Best Black Headboards Reviews & Ratings 2022

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People think headboards aren’t such a huge priority and even I agreed until I invested in the best black headboard. I realized that headboards like these weren’t just for design, it came with a host of benefits I enjoyed immensely. Plus, the sleek black color looked beautiful and modern for the bedroom, adding more design to look luxurious.

However, the research process and actually finding a quality headboard was difficult because of the many available. Surprisingly, there’s more to gutting a headboard than just its design alone, there are other factors to consider, too!

I’m sure a lot of you feel confusion too, but research will give you the beautiful headboard to last.

With that being said, what are the best selling black headboard options to look into for your bedroom? I’ll show you my top choices and guides on what you need to know about black headboards, so read on!

Top 10 Best Black Headboards Reviews

After doing much research and tests, these are my ten favorite black headboards to invest in now:

1. Modway Lily Tufted Faux Leather Upholstered Queen Headboard

What makes the Modway Lily Headboard a great choice is thanks to its luxurious look. It’s got the faux leather upholstery to bring out a plush look to your bed. Plus, the faux material ensures that no animals were harmed during the manufacturing process.

The faux leather material offers durability, along with the entire headboard frame. The upholstery doesn’t scratch or fade easily, and the frame’s made with durable plywood and fiberboard. Because of the headboard’s frame material, it makes the entire product lightweight yet sturdy enough to last for a long time.

best black headborad

As for its assembly, it’s pretty straightforward, requiring you to mount it on your bed frame. You can even adjust the height according to your bed’s height and preference. Don’t worry about the assembly, since it comes with the instructions and parts for you to do it on your own.

I really liked the structured pattern this paneled headboard offers, making it a timeless piece. It exudes elegance and luxury, especially if you’ve got a modern look to your bedroom.  If you like tufted headboards for added comfort and attractiveness, this one’s worth the long-term investment.

  • Easy to assemble with all parts and instructions included
  • All sizes come in accurate dimensions to fit bed frames well
  • Can adjust the height according to how you want it
  • Durable faux leather that doesn’t scratch or fade
  • Clean lines and soft tufted headboard for comfort
  • Complaints of its shipping and return policy
  • Some people say it doesn’t include instructions

2. South Shore Step One Headboard, Full/Queen 54/60-Inch

The South Shore Step One Headboard combines both traditional and modern design with its details. It’s European inspired by the contemporary details that fit modern bedroom styles. Or, you can add a touch of modern style to a traditional room design, which balanced things out.

Besides its design, it’s also made with the excellent quality design, made of particleboard. The materials are also laminated with non-toxic components to ensure eco-friendliness and safety during usage. I can see that it’s built to last, having enough weight to withstand pressure and exposure to any dust and debris.

black headboard reviews

As for its assembly, everything was simple and came neatly packaged to easily put together. However, it’s a bit heavy and requires one more person to help you set it up. Also, take note it comes without any tools required to install it to your bed frame.

With all this said, I highly recommend this headboard for someone who wants the mix of classical and modern design. From its strong wood material down to its good warranty, I believe it to have a reasonable price! Just make sure that you assemble it correctly, and you’ll have a headboard to last.

  • It’s made of eco-friendly particleboard that doesn’t crack
  • European-inspired design that looks modern and classy
  • The headboard has a 5-year limited warranty to ensure its longevity
  • Won’t wobble or shake as long as it’s assembled properly
  • The wood might scratch easily if mishandled
  • It doesn’t come with any tools to help with assembly

3. Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Full Size Headboard

I like the Flash Furniture Cambridge Headboard for its simple yet adorable design made for most rooms. I see it better for women’s bedrooms or those who want to add elegance to their bedroom. It’s got the contemporary style with the soft fabric upholstery, also having buttons for more detail.

I highly appreciate how comfortable the tufted headboard is, having enough padding to lean back on. It doesn’t break down from pressure, nor does it wobble or make a sound if ever I move around in bed. Besides this, its fabric seems durable too, though not as strong stitching compared to other headboards I’ve reviewed.

black headboard full

You won’t have any problems with assembly since you mount it on your bed frame. As long as you have the tools available, you can set it up yourself, only taking an hour or less.

I do recommend that you wipe it down and inspect the headboard before installation though. Some have complained about receiving theirs with bedbugs, while others have commended its quick shipment. However, only a few people have had this complaint, so it’s less likely to receive one with such a flaw.

Overall, I would still recommend it for its simplicity and affordable price.

  • Very simple yet attractive look for contemporary styles
  • Takes less than an hour to install
  • Includes all parts and hardware with understandable instructions
  • Easy to adjust the height as needed
  • People have claimed there were bedbugs
  • Has a bit of a smell that fades away after receiving the package

4. VANT Upholstered Headboards

For those who want the ultimate modern headboard with the extra wide size, VANT Upholstered Headboards have the best ones. I’m in love with this one for its amazing style, making extra wide headboards look so modern and sleek. They purposely create extra-wide panel headboards to make an even bigger impact as you walk into the bedroom.

Each headboard includes four panels for you to assemble according to whatever design you want. Everything comes shipped quickly and packed neatly to assemble right away.

black upholstered headboard

Fortunately, the assembly’s straightforward, only taking five minutes to install for every panel used. It’s made with a specialized system to make it easier to mount and grip to the wall to hold in place. You won’t need any studs or anchors as it stays in place on its own, regardless of how you lean on it or move around.

The soundproof design also amazes me, as it reduces noise from other rooms. That way, you won’t hear much from the outside and can enjoy a good night’s sleep. In fact, some people use it for their own offices or recording studios because of how effective it is in sound reduction.

  • Very effective in reducing noise for soundproof rooms
  • It comes in many different colors to choose from
  • Versatile layout, easy to assemble according to your wants
  • Made of safe and durable materials made to last for years
  • There are some complaints of panels arriving ripped
  • You’ll need more manpower in lifting the panels

5. Modway Annabel Tufted Button Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard

The Modway Annabel Headboard offers ultimate comfort with extra padding, also coming with the beautiful luxury design. It’s definitely a statement piece that people would first see in the room, great for the shabby chic. But it also adds the sophistication to any room, especially since it’s made with faux leather.

The faux leather upholstery feels smooth and soft, making it nice to lean on. However, it doesn’t lose its shape nor does its black color fade away as you continue using it. Furthermore, its padding and frame have the strength to last long, and it continues to look new even after a few years.

black leather headboard

The frame itself is made with fiberboard and plywood for the extra sturdiness. Upon assembly, it’s still lightweight enough to easily bring and set up yourself, taking only an hour or so. It also fits all types of standard bed frames as long as you choose the right size for it.

Overall, I’m impressed with what the headboard has to offer, especially in terms of its design. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it does what’s expected excellently and looks amazing.

  • It’s made of incredibly durable materials to last for years
  • Has the soft and smooth padded upholstery for comfort
  • The headboard has a sophisticated style for the chic bedroom
  • Hassle-free assembly and takes less than an hour
  • Adjustable height and fits true to size
  • Some shipment issues uncontrollable by the seller
  • Bed frame mounted but still requires a wall for support

6. Prepac BHHQ-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard

I love the floating headboard because it exudes contemporariness without even trying, made for the most modern bedrooms. It honestly looks amazing once installed, looking just as advertised and with some storage space for any miscellaneous items. Plus, it has its own side tables to place your lamps or decor, even your books or devices.

This black headboard’s made with black laminate, a strong material that can last and withstand pressure. It’s not the softest support to lean on, but I like the smoothness to it. Plus, you get convenient storage from it, great for things you don’t need or want to display by your bed.

prepac black series 9 designer floating king headboard with nightstands

Assembly is quite difficult, considering that it’s one piece of heavy material. You’ll need to have help in bringing up and mounting according to your preferred height. But after that, mounting’s not as tough, since it comes with a hanging rail system which stays put.

Overall, I feel that this headboard has an excellent design that looks like it’s made to last. While you need at least one person to assemble, everything’s smooth sailing afterward. It will last for a few years with extra care put to it!

  • This headboard has drawers and side tables pre-installed
  • Beautiful and modern design made with laminated wood
  • Good hanging rail system to stay put once mounted
  • Sleek and smooth wood headboard for queen or king beds
  • Takes time to assemble and you’ll need help for it
  • Wooden parts don’t come with the necessary labels

7. South Shore Step One Bookcase Headboard with Storage

If you want a bookcase headboard, then I highly suggest that you invest in the South Shore Step One. It’s not the fanciest all around, but it’s the simplicity that makes its design look beautiful and modern. The clean approach makes the headboard suitable for the minimalist and contemporary bedroom, with its functionality combined with it.

I highly appreciate that the headboard comes with a lot of space to place my books in. It has three open storage spaces, as well as a shelf on top for your books and decor. Other than that, you can also consolidate all the wires and cords you use through a hole located in its back panel.

black queen headboard with storage

It’s made with eco-friendly materials as well, constructed with laminated particleboard (non-toxic). It looks sturdy and made to withstand much pressure and weight from the items you put in. Furthermore, its frame has the durable feel to it as well, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down soon.

However, I do wish it had adjustable heights, though it’s understandable considering its design. Either way, I still see this as a worthy purchase, especially for those who love their books!

  • It’s very simple and clean design for minimalist homes
  • Built with eco-friendly materials and sturdiness in mind
  • Has big storage space and an area to combine all your wires
  • Comes at an affordable price with good value and purpose
  • It doesn’t have any adjustable height upon assembly
  • Complaints of package arriving with missing bolts

8. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors

I believe the Kallisto Bookcase Headboard has one of the best storage spaces among the others I reviewed. It doesn’t only come with shelves for a bookcase, but a cupboard as well so you can place more things. Despite ample storage space, it still has a nice look to it, being suitable for both classy and modern bedrooms.

The headboard’s built with good detail, having the decorative moldings and blunt edges for safety. Furthermore, it has oval knobs brushed with nickel, nice to hold and easy to handle. The two doors also have adjustable hinges and open or close smoothly making it easier to store or take items.

prepac black kallisto bookcase headboard with doors

It’s made entirely of laminated composite wood with a sturdy MDF backer for extra support. The free-standing headboard stays in place and doesn’t fall or wobble as you put pressure or move around. Besides this, it has the strength to last and stay smooth, withstanding scratches or hits.

Assembly’s straightforward and you’ll have no issue, as everything arrives for immediate assembly. It comes with an instruction booklet and even a five-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure quality. Overall, a headboard many will love for its storage space and long lifespan.

  • With ample storage space for books, decor, and unused items
  • Sturdy, doesn’t wobble or make noise if moved accidentally
  • Stays smooth and scratch-resistant, built to last for years
  • Stylish design for traditional or contemporary rooms
  • Cabinet doors might not align very well or close together
  • Not easy to assemble for some, specifically with the cabinets

9. Bedford Black Queen Headboard by Home Styles

Rarely do I see a traditional black headboard, but the Home Styles Bedford surprised me with its classy style. I admire its raised panels, which add to its traditional elegance to it for most bedrooms. If you want fanciness for your bedroom, you’ll appreciate this one.

It’s not only elegant but made with premium-quality materials to stay sturdy for years and feel good. The headboard’s made with hardwood solids combined with wood, also having the clear coat and black ebony finish. Because of both the sturdy woods and finish, it protects the entire headboard from wearing out.

black headboard queen

Because it doesn’t have the adjustable height, you may need to adjust it yourself depending on your frame. However, it’s not that difficult to make such adjustments, specifically with its height. But one thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come with the appropriate nuts and bolts to mount it on your bed frame.

Even with that said, I still see it’s an appropriate investment, especially if you want something classy and strong. Plus, it still comes at a reasonable price for a headboard with this design.

  • It’s very strong and durable body to last for a long time
  • Doesn’t scratch or wear out easily, protected by a coated finish
  • Elegant and traditional design made best for classic homes
  • The headboard looks expensive but comes at an affordable price
  • Requires minor adjustments, depending on your bed’s height
  • It may not come with necessary bolts and nuts for mounting

10. Prepac BHFQ-1301-1 Select Queen Flat Panel Headboard Black

Last but not least, the Prepac Panel Headboard has a combination of both modern and traditional styles. It’s suitable for almost any type of bedroom setting with its clean lines and simple look. While simple and minimalistic, I like it most for its ease of assembly, taking less than an hour to do so alone.

I was a bit surprised installing this headboard because it was lightweight yet sturdy. It didn’t feel hollow, but I had no problem carrying the pieces either, again, you can do it on your own. Besides that, it has a black laminate on its composite wood, which ensures better protection from scratches and wears.

black panel headboard

But while it is strong, I think it’s too strong to the point it hurts, especially because the sharp edges weren’t blunted. So you’ll need to file it manually to lessen the risk of injuring yourself when moving around. Other than that, I have no complaints with using the headboard itself.

As long as it’s assembled well and that you handle it well (wiping down regularly), you have a headboard to last. It’s great for most rooms, especially if you like modern simplicity!

  • Very easy to set up and only takes an hour by yourself
  • Simple yet elegant style for most bedroom designs
  • Sturdy, laminated wood for better protection and strength
  • Made from non-toxic materials that meet safety standards
  • Package has no mounting hardware included, sold separately
  • Has sharp edges that may hurt you as you move around

Benefits of Using Black Headboards

You’re probably wondering: Why do you need a black headboard in the first place? I used to wonder the same thing since they seemed more like accessories for a simple design. However, after installing one, I realized there were a lot of benefits a headboard offered, such as:

  • Creates an Attractive Focal Point

Obviously, the most notable benefit of hardboard is the design it brings to a room, especially when black. Black’s a universal color, matching almost any type of room and color scheme.

When used as a headboard, it doesn’t only seamlessly match your bedroom’s motif. It can also act as a focal point to add an attractive aesthetic to your room!

  • Prevents Marks and Stains on the Wall

Are you tired of having to continuously wash your pillows or wipe your walls down from stains? That all comes from the grease from your sweat and hair, which can stain.

These natural stains end up on the wall if you position your head against it. That’s why a headboard helps reduce the stains, and it’s easier to clean than a wall.

  • Comfortable Back Support

If you love to read or prop yourself up in bed, then you most likely hate the hard wall support. Headboards usually have padding and/or upholstery, soft enough for you to lean against when sitting up. That way, you won’t have to worry about a painful back while you read or watch television.

  • No More Falling Pillows

My bed was positioned in a way that it had a gap between the wall and mattress. Because of this, my pillows would fall off behind me, and yes, it’s extremely annoying.

At least with a headboard, you have good support for your body and your beddings. It also moves your bed away from the wall better.

  • Some Black Headboards Even Provide Storage

Some headboards come with overhead storage or designed as a bookcase for extra space for you to place things. You can pack in things you don’t use in the overhead storage, or books to display for more design. That way, you can use more of your room’s space for other things.

Different Types of Black Headboards

There’s more than just one type of headboard, ranging from different materials down to its overall design. With that being said, these are the various types of black headboards to consider:

  • Traditional Headboards

These are attached to your bed frame, usually frame-mounted and feature very rich wood colors and elements. They typically have European-style decorations, emphasizing more on the 18th to the 19th century. Expect it to have more of the Victorian vibe to it!

So if you love claw-footed tubs or wing-back chairs, you’ll want to get a black traditional headboard.

  • Panel Headboards

Panel headboards are designed with various sections with make up the width or length of the entire board. There are typically two to three panels equally sized, sometimes the center panel being larger than the other two.

These headboards have a sort of Venetian look which compliments bedrooms that have geometric shapes. Getting horizontal panels makes spaces look wider, while vertical ones make ceilings look higher. It’s made best for smaller bedrooms to create illusions of a bigger area.

  • Slat Headboards

Slat headboards are either made of wood or metal, made with slat spindles and with classic lines. You can find these slats in various colors and designs, though I’ll focus on black ones in this article.

You can arrange these slats in different ways, either having equal distances from one another or in groups for nicer effects. They also help make bedrooms look more spacious with better depth.

  • Contemporary Headboards

This is actually one of my favorite headboard designs because of its modern touch to it. It usually has the clean lines and sleek silhouette, as well as a smooth surface.

Black headboards look great for areas with light-colored furniture to add boldness. It’s also great for bedrooms with glass or ones with stainless steel and chrome.

  • Four-Poster Headboards

This is such a grand headboard, which becomes the central design of the room that takes up space. So if you’ve got a bigger bedroom without any of the flashy decors, the four-poster adds flair without trying.

These headboards are more traditional in design, though there are modern four-poster headboards now. Modern ones are made with contemporary materials and sleek lines.

  • Elegant Headboards

For those who want the flair of elegance into their room, you’ll love these headboards, which looks very luxurious. It matches and coordinates well if you’ve got a traditional interior design in your room. You can choose between elegant headboards made from fabric, leather, iron, or even carved wood as compelling designs!

  • Shabby Chic Headboards

It’s one of the most popular designs to date, especially for women because of its effortless attractiveness. This incorporates furniture and designs which feature wear and tear, a bit of distress that adds romance to a home.

If you live in a coastal cottage or have a country cottage, try this ideal design for your headboard.

What Features to Look For In The Best Quality Black Headboards

Besides the type of design you need for the black headboard, there are also other important factors to consider. These are the things to look into when selecting the right black headboard according to your individual needs and preferences.


  • What’s It Made Of?

You can choose between a lot of different materials available for your chosen black headboard, such as:

  • Wood: The traditional material type for all bed frames. They’re great to create elegance and luxury in the bedroom.
  • Metal: Usually made from iron, they’re popular from the Victorian era and have the long-lasting properties.
  • Upholstered: Like wood, they add elegance to any bedroom, covered with soft and attractive fabrics.
  • Natural Fibers: These look amazing for those with a country design or in casually-styled rooms. Plus, they’re usually eco-friendly, using sustainable materials.
  • Leather: It’s made of animal hides and shows a more luxurious side to your room, though more expensive. You can choose between genuine or synthetic leather for both affordability and ethical reasons.

  • How to Install It?

There are different ways you can install your headboard, depending on your room and the bed frame you own:

  • Wall-Mounted: You need to have a flat surface to drill the headboard on the wall.
  • Bed Frame Mounted: Instead of installing it on the wall, you install it directly to your bed frame. For those purchasing the headboard and frame separately, make sure both are compatible with one another. There are adapter plates if your chosen headboard doesn’t match the bed frame.
  • Free Standing: This doesn’t require any assembly on the wall or bed frame, coming without attachment hardware or holes. This gives you more flexibility on how you want to install it!

  • The Size You Need

Of course, you have to consider the size of your headboard based on your room space and bed frame size. Just like choosing a bed frame or mattress, headboards come in similar sizes and dimensions such as:

  • Single
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

  • Do You Need Storage?

Do you have a small room and require more storage space? That’s where headboards come to help, with different ways to store your items. You can choose between storage or bookcase headboards.

Storage headboards have drawers, shelves, and/or hidden compartments for various items and clothes that don’t fit your room.

Bookcase headboards are most suited for those who have a lot of books and want to share their personal library. It’s also great to display decor elements like picture frames or vases for a better-designed room.

  • Wrapping It Up

It’s still important to do your research when investing in a headboard to get your money’s worth. Not only will this give you the beauty in the bedroom, but something to last for years to come. Plus, the right one provides more advantages than simple aesthetics.


I hope my ultimate purchasing guide on the high quality black headboards gave you an idea on what to get. So if you’re planning to invest in your own black headboard, consider these options now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on black headboards, then comment below. I’ll appreciate all your thoughts and experiences!

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