Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2021: For a Luxurious Sleep You Deserve

Puffy Lux Mattress

Construction and Materials 4.8
Firmness and Support 4.6
Pressure Relief, Motion Transfer, and Edge Support 4.7
Softness, Heat, and Off-Gassing 4.8
Price, Longevity, and Delivery 4.7


  • Exceptional memory foam comfort
  • Good temperature management
  • Durable design and state-of-the-art materials
  • Great warranty and customer service
  • USA brand


  • Not for individuals who require a firm mattress for optimum support and comfort, particularly stomach sleepers or those with neck or back pain
  • Not for people looking for a bed on a budget
  • Not for people who don’t like memory foams

If you’re a big fan of memory foam luxury, but you want extra comfort and support from your mattress, then you might have heard about Puffy mattresses. The Puffy Lux is a USA-made mattress from a relatively new company in the bed-in-a-box landscape.

Not only is this sensational mattress made by a local USA company, but it also comes with state-of-the-art technology intended to deliver comfort and support, reduced motion transfer, and excellent pressure relief. Available in sizes ranging all the way up to Cal King, the Puffy Lux contains four specially-designed layers of different types of foam. These unique components work together to eliminate the strain and stress from pressure points throughout the body – making it great for relieving pressure.

What’s more, as you’ll learn in this Puffy Lux mattress review, this particular bed is excellent for fighting back against some of the most common problems encountered with memory foam. If you sleep hot and you’re worried about your sleep surface getting too hot, for instance, Puffy is designed to deliver cooling comfort.

So, exactly how amazing is the Puffy Lux mattress?

Puffy Lux Mattress Review

The original Puffy mattress first hit the market in 2017, created by a sleep and bedding company located in Los Angeles. The brand immediately garnered a lot of attention when it launched, thanks to an appearance on shows like Ellen. When the first mattress was a huge success, the company decided to revamp some of its materials and deliver a high-luxury experience to customers, too.

The Puffy Lux mattress was created to serve the needs of people in search of next-level comfort and luxurious support. According to the Puffy Team, the design of this bed – just like the design for the original mattress, came from a desire to create a bed that felt just like lying on a cloud.

Like the original Puffy model, the Lux comes with everything today’s sleepers need to enjoy – cool comfort, spine support, great pressure relief and delightful softness throughout the night.

During this Puffy Lux review, we’ll be looking at:

  • Construction and materials
  • Firmness and support
  • Pressure relief
  • Motion transfer and edge support
  • Sinking softness and heat
  • Off-gassing
  • Longevity
  • Delivery and setup

Features & Benefits

Wherever you go, you’ll see that the Puffy Lux bed has received some of the highest rating scores and best reviews on the market. That’s because this luxury mattress really does deliver when it comes to exceptional comfort and quality.

So, is the Puffy Lux going to give you the amazing night’s sleep that you’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out.

1. Construction and Materials

First things first, one of the most crucial things that you’ll need to consider when you’re thinking about buying a Puffy Lux mattress, is what the bed is made of. Similar to the original Puffy mattress, this is a memory foam bed. However, the Puffy Lux mattress takes comfort and opulence to the next level with four layers of unique foam. The variety is intended to provide different levels of comfort and pressure relief.

The top layer of the Puffy mattress is the cover – a thin and breathable polyester blend design. There’s nothing particularly special about the cover that sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses on the market. However, it’s worth noting that the breathable materials should help with keeping the mattress relatively cool and eliminating the buildup of odor when you sleep.

Cooling Cloud Comfort

cooling feature

Underneath the polyester cover layer, you’ll find the first two inches of gel memory foam. This is the “Cooling Cloud Foam” in the Puffy lux mattress. It has been specially designed with cooling gel microbeads intended to prevent heat from building too excessively during the night. If you sleep hot and you’ve been worried about using a memory foam bed before because of this, Puffy could have you covered. The cooling cloud foam is really soft, and it’s also excellent in keeping you relatively cool during the night.

As well as assisting with temperature regulation, the top layer of foam also has a very slow response to pressure. This implies that you can sink slowly into the mattress beneath for a soft hug. The comfort layer is the same as the one you would find in the basic Puffy bed.

Contouring Layers

Beneath the comfort layer, you’ll find the contour layer. This is the extra special component that helps to set the Lux version of the Puffy mattress apart from the original. The contour layer includes another layer of soft memory foam that offers even more pressure relief. The contour layer blends into the transition layer, which is a slightly firmer component. Additionally, it’s made with poly foam that stops you from sinking too deeply into the bed. There’s also plenty of cradling support in the transition layer to keep you feeling as though you’ve been wrapped in luxury.

Finally, the very bottom of the Puffy Lux mattress comes with six full inches of HD polyfoam. This is one of the most common support materials typically found within bed-in-a-box mattress options. The polyfoam helps to give the mattress more shape and structure. If you like the idea of sleeping on soft and cushiony memory foam, then you’re going to love the sinkable softness of the Puffy Lux. It really does feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The memory foam experience is very pronounced with the Puffy Lux. If you prefer the springiness of a box-spring mattress, then the Lux won’t be right for you.

2. Firmness and Support

Now that you know which materials are used from the surface of the Puffy Lux mattress to the base, let’s take a look at the kind of firmness level you can get. Most people will prefer, at least, some firm core support foam in their memory foam bed. This stops you from feeling as though you’re sinking too deeply into the bedding. Fortunately, the contour, transition, and base layer in the Puffy Lux stops the bed from being overly soft.

Notably, this is quite a soft mattress, you’ll find that you sink quite deeply into the surface when you’re sleeping. Hence, if you don’t like feeling as though you’re being hugged by your bedding during the night, then this might not be a great option for you. We’d probably give the Puffy Lux a firmness rating of about 5-6 overall, with 10 being the firmest, and 1 being the least. With that in mind, it’s a good mid-way option for people who don’t like to go too far in either direction.

Compatible Sleeping Positions

However, because this particular mattress delivers about a medium softness level, you might find that it’s not suitable for stomach sleepers. This is true since they need more support around their stomach and hips to prevent sagging during the night. Additionally, if you need additional firmness because you want to prevent pain and discomfort around your back and neck, then this might not be the ideal choice. On the other hand, the Puffy Lux may be fantastic for side sleepers who will benefit from the excellent combination of contouring and soft foam that protects the shoulders and hips. The Lux is especially useful if you like the feeling of being truly surrounded by your mattress.

3. Pressure Relief Performance

a woman lying flat on the bed

Sometimes, even if you like to sleep on a relatively firm bed, you might find that you can manage with a softer surface if you’re also getting a high level of pressure relief. It’s important for any memory foam mattress to relieve pressure around the joints, hips, shoulders, and spine.

The great thing about the sleep surface from the Puffy Lux mattress is that it does help to give you a consistent pressure relief experience in most sleeping positions. When you’re on your back, your weight is evenly distributed from neck to toes. Thus, you get a nice level of balance, without too much pressure on one specific area. If you roll over onto your side, then you’re likely to get a higher level of pressure around the hips and shoulders. However, this is common with most mattresses.

On the plus side, because the Lux from Puffy is quite a soft mattress, you don’t get too much pressure pushing back against your hips and shoulders when you’re sleeping. You can sink just enough into the mattress that it’s not uncomfortable. This means you won’t need to roll around to find the right position too often.

Weight Recommendation

On your stomach, you should once again get a very even level of weight distribution. However, there’s a good chance that you will sink a little deeper into the mattress around your hips. If you tend to have problems with your hips and lower back, then you might need a firmer support level. It’s also worth noting that different body types may have different responses to this mattress from a pressure relief perspective. We personally think that the Lux will be the kind of mattress you love if you’re a lightweight person.

On the other hand, if you’re a heavier customer, then you might find that the softness of the mattress is too much for you, as you could sink quite deeply into the transition layer, creating more pressure around your hips and back.

4. Motion Transfer and Edge Support

If you’re planning on sleeping with a partner on your new Puffy Lux mattress, then you’re going to need to consider both edge support and motion transfer. One positive thing to note about many memory foam mattresses is that they often have a lot better motion isolation to offer than the majority of spring-based beds. That’s because the structure of the mattress is less bouncy.

If you move around a lot when you sleep, then the Puffy Lux mattress shouldn’t stop your partner from having a sound and deep sleep. According to the mattress reviews that we read, and the testing that we did ourselves, Puffy offers fantastic motion isolation with this high-quality memory foam bed. Furthermore, it’s quite good at muffling disturbances, thanks to the thick memory comfort layer.

Reliable Edge Support

At the same time, you can definitely trust the Puffy business if you’re looking for edge support. This mattress is a great choice if you want something that can provide you with excellent stability from edge to edge. You should be abler to sit easily on the side of the bed without feeling like you’re going to fall off. That means you can make full use of every inch of this Puffy Lux mattress. The multiple layers of memory foam might allow for a softer sleeping surface, but they’re strong enough that you can sit on the edges without a worry.

We were pleasantly surprised at how effective the Puffy Lux was at providing edge support, particularly for such a soft mattress.

5. Sinking Softness and Heat

a girl lying on the cloud

As noted above, the multiple layers at the top of the Puffy Lux mattress are specially designed for people who prefer soft surfaces. That means if you’re looking for an experience that allows you to sink deep into your bedding, then you’re going to love what you get from the Puffy Lux.

According to the mattress reviews that we read, you will sink deeply into this bed, and you’ll feel as though you’re being cuddled from all angles as a result. The heavier your body is, the more likely it is that you’re going to sleep quite deeply into the bed. Because of this, we generally recommend that soft and mid-soft mattresses are better for lighter people. On the other hand, heavier users will end up sinking closer to the base than their counterparts.

You’ll certainly feel as though you’re more “in” your mattress than on it with the Puffy Lux. However, that can definitely be a good thing for some people. The only real worry with a mattress that offers that kind of sinkable luxury is that you’re more likely to feel overheated when you go to bed.

Temperature Regulation

Fortunately, the Puffy brand has taken the threat of overheating in your sleep into account when constructing the Lux. The designers have carefully created a new layer of cooling cloud foam for both this bed and the original Puffy mattress, to ensure that you can still regulate your temperature and access excellent ventilation when you sleep. According to studies conducted by the Puffy team, the cooling cloud foam is better at providing airflow than conventional memory foams for up to eight times.

The gel-infused top layer of high-level foam is also great at improving temperature management by dispersing heat throughout the full bed, rather than allowing it to build up around the core of the mattress. Even with extensive testing, it’s unlikely that you’ll wake up in a pool of sweat when using this mattress – even though you sleep hot. That’s something that really makes this bed stand out in our opinion.

If you have trouble staying cool while you sleep, the Puffy Lux unique materials will help to regulate your temperature. In our Puffy Lux review, we found the special heat-dissipating foam to be exceptional at reducing heat.

6. Off-Gassing Smell

One thing that we wanted to pay extra close attention to when conducting our Puffy Lux mattress review, is whether there were any unappealing smells to worry about when unboxing your new bed. After all, it’s hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep when your mattress smells of chemicals and latex.

Unfortunately, while memory foam bedding generally offers excellent comfort and support, many bed-in-a-box mattresses – like the Lux, also come with a strange odor that can be difficult to get rid of at first. The good news about the Lux, however, is that you shouldn’t have as much of a smell as you get with the rest of the memory foam products on the market today.

Because the Lux is made of the highest quality products, you shouldn’t experience quite as much odor when you take it out of the box. Additionally, the company is located in the US, which means that it only spends a few days being shipped. This helps to reduce the potential for fumes, as the mattress spends less time being wrapped in plastic.

Notably, if you are particularly sensitive to certain smells, then you’re still going to recognize the content of certain chemicals in this memory foam. That’s something you can’t really avoid here.

7. Price and Longevity

The Puffy Lux mattress is a luxury memory foam mattress. Unfortunately, this means that it is a little more expensive than some of the basic and budget-friendly options on the market.

So, how much does a Puffy Lux mattress cost?

The price tag usually varies, depending on whether you buy the product directly from Puffy or through a third-party seller. Still, it is worth noting that you get a few bonus benefits with that slightly higher-than-usual price tag.

Aside from unique features that you don’t get with most memory foam mattresses, like temperature regulation, the Puffy Lux also comes with a 101-night sleep trial period. This means you can spend a few months testing out your mattress, and you’ll still be able to send it back if you decide that the experience isn’t perfect for you.

Generous Product Warranty

Additionally, if you’re wondering where to buy Puffy Lux mattress beds, we’d generally recommend sticking with making your purchase on the official Puffy website. That’s because you’ll get a true lifetime warranty with your product. The Puffy lifetime warranty covers every possible defect in your mattress during the full period of your ownership.

Notably, lifetime warranty means that your coverage lasts for the full extent of your lifetime. As long as you own the mattress, you’ll have some kind of warranty coverage. That’s something you don’t get with the majority of alternative mattress companies. This warranty is sure to give you some peace of mind when caring for your memory foam mattress.

There are few other mattress companies that will give you something as significant as a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

8. Delivery, Set-Up, and Unboxing

As noted above, when it comes to customer service, the Puffy Lux company gets very few complaints, thanks to fantastic warranty coverage and a lengthy trial period. At the same time, the delivery, unboxing, and setup that Puffy offers are all pretty simple and effective, too.

You don’t have to worry about getting your product shipped from halfway around the world either. Puffy is located right within the USA.

You can usually get completely free shipping for your new bed, which is excellent if you’ve just spent a small fortune on your new mattress. Just keep in mind that the box that the mattress arrives in is quite heavy, according to the customer reviews and ratings that we read. The bigger your mattress, the more it’s going to weigh. Hence, you might need some help carrying it upstairs.

When you do get your Puffy mattress unwrapped and, on your bed, it should expand to its full shape pretty quickly. We’d recommend trying not to sleep on this bedding for forty-eight hours after unwrapping it. This will give the foam time to expand to its full size, and it could help to protect the durability of the bed too.

Finishing Thoughts on the Puffy Lux

puffy lux mattress in a luxury bedroom

Hopefully, our Puffy Lux mattress review will have helped you to understand why so many people are raving about this amazing mattress today. It seems like everywhere you go, someone is talking about Puffy and the incredible bed options that the brand has to offer.

It’s safe to say that this is a special mattress. The feel of the Puffy Lux is completely unique, with memory foam softness and exceptional support for side and back sleepers. Additionally, the cover on the Puffy is stain-resistant and machine washable – excellent for anyone who might be a little accident-prone. Innovative new materials mean that the Puffy Lux mattress is truly unlike anything else that you’ll find on the market today.

We think that the Puffy Lux is excellent for anyone who wants the benefits of memory foam, without having to deal with problems like overheating. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the lifetime warranty included with the Puffy Lux mattress is sure to help you sleep easier. This is a bed that’s designed to last for a lifetime. It might be more expensive than some of the other options on the market – but it will likely last longer, too.

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