Reviews To Buy in 2022

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People with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) often complain of disturbed sleep due to pain around the neck and jaw. And, if a person diagnosed with TMJ disorder continues to experience such discomforts, he or she could face difficulty in communicating, eating including having quality sleep at night. However, this ordeal can be avoided with the use of the best pillow for TMJ. Unlike the ordinary pillow, this special pillow is designed to support the sleeper’;s body and provide relief on pressure points.

Are you curious about this type of pillow? I have performed this comprehensive review of the possible brands that will improve the quality of sleep of sleepers with prevailing conditions such as TMJ and other disorders. Give yourself ample time to get acquainted with the following brands I mentioned below together with their featured highlights. And, hopefully, you will find the best pillow that will ease the pain brought by a prevailing medical condition or genetic disorder.

Top 10 Best Pillows For TMJ Reviews

1. MARNUR Cervical Pillow Contour Memory Foam (Editor’s Choice)

First on my list is the MARNUR Cervical Pillow Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow. So, what makes it extraordinary from the ordinary pillow you have at home? Well, here are some of my discoveries.
The pillow itself is constructed from orthopedic memory foam. This type of foam is very flexible and adjusts to the sleeper’;s body movements like pushing and pulling. Its outer cover is from bamboo and polyester fiber combination, proven to be breathable and safe.
1 14
I did find this pillow’;s butterfly shape quite amusing. Its odd shape contours the neck and shoulders adequately. Plus, the removable pillow cover keeps it smelling fresh.

How can it promote undisturbed sleep? The bamboo with polyester blend pillow cover makes the pillow surface cool as you lay your head. The memory foam material is known to have excellent contouring features. So, any type of sleeper will surely receive the support needed along the spine, which is essential for quality sleep. Remember, properly supported body weight from the neck down to the spinal column guarantees less strain or tension on muscles and joints.

The ergonomic design of the MARNUR Cervical Pillow caters to all types of sleepers, which I reckon is a good deal for your money. Imagine, you can move freely from side to side, sleep on your back or stomach as the pillow adapts to your sleeping position preference.

How about the service life of the pillow? The memory foam is expected to be resilient despite regular use. The pillow’;s slow-rebound feature ensures sleepers that it will resume to its original shape the moment you get off the bed and not lead to deformity.

  • The pillow is ergonomically shaped like a butterfly, providing maximum neck support throughout the night
  • Its memory foam material is compatible with all types of sleepers (side, back and stomach sleepers)
  • This product comes with a removable pillow cover made from bamboo and polyester fiber, ideal for hassle-free washing
  • The memory foam is suitable for allergy sufferers because it’;s breathable, skin-friendly and mold resistant
  • This pillow can get easily flat

2. Coisum Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

The Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain would be a great option for side and back sleepers. This pillow’;s design provides two long edges, preventing the issue of the head falling off the edge as sleeper tosses from one side to another. On the other hand, the shorter edges of the pillow help the sleeper to succumb in relaxation mode.
2 13
Is it comfortable? Based on my personal experience, I did find this brand of pillow to deliver a moderate level of firmness. The head is properly cradled, so that pain along the neck and shoulder is reduced, thereby preventing issues such as neck stiffness or achy muscles.

With regards to materials used, the pillow is constructed from memory foam and has been certified with CertiPUR-US, meaning it has no traces of harmful chemicals or metals. People with allergies can benefit from using this pillow because it’;s hypoallergenic. Aside from that, the removable pillow cover is breathable, feels cool on the skin.

Another distinct feature that I found to be a bonus to any potential buyer is the memory foam’;s temperature-sensing feature. The memory foam fits perfectly the neck and shoulder. This pillow has multi-purpose. It can be used as a back-support pillow while sitting or as a prop-up pillow while watching television. Or, you can bring it along at the office as an additional back support for prolonged sitting. This pillow can be a gift-giving idea for anyone during special occasions because it has an aesthetic appearance.

  • The pillow is constructed from memory foam with the certification of CertiPUR-US, non-toxic and safe for general use including allergy sufferers
  • The design and construction of this pillow is ideal for side and black sleepers, level of firmness is medium-firm
  • The product is not budget-friendly

3. Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow Firm Feel & Ergonomic Design

The next brand of special pillow for TMJ that I’;ve managed to review that will surely delight anyone dealing with neck pain is the Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow. The ergonomic design of this pillow ensures the neck is supported and aligned. Now, let’;s move further to the product details.
3 14
The material used is known to be excellent in lessening tension around pressure points, particularly the neck and shoulder muscles. The Tempur-Pedic pillow is developed by NASA, aimed in improving the sleeping experience of sleepers. The pillow comes with a removable quilted pillow cover.

This pillow has a hassle-free cleaning requirement. Its pillow cover is removable and can be washed separately, either hand wash or washing machine. The pillow’;s elegant appearance makes it a suitable travel pillow. Furthermore, the pillow’;s ergonomic shape gives user flexibility. It can be used as a prop-up pillow while watching tv or a back-support pillow for your chair.

The product is available in white color, which can be matched with any bedroom décor or bedding essentials. The weight of the Tempur-Pedic is only 2.74 pounds. That’;s why it’;s suitable for traveling. It’;s very portable and lightweight.

Does it come with warranty? Yes, this product is offered with limited warranty coverage of 5 years. Plus, it’;s fully assembled in the USA. Potential buyers are given assurance that it’;s of top quality and complied strictly with standards. For whom it’;s compatible? This pillow will suit best anyone with neck pain including back and side sleepers.

  • This pillow has been constructed from tempur-pedic material, ergonomically designed to support the neck and shoulder
  • The pillow’;s level of firmness is firm, guaranteed for long-term use
  • It comes with a limited warranty coverage of 5 years
  • The pillow has multi-purposes, can be used mainly as a head pillow, then, back-support pillow while sitting or prop-up pillow while watching tv and as a travel pillow
  • It caters to side and back sleepers as well as sleepers experiencing neck pain
  • The product during initial unpacking may produce an odd smell
  • People prefer a soft pillow may find its firmness a bit discomforting

4. Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow that provides firm support for the neck, then, the Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow is the best option. Why? Here are some highlights that I found while performing a thorough inspection.
4 11
The design is ergonomic ’’œD’’ shape, situated in the center of the pillow. This ’’œD’’ core feature cradles the head in a stable position, ideal for side sleepers. Maximum comfort from any side can be felt, regardless the sleeper prefers sleeping on the right or left side position.

The size options are available in two; the standard size for sleepers with smaller built and the full-size D-Core for larger built individuals.

This pillow also has health benefits. The D-shaped design promotes proper alignment of the neck and spine. It helps reduce tension on pressure points that may lead to nerve, muscle or joint pain. With regular use of this special pillow, any pain linked to a degenerative condition like arthritis or injury due to an accident can be minimized.

The material used is 100% pure polyester fiberfill, provides a cool surface. The pillow has an outer cover made from a combined cotton and polyester blended fabric. The pillow bears the seal Made in the USA and been classified to be hypoallergenic, suitable for people with allergies or skin sensitivity.

  • Material components of the pillow are 100% polyester fiberfill, pillow cover fabric is combined cotton and polyester
  • The pillow boasts of ergonomic ’’œD’’ core shaped, promote proper neck posture as well as minimize degenerative problems such as arthritis including injuries
  • Sizes availability of the pillow are two options, the standard and full sizes
  • Firmness level of the pillow is rated to be very firm, recommended for side sleepers
  • Rated firm pillow not suitable for stomach sleeper

5. Therapeutica Pillow, Firm Orthopedic Support

Next on my list of pillows that have orthopedic features is the Therapeutica Pillow for back and side sleepers. This pillow is specifically designed to support anyone that is used to sleeping on side or back. It provides stable support for the spine while maintaining the level of comfortability. Now, let’;s focus more on the product’;s highlighted features.
5 7
As far as design, I must say this is the only brand that can achieve the highest level of critical care for the spine, regardless the sleeper sleeps on his or her side or back. Its raised side sections can fully accommodate the sleeper’;s shoulder height. While the contoured head section of the pillow supports the head and neck. This therapeutic pillow is highly recommended for sleepers with TMJ disorder.

With regard to the level of comfort, I did find this pillow to be extremely comfortable. This could be to the overall design of the pillow. The head is cradled adequately while providing a balanced level from the neck and shoulders. When lying, it feels as if the pillow takes the curvature of the user’;s neck while the head is cradled. The outcome is the combined level of support and comfort.

What about firmness? The pillow is on the firmest level when new. Expect it to soften a bit over time with regular use, but still delivers a comfortable firm feel to the user. However, if you prefer a plush type pillow, this therapeutic pillow may feel too firm. You can easily alter the firmness level by putting it inside a pillowcase and repeatedly stepping the pillow up and down. This action will eventually soften the pillow.
The material used for the construction of this pillow is non-toxic foam. It has a zippered pillow cover made from cotton and polyester blend. The pillow is removable and washable.

  • Classified as a therapeutic pillow, designed for the safe restoration of the natural curvature of the neck
  • The ergonomic shape of this pillow is ideal for back sleepers that also occasionally turn from side to side while sleeping
  • The firmness level of this pillow is firm, shaped to provide balanced support from the head down to the spine
  • If you prefer a softer pillow this product is built to be firm

6. Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow

Another brand of pillow that can provide relief to TMJ sufferers is the Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow. It’;s not the usual pillow that most homes have. This special pillow is created to help individuals that have daily struggles of symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder. So, what are the highlighted features of this particular brand of TMJ pillow?
6 4
First, the Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow claimed to have health benefits. It primarily provides relief to an individual with TMJ by functioning as a therapeutic instrument in proper alignment of the joint connecting the jaw. Since less pain or discomfort is felt with daily use of this pillow the user will no longer experience irritability. And, due to the pillow’;s relaxing feature to the pressure that may develop around the jaw, the user sees a reduction of headaches, migraines including neck and shoulder pain.

Second, the manufacturer of this product is based in the USA. Customers are given assurance that if unhappy with the purchase they can get a full refund.

Overall, I found this pillow for TMJ to be lightweight and portable. Its small size allows anyone to carry the pillow with ease anywhere. Aside from functioning as your neck relaxer pillow, it can be brought for planned trips including camping.

  • This product is classified as a therapeutic instrument for effective pain management of people diagnosed with TMJ
  • The pillow has lightweight built, easy to carry around the house as well as for travel purposes (camping)
  • Regular use of this TMJ pillow guarantees reduction of pain and discomfort along the pressure joint that connects the jaw
  • The person using this TMJ pillow will still have to regularly consult a medical professional for the treatment of this disorder because it only serves as additional therapy while in the comforts of your home

7. Chiropractic Pillow – Cervical Neck Pillow By Eco Green

In case you are advised to get a special pillow for the alleviation of neck or back pain, then, the Chiropractic Pillow by Eco Green should be considered. Why? Here are some of the highlights of my review of this particular brand.
7 1
This brand of pillow is specifically designed to support the neck. The pillow’;s structure allows the base of the skull to be gently cradled while relaxing the neck and shoulder. In fact, this Chiropractic Pillow is widely used to relieve muscle tension around the neck, pinched nerves, discs problems (herniated discs and compressed discs) and jaw pain.

The design of the pillow is lightweight and portable, which makes it a perfect treatment pillow for your home. Plus, it’;s user-friendly. Anyone can use it daily for fifteen minutes to carry out his or her recommended chiropractic home care program to manage neck pain, correct posture as well as relieves back or muscle pain.
This chiropractic pillow can be used in many ways. It can function as neck support while sitting, reading, watching tv or doing computer work. My overall experience with this pillow is very soothing. The pillow’;s soft foam supports the neck comfortably while relieving the tension felt around the spine and muscles.

  • This product can be used in conjunction with the recommended chiropractic sessions advised by a medical professional
  • The pillow’;s primary role is to provide neck support while reducing muscle tensions that may develop around the lower back
  • The pillow can be used as neck support while reading, watching tv or while in front of the computer
  • This pillow is not suitable for driving as well as an overnight sleeping

8. NeckZen Neck and Shoulder Relaxer and Revitalizer

For people that prefer a pillow with the combined relaxing and revitalizing feature, the NeckZen Neck and Shoulder Relaxer and Revitalizer is my top pick. Let me give you a detailed analysis of this product’;s quality and performance.
8 2
The frame of this pillow is derived from plastic material, proven to be durable and withstand daily use. Included in the product are 3D eye mask and two sets of earplugs. The material used for the eye mask is memory foam with visible eye socket cavities and nose bridge. The earplugs are tapered with foam for perfect fit and comfort when worn.

This product comes with a money-back guarantee. Unhappy customers are covered with 30 days of protection and can receive a full refund.

I did find this product to be relatively light, which is very convenient. You can carry it when traveling, so that you won’;t miss the required daily neck therapy session. This pillow is quite versatile because you can use it while doing computer work, watching tv, reading or performing Yoga routines.

Who can use this pillow? The NeckZen Neck and Shoulder Relaxer and Revitalizer pillow is recommended for everyone, particularly individuals with at least 190 pounds weight or less.

For anyone to get the most of this pillow’;s efficacy in relieving pain around the neck and shoulder muscles, daily use of averaging 5 to 15 minutes is vital. With strict compliance with daily usage, the user can noticeably see improvement of the neck’;s natural C-curvature, more relaxed muscles and reduced complaints of neck pain.

  • The product claims to provide relief within the 5-15 minutes daily usage
  • This pillow boasts of ergonomic design, ensuring maximum support for the head and neck
  • With compliance to the daily usage of this pillow, positive results are achieved (improved alignment of neck and shoulders, restore the natural C-curvature of the neck, reduced muscle tension)
  • Inclusion in the product’;s packaging is two sets of earplugs and 3D eye mask
  • The manufacturer sells this product with money-back guarantee within the 30 days after the date of purchase
  • Odd smell is produced during the initial unpacking of the product

9. SleepRight Splintek Side Sleeping Pillow

If you prefer a sleeping pillow that will help minimize snoring, the SleepRightSplintek Side Sleeping Pillow Memory Foam is the rightful candidate for this job. This orthopedic pillow is designed for side sleepers that experience excessive snoring while sleeping. Let’;s go over the product’;s details and see if it matches your specific needs.
9 1
The material of this product is top quality Visco-elastic memory foam. This type of memory foam is known to be excellent in contouring the body shape of the sleeper. When sleeping with this pillow, the memory foam elastic feature ensures the body is properly aligned, even on a side sleeping position. The memory foam pillow is protected with a hypoallergenic pillow cover made from rayon.

Does it come with a warranty? Yes, this product comes with 5-year warranty coverage applicable to manufacturer defects.

Other features that set this pillow apart from an ordinary pillow include full facial cradle, 12-degree shoulder cradle and left and right air paths. Unlike the ordinary pillow, the SleepRightSplintek ensures a side sleeper that the face is gently cradled while reducing pressure points around the jaw and ear.

Its 12-degree shoulder cradle is supposed to offer orthopedic support to the head and neck. The main advantage of this pillow for side sleepers is promoting proper blood circulation on arms and reduction of tension on the shoulder. Lastly, the right and left paths are situated on the memory foam surface. They are responsible for the stability of airflow that will lessen snoring and improve the quality of breathing.

  • Product is constructed from Visco-elastic memory foam, automatically adjusts to the side sleeper’;s body
  • The pillow comes with a hypoallergenic outer cover made from rayon, anyone with an allergy can use this product and experience no allergic reactions
  • This product is offered with 5-year manufacturer warranty coverage against defects
  • Suitable for side sleepers, particularly those with a snoring problem
  • Expensive compare to other product

10. LumaLife Luxe Pillow Bed Pillow

Lumalife Luxe Pillow is a trusted brand in the bedding industry. With a solid track record in the production of thousands of pillow products, this particular brand is a perfect sleeping pillow for anyone with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.
10 1
This bed pillow is constructed from pure latex material. It has an ergonomic shape, designed to contour gently the face and avoid wrinkle formation.

As for compatibility with any type of sleeper, the LumaLife latex composition makes it a suitable sleeping pillow for all types of sleepers. For TMJ sufferers, some users reported reduced pain around the jaw and muscles within a week of usage. When it comes to the level of firmness, this pillow has a soft feel.
The pillow has non-elevated sections, designed for cradling and support. Plus, it also initiates the person to either sleep on his or her side or back, rather than on stomach sleeping position. This in a way reduces the pressure point on the jaw.

For anyone that prefers a low-profile pillow, this model meets this requirement. It’;s built with low-profile height, ideal for sleepers wearing CPAP masks. So, the sleeper won’;t feel breathless or lack of air.

Is it covered with a warranty? This product is sold in the market with a 30-days full refund policy. Anyone found dissatisfied with the pillow’;s quality and performance can receive a refund as long as it stays with the 30 days after the date of purchase.

  • The pillow is made from premium quality latex, ergonomically shaped to contour the sleeper’;s face and properly align the neck and shoulder
  • This pillow has anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and anti-acne benefits, a rare feature that users conscious about their night beauty regimens can enjoy exclusively
  • The product provides a solution to TMJ sufferers, particularly in providing relief on pressure points concentrated on the jaw
  • The soft feel and low-profile design of this product won’;t satisfy any sleeper that prefers medium-firm and high-profile pillow

What is TMJ?

TMJ or defined as a temporomandibular joint is associated with the slight sliding of the hinge connecting the person’;s lower jawbone to the skull bone, located in front of the ear. The TMJ is a short abbreviation of the medical term referring to the human anatomy, precisely the jaw.

If we will tackle the TMJ disorder or dysfunction, it refers to the pain or discomfort felt by an individual due to the jaw movement and muscles connected to it. And to be more accurate, here is a clear explanation of the TMJ syndrome. It’;s a common disorder that can affect anyone. A TMJ sufferer will often complain of pain surrounding the jaw joint and affect his or her eating as well as communication. Other symptoms associated with TMJ syndrome are popping sound when biting or chewing, headaches, locked jaw, neck pain, facial pain including ear pain. In studies, females are more likely to have this disorder than men.

Things To Consider Before Buying a TMJ Pillow

Buying a pillow for TMJ can be as challenging when compared with the purchase of a normal pillow. There are many things to take into account to ensure you pick the right model or brand that will specifically address and manage effectively the discomforting symptoms of TMJ syndrome. Below is a quick guide on what to look for when buying a TMJ pillow.
11 1

  • Level of Support
Yes, this is a crucial factor to look when choosing from a bunch of brands of pillows for TMJ, the level of support it can provide to a person with TMJ disorder. Since pillows are created uniquely, better go for a pillow that can offer maximum support, not only the jaw but also to the neck and shoulder. If you can’;t do an actual test on the pillow, check reviews made by past customers’; testimonials on the level of support a brand or model can offer.

  • Comfortability
Another important element that a pillow for TMJ should provide to the user is comfortability. Each model of the pillow has a composition that will impact the level of comfort the user feels. Again, it’;s necessary that the pillow for TMJ is designed or have a material composition that will make the user feel comfortable, particularly on the affected area the jaw and muscle joints.

  • Filling material
Various pillows for TMJ may have different filling materials. Some are constructed from memory foam while others could be filled with latex, feather fill, shredded foam or plastic component. Potential buyers should pay attention to the pressure of the pillow. If a pillow for TMJ feels not beneficial in reducing pressure on targeted points such as jaw, neck and shoulder, then, look for another brand that can perform superiorly this need.

  • Firmness level of the pillow
Level of firmness of the pillow may differ from one model to another. There are pillows that have a soft feel while others range from medium to moderate firm feel and hard. The firmness level of pillows usually relies on the type of material used for filling. For example, a pillow that has a soft feel has either cotton, feather or polyester fill. These soft pillows are more suited for back and stomach sleepers. However, if you prefer a pillow with a medium-firm feel, then, opt for a pillow that has a less plush or soft feel.

  • Price
The price of pillows for TMJ does vary. You may come across a lower-priced or expensive brand. The decision on which brand or model to buy depends on the purchasing power of the customer. However, the price and quality should be both counted to ensure you get the most of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should TMJ sufferer sleeping position avoid?
Anyone diagnosed with TMJ syndrome should avoid the stomach sleeping position because it puts more strain or tension on the jaw, neck and spinal column. In addition to that, as more weight is concentrated around the head, the person is prone to grind his or her teeth, which may aggravate the TMJ symptoms.
12 1
  • What to buy, cheaper pillow for TMJ or high-end brand?
The answer to this question will rely on the person’;s financial capability. If you are short of money, then, the only option is to look for a cheaper pillow. However, for the health benefit and long-term usage expect to pay more.

  • What is the perfect size for TMJ pillow?
The important element to look on based on the size of a TMJ pillow is the user’;s level of comfort. For example, if the level of pain you feel is greater, then, invest in TMJ pillow that has high-profile built.

  • What are the causes of TMJ syndrome?
The causes of TMJ syndrome are quite hard to pinpoint. Proper medical assessment from a licensed specialist in this field is necessary to identify the real cause of this medical condition. However, in some cases, the TMJ syndrome could be linked to a recent trauma or injury like whiplash after a car accident. Other instances could be due to the person subconsciously clenching his or her teeth (bruxism) and some due to degenerative joint arthritis.

  • Is it true that stomach sleepers are likely to acquire TMJ syndrome?
There is no clear evidence that will validate the TMJ syndrome could arise for stomach sleepers. However, some reports show that a person’;s bad sleeping position could add pressure to the jaw and lead to symptoms of TMJ syndrome such as jaw pain, neck or shoulder pain.


Anyone with long-term battles of the TMJ syndrome can find relief from pillow designed for TMJ. Of course, this special type of pillow should not be deemed as the only solution to get rid of the pain or discomfort. Medical intervention, therapeutic programs and the use of special devices will surely improve the overall wellbeing of a TMJ sufferer.

The best pillow for TMJ mentioned on this comprehensive review intends to shed valuable insights to a potential buyer. Give yourself a second round of reading to learn more about what each brand has to offer. The optimum goal of this review is to help customers get the desired result after the purchase. So, make a wise selection based on your personal need.

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