Tulo Mattress Review 2022 – Is It Truly Exceptional?

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Tulo Mattress

Design, Construction, and Materials 4.9
Firmness, Pressure Relief, and Edge Support 4.8
Motion Transfer and Temperature Regulation 4.7
Maintenance and Warranty 4.8
Delivery and Customer Service 4.7


  • Excellent quality for value
  • Minimal motion transfer across the surface
  • Available in three different firmness options: Soft, Medium, and Firm
  • Has a removable cover that can be machine washed
  • Sleeps cool even if you tend to get hot


  • No White Glove Delivery available
  • Warranty is only eligible for the original purchaser and the mattress must be within the USA due to transportation costs
  • No reinforced edge support

Considering how easy it is now to shop online and to find reviews about a particular product, consumers have become more aware of what a top-notch, high-quality item should be. In terms of beds, Tulo mattresses have been growing in popularity along with the bed-in-a-box boom.

If you are currently considering this brand for a new mattress but still need to settle some questions, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive Tulo mattress review compiles all of the pertinent details to help you reach a well-informed decision. We will discuss where Tulo stands out and where this mattress falls short.

Will Tulo be convenient for your sleeping positions and a perfect solution for your sleeping preferences? Let’s find out!

Introducing the Tulo Mattress

soft type bed

Before we begin our detailed evaluation of Tulo mattress features, let’s start with a brief introduction. This is to provide a basic understanding of what the brand offers and what to expect from their mattresses.

Each Tulo mattress is constructed with different layers of high-grade materials and manufactured in the USA. The Tulo Comfort Series is available in three different firmness options. This allows you to choose the best level of support that suits your sleep position and preferences. Tulo promises their memory foam mattress will provide you with ultimate pressure relief and sleeping experience “no matter how action-packed your dreams are.”

Their mattresses come with a 120-night in-home trial period and a 10-year warranty to protect you against any possible defects. They likewise offer quick and easy free delivery.

Tulo mattresses aim to suit all sleep habits by way of their varying firmness options. However, if you and your partner differ in preferred sleeping positions, this may complicate things a bit since some people are side sleepers, others are back sleepers, and there are also stomach sleepers. But you can always use a topper or a certain type of pillow to remedy this situation.

Size selection: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Features and Benefits Explained

Now that you know what every Tulo mattress offers and how it would suit everyone’s needs, let’s dive deep into our Tulo mattress review. Examining every trait should help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

1. Design, Construction, and Materials

Tulo mattresses are comprised of four layers of foam which, when added up, measures 10-inch tall. We’ve indicated below the thickness of each of the four layers for your reference. As for the cover, it is made from a white woven polyester fabric that is soft, breathable, and easily zips off.

mattress foam layers

Foam beds are not all made alike when it comes to their composition such as the top layer, internal layers, multiple firmness, and other materials. The foams used in a mattress ultimately determine how well it will function and which traits will be most prominent.

So, what makes up a Tulo mattress?

Check out what type of foam layers this mattress has from top to bottom:

  • Top layer: 2-inch ventilated memory foam with titanium particles infused into the foam material to prevent heat retention and promote cooling
  • Second layer: 1.5-inch responsive firm foam with corrugated peak and valley design to promote airflow throughout
  • Third layer: 1.5-inch strut reinforced foam to add support, reduce surface compression, and increase durability
  • Base layer: 4-inch high-density polyurethane foundation foam layer. This comes in soft, medium, and firm options for customized support

3. Firmness and Pressure Relief

Mattress reviews often focus on firmness because it is a significant determining factor when it comes to your overall comfort. Resolving night sleep issues like back pain is basically dependent on the kind of support that you’ll get from your new mattress.

In terms of firmness, Tulo has something for everyone with their three different choices: firm, medium and soft version. Now let’s see how each good option ranks on the firmness scale.

Tulo Soft Mattress:

8 out of 10, with 1 being the firmest. Ideal for side sleepers, this option provides a certain amount of softness that lets you sink in enough to feel hugged by the foam.

Tulo Medium Mattress:

5-6 out of 10. Ideal for stomach sleepers, this one is considered a medium-firm type and gives you soft yet responsive support.

Tulo Firm Mattress:

3 out of 10. Ideal for back sleepers, this certainly feels firm and will not allow your hips or shoulders to sink into the foam that much. Hence, you’ll be able to maintain a good spine alignment while asleep.

The firmness level best suited to you is largely dependent on your preferred sleeping position – whether you belong with the side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers.

Sleeping Positions and Preferences

Side sleepers will most likely prefer the medium or Tulo soft mattress because a side sleeper requires more pressure relief and a softer mattress to prevent shoulder and hip pain. Such issues often occur for side sleepers when resting on a firm mattress.

Back and stomach sleepers are more likely to get better sleep on the firm or Tulo medium mattress options. Firm beds work best in these sleep positions because they provide great support for proper spinal alignment. Whereas if you sleep on a soft version, it could lead to back pain and other problems.

Combination sleepers that frequently settle in all three positions will generally benefit from a mattress with medium firmness. Since it’s something between the firm and soft version, you get a balanced level of pressure relief and support.

Larger or heavier individuals and couples with high-density body weight may also appreciate the added support and durability of the firm Tulo mattress option. Often, the extra pressure can make a mattress feel softer than it actually is, thus, providing less pressure relief or may even compromise your spinal alignment. Hence, choosing a firm version is usually highly recommended.

Remember, these are only suggested guidelines. Whether you choose a soft, medium, or firm mattress, Tulo has these three firmness levels to offer. So, ultimately, the firmness level you decide to buy should be based on your personal comfort level. This Tulo mattress review is provided to point you in the right direction.

4. Edge Support

One of the most important factors to note is the edge support. A memory foam mattress with a sturdy edge will come in handy if you have a sleeping companion and want to maximize your bed’s surface. It will also be quite beneficial for those with limited mobility and require a reliable edge to hold onto when getting in and out of bed. Pregnant women, individuals with a disability, and the elderly can definitely use good support during these moments. In fact, the right amount of edge support can increase a bed’s usable space by as much as 30%.

Tulo Mattress’ Strength Around the Edges

Memory foam mattresses are not generally known for having great edge support, but Tulo performs surprisingly well for a memory foam mattress. The support foams and dense base layer used in the Tulo mattress provide reliable edge support, even without additional reinforcements. With the different base layers used in the Tulo’s three versions, it is the firm version that offers the best overall edge support in your bed.

5. Motion Transfer and Isolation

a couple sleeping soundly

For an exceptional sleeping experience, motion isolation or minimizing motion transfer is also an important trait to look for in a mattress. When your memory foam mattress has good motion control, you’re able to have a good night’s sleep, even if you share your mattress with a fidgety partner.

Reducing motion transfer is one area where memory foam mattresses inherently excel, and the Tulo mattress is no exception to this rule. The combination of memory foam and other premium materials in these particular mattresses provide excellent motion isolation. Each layer works together to absorb any movement on the surface of the bed. It disperses the jarring motion throughout the internal layers while maintaining the stillness on the surface. On a Tulo mattress, you can sleep through the night without being disturbed.

6. Heat and Off-Gassing

Aside from firmness, temperature regulation is often the most significant trait to review when considering a new bed since many of us tend to sleep hot. True enough, nobody wishes to feel overheated and get roused from a deep slumber, particularly if it happens quite often.

It’s a feature which most memory foam mattresses often fail in. In fact, memory foam is known for easily retaining heat. However, most mattress companies nowadays are employing advanced technologies to dispel heat retention in their beds and this includes Tulo.

Each of their mattresses is designed to eradicate heat starting from the breathable polyester cover which allows good air circulation within the mattress. Every comfort layer below also plays a role in keeping you cool while you sleep. The top layer of memory foam has a cool flow ventilated design which further facilitates airflow, and there’s a cooling effect – thanks to the infusion of titanium particles. The second layer of breathable foam has a peak and valley design to further encourage circulation throughout the entire bed. Furthermore, this foam layer is constructed with open cell technology in order to prevent overheating.

Compared to other mattresses, Tulo performs very well when it comes to temperature regulation, thanks to its open cell technology. We certainly think you will sleep cool on this bed throughout the night.

Dealing With the Chemical Smell

While there may be a very slight off-gassing smell when you first unpack a new Tulo mattress, this will quickly dissipate in a short time. Also, no need to worry about the odor because it is neither toxic nor harmful to your health. It is not uncommon for gasses to build up in the packaging while the mattress is compressed in a box. However, it should air out in an hour or two and be totally unnoticeable in less than 24 hours.

Is the Tulo Mattress Toxic?

Nope! With all of the different types of foam in its composition, the Tulo mattress is not toxic. Tulo uses CertiPUR-US certified foams which have been rigorously tested for emissions, content, performance, and durability standards.

7. Price and Customer Service

Another factor Tulo excels in is affordability. Let’s face it, many of our purchase decisions are ultimately determined by price in the end. Interestingly, These mattresses from Tulo are affordable on nearly any budget. They also offer a payment plan option for customers, pending credit approval, if you are unable to purchase the mattress outright. Best of all, Tulo doesn’t sacrifice quality to achieve its low price point. Each of their mattresses is constructed using high-quality foam and other premium materials – all of which are durable and can stand the test of time.

How much is a Tulo mattress? The price often varies due to frequent promotions and sales, so check their site for current prices. Amazingly, even the largest size – the California King, will not exceed most mattress budgets.

The After-Sales Support

The company takes pride in its customer service and in the abundance of positive customer reviews on its Tulo website. This is a huge plus factor that reaffirms its aim to provide a great customer experience. The company website also offers an option to chat with a customer service representative for any questions you might have. This service was tested several different times to check its promptness and accuracy. We’re impressed and happy to announce that each customer service agent we chatted with responded quickly and politely. You would definitely get a feeling that they want to help you, and not just pitch a hard sell.

8. In-Home Trial Period

a young lady resting on her bed with a laptop

The brand is confident that you will love their mattresses as much as they do. That’s why Tulo offers an in-home sleep trial period with each of their beds. We know buying a new memory foam mattress without actually experiencing it first can cause people to be hesitant. However, Tulo’s $0 return/exchange policy during the trial period should go a long way to calm any reservations you may have. Just remember, the company only honors one return or exchange for each mattress purchase. Therefore, you can’t exchange for a different firmness and then later decide to return it entirely.

Many Mattress Firm and Sleep Experts locations in the USA have Tulo mattresses in their showroom. Hence, you can actually see, feel, and test their beds before deciding if it’s the right choice for you if you don’t want to take advantage of the trial period.

9. Manufacturer’s Warranty

How long does a Tulo mattress last?

Every Tulo mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty which says a lot about the quality and durability of their beds. The warranty period would give you an idea of how long your mattress will likely last. If you experience any manufacturer defects or a sag that is 3/4 of an inch develops while it’s under warranty, Tulo will repair or replace your foam bed. The only catch is that the mattress must be located within the United States and in the possession of the original purchaser – for the warranty to be honored.

10. Delivery Service

Tulo includes free shipping with each purchase and will generally arrive at your home within one to two weeks. The brand ships using FedEx and the mattress is delivered compressed in a box that is surprisingly small for a bed, like a bed in a box. This makes it easier to move and maneuver in your home before you begin unpacking and allowing it to fully expand. Unfortunately for some, Tulo does not offer White Glove Delivery Service, not even for an additional cost. If you have limited mobility, this may pose an issue. Of course, this also means you will have to get rid of your old mattress on your own as well.


Keeping It Clean

The next trait we are going to review is the ease of cleaning your mattress. Keeping your bed clean can help you use it for a long time as well as improve your respiration and overall health. As you sleep on your mattress each night, sweat, hair, and dead skin cells naturally accumulate on the surface and within the bed. For the most part, your sheets and the mattress cover do a pretty good job of preventing most of the debris from getting inside your mattress. However, these won’t be able to filter everything. Moisture and finer particles will seep right through.

That’s why Tulo’s mattress cover is removable so it can be machine washed and air-dried. Also, they sell replacement covers for those occasions when washing the original one isn’t enough. This is particularly handy if you are shopping for a child’s bed or you’re sharing yours with a toddler or a pet. Not many mattresses currently offer a removable cover, but only recommend careful spot cleaning instead. Having a washable one would still prove to be a great buy in the long run.

Do You Need a Box Spring for a Tulo Mattress?

No, it can be placed directly on a flat or slatted bed frame, but if you want to use one anyway, that’s not a problem either. All of their ventilated memory foam mattresses are designed to work with almost any bed frame – whether it requires a traditional box spring or a foundation layer. Tulo is also compatible with adjustable bed frames. Moreover, they can be placed directly on the floor if need be.

Is the Tulo Mattress Right for You?

In conclusion, we would like to sum up our review by quickly reiterating what could make this brand the best mattress for almost everyone – side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

Tulo mattresses are available in three firmness options, offers a 120-night in-home trial period, and a 10-year warranty against defects. This mattress is also highly affordable, successfully dispels heat, practically eliminates motion transfer, is supportive, and provides superior pressure relief. You can even test it in person at Mattress Firm. If you prefer one with above-average edge support, remember to choose the firm version. It’s worth noting, too, that the mattress cover is easily removable and machine washable. Tulo aims to please all sleepers, and we think they have done a really good job without having a high price point. This is why we highly recommend Tulo mattress.

Now that we have reached the end, we hope our Tulo mattress review was informative, helpful, and straightforward. Whether you decide that Tulo is the right choice for you or not, we’d love to hear from you.

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