Best Mattresses for Platform Beds With Reviews 2022

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If you have been a keen shopper in the beds and mattresses space then you will have noticed the sudden increased interest in platform beds. They are just about in every store. And it’;s easy to see why are loved; they cost so much less, easy to move around with, strong and sturdy, available in different mattress designs, and let’;s keep in mind that you can add more storage spaces to the platform underneath. Something you can’;t do with box springs.

Whatever your reason for ditching your good old box spring, one thing is certain. You will need a comfortable mattress for your platform bed. And this is where you need me. To guide you through how to find the best mattresses for platform beds as well as let you in on everything else you need to know about platform bed mattresses.

Continue reading, we are just getting started.

Reviews of 10 Best Mattresses for Platform Beds

To help you narrow down your options and well, shorten your search for a good mattress for a platform bed, make sure to take a look at these great options below.

1. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Experience quality sleep, day or night with the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress. Infused with pure and natural green tea extract, this platform bed mattress guarantees you a much healthier sleep by neutralizing any bad smell. By the look of it, you may think it’;s just like any other brand until you explore the cross-section composition.

1 6

This 12-inch thick memory foam mattress comes with three layers of foam memory foam, middle comfort foam, and the lower high density supporting base. The end product is a high-quality mattress that’s neither too firm nor too soft and bouncy, thanks to the base and comfort layers.

The premium quality memory foam and comfort foam layers are designed to take care of a comfortable and relaxing good feeling for light and heavyweight persons, respectively. The high-density base is strong enough for two persons of varying body weight sharing the bed. It does sink on one side at the expense of the other. The topmost infused foam layer also comes with a natural cooling effect to draw excess heat from your body, keeping you cool throughout the night.

You will love that this 12-inch memory foam bed offers great edge support. This means your partner will get in and out of the mattress without flipping you over so, no interruptions when sleeping. You can also sit on it and have a chat without it warping inwards. The edges are as sturdy and comfortable as the rest of the mattress such that you can sit on them when dressing.

For better hygiene and longevity, the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress has low maintenance. It comes with a high-quality green tea infused poly jacquard cover for everyday natural freshness. And if planning to move, the structure allows you to comfortably and easily roll it in a box and you are ready to go.

This mattress is convenient for persons with joint problems as the inner contours of the mattress conforms to your body for better support.  This pressure-relieving mattress also eliminates pressure from the joints and bones rather than them feeling the weight on a surface. All in all, the Zinus is one mattress that’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking to buy the best mattress for platform bed frames.

  • Pressure relief mattress has a medium firmness that is comfortable for all persons
  • Luxurious 12-inch mattress height with several comfort layers
  • The topmost foam layer features a cooling foam to keep you cool
  • The bio treated form ensures longer freshness
  • It is highly durable and versatile
  • Provides great support and relieves pressure
  • The mattress offers great edge support
  • May not be the best mattress choice for persons who sleep exceptionally hot
  •  May not offer firmness options

2. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. This hybrid mattress could be the best type of mattress for those who want a mattress base made of traditional innerspring rather than a high-density foam. This hybrid mattress also comes with both memory foam and a comfort layer on the upper side. This combination provides you with responsive spring support and comfort from the memory foam layer.

2 6

Unlike the hard base support foam found in other innerspring mattress brands, the coil system of this hybrid mattress is designed for long-term use and exhibit equal firmness over time. Even if you sleep on one side regularly, the other side still retains the same level and firmness. This hybrid innerspring mattress will hence have a smooth, comfortable feel after a long time of usage.

This hybrid innerspring mattress falls just right between soft and firm for a perfect and comfortable sleep for all users, regardless of sleeping position or sleeping preferences. Its thick memory foam flexes to take the contours of your body and allows you to lay softly and equally on its surface. This will align your spine to make sure you don’;t wake up with back pains but allow you to rest comfortably and free of pain. The cover comes in a blend of polyester that is pretty soft on your skin. It is also quilted with some memory foam. This kind of crafting provides you with some amount of immediate pressure relief.

Thanks to its edge support, side sleepers or back sleepers sharing the bed with a partner will still experience the comfort and support it provides, even when lying on the side of the pressure relief mattress. However, even if the base also includes several inches of high-density support foam, the support coils will make them feel their partner tossing and turning. This downside, common in innerspring mattresses, can be a turn off for people who don’;t like their sleep interrupted.

This hybrid innerspring mattress will work well on any platform bed surface as long as it is supportive. Platform beds with a sturdy, supportive surface will guarantee comfort and support to the user. This is definitely worth considering if you need a new mattress for a platform frame.

  • It’;s an affordable innerspring mattress suitable for platform beds
  • Quilted cover and memory foam comfort layer relieves pressure points
  • Base layer also comes with high-density support foam
  • Thick hybrid mattress for the price
  • Sturdy coil system and comfortable foam layers
  • This hybrid mattress offfers ample edge support
  • Some users may find this innerspring mattress a bit lacking in terms of motion isolation

3. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a unique design from the previous ones reviewed. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, it features a three-inch gel-infused memory foam, making it an ideal option if you’re in the market for the best mattress for platform beds that also excels in temperature control. Gel infusion technology provides a better quality foam that draws heat away from your body and expelling it inwards. The increased air circulation and breathability in the gel foam gives you a comfortable sleep temperature, especially during the hot season.

3 6

In addition, the gel memory foam comes with a medium plush feeling to let your weight lie on the surface without exerting pressure on your bones and joints. This type of foam also has responsive contours to conform with your body while isolating every movement from your partner.

The contoured cover comes with a thin Tencel blend fabric that has a soft touch and allows you to enjoy the comfortable features of the underlying foam. Though this cover is removable, you don’;t necessarily have to keep pulling it off to clean. Mild spills can easily be wiped clean with mild detergent and warm water without soaking the layers of foam.

The high-density base foam allows persons of different weight and various sleeping styles to lay across the entire surface evenly. The ten-inch thickness and flexibility work well for those who love an adjustable bed base without interfering with their comfort. It also lies well on various bed frames and surfaces, including box springs. However, it is not advisable to place this gel memory foam mattress on the floor to avoid creepy crawlies.

This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and independently tested for the safety of materials used to make sure it is free of toxic substances to your body and environment. Thus, if you want a new mattress for a platform bed, this one checks all the right boxes.

  • Has better body temperature control
  • Mattress offers pressure point relief
  • The base foam is sturdy for durability
  • Easy to wipe clean on the spot
  • The gel-infused memory foam is allergy-free
  • Suits box springs and platform beds
  • Not the most aesthetic mattress for platform beds in the market

4. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inches Memory Foam Mattress

Here is another product with environmentally friendly construction materials and CertiPUR-US certified quality foam. You will experience the comfort of this three-layered mattress from the moment you touch the top foam. The texture of the upper memory foam is smooth and cozy on your skin. It is also well ventilated to allow body heat to transfer to the bottom layers and prevents overheating that makes one toss in bed all night.

4 5

The middle foam lies a few inches below and comes with contours that conform to your body shape to eliminates unnecessary pressure on your body, especially the back legs and neck. This layer has natural healing that will wake up more relaxed and free of fatigue than before you slept.

This comfort foam is more responsive to body movements and minimizes motion transfer to the entire bed. It also features an equal distribution of body weight across the whole mattress to provide maximum support. This makes it one of the best to use in a master bedroom. You can sleep on the side comfortably as in the middle or sit on the edge to dress without waking your partner.

The high-density base foam is also strong to stand on different surfaces but again does not compromise the cushioning qualities of the comfort foam. It’;s very convenient to maintain the mattress clean by vacuuming regularly. The fabric knit cover is not washable, but any liquid stains can be wiped clean by simply using a mild detergent and warm water.

  • It is comfortable and sleeps cool throughout the night
  • Offers pressure relief
  • Has eco-friendly material
  • Offers excellent motion isolation
  • Affordable pricing compared to similar models
  • Soft and breathable fabric cover
  • Provides ample edge support
  • Non-removable cover

5. TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress

For people who are plus size, getting a mattress that’;s firm yet comfortable can be daunting. The main concern would be sleeping on the tummy and switching sleep positions at night. Quite often, one may wake up feeling tired due to the poor choice of the mattress. In the worst-case scenario, some people complain of stiff hips, achy backs, shoulders, and spine.

5 5

That should no longer be a problem since the Tuff & Needle mattress is a Queen Size option sturdy and spacious.  With an overall measurement of 60x80x10 inches and weighs 62 pounds, this option is what you need to sleep comfortably.

This mattress is made of high-quality foam that offers a bouncy effect allowing you to sleep in luxury. The material is high grade and more technologically advanced when compared to memory foam mattress materials or the ones used in natural latex mattresses. It also offers pressure relief so you don’t wake up with aches and pains. If you’ve got a sleeping partner, you can rest assured that you won’;t disturb him since the size is large and no chance of rolling over. The top cover is made of Polyester, which is thinner to allow airflow. It’;s also soft and maintains shape even after years of use.

Unpacking the mattress is fairly easy and you’ll enjoy watching it blow up. Although there’s the smell of chemicals when new, this will go away in a matter of days. One more reason why we choose this product is the warmness in cold months. It also has a cooling effect and thus, you won’;t feel like it’s overheating during summer. The inside consists of a cooling gel that doesn’;t trap heat and helps regulate body temperature.

  • The cover is made of thin polyester that allows ventilation
  • Made of a luxury firm material for pressure relief and a bouncy feel
  • It’;s a large and spacious mattress for platform beds
  • Easy to unpack
  • Doesn’;t trap heat this cools during winter
  • It’;s warm during the summer
  • Has a chemical smell that many people may find a bit bothersome

6. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep innovations is a famous brand that produces a variety of mattress designs. It’;s no wonder we have selected Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress as one of the best mattress foam you can buy. The Shiloh design is a unique triple layer mattress.

6 5

Its upper memory foam is heat absorbent material to allow your body to maintain the right temperatures. This top layer also relieves pressure points for a night of better sleep. You will find this mattress therapeutic if you are treating backache or joint problems.

The middle comfort foam is contoured to allow your body to take a comfortable shape. It also allows free air circulation between the memory foam and bottom layers. Hence, enhancing a more effective heat transfer mechanism.

To complete this design is a premium density foam that supports the base of this mattress. The quality of this base enhances its durability and comfort across different bed surfaces.

This sturdy construction makes this mattress one of the lightweight varieties but still very comfortable and durable. It’;s also a trendy mattress due to its worth of pricing compared to other mattresses with the same features and quality.

In addition, this memory foam mattress ranked as a medium-density model and recommended for all body types to share and different sleeping styles.

  • Triple-layered for maximum comfort and pressure relief
  • Comes with a premium support foam layer
  • Well ventilated for sure temperature
  • Has therapeutic benefits
  • Long-lasting design
  • May not thosbe the right choice for those looking for budget-friendly options

7. Live & Sleep 10-Inch Cool Memory Foam

Two things that make Live & Sleep memory foam mattress stand out- the 10-inch gel memory foam and the slow response memory foam. You know what this means, a luxurious night. No waking up with pains and fatigue as the high-quality memory foam conforms to your body shape to correctly align it and provide support where needed. This also means it is ideal for any type of sleeping position.

7 5

The memory foam mattress comes with a flex linen cover that is removable and washable. This ensures that your mattress is always smelling fresh and clean. Very few mattress manufacturers sell their mattresses with covers, in most cases, you have to buy the cover separately.

In addition, the gel foam mattress has very minimal motion transfer making it ideal for people who like their sleep uninterrupted when co-sleeping. Unless it’;s very vigorous movements you will hardly notice any movements.

What I loved most about Live and Sleep is their free trial period and return policy. This is very important given that a mattress is no cheap investment. Trying out a product before purchasing it ensures that you get the right product for your needs.

  • Designed for a medium-firm feel
  • Infused with gel to provide cooling
  • Ideal for all types of sleepers
  • With only one firmness feel, this may not be the the right choice for those who want a very soft, firm, and other firmness options

8. Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood home is a US brand that is committed to producing eco-friendly and all-natural mattresses. Their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, an emission certificate that is one of the toughest to get.

8 4

Brentwood targets people who desire to have the extra comfort that comes from foam but isn’;t willing to cough up hefty amounts either. And with their 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress, you get just that- great value at a budget-friendly price point. This gel-infused memory foam mattress is most ideal for back and side sleepers as they need a softer surface compared to tummy sleepers. Even though plush, it provides great support to the body.

Foam mattresses are known to get pretty hot, for that, this mattress is constructed with a bamboo gel to counter the heating and provide cooling. As for motion transfer, all memory foam mattresses available online and in stores perform exceptionally well on this and this Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel mattress is no exception.

The cover of this Brentwood Home mattress is made of a mixture of polyester and bamboo. Bamboo is a natural material that is highly breathable which assists a great deal with reducing heat retention. It also has a layer of wool that sucks any moisture from your body to keep you dry. It also prevents odor and build-up mold keeping your mattress fresh.

  • 13 inches thick
  • Infused with bamboo gel to prevent heat retention
  • Has very minimal motion transfer
  • Enhances the relief of pressure points to promote deep relaxation when sleeping
  • Suitable for back sleepers or a side sleeper
  • Comes with a removable and washable bamboo cover
  • Full money-back guarantee if you are satisfied with its comfort and quality
  • There is a 120 night trial period available on request
  • May be too soft for stomach sleepers

9. Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress

The Dreamfoam gel mattress has been specially designed to provide you with a cool yet comfortable sleeping experience. The top quilted cover has high breathability which ensures that there is no moisture or sweat that is wicked away giving you dry comfortable night sleep.

9 2

This is further enhanced by the 2.5-inch gel layer that increases the coolness during hot nights. Aside from the dryness and coolness, all these aspects work together to ensure that your memory foam mattress is clean and hypoallergenic as well.

What of its durability? 

Well, the durability of any mattress is directly affected by the quality of materials used in constructing it. Given that this mattress is CertiPUR certified, you only expect that it is made from high-quality materials that do not cause any allergies or irritation to the skin. Also because it is made from harmful-free chemicals and does not soak in moisture and dust, you will need to clean it less frequently, hence reducing the wear and tear.

The Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and is most certainly perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies. It comes in standardized bed sizes with the biggest size being California king which weighs 73 pounds. Its thickness is 10 inches inclusive of the height of the base of the platform bed frame.

  • The mattress’; top layer is made of a soft and breathable quilted cover
  • Infused with Titanium gel and Energex  cooling technology and regulate temperature
  • It is moisture-resistant to keep off mold and odor
  • Made of a thick layer of high-density support foam for extra support and comfort
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Very heavy user may find this mattress not firm enough

10. Perfect Cloud UltraPlush 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Straight on, this Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress is a total rip off to the seller. It is listed as a budget- mattress but honestly, it should cost way more than that. Its quality is outstanding and the comfort from it is out of this world.

10 2

To start us off on the highlight features of this popular mattress is the 2-inch gel-infused layer placed between the 1.5-inch top layer that is air-infused and the bottom base layer of HD foam. That comes to a total of 3.5 inches of memory foam. Do you know what this means? Extra comfort and the best sleeping experience. The gel prevents any build-up of heat so no more turning and tossing all night because of heat.

With such a high thickness you shouldn’;t expect any motion transfer, at least not for this mattress. You are guaranteed of a night of no distraction no matter how much movement your sleeping partner makes. This mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers; back, tummy and side sleepers. Even combination sleepers will love it.

Weighing just 50 pounds, I would say it is relatively lightweight compared to most foam mattresses. It is also CertiPUR certified, meaning it is made without any harmful materials like mercury, lead, ozone depletes, and PBDE flame retardants among others. This may not be important to many people but for some, this says a lot about its quality.

  • Has 3 layers of foam for extra comfort and support
  • Certified by the CertiPUR
  • Perfect for all sleeping positions
  • Medium firmness
  • As with any other new memory foam product, the new’’ can be such a turn-off. However, airing it out for a couple of hours gets rid of it.

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is simply a frame that is often made from various materials such as wood or metal and is meant to offer support to a mattress. A platform is generally low profile, flat or slat to provide a support surface. Most platforms stand at 12 inches in height but may go all the way to 18 inches. The biggest challenge however with a higher profile is that it can be difficult for someone with mobility issues to get on and off the bed. Otherwise, they are as comfortable as the low ones and the height is just a matter of preference.

Another key characteristic of a platform bed is the little clearance bed underneath the bed. In fact, for the very low profiles, there is no clearance space at all and very little space for the high ones. In some cases, the under bed space is taken by drawers instead which provides additional storage spaces.

With a platform bed, you don’;t need a box spring for your mattress, however, you can opt to use to raise the profile of your platform bed.

Benefits of Using the Best Mattress for Platform Beds

You can always use different types of mattresses but you should know by now, it’;s not just about picking any mattress brand or model but the best mattress for platform beds that suits your needs. A good mattress is essential for a night of deep relaxed sleep.

11 2

Take a look at the two key benefits of picking the right mattress for platform bed frames.

  • Proper alignment of the spine

The best mattress for a platform bed will ensure that it supports your spine and keeps it correctly aligned all night long. Without proper spinal alignment, you will be waking up with back, neck, and shoulder aches as well as fatigue. A quality mattress provides the support comfort level needed for a good night of sleep. Thus, when choosing a mattress for a platform bed, make sure that it provides the firmness level appropriate for your sleeping position.

  • Even Weight Distribution

The right mattress for platform beds will distribute your weight evenly to prevent some of your body parts from sinking in which is bad for your spine and neck. Since no one wants a saggy mattress, heavy sleepers, in particular, should make sure it allows for even weight distribution.

Types of Mattresses Best for Platform Beds

Any type of mattress can work well on platform beds depending on how it is designed and constructed. The difference comes in the benefits you get as well as the pros and cons of each type. In this article, I have put together all the types of mattresses that are available out there that you can use on your platform bed.

12 1

  • Memory foam mattress

This type of mattress is made from a specialized polyurethane foam that is sensitive to touch and heat making it very comfortable.  When you sleep on it, it takes after the shape of your body offering you the support where you need the most.

Memory foam mattresses are high and very dense and can be used on any type of platform bed surface be it solid or slat. Slats are the most preferred as they offer breathing space for the mattress which is also important in enhancing cooling during hot nights. They also prevent moisture build-up and odor within the layers of memory foam.

When placing on slats, ensure that the slats are widely and evenly spread so as to provide proper support and shaping to the mattress. Each slat should not be more than 3 inches apart otherwise it will start sinking into the gaps and finally lose its shape.

There are three types of memory foam mattresses to choose from, traditional, organic, and gel memory foam mattresses. What to choose will depend on your needs. It is also worth noting that a mattress can have several memory foam layers.

  • Innerspring

Innerspring mattreses, as the name suggests, uses the spring system to offer support. While you could use this type of mattress on a platform bed, I would not highly recommend it because of how extra firm it will get once placed on a solid surface. Also, unlike foam beds, innerspring mattresses are not the most durable and tend to break down every so often when not placed on a box spring as intended. The weight of the innerspring mattresses will also alter the stability of the platform bed and increase the height.

  • Latex

A latex mattress is made of purely natural materials and is perfect for people with allergies, asthma, and sensitive skin. A latex mattress is fairly comfortable, and you will need to have a very strong base on your platform bed since it is thick for added comfort. Plus, you may find that a highly-dense latex foam mattress is also more resistant to bed bugs and dust mites than a spring mattress.

In addition, latex mattresses are also heavier compared to other mattresses. Thus, you would want to consider the weight capacity of your platform bed frame, your weight, and the weight of your co-sleepers first before getting this mattress.

As with foam mattresses, a latex mattress works best on slats because of the breathability aspect. Similarly, the slats should not be more than 3 inches apart to prevent sagging and altering the shape of the latex mattress.

  • Hybrid 

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a combination of mattress technologies designed to deliver a better sleeping experience. Hybrid mattresses feature an advanced mattress technology that combines the best aspects of innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses. Examples of this type of mattress are a latex hybrid mattress and memory foam hybrid mattresses.

While you can pair this kind of mattress with box springs, it is among the best mattresses for platform beds as they are comfortable and durable.

  • Futon mattress

Compared to foam beds and hybrid mattresses, this kind of mattress is a great choice for someone who is on a tight budget as it is the most affordable. Futon mattresses are lighter and thinner than all other mattresses and do not offer so much support. If you are a little on the heavy side, this is one mattress to avoid using on a platform frame. Given the frail quality, they do not last long and may emit bad odors which may make sleep time a nightmare.

  • Waterbed mattresses

Another alternative mattress type for your platform bed is the waterbed mattress. Unlike foam and latex mattresses, these mattresses are hard to find and require too much care which most people find to be cumbersome. There are basically two designs of waterbed mattresses the hard-side and the soft-bed. The difference between the two is in the hardness and softness of the surface, although both are comfortable options.

The best waterbed design for your platform bed is the soft-side since it can lay on a  solid surface comfortably. A soft-side on a platform bed will also not cause any pressure points.

What Key Features to Look For When Buying a Mattress for Platform Beds

We already covered a whole section on the type of mattresses for platform beds. Now, we will head straight to other key features that you must consider when choosing a mattress for your platform bed.


  • Thickness

Thickness may not be a big deal when buying a mattress for a box spring, however, it is such a big deal when choosing a mattress for a platform bed. This is because there is no base support layer in platform beds that are found on box spring beds.  Hence, whether you prefer memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses. get a mattress with a considerable amount of thickness to achieve the mattress height that suits you and your sleeping partner. Your mattress must also be thick enough if you want it to last you for years despite everyday use.

  • Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation is not only important when looking for a mattress for your platform bed but any mattress for that matter. A mattress that can regulate heat is crucial to a night of good night sleep. How then do you tell a mattress with a good airflow that won’;t retain any heat?

Well, the rule usually is that the thicker the mattress the more heat it retains, and subsequently, the thinner the mattress, the more heat it will release keeping you cool on a hot night. Also, hybrid mattresses tend to sleep cooler. So if you prefer memory foam mattresses, make sure you choose one with cooling capabilities.

  • Size of the mattress

What size to go for will depend on who will be sleeping on the platform bed. See below suggestions as a guide

  • Twin: Ideal for kids and people who are not keen on extra sleeping space

  • Twin XL: This size is slightly longer than the twin size and is ideal for older kids probably those in college. If you like to co-sleep with your pet, this will be great for you.

  • Full: Perfect for people who like a lot of room in the bed to move around. Couples who fancy spooning would also like this bed.

  • Queen: This is the best size for couples and heavier individuals

  • King size: Another great option for couples and those who love to share their bed with kids, partners and even pets.

  • California king: This is the widest and longest size and is perfect for tall sleepers.

  • Frame height

This will really be a determinant if you are taller. For short people, a lower height is comfortable to get on and off a bed while for taller people, a higher height would make it easiest for them. A higher height also allows you to have storage drawers underneath the platform bed.

  • Durability

Unless you are looking for a mattress for your guest room, durability is such a key consideration. A durable mattress will require you to cough a little more but will save you tons of money that you would have used buying a mattress every so often,

Both a hybrid and latex mattress is known to be very durable however, a latex mattress is not as comfortable as hybrid mattresses. If you want a mixture of both durability and comfort, consider memory foam mattresses, however, they are pricey.

  • Trial Period

Well, if you can get a mattress seller that offers you a trial period, take the offer and run with it. A trial period will allow you a chance to experience the new mattress on your platform bed to help you decide whether or not it is comfortable enough for you.

You will need to confirm whether or not there are any return fees or hidden charges before you accept the trial period.

  • Support

A good platform bed mattress should provide maximum support to all your pressure points. This will prevent turning and tossing looking for a comfortable position. Firm mattresses provide better support. Those who need extra pressure relief for the hips, back, and shoulders might find a contouring platform bed mattress very comfortable. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, might want a mattress that’s not too soft.

  • Height

The height of both the mattress and the frame is important when buying a platform bed for younger kids, older adults, or people with mobility limitations. A higher mattress and frame height will make it challenging for either of these people to get off and on a bed.

  • Warranty

I have mentioned this before, that a manufacturer who offers a lifetime warranty on their products is confident of the quality of their product, the length of the warranty notwithstanding. This is why it is one of the key features you must consider.

  • Affordability/Price

Even with all the great features that a mattress may have, you can not just splurge as you wish. You may have a budget in mind with a range of how much you are able to spend without compromising the quality. However, don’t get too fixated on the price and also consider extras such as a lifetime warranty and a risk-free 120-night trial.

  • Lastly, check out reviews

A mattress is one of those very critical buys that you will make in your life. A wrong buy and your health is compromised. As such, I would highly advise that you seek out reviews left by other users. More often than not, they give a true account of a product. This will go a long way in helping you settle on the best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is a type of bed frame with a platform where the mattress rests upon. A platform bed is solid in form and is often slightly raised with or without slats. The slated rack can be in-built or removable.

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  • Do I need a box spring for my platform bed?

No, you don’;t need to use a box spring with a platform base. Because of the supportive design of a platform bed, you can pretty much use any type of mattress. If your bed frame has slats, just ensure that they are less than 6 inches apart so as to get the most of your mattress.

  • What platform bed sizes are available?

Platform beds come in normal standardized bed sizes. These include the King, queen, twin, full and the extra-large California king which measures 76 by 80 inches.

  • Can you put a regular mattress on a platform bed?

Any type of mattress can work perfectly fine on a platform bed. You can use a hybrid, memory foam, or latex mattress for a platform bed. However, the most preferred are memory foam mattresses because of how comfortable they are.

  • How comfortable are platform beds?

Platform beds are very comfortable because of their firm supportive design. And given that they are low to the ground, they offer maximum stability. To make them extra comfortable, consider using a foam mattress on them. However, if you prefer a bouncy bed that requires low maintenance, a latex mattress or a latex hybrid are excellent options.

  • How much weight can a platform bed hold?

A platform bed can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 4000 pounds, however, certain variances can increase or decrease this capacity. Factors like the material used and how strong it is just one of the key variant. Should also consider your weight, the weight of the mattress as well as your sleeping partner(s) when determining how much weight the platform bed can hold. If you are a little on the heavy side, a platform bed with a flat foundation would be most ideal as opposed to one with slats.

  • What material of the platform bed would be ideal for me?

Well, platform beds come in a variety of styles and materials and what will suit you will be more a matter of preference on factors like durability, weight capacity, resistance, and functionality. They can be made from either wood, metal or MDF boards.

Metal frames are strong, lighter and sturdy, however costly. Wood frames offer a more solid platform and high weight capacity as well as damage resistance. MDF boards, being the most popular are the least expensive and least durable although equally strong and sturdy. As you can see, each material has its strengths and flaws so it comes down to your preference and needs.


Just like you, more and more shoppers are making the switch from box spring beds to platform beds. This is because platform beds are cheaper, space-saving and are pretty stylish. They instantly add that oomph to the decor and given that most people are style-conscious, well, it makes sense why they running to them.

The next hassle now becomes finding a mattress for the platform bed. And this where I come in handly with my ultimate guide on the best mattresses for platform beds. And as a bonus, I have linked for you some of the most durable, affordable and comfortable mattresses in the market currently to help you make the right choice. I hope this guide has been more than helpful.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

Henry’s first job was in the furniture and mattress industry as a sales associate. From there, he moved up to merchandising specialist for several years and then became an assistant manager. Working in the industry gave him access to a lot of products and also helped him gain in-depth knowledge.

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