When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

We all have allocations for everything that we spend money on and this is because we work hard to earn it. Necessities such as mattresses may be a once in a blue moon purchase for most people, but is the price they pay truly the best price for what they are getting? As much as we all want to score the best mattress deals in the market, how do we know if they are exactly the best?

Mattress prices vary for a couple of reasons, and most of the time, they come in their lowest prices in certain times of the year. This highly depends on where you are to get the mattress and when you are going to make the purchase. However, a lot of people get confused on pricing because of its sources especially when the platform or mode of purchase is factored in.

Perhaps one of the most important things to know before purchasing a mattress is whether it is sold directly from a factory or by a brick and mortar store. Is this your first time to hear about this? Are you clueless of the difference between the two? Let us help you out.

Know the Difference between Major Suppliers

A brick and mortar store is a company that sells the mattresses at prices that are already inclusive of its shipping cost, stocking fee, and commission. In short, you are getting from a middleman who gets stocks from a supplier.

On the other hand, factory direct stores are those who get the mattresses straight from the manufacturers which eliminate the need for a middleman. These are usually companies that are able to buy products in bulk.

The bottom line here is that prices are definitely higher when you get from brick and mortar stores compared to factory direct stores. This is because factory direct stores do not involve the costs of having a middleman. Although regardless of which source is available and convenient for you, both usually give different types of discounts during special days and seasons of the year.

The Best Time to Buy a Mattress from Physical Stores

Yes, physical stores have a different timeline in terms of giving you the best deals. Online stores have a different approach in providing discounted mattress prices for their consumers. If you are someone who is not much of an online shopper, here is a useful guide that you can use as reference for your mattress buying schedule.

  • Month of January

Businesses tend to pile up on stocks during late winter months as people are more likely to go shopping on winter holidays. But why shop in January? Businesses understand that people have spent loads on shopping over the holidays, so they tend to go on sale right after it.

This is because they still know that people have money left to spend. This method falls on what we popularly call “white sales”. You will see a lot of stores lower down their mattress prices in a limited time to maximize and generate sales before businesses slow down.

  • Months of March, April or May

Mattress companies usually release new models of mattresses in the market at this time. Of course, the new models will definitely be priced high as they are new releases. But this gives way for those thrifty spenders as all the previous mattress models will downgrade at lower costs.

Businesses will need new space to make way for the new; hence, they would need all the room they can get to display new models. At this point, you can expect the older models to have a 50% cut off from its original price. Though this may not be the case for all stores, it might help to ask the store of your choice about their inventory turnovers.

  • Moving, Closeout and Opening of Stores

If you see a lot of advertisements in different platforms such as radio, television, print or online, then a store may have something to offer. They usually do this on these occasions. It is good to check out stores for sales and specials when they are about to open, close and move. This can be considered for all types of companies whether it be startups or big players.

  • Holidays

Holidays especially those that fall on a weekend is something to look forward to. A few examples of this would be Black Friday, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. These are extremely popular because ads and notifications of companies going on sale spread like wildfire. While these companies often allocate a number of products to be on sale from time to time, these major holidays guarantee more items to be around 10% to 20% off their regular prices.

The Best Time to Go Online Shopping for a Mattress

This is probably the easiest way to check out a couple of mattress sellers and their prices. You can fish better online as checking out and comparing mattress prices can easily be done in a click. But if you are after the “sale” or “discount” game, then you should know that most online discounts are given in the form of flash sales or lightning deals.

These are discounts and sales that are fleeting and are available to those who check out first. Unlike physical stores, online deals and discounts are more frequent and given on unpredictable occasions. So to make sure you get the best deals when you shop for a mattress online, we have prepared a couple of online events to look forward to.

  • Black Friday Sale

This is a huge online event that people look forward to. Ever since, Black Friday which comes right after Thanksgiving has become an opening for the holiday shopping period. Back in the day, this type of sale was only available to brick and mortar stores. But now, you will be amazed at how crazy the online marketplace gets this time of year. At this time, you will see big players cut down their prices in huge chunks and make them available for everyone. This is definitely something to look forward to.

  • Amazon Prime Day Sale

Popularly known for being one of the biggest online markets, Amazon honors their Prime customers by giving them two days of free shipping on a variety of products. This usually involves thousands of items that they can get a hold of the entire two or even three days of the sale. So if you are looking forward to buying a mattress via Amazon, check it out in the second week of July.

  • Cyber Monday

Since physical stores usually have sales on Thanksgiving, you can extend your shopping free online. This is done on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Advertisements for this event are usually aired weeks before it. Hence, companies selling mattresses make it a point to bring out all their low-priced items at this time. If you are lucky, you may even get the chance to shop more as the Cyber Monday sale sometimes gets extended throughout the entire week.

  • Labor Day Sale

During Labor Day sales, online merchants make sure they can compete with brick and mortar stores. They do this by cutting big chunks from the prices of their regular items. If you are looking for a mattress at some point in September, make sure to do it on the first Monday of the month. At this time, you can compare sale prices in physical stores and online and have the liberty to shop from a store that offers the best mattress deals.


Mattresses are not regular purchases for many. But when the need for one arises, it is always good to make sure you get the best ones at the best prices. While you can easily purchase a mattress any time of the year, it surely feels good to know that you have purchased one for a low price.

By using the following guidelines when shopping, you can have big chunks of savings. In this way, you get the mattress you want at the price you are comfortable with while allocating the rest of your money to savings or other items that you have long wanted to purchase.