Some Easy Tips On How To Wake Up Early

Have you ever thought about it—that most successful entrepreneurs are early risers. Well, I don’t know why but I think there’s a trick that comes with waking up early in the morning. According to most experts, waking up early gives your brain enough time to restructure itself and get ready for a new busy day.

For those that enjoy reading and exercising in the morning, waking up early gives you time to meditate and focus more as you’ll have the advantage of silence.

Now, regardless of the many benefits that come with waking up early, most people still find it difficult to wake up on time to accomplish their daily endeavors. Now, lack of enough sleep comes with so many shortcomings such as adding weight, feeling moody, feeling confused, and making poor judgments among others.

So, if you’re looking to prepare your mind to wake up early and accomplish all your daily endeavors with a smile on your face, here are 12 easy tips that will trick your sleepy mind to wake up early.

  • Take the First Steps

If you’re reading this post, then you’re probably facing some difficulties waking up in the morning. Setting your alarm is one trick but its quite old school. That’s because you might end up waking your better half in the process. So, to do this, simply set a soft alarm then have your Smartphone next to you when you sleep.

To ensure that you wake up after the alarm rings, simply have another loud alarm set across the room a few minutes after your phone alarm wakes you. Since you won’t wish to jolt your wife awake, you’ll have to wake up to turn off the alarm. By repeating this trick for a few weeks, you’ll train your brain to wake up and get out of bed early.

  • Motivate Yourself

If your previous wake-up time was 8a.m., you’ll definitely face a lot of resistance if you’re planning to wake up at 5 a.m. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry as the answer to that lays in one key factor—motivation.

According to financial expert Dave Ramsey, repaying small debts is better than focusing on huge debts with high-interest rates. Why? Because you’ll develop some motivation that will drive you to repay even the huge debts.

Applying this logic to our wake up cycle, instead of setting your alarm 2 hours earlier, it’s better you start with half an hour earlier then one-hour then finally two hours. If you achieve the first goal, the motivation will drive you to achieve the rest.

  • Maintain Consistency

If you want to become an early morning bird, consider sleeping and waking up exactly the same time every day including weekends and holidays. According to some medical reports, this will help the brain to understand your sleep-wake cycle and will hence adjust the internal circadian clock on when to be active and when to be inactive.

If you’re facing some resistance waking up, you can try setting your clock at least 2 to 3 minutes early. This will give the body some extra time to adjust before waking up.

  • Avoid Wasting Time in Bed

Hitting the snooze button consistently, replying to emails, and meditating are some of the time-wasting strategies that will only make you waste more time in the morning. What really happens is that the subconscious mind informs the brain that it should be sleeping. That’s why after hitting the snooze button, you only feel more confused and your thinking becomes cloudier.

However, if waking up early becomes more and more impossible, then you can consider our next point below.

  • Sleep Early to Wake Up Early

Before you can adjust your morning wake up time, you first need to adjust your bedtime to ensure that you get enough sleep without straining yourself. This simply means that you’ll have to set a curfew or rather restructure yourself by abstaining from those things you used to do that made you stay up late.

After you’ve prioritized on those changes, you can now go ahead to adjust your morning clock to wake you up at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. Remember, an average adult should have at last 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping for fewer hours than this can cause sleep deprivation, which can have mild or severe health consequences.

  • Have a Realistic Reason to Wake Up

What exactly are you planning to do with your morning routines? This is what will give you the motivation to wake up even earlier without hitting the snooze button. If you enjoy writing in the morning, exercising or reading novels, waking up early will be exciting as you’ll have enough time to accomplish your work.

On the other hand, if you’re waking up early to do something unpleasant or less exciting, then you’ll perceive waking up early to be a punishment. This means you’ll feel less motivated and eventually unable to wake up early.

  • Set a Digital Curfew

According to research, the blue screen in your Smartphone, tablet, TV, and computer can have a major effect on the quality of your sleep. I personally suffered from the same. However, something happened that made me become an early bird—My Smartphone died and I had to work harder to get a new one.

Lesson learned: Get rid of all electronic devices from your bedroom. Your bedroom should only serve one main purpose and that’s to sleep. So, if you have electronic devices in there, just get rid of them to avoid the blue light.

Blue light affects the circadian rhythm by suppressing the melatonin hormone by informing it that its time to wake up. This sets your body clock in a state of confusion affecting your sleep-wake-cycle.

  • Eat Dinner Early Enough

If you’re eating breaded meals, fast foods, processed meat or deep-fried foods, then you need to take these meals early enough before getting to bed. According to most medical reports, eating such meals too late at night before sleeping can cause your stomach to produce acid that can cause stomach reflux. This will make it very difficult for you to sleep.

  • Skip Caffeinated Drinks Before Bedtime

This is another department that can cause some sleeping chaos if you’re not careful. When it comes to waking up, one hack that can really prove to be helpful is setting your coffeemaker’s alarm to brew a pot of hot coffee at exactly 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.

Once your coffee is brewed, you can’t resist to wake up to kick-start your morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. As you all know, coffee stimulates the brain so a cup of coffee will keep you active when facing a tough day.

Now, when it comes to your sleeping cycle, taking caffeinated drinks such as tea, chocolate, and energy drinks, will mess up your internal clock causing trouble falling asleep. So, if you’re looking to sleep smoothly without any interference, you can consider drinking decaffeinated coffee or simply leave it for breakfast.

  • Stay Awake

Even after waking up early, most people still feel groggy an hour or so later. If you just started waking up early recently, getting back to bed will be tempting especially when you stare at your cozy bed only to find it doing a home-hither gesture.

Sometimes coffee doesn’t help you to get back to sleep. Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to think of a better alternative such as getting outside to expose your skin to cool breezes.

  • Use Your Peers

Sometimes you feel bored when doing things alone. So, to feel boosted and motivated, you need to connect with your peers to see what they do to succeed. One way of doing this is by connecting with other early risers to make your morning wakeup cycle more effective.

If you have a laptop or a Smartphone with you, you can use social apps such as Facebook, Imo, and Skype to chat with your peers early in the morning before kick-starting your day. Since you won’t dare to let them down, you’ll end up developing a natural habit of waking up early.

  • Create a Mental Environment

Finally, create a mental environment by reading books written by mentors, thinkers, and successors related to the benefits of waking up early. At least by doing this, you’ll fill your day with inspiration and motivation that will help you meet your set goals with enthusiasm.


Apart from the tips we’ve mentioned here, there are many other ways you can think of to wake up early in the morning. Sleeping with your pet is one hack you can consider. Taking a cold shower is another and finally, tracking your progress is another cool hack that can really help you to wake up early.

Most people struggle to wake up early. However, if you’re planning to be successful, you need to start with waking up early. By doing this, you’ll not only have a healthy brain but you’ll also create some extra hours in the morning to take your success to a new level.