10 Best Pregnancy Pillows Reviews For 2022

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The entire pregnancy period that soon-to-be mom will be facing is quite challenging. Apart from the physical changes that occur with their bodies, pregnant women also have to deal with their emotions. It’;s normal for them to feel anxious and at the same time excited. And, as they battle with all these worries, a pregnant woman may find sleeping at night a struggle. Discomfort could happen as the unborn child inside her tummy grows at fullest form during the last trimester. That’;s why most pregnant women often complain of experiencing sleepless nights. So, how to bring a quick solution to this ordeal? Aside from having a comfy bed mattress, a pregnant woman would require a supportive pillow that will promote quality sleep at night.

However, not all pillows are created equally. There is a special pillow designed to cater to the varying needs of pregnant women. And, keeping this mind, I have personally gathered the best pregnancy pillows that will make the lives of expectant moms less complicated.

10 Best Rated Pregnancy Pillows Reviews

1. Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

For pregnant moms that want a full-body support pillow, the LeachoSnoogle Original Maternity is the best. It can literally support the head down to the hips of the expectant mother. And, here are some more reasons why this particular brand of maternity pillow is the right one for you. The price is relatively decent. Any expectant mom will find it reasonable with all the features it can offer and it has generated good reviews from satisfied buyers.

1 11

The C-shape design of the pillow makes it suitable for everyone. In fact, expecting moms aren’;t only the biggest benefactors, but, also the elderly people that need support from the head, back and along the hips. So, when the expectant mom gives birth, this pillow is still reusable as a nursing pillow. In addition to that, the LeachcoSnoogle Maternity Pillow is highly recommended for individuals experiencing difficulty in breathing. The c-shape design allows the sleeper with a breathing problem to get support underneath the neck area.

Is it worth your money? If you will count the different use of this pillow, it’;s fair to say that you hit a good bargain. Aside from its main use as a maternity pillow, anyone can enjoy it as a normal sleeping pillow. Other than that, it can also be used as your snuggle pillow while watching TV, lounging or reading a book.

As for the material, the filling is made from 100% polyester fiber. Its outer cover is composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.  And, the inner lining has also 100% polyester fiber. The manufacturer care requirement for this pillow is the outer cover removable and machine washable.

  • The material composition of the pillow (polyester fiberfill, outer cover made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton with inner lining constituting of 100% polyester fiber)
  • The pillow’;s outer cover is removable and can be machine washed
  • C-shaped design of the pillow allows it to have universal use (maternity pillow, breastfeeding pillow, special pillow for elderly and individuals with difficulty in breathing)
  • The pillow’;s firmness level is too firm and maybe quite discomforting for sleepers that prefer a soft pillow

2. QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow(Double Sided)

Another brand of maternity pillow that offers maximum body support is the QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow. Surprisingly, this U-shaped pillow can be every expectant mom’;s sleeping buddy while undergoing pregnancy. What can it offer? Here are some of its highlighted features.

2 11

The U-shaped design makes this pillow applicable for universal use. Aside from pregnant women, this pillow can cater to the sleeping needs of individuals that recently undergone medical surgery procedures including those diagnosed with back pain, sciatica and fibromyalgia (disorder that affects the musculoskeletal) including people recovering from injuries. It’;s designed to support the head, neck, back, belly, hips down the legs and feet.

The pillow is available in two sizes. In addition to that, it’;s bendable, foldable and adjustable to match the user’;s preference on level of comfort. Part of the filling material is removable, depending on the range of firmness the user wants. Color options are in neutral shades to match each individual’;s personality.

The material composition of this brand of maternity pillow includes hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill and pillow cover made from natural cotton fibers. The pillow is built with 3 sided zippers.  Anyone can easily remove the cover and toss it inside the washing machine for a quick wash.

  • The pillow is made from hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and cover from pure cotton
  • The U-shaped design of the pillow ensure total body support, suitable for pregnant women that experience pain along the back, side, hips, legs and feet
  • This brand of pillow has multi-purpose, maternity pillow for pregnant women and support pillow for people recovering from physical injuries, post-operative surgery and/or diagnosed with sciatica, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The outer cover of the pillow can be removed and machine washable
  • The U-shaped design of the pillow makes it hard to remove its outer cover

3. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

The PharMeDoc brand has a good reputation in the production of quality bedding and fitness products designed to improve the user’;s lifestyle. Their bedding collections aim to level up the sleeping experience of sleepers by integrating the latest technology. Among their popular bedding products include the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow. Let’;s take a look at the pillow’;s features.

3 11

The pillow has a modest price and for the comfort, this is indeed a good deal for what you paid for. Pregnant moms can be relieved of all kinds of discomfort brought by the pregnancy such as back pain, stiffness of the neck as well as tension along the hips and legs. This pregnancy pillow is designed to offer adequate support from head to toe.

How about the material? Well, I definitely agree with this product claims to have the softest material for its pillow. The material used is a poly-fill blend, meaning it’;s basically from synthetic fabric proven to be super soft, fluffy and durable. Users, particularly pregnant women can expect this pillow to provide ultimate support on weight both of the expectant mom and unborn child.

Bonus offer of this pregnancy pillow is the provision of a travel bag where you can easily store the pillow and bring it anywhere you want. And, this travel bag resolves storage because you can simply put the pillow inside and slip it underneath the bed when not in use.

  • The pillow has been rated as the ultimate pregnancy pillow because it provides full-body support, lessening the discomforts pregnant women experience (neck pain, back pain including pain along with the muscles and joints)
  • This pillow is designed to cater to the demands of pregnant women in their third trimester, reducing sleepless nights due to pregnancy
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty coverage with 100% customer satisfaction
  • The pillow has freebie travel bag for storage and easy carrying option for pregnant women with plans of travel or short weekend breaks anywhere
  • The freebie travel bag is only applicable for pillow in grey color

4. hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity

This brand of pregnancy pillow has a wedge shape, ideally for pregnant women in search of a pillow that can support varying positions. A pregnant woman can place the wedge pillow under her growing tummy as a support pillow. Or, it can be put in between the legs or behind the back.

4 12

Another unique feature of the Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is the use of ventilation technology. This is why it’;s extremely breathable because even airflow circulates in and out of the pillow. And, it doesn’;t accumulate moisture. We all know pregnant women are prone to night sweats and having a pillow that wicks away moisture is a perfect pillow for the night. Among the other features that caught my attention with this maternity pillow is its 12 ounces weight. Imagine any expectant mom can bring it along as she moves from one corner of the house to another or while traveling.

Does it have health benefits? The wedge shape design of this pillow has health benefits to the expectant mom. Since it allows the pregnant woman to place it under her belly, behind the legs or feet, it helps decrease the possibility of swelling. Elevation at a certain degree on the body parts of a pregnant woman allows the blood to circulate properly, thereby limiting edema (swelling arise on hands, legs, feet including ankles).

The material used in the production of this wedge pillow is CertiPUR-US foam with an outer cover made from plush velboa. Expect the pillow to be breathable, super soft and durable. What about the care and cleaning requirement? This brand of pregnancy pillow requires easy-to-follow washing instruction. All you need to do is simply remove the outer cover and put it inside the washing machine. The product can be bought from its official website or via the trusted online shopping site Amazon.

  • The pillow has compact built design, shaped like a wedge to provide support where it’;s needed (under the belly area, behind the legs, under the feet and ankles)
  • The main material used is rated CertiPUR-US foam, with plush Velboa pillow cover
  • The pillow weighs only approximately 12 ounces, which is lightweight and easy to carry while on travel or moving around the house
  • The pillow is integrated with the latest ventilation technology, making it moist free with no overheating issue when used by pregnant women
  • This pregnancy pillow prevents swelling to arise at the pregnant woman’;s last trimester
  • The foam material of the wedge pillow is prone to stain

5. Meiz 55″ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

For pregnant women that prefer a maternity pillow that support the natural shape of the body, then, the Meiz 55’’ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is an ideal candidate. Let me discuss and share with you some of its highlights. The material is sourced carefully from filling down to the pillow’;s outer cover. The filling material used is unscented, conforms to the body shape and adjusts to match the comfort requirement of the user.

5 11

The usage of this pregnancy pillow is versatile. It’;s designed and built will cater most to expectant moms, but also benefit any type of sleeper (side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper). It can also function as a support pillow while breastfeeding, lounging, reading including watching TV.

Does it have health benefits? The manufacturer of this maternity pillow claims it to have health benefits. With its U-shaped design, the pillow can provide relief to anyone diagnosed with sciatica, back pain or hypertension syndrome. As it supports the neck down to the spinal column, the user experiences less pain or swelling on parts of the body such as the back, hips, and legs.

Where can you use this brand of maternity pillow? As mentioned, this pillow is intended for soon-to-be moms needing a support pillow for the entire pregnancy and can be used at home. However, due to its versatile usage, this maternity pillow can be given as a gift for special occasions to any recipient in need of a special pillow. Among the people that would welcome this pillow as a gift are the elderly, individuals with back disorders or medical conditions that require side support while sleeping.

  • This maternity pillow has multi-function, maternity pillow, special pillow for people with underlying medical conditions (sciatica, hypertension syndrome, back pain) and all types of sleepers
  • Filling material used is scent-free, it’;s hypoallergenic and safe for anyone with allergies
  • Manufacturer recommends this maternity pillow as a universal gift idea for special occasions
  • The U-shaped design may provide minimal head support

6. AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

Another U-shaped maternity pillow that has a good reputation is the AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with jersey cover. Similar to other U-shaped pillows, this particular brand contours to the body shape of user. That’;s why pregnant women will benefit the most because of the pillow provides full support from the head, spine down to the hip area.

6 11

This pregnancy pillow claims to have a positive impact on people with existing medical conditions. For individuals with sciatica, the use of this pillow help pain and discomfort arising on the affected body part, specifically the lower back. Other medical conditions that will get temporary relief while using this pillow are those with hypertension syndrome, gastric reflux, and fibromyalgia.

The AngQi Pregnancy pillow has also considerable multi-purposes. Aside from functioning as the primary pillow for pregnant women, it can also be used as a nursing pillow, sleeping pillow for all types of sleepers, and support pillow while reading or watching.

Is it worth your investment? It’;s a practical choice if you will count the number of benefits that a potential buyer will receive upon purchase of this product. Apart from its multi-function feature, this brand of pregnancy pillow is supported with a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. This means any customer that recently bought the product has an assurance of protection if dissatisfied with its performance and quality. The protection coverage applies from the date of purchase until the 90 days period. Plus, the materials used are premium quality. The filling material is high-density cotton with a soft texture. Pillow cover is made of jersey material, soft on the skin.

  • Ergonomic U-shaped design, replacing the need for other pillows because it functions as an all-purpose pillow for pregnant women, people with medical conditions as well as different types of sleepers
  • Materials used are carefully selected, filling material is premium cotton with jersey pillow cover
  • Supported with manufacturer’;s 90-days customer satisfaction guarantee
  • The pillow is a bit bulky

7. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Scallop Trellis Gray and White

Pregnancy wedge-shaped pillows are highly regarded to be beneficial to all expecting moms. This brand that made on the top ten list is the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Scallop trellis Gray and White. Here are some of the features that make it a favourable option for all pregnant women.

7 11

First, it has a compact built. So, any pregnant woman can easily carry it around the house as she moves from one corner to another. Its small size makes it the perfect pillow for traveling.

Second, it has an affordable price when compared with other brands. And, on top of that, the pillow can be used in many ways. Pregnant women can tuck the wedge pillow under the tummy area, between the legs or under the knees for maximum support. Plus, this pregnancy pillow is still reusable after childbirth while breastfeeding.

Third, it supports any position. While lying, it can support the user in varying positions. For example, if you are lying flat on the bed, you can place it under the belly to support the neck down the spine.

Fourth, it comes with a removable cotton cover, which makes cleaning less tiring. Simply remove the pillow’;s cover and machine wash. Fifth, the overall feel of the pillow is firm with four inches thickness cushion.

  • This wedge pillow offers maximum support to different parts of the pregnant woman’;s body, under the belly, between the legs and underneath the knees
  • The outer pillow cover is made from soft cotton fabric, which makes it comfortable on the skin
  • The pillow cover is sewn with zipper, for quick removal and machine washable
  • This brand of maternity pillow has affordable pricing
  • This type of maternity pillow only supports the sectioned body parts of soon-to-be moms (belly, between the legs and under the knees)

8. INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

If you are on the lookout for a C-shaped maternity pillow, the INSEN Pregnancy Pillow would be your perfect candidate. Why? It has C-shaped, giving pregnant women enough elevation and back support while in a sitting position. Let’;s take a look at the distinguishing features of the INSEN Pregnancy Pillow.

8 11

Practically a wise investment because this particular pillow reduces the need for other types of pillows. With its C-shaped design and built, this pillow has the capacity to support the body shape of the pregnant women as the baby grows inside her tummy. Among the parts of the body that can be supported by this pillow are the head, neck, back, hips and legs.

The pillow offers multi-positions. It can be configured as a support pillow while lying on the bed, sitting on the couch or while doing floor exercised. The pillow is foldable when you need some elevation as you lie down or while lounging in front of the television.

As for material composition, the pillow is rated to have top quality material from filling and outer pillow cover. The filler material is super-dense cotton with a pillow cover made from 100% jersey fabric. The overall design is ergonomic C-shape, known to contour the natural body shape of the user from the back, belly, hips, legs including knees.

  • Filling material is rated high-density cotton with 100% jersey fabric pillow cover
  • This pillow is recognized as a multi-purpose pillow (for sleeping, sitting, lounging while watching TV or while reading)
  • This product has a health benefit, with its ability to elevate the smaller body sections of a pregnant woman the problems like swelling or inflammation are reduced
  • Pillow cover has a zipper, allows user to remove it easily and wash
  • Potential buyer has limited choices on colors availability

9. NiDream Bedding Premium U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

For pregnant women that prefer full body pillow with maximum support, then, I do recommend you give this next brand a good read. Below are some of the things that I discovered on this pillow, the NiDream Bedding Premium U Shape Pregnancy Pillow.

9 11

I did find the material very comfortable. Its composition is from pure cotton and 100% polyester. The pillow has an inner cover made from durable fabric material. That’;s why it’;s recommended for machine wash. It’;s built with a zipper opening, which is convenient when removing the pillow cover for regular washing.

The U-shape design makes it a universal pillow, not only for pregnant women. It’;s approved for general use to anyone in need of full-body support while resting or sleeping.  In fact, this pregnancy pillow promotes deep sleep at night because it’;s believed to relieve any pain or tension that may arise around the head, back, sides, hips including feet. In addition to that, this pillow caters to any sleeping position (side, back, and stomach).

Is it a wise investment? The answer is a big Yes’’. This pillow has been proven to perform beyond customers’; expectations.

  • Materials used come from 100% cotton and polyester fiberfill, rated to be hypoallergenic
  • This bedding product is classified to replace the need of 5 other types of pillows
  • The pillow has multi-usage (function as a pregnancy pillow, support pillow while sitting, watching TV or reading and sleeping pillow for all types of sleepers)
  • Pillow cover has a zipper closure, allows user to easily remove it and wash separately inside the washing machine
  • The material composition of the pillow is hypoallergenic, suitable for people with allergies or skin sensitivity
  • The pillow itself can’;t be washed, only pillow cover is machine washable
  • The pillow firmness level may be on the softer side, not too firm

10. Cozy Bump The Best Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping

To complete my list of maternity pillows, the Cozy Bump The Best Pregnancy Pillow is my last brand to consider. Let’;s unravel the features that made it a recipient of prestigious awards, the Mom’;s Choice Awards, and Baby Maternity Magazine.

10 11

This pregnancy pillow is indeed a top-performing pillow that any soon-to-be mom must consider. It has made an impressive reputation when it comes to providing support for stomach sleepers. This pillow has a hole in the middle, which makes it comfortable and safe for pregnant women that can’;t prevent from sleeping on their stomach. The material of the pillow is soft enough to contour the body shape of the sleeper.

The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow has also health benefits. It helps relieve any tension build-up along the lower section of the back and legs. That’;s why pregnant women find it comfortable as it improves the quality of sleep all throughout the night. And, its bump design promotes the ideal birthing position. As for pregnant women that underwent C-section delivery, this pillow has been approved by doctors to help lessen pain and discomfort felt after this medical surgery procedure.

  • Approved by medical professionals to be a suitable pillow to reduce discomforts brought by C-section child delivery
  • The pillow claims to have health benefits to pregnant women such as belly and back support while sleeping, reduced tension along the lower back and legs
  • The cozy bump design of this pillow prepares the pregnant woman to the optimum birthing position, thereby decreasing the percentage of undergoing C-section delivery
  • Proud recipient of awards (Mom’;s Choice Award and baby Maternity Magazine)
  • Heavily chested pregnant women may find this pillow a bit uncomfortable
  • The shape of this pillow may consume too much space on the bed

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows do come in varied styles, sizes, and shapes. Below are the most popular choices of pregnancy pillows you may come across from accredited sellers.

11 9

  • The U-shaped body pillow

This is one of the most favored types of pregnancy pillows, the U-shaped body pillow. This particular pillow supports most of the sleeping positions from lying on the side, back and stomach. Expectant moms can get full support as they toss from one side to another side of the bed. In fact, it’;s considered to help align the body from the neck, back, hips, thighs, and knees. The only consideration that pregnant women must pay attention to before buying a U-shaped pregnancy pillow is the amount of space it will consume on your bed.

  • The C-shaped body pillow

Another type of maternity pillow that has a good number of customers is the C-shaped body pillow. It has been curved like the letter C’’ and this design allows more space for the growing tummy of a pregnant woman. Keep in mind, pregnant women need all the support around the tummy area and this one has been proven to comply strictly during the last trimester.

  • The I-shaped body pillow

Some soon-to-be moms like a pillow that is long enough and can be cuddled and the l-shaped body pillow passed this requirement. However, the level of support it can provide to a pregnant woman isn’;t as sufficient when compared with the U-shaped or C-shaped pregnancy pillows.

  • The Wedge pillow

For pregnant women that often move around the house or up for short travels, the wedge pillow is an excellent choice. It is compact built allows freedom on mobility. Plus, some brands offer the wedge pillow with its own travel bag for easy transport while on a travel trip. The wedge shape allows the pregnant woman to get enough support under the belly, behind the legs including ankles and feet that need elevation to prevent swelling.

  • Inflatable pillow

Among the selections that pregnant women can choose from maternity pillows, is the inflatable version. This pillow has a specific function that answers the varying needs of each pregnant woman. For example, some pregnant women still prefer sleeping on their stomach, the inflatable pillow supports this sleeping position while ensuring the safety of the unborn child. Since it’;s inflatable it can be adjusted to reach the desired pressure that will support the growing belly of an expectant mom.

What Things to Look For When Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a pregnancy pillow. And, most of the pillows designed to cater to the varying needs of soon-to-be moms differ from one another, these following aspects should be prioritized.

12 6

  • Versatility

Although pregnancy pillows come in varied sizes and shapes, the main factor that should be looked at when buying is the versatility feature. Some brands for sale in the market offer multi-purposes, not only encompassing the needs of soon-to-be moms but also individuals like the elderly, those with medical conditions (sciatica, fibromyalgia and hypertension syndrome) and different sleepers. Any pregnancy pillow that can offer two or more functions or re-purpose as a nursing or resting pillow is a plus point.

  • Size

Maternity pillows are built and designed to be large. However, there are also special types of pregnancy pillows that have compact built to cater to the mobility and traveling needs of the soon-to-be moms. Again, the final answer on the actual size of the maternity pillow to buy heavily relies on the user’;s support needs as well as freedom of movement. For example, if you are just on the first trimester of your pregnancy, chances are you will prefer the wedge pillow that adjusts to your needs from time to time until the last trimester. However, if you are already in the last trimester and wish maximum full-body support while resting or sleeping, then, the U-shaped or C-shaped are among your choices. You will also have to assess the space availability of your bed. Huge pillows like the U-shaped, C-shaped or inflatable would require more space to accommodate its bigger size.

  • Filling material

Similar to other bedding products like ordinary pillows and mattresses the filling material of the maternity pillow is also a key factor to consider before making a final decision. There are a lot of filler materials to choose from. For your assurance, you pick the perfect filling material, assess your specific needs including health condition. For example, if you are prone to allergies, any maternity pillow with unscented filling material, hypoallergenic or made from 100% pure cotton is the best option. On the other hand, if you prefer lightweight, breathable or with cooling technology, checkout down or synthetic alternatives like foam filler.

  • Pricing

This is a vital factor to consider when buying a pregnancy pillow, the pricing. Choosing a cheaper brand should not always be the case to save money. Sometimes, you need to factor in the pillow’;s after-use benefit the moment you gave birth. For example, a pregnancy pillow that offers multi-usage such as support pillow for pregnant women, nursing pillow or resting pillow that any member of the family can use while on a sitting position, reading or watching.

  • Removable cover

Some maternity pillows are designed and built with removable cover. This is an important consideration if you want to enjoy a clean pillow all the time. When making a selection, check the provision of the zipper. Pillows with zippered outer cover make washing less complicated because you simply unzip it and remove the filler and wash the pillow cover, either handwash or washing machine.

  • Stage of pregnancy

Among the factors that one must consider before buying a pregnancy pillow is the stage of pregnancy. Are you just in the first month of the pregnancy or near the last trimester? Keep in mind, the level of support that a pregnant woman needs per stage will vary. For example, during the first stage a pregnant woman can still sleep on her stomach, but, as her belly expands and added weight from the unborn child, a full-sized maternity pillow is required to get maximum support from the head, back, hips, and feet.

  • Season you are in while pregnant

Yes, this is an influential factor to consider for a pregnancy pillow. If you are pregnant in the summer months, you will most likely want a cooler pillow to support you from head to toe. A maternity pillow integrated with efficient ventilation technology is deemed favorable during hotter weather conditions. You may also look for a pillow that is efficient in controlling the negative impact of night sweats. Remember, as the pregnant women enter the last trimester excessive sweating may occur at night and having a lightweight and breathable pillow is advisable.

  • Type of sleeper

This is another vital element to look into when buying the pregnancy pillow. Pregnant women should identify their preferred sleeping positions such as side, back or stomach. There are maternity pillows that support all types of sleepers. So, pick a type of maternity pillow that is flexible enough for any sleeping position.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a type of pillow that is designed and built specially to answer the needs of an expectant mom as she undergoes the different phases of pregnancy.

13 6

  • What is the ideal shape for pregnancy pillow?

The final selection on the shape of the pregnancy pillow is dependent on the user’;s personal preference. Remember, there are different shapes for pregnancy pillows to consider. Some have U-shaped, C-shaped, l-shaped, and wedge-shaped. In most cases, the maternity pillows are built to provide adequate support to the body sections of the pregnant women prone to pressure and tension such as belly, lower back, hips, legs, and feet. Of course, if you are taller having a bigger size maternity pillow is a lot comfy than a compact-sized pillow.

  • When is the ideal stage to use a maternity pillow?

There is no specific stage where a soon-to-be mom will benefit most for a pregnancy pillow. In fact, many expecting moms will be convinced to invest in a pregnancy pillow that can be used from start until the baby’;s birth to save money for buying other types of pillows.

  • Will an ordinary bedding pillow will do during pregnancy?

An ordinary pillow can provide temporary support during the first phase of pregnancy. However, as the pregnant woman’;s body shape expands and added weight, the ordinary pillow can’;t sustain the maximum support needed. This is where a special pillow designed for soon-to-be moms become a necessity to ensure a less painful pregnancy journey.

  • How to save money when buying a pregnancy pillow?

To enjoy bigger savings, a soon-to-be mom should consider a versatile pillow that can accommodate the varying needs of each phase of the pregnancy as well as after delivery usage.


A soon-to-be mom’;s entire pregnancy journey can be truly overwhelming. Aside from having to worry about the overall wellbeing of the unborn child, a pregnant woman will undergo a lot of physical changes as the baby reaches its full size in the last trimester. And for this reason, it is essential for pregnant women to remain healthy and not sleep deprived. The best solution to guarantee a pregnant woman has quality sleep at night is having the right pregnancy pillow. This buying guide aims to inform every expectant mom on what the best pregnancy pillows should offer. Take time to read each brand before making a final decision.

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