Puffy vs Puffy Lux: a Head-to-Head Comparison

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Puffy is one of the leading mattress brands in the current US marketplace.

Although the company has only been around for a relatively short time compared to other leading organizations, like Casper or Simba for instance, Puffy has quickly captured the attention of customers from all backgrounds.

That’s because Puffy offers a range of unique benefits that you simply can’t get from any other bed-in-a-box brand. For instance, Puffy offers a unique lifetime warranty that ensures you’re always protected from potential issues with your mattress. Additionally, unlike other memory foam mattresses, Puffy beds are surprisingly effective at eliminating the problem of overheating for a lot of sleepers.

If you’re thinking of investing in your own Puffy mattress, then one of the first things you’ll need to consider is whether you’re going to opt for the original Puffy mattress or the Puffy Lux mattress.

Here’s your guide to the Puffy vs Puffy Lux and everything you need to know about the two mattresses.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux: The Basics

Let’s start with these questions: what is the Puffy mattress and what’s the Puffy Lux?

The Puffy mattress is the original bed-in-a-box memory foam offering from the Puffy brand. It’s a ten-inch high bed that comes with three specially-constructed layers. Like many of the memory foam mattress options offered by leading brands today, the Puffy mattress comes in one firmness option, which ranges between medium to firm in support levels.

If you’re looking for an excellent bed to support virtually all kinds of sleeping position, this could be the perfect mattress for you. Most importantly, it includes the patent-pending Cooling Cloud memory foam that helps to offer advanced breathability and temperature regulation for those who don’t like feeling overheated by their memory foam.

Alternatively, the Puffy Lux mattress is the upgraded, luxurious version of the Puffy. It’s a 12-inch bed, making it slightly thicker than the original Puffy mattress. Additionally, this bed is a lot softer than its basic counterpart, with extra plush comfort that you can really sink into.

The Puffy Lux comes with the same cooling cloud memory foam present in the typical Puffy mattress. There are also some extra features included, too, such as a sensationally breathable cover that’s both stain-resistant and machine washable.

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The original Puffy mattress is best suited to:

• People who have a budget to stick to

• Petite and medium-sized individuals

• All kinds of sleepers

• People who want a washable cover

• Those who like a neutral level of firmness

bottom edge view of Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux is better for:

• Those who love luxurious, soft mattresses

• Fans of sinkable memory foam

• Those who want thicker foam beds

• Back and side sleepers

• People willing to invest in quality

It’s worth noting that both the Puffy and the Puffy Lux can be quite expensive without a discount code, so they’re not for budget shoppers. However, the original mattress is more affordable without a code than the Lux.

Comparing the Two Options

To present a detailed comparison of these two products, we will be discussing each model’s construction, firmness and comfort, motion transfer, temperature regulation, and customer service. Let’s get started!

1. Construction and Layers

Now that you know the basics of both the Puffy and the Puffy Lux mattress options, let’s take a closer look at the construction and materials used in each one. Since both of these bedding solutions come from the same high-end US brand, it makes sense that you can expect both of them to deliver a fantastic high-quality sleeping experience.

Original Puffy’s Composition

The Puffy mattress is a little smaller in height than the Puffy Lux, with a 10-inch thickness consisting of three different foam layers. The top “comfort” layer of the mattress is the gel-infused memory foam that Puffy calls the Cooling Cloud foam. This unique patent-pending material conforms to the shape of your body without causing you to feel swaddled or overheated during the night. It gives just the right cloud comfort that you need.

The second layer of foam under the cooling cloud foam is called the “climate comfort” layer. This is where you get a slightly firmer layer of foam. It’s the transition between the top-level softness and the dense support foam in the core of your bed. At the base, you get the six-inch foam core that’s ideal for spinal alignment and support.

Layers of the Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux mattress, on the other hand, takes the memory foam experience to the next level with an extra dose of softness. Just like the basic Puffy, the Lux mattress starts off with a cloud cooling foam layer on the top of the bed. The three inches of carefully-adapted foam help to regulate your temperature as you sleep. According to Puffy, the gel-infused foam has up to eight times more airflow than a standard foam bed – which is excellent for hot sleepers.

Underneath the cooling cloud, you’ll get 1.5 inches of cloud comfort layer of foam, which dynamically adapts and shapes to suit your form. It’s specially made for pressure relief throughout various points of the body, making the mattress more comfortable in a range of sleeping positions.

The third layer of the Puffy Lux mattress is made of climate adaptive regulation foam. This helps you to get the same comfort level in all seasons. The climate regulation foam will stop your mattress from becoming less comfortable due to changes in temperature or humidity in your bedroom. Underneath that, you get six inches of Puffy’s core support foam, offering the perfect foundation for a great night’s sleep.

Crucially, both the Puffy and the Puffy Lux come with the same thick, durable, yet highly breathable cover. Unlike many of the other memory foam mattress covers that you’ll find on the market today, this cover can be removed and washed on both beds. Additionally, the technology used in the cover helps to protect against stains.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Verdict

When it comes to construction and layers, the Puffy takes the cake in this bout since it caters to a wider range of sleeping positions.


2. Firmness and Comfort

Though the Puffy and the Puffy Lux are similar in a lot of ways, the feeling that you get when lying on each of them is very different.

Puffy’s Firm Support

The thinner layer of comfort foam at the top of the original Puffy mattress means that you don’t get the same experience with this bed as you do with the Lux. Depending on your weight, you’re likely to sink a little bit through to the transition foam underneath, which gives you a more natural, firmer level of support overall. That means that you don’t feel as though you’re getting swallowed by your mattress.

If you’re the kind of person who moves between different positions frequently when sleeping, then you’re likely to have a great experience with the Puffy original. With a firmness rating of about 6 to 7 out of 10, you get something that’s right in the middle of being too soft or too firm. That means that you’ll sink a little bit into the bed, but won’t feel the sinking experience that comes with the Lux.

The Puffy is a very good option for people who sleep mostly on their back. If you’re a back sleeper, then the top layer of foam will give you enough softness for pressure relief, particularly around your shoulders and hips. At the same time, you get the firmness underneath the top layer to keep your spine properly aligned.

The original Puffy might also be a good option for stomach sleepers, who want softness for their hips and other areas, but not enough softness that they end up sinking into the bed completely. Too much softness in a mattress for a stomach sleeper can lead to hip and back pain.

Unfortunately, the basic Puffy mattress might not be the most suitable for side sleepers, as there are only a couple of inches of soft comfort foam before you reach the transition layers of foam, which means that you might find the bed too firm.

Puffy Lux’s Luxurious Softness

Alternatively, the Puffy Lux includes extra components that make it the absolute perfect choice for side sleepers. In fact, we’d say that this is one of the best mattresses on the market if you prefer to sleep on your side. The mattress contours brilliantly to suit the dip of your hips and shoulders. At the same time, there’s still enough firmness for comfortable back sleeping, too.

The softness of the Puffy Lux mattress puts it at a rating of around 5-6 in terms of firmness. While this might not seem like a big difference compared to the basic Puffy, it’s actually a big change when you feel it for yourself. The extra softness does make you feel like you’re getting a more luxurious night of sleep. However, at the same time, you’re not going to appreciate this mattress if you need a firm sleep surface to help with back pain and spine alignment.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Puffy Lux is unlikely to be the best choice for people who sleep on their stomachs, as the softness can cause your hips to sink, forcing your spine out of alignment. At the same time, the softness of the Lux could also mean that it isn’t ideal if you’re heavier than most people, as you’ll find that you sink quite deeply into various layers of foam.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Verdict

Due to the limiting softness of the Lux, the original Puffy again wins this round in firmness and comfort.

3. Mattress Motion Transfer

a couple sharing a bed

Another aspect that you’ll need to consider carefully when comparing Puffy vs Puffy Lux for your mattress choice, is whether you’re going to be using this bed with a partner. After all, if you’re sleeping in duo, then you probably know that the pressure reducing softness of memory foam isn’t always great at things like edge support. However, while edge support can sometimes suffer from memory foam, there are benefits available in the form of motion isolation.

The Puffy standard mattress is made of quick-reacting memory foam. This means you can easily move from one side to another without having to worry about a dip in your bed. However, you might have a harder time sitting on the edge of your bed, as there is a little softness around the sides of the mattress.

On the plus side, if you’re used to a traditional innerspring mattress where you can feel every movement that your partner makes, then the traditional memory foam of the Puffy Lux mattress is going to offer you a new kind of sleeping experience.

The Puffy Lux offers much of the same motion transfer management as you get from the original Puffy mattress. This fast-reacting foam is even better for people who like to change positions frequently – making it great for combination sleepers.

If you’re worried about reducing motion and vibration from your partner’s movements, then you’re going to have absolutely no problem with the Puffy Lux. However, while the support layer of this mattress does offer some firmness and support, you still don’t get quite the same level of edge support that you would get from a typical spring mattress.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Verdict

Both Puffy and Puffy Lux are excellent in motion control. However, the Puffy Lux is surprisingly quite a bit better at delivering edge support than the traditional Puffy, despite it’s softer profile.

4. Memory Foam Comfort, Smell, and Heat

When conducting a Puffy vs Puffy Lux review, it’s worth noting that both of these mattresses from the Puffy brand are made out of very similar materials. In both cases, you’re going to be getting a memory foam mattress, which also means that you’re more likely to experience some of the side effects of memory foam.

Innovative Cooling Layer

For instance, although foam is fantastic for pressure management purposes and plush comfort, the softness of a memory foam mattress also denotes that you’re more likely to sink into your mattress and feel overheated by the material around you. Memory foam mattresses, like the Puffy and Puffy Lux, also have a habit of being affected by different temperatures during the night. In a warm room, memory foam can get softer, and while in a cold room, it sometimes appears to be harder than usual.

Fortunately, unlike many memory foam bed manufacturers, Puffy has taken the heat-related issues of memory foam into consideration when creating both the Puffy and the Puffy Lux. Along with crucial features like the firm core support foam and a robust base layer of each mattress, the Puffy and Puffy Lux also come with a fantastic layer of innovative cooling foam, too.

heat control features

The state-of-the-art technology in the cooling cloud foam from Puffy ensures that you can continue to regulate your temperature, even in the warmth of memory foam. The gel beads in the upper layers of both mattresses will stop too much heat from building up under your body while you sleep. Instead, it will allow the temperature to disperse evenly across the bed.

Moreover, the technology in the Puffy and Puffy Lux includes an impressive layer of something that Puffy refers to as ‘Climate Comfort’ foam. This thin layer of high-quality foam helps to keep the bed dry and breathable, by generating extra airflow. The climate control foam adapts to the changes in the temperature of the air in your bedroom. Thus, your bed responds well not only to your heat but to the temperature of the season, too.

In terms of temperature regulation and breathability, the Puffy and Puffy Lux are two very similar mattresses. There’s really not a great deal of difference between the two. The biggest change you’re likely to notice is that you can sink deeper into the Puffy Lux without overheating.

Lesser Chemical Smell

Another major feature of memory foam that a lot of customers would prefer to avoid is the unusual smell that often comes with bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, when you receive your Puffy bed for your 101-night trial, you’re unlikely to notice any strange odors. Thanks to the high-quality materials that Puffy uses, and the fact that the mattresses are shipped from the USA. Since they spend less time in transit, there’s very little off-gassing.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Verdict

We have a tie! Both of these mattress models offer the same heat regulation, minimal off-gassing, and memory foam features.

5. Customer Service and Support

One excellent thing about the Puffy brand is that regardless of whether you choose the Lux mattress in Twin XL or the original Puffy mattress, you’re still going to get the same exceptional quality. Many of the most crucial features of the Puffy mattresses remain the same in both products, from the firm core support foam to the fantastic pressure relief. That’s why nine out of ten times, a review you’ll read about the Puffy company will be positive.

Aside from things like a breathable cover, a wide selection of high-quality materials, and an excellent commitment to innovative products, Puffy also provides splendid customer service. When you get either the Puffy or the Puffy Lux bed, you’ll also receive:

A 101-night trial so you can put the mattress to the test and make sure that it’s right for you before you commit to it completely.

Free shipping throughout the US. The Puffy can be delivered straight to your doorstep, and its vacuum-packed design makes it easier to get upstairs.

Lifetime warranty – the Puffy and Puffy Lux mattresses both come with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind with your new bed. This extends far beyond the 10 years warranty that comes with most mattresses.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Verdict

Whether you have a code for money off your new foam mattress or not, you’re going to get an excellent value with your Puffy mattress. From fantastic quality materials to excellent support, the Puffy company has you covered.

Is the Puffy or Puffy Lux Better?

puffy mattress on Ellen show

When it comes to choosing which Puffy mattress is best between the Puffy vs Puffy lux, it’s not an easy choice. Everyone will review these mattresses differently depending on their needs.

For the most part, if you’re looking for a Twin XL mattress to suit all sleeping positions and for great pressure relief, then you can’t go wrong with either the Puffy or the Puffy Lux. Both of these mattresses are excellent for protecting your pressure points and delivering plush cloud comfort night after night.

However, during our review, we did note that each mattress seems to suit a specific kind of sleeper more than others. For instance, the Puffy original mattress with its support layer closer to the top of the bed will be best-suited to those who want a slightly firmer mattress, such as stomach and back sleepers. On the other hand, if you’re looking to use your Puffy mattress discount code on something softer, then you might prefer the Puffy Lux.

The Puffy vs Puffy Lux debate comes down to whether you want softness or support. For side sleepers, the Puffy Lux is an excellent choice, but it might not be ideal for heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers. Whichever option you choose, you’ll still get your 101-night trial period to put your mattress to the test. You’ll also get a memory foam with fantastic cooling support and amazing pressure relief that really blew us away during this review.

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