Leesa vs Casper: A Head-to-Head Comparison

If you are shopping for a new mattress, and have narrowed your search down to Leesa vs Casper, it can be hard to determine which mattress is the best for you because they have so many things in common. They have a similar price range, comparable contouring capabilities, an identical in-home trial, warranty length, and the same height to name a few.

If you want to review and know more about what makes each one different then keep reading and find out which is the best in our head-to-head comparison!

The Basics

Before we start the Leesa Mattress vs Casper Mattress competition let’s review the basics of each mattress so we have a general understanding of what we are working with in order to compare them accurately.

The Leesa Mattress is available in two different versions, the Leesa mattress, and the Leesa Hybrid. Both have a multi-layer foam mattress construction comprised of a blended fiber, flame retardant cover, a top layer of the trademarked LSA200 Foam which promotes hug, bounce, pressure relief, and cooling, a layer of high-density memory foam, and a dense core layer for added support as the base.

Leesa beds

The Casper Mattress is available in two different versions, the Casper mattress, and the Casper Essential. Both have a multi-layer foam mattress construction comprised of a zip-off cover, a top layer of breathable open-cell foam, a layer of high-density memory foam, a layer of zoned transition support foam acting as the base.

Casper beds

Let’s Compare!

Our head to head comparison between Leesa and Casper mattresses will be based on some defining characteristics: temperature regulation, motion isolation, how firm it is in relation to sleep position, support, warranty, and in-home trial length, ease of cleaning, and manufacturer’s information. Reviews regarding these qualities will help to best illuminate the differences between the two mattresses while also highlighting important factors that you should be considering when purchasing a new mattress.

Without further ado, let’s get our competition started! Will the winner be Casper or Leesa? Let’s find out!

1. Temperature Regulation

When it comes to buying a foam mattress, or you naturally tend to sleep hot, it is important to find a mattress that actively prioritizes temperature regulation. You will sleep with most comfort in a mattress that is breathable and promotes cooling. This can be accomplished through varying techniques such as gel-infused foams, aerated materials, breathable fabrics, and many more. Let’s begin the Leesa vs Casper mattress competition with temperature regulation and review how each mattress does.

The Leesa mattress has a breathable woven fiber cover which promotes airflow and breathability on the top layer of the mattress while also allowing air to penetrate the inner layers. The Leesa also features the patented LSA200 Foam Technology with microcell structure which is designed to be breathable and increase airflow so you can sleep soundly and feel cool all night long. Compared to a traditional memory foam mattress the Leesa does a great job with temperature regulation.

The Casper mattress excels in temperature regulation. It features a breathable cover and a layer of open cell foam in order to help manage and regulate temperature while you sleep. The open cell foam promotes airflow and it lets trapped body heat escape so you can sleep cool all night long.


Casper for temperature regulationWhile in our reviews, we think both Leesa and Casper mattresses are able to regulate temperature, the Casper Mattress wins the temperature regulation category. This is because of Casper’s ability to stay cooler, for longer. As far as foam mattresses go, it is best at providing superior heat control, even if you naturally sleep hotter than usual.

2. Motion Isolation

You may be a light sleeper, you sleep with pets in your bed or you sleep with a partner who frequently changes positions. On the other hand, you or your partner may have the habit of getting into and out of bed throughout your sleep cycle. Whatever the reason may be, motion isolation should be a priority for you when shopping for a new mattress. Maintaining a peaceful and deep sleep is important for your health. This means it is best if you do not get woken up or disturbed by the possible bed movement caused by family members or pets. Fortunately, foam mattresses have superior motion isolation.

The Leesa mattress does the best job in mitigating motion transfer on the surface of the bed. From top to bottom, all three layers of foam actively absorb any energy exerted on the mattress and leave the surface largely undisturbed. The layer of memory foam in the middle contributes a lot to this achieved effect. You will barely feel your partner’s movements in this bed if you notice them at all.

The Casper mattress has four layers of foam that do a great job of isolating motion and energy on the top of the mattress. All four layers work together to absorb and redistribute motion before it can disturb you or your partner. All in all, it would make a great choice for you and your partner no matter what sleep position you prefer. As with the Leesa, the layer of memory foam does a lot of the heavy lifting in this category.


Leesa for motion isolationFor this review, the Leesa mattress wins the motion isolation category! The combination of foams used in construction enables the Leesa to do a better job than the Casper when it comes to dampening movement, even though both Leesa and Casper mattresses far surpass an innerspring mattress. If you feel that you sleep with a restless partner or you yourself are a light sleeper, this could be the best choice for you.

3. Firmness and Sleep Position

Your sleep position largely determines what mattress is best for you. However, your personal preference on the feel of the mattress also factors into the equation. Generally, if you sleep on your side you will want a softer mattress which is somewhere in the medium range. This is so you do not wake up with a sore shoulder or hip. If you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, you will most likely want a firmer mattress which is medium-firm to firm feel. This level helps to keep your hips and shoulders properly aligned.

The Leesa mattress has a level of 6-7 out of 10, with 10 having the firmest feel.

The Casper mattress has a level of 7 out of 10, with 10 having the firmest feel.


tied for firmnessAccording to our reviews, both Leesa and Casper mattresses boast a universal feel that accommodates any sleeper, in any position. In this round of the competition, under the firmness and sleep position category, it comes out as a tie for Leesa and Casper. Just keep in mind the Leesa Mattress is a bit softer than the Casper. It is best to make your decision accordingly based on your own personal preference regarding the overall feel of the mattress.

4. Support

Next stop, we will review how Leesa and Casper mattresses do when it comes to support. Support in a mattress refers to its ability to maintain a level and even sleeping surface for an extended period of time. It is often thought of in combination with how firm and durable your mattress should be. Support is necessary in order to promote healthy spinal alignment while you sleep, regardless of the position you feel the most comfort. Having the right amount of support for your body type and sleep position is extremely important in a new mattress.

The Leesa mattress uses high quality-dense foam in its construction to provide you with an even and supported surface. The base layer of the Leesa is also designed to provide additional support that will stand the test of time. Anyone will feel supported in this mattress.

The Casper mattress features a zoned support layer of high quality, dense foam on its interior. The foam is firmer under your hips, and softer under your shoulders in order to promote healthy spinal alignment in any sleep position.


Casper for supportThe Casper mattress wins the support category of the Leesa vs Casper competition. Let’s review. Both Leesa and Casper mattresses provide ample support. However, Casper‘s targeted zone support surpasses the design of the Leesa. The Casper also has zoned construction that does best at ensuring you sleep with comfort while maintaining healthy spinal alignment whatever your sleep position may be.

5. Warranty, In-Home Trial Period and Durability

A manufacturer’s warranty and the in-home trial period is one of the best indicators of their confidence in their products likeability, as well as its durability. A new mattress can be a considerable investment on most budgets, so it’s important to get one that you not only love but one that will also last for a significant amount of time before it starts to break down. We recommend getting a new mattress every 8-10 years regardless of the warranty to ensure you are sleeping on a clean, and healthy surface.

The Leesa mattress has an in-home trial of 100 nights while its warranty is for 10 years.

The Casper mattress has an in-home trial of 100 nights and warranty of 10 years, too.


tied for guaranteesWhen it comes to Leesa or Casper and their manufacturer’s guarantees, it is a tie. Both Leesa and Casper mattresses are clear winners in this category. According to our reviews, both Leesa and Casper mattresses are sure to last you the recommended maximum lifespan of a mattress which is 8 to 10 years maximum.

6. Keeping It Clean

As we mentioned above, sleeping on a clean mattress is important if you want to keep it for a long time. Aside from spills and accidents that can occur on your mattress, night sweats and the natural shedding of skin cells can contribute to the accumulation of bacteria in a mattress. Sanitizing your mattress can increase its longevity and overall comfort. Fortunately, many mattresses are becoming easier to clean. Let’s see how Leesa and Casper compare.

The Leesa mattress has a cover that zips off. However, the brand does not recommend removing it. Instead, they recommend spot cleaning the top part of their mattress with a mild detergent and warm water when necessary.

The Casper mattress has a removable cover. Based on customer reviews, it can easily be machine washed. The manufacturer recommends cleaning it seasonally, and of course in the case of a spill or accident, to maintain a clean and healthy mattress.


Casper is easy to cleanCompared to Leesa, Casper definitely wins when it comes to keeping your mattress clean and sanitary throughout its entire lifespan. Its cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy to clean over and over again.

7. Manufacturer Information and Involvement

In some consumer reviews, they mention that the manufacturer’s reputation and involvement in their community can make a big difference when deciding where to spend their money. The manufacturer’s location can also hold importance with regards to supporting the local economy as well as ensuring high-quality products. Let’s review how Leesa and Casper rank in this category.

For every 10 mattresses Leesa sells, they donate one to people in need. This is a way for them to give back to their community. Also, all Leesa mattresses are 100% made in the USA.

Nearly all of the materials used to make Casper mattresses are made in the USA.


Leesa for manufacturer infoLeesa wins the manufacturer information category of the competition due to its continued commitment to support and give back to their community through donations and through the employment of people in the local economy.

The Results Are In…

Now that we explored the Leesa vs Casper head-to-head comparison, let’s quickly review each mattresses’ best traits before we announce the overall winner.

The Leesa mattress is a bit softer but it has superior motion isolation. It has a lengthy in-home trial and warranty period and is backed by a company committed to contributing to the community in a positive way. Leesa mattresses are made in the USA.

The Casper mattress has superior temperature regulation and sleeps cool all night. It is on the firmer side but it provides targeted support in the areas that need it most. The Casper mattress has an easy to remove machine washable cover and has a lengthy in-home trial and warranty period.

Regardless of what mattress you decide in the end, Leesa or Casper, you are going to get the best product made from high-quality materials.

Our Overall Winner Is the Casper Mattress

Casper is the head-to-head winner

While it managed to tie with the Leesa mattress in two of our categories – firmness, in-home trial length, and warranty, the Casper mattress won in 3 categories of the competition. These categories are support, temperature regulation, and ease of cleaning. The Casper also does well in motion isolation almost all of their materials are locally sourced. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always return it within 100 days! What do you have to lose?

What is best for you, Leesa or Casper? Make a decision and start your journey to a better night of sleep today!

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