Best Convertible Futons of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Are you on the lookout for a space saver furniture piece added in your tight space? Whether you live in a small flat or condo unit, furnishing it with the basics such as bed, sofa, dining set, and appliances can be truly a struggle. However, as for the bed and sofa, I got you covered because I have come across an innovative masterpiece that combines the functionality of both. Imagine it could be your daytime sofa and be transformed into a comfy bed at night. That’;s how amazing a convertible futon. And, since our goal is to educate customers with comprehensive buying guides, I have personally selected the best convertible futons that will cater to customers with varying needs and budget. If you are one of them, better focus on this post and unravel the differences of each brand mentioned below. I’;m sure you will find the perfect match for your place.

Top 10 Best Convertible Futons Reviews

1. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

This first brand I’;m going to share comes from a manufacturer that has been in long existence since 1969, supplying American homes with furniture pieces that exude excellence and performance. And, DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed with sofa design is a testimony of that company’;s vision. This futon bed can be accommodated in any living space. Why?

1 2

First, it’;s built is designed to function as a regular lounge sofa in the living room and turns into a sleeping bed.

Second, this futon bed has a modern look which appeals to any customer that prefers a trendy furniture piece. The bed legs are constructed from chrome metals with the frame attached to the cushions. This structure design allows the user to easily convert it to a sofa or bed in no time.

Third, it offers a generous full bed capacity, meaning any adult-sized individual can lie and sleep on it with no fear of falling off the edge. However, this convertible futon can only accommodate one person with a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

Fourth, the material used for the production is premium quality with choices range from faux leather and linen. The upholstery method done on this bed is spotless and sturdy. The product comes in one piece, so no need to worry about having to assembly it on your own. It’;s readily usable upon delivery at your doorstep.

Fifth, as for pricing it’;s considered to be the most affordable type of futon bed that solves the problem of customer tight on budget.

  • The product is delivered in one piece, no assembly needed and fully functional for its intended purpose as lounge sofa and/or bed
  • It comes in shades of black or vanilla for faux leather material as well as navy and gray for linen material
  • This product is fully convertible into a sofa or sleeping bed
  • When converted into a sleeping bed, it offers firm sleeping space for back sleepers
  • The product has aesthetic upholstery with chrome metal legs
  • The material covering is non-removable

2. Best Choice Products  Convertible Splitback Sleeper Futon w/Pillows

For people that prefer a versatile type of futon bed that can fit in tight spaces like condos, dormitories or flats, the Best Choice Futon Bed is the best option. The following attributes of this brand of futon bed will confirm it’;s a good choice after all.

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Color selections are mostly concentrated on dark and light shades of black, brown and gray. So, if you want to be safe with your home decorating project, this brand offers colors that can match any space and interior.

Design is more on modern appeal. The framework of this convertible futon bed has splitback design allowing the user to choose from two positions. It can be positioned on one side with an upright position or reclined into a flat position.

Comfortability, I must say is satisfying. The tufted upholstered material makes it a comfy sofa and bed. And, filling material is hypoallergenic.

Durability, this brand boast of robustly structured metal legs with a weight capacity of 550 pounds. This is quite impressive for a futon bed. The materials used in the construction include foam, linen, wood, and metal.

Affordability, the product is reasonably priced, which makes it a good deal for every dollar spent. Plus, the manufacturer is offering this brand with a bonus of two pillows.

  • Robust craftsmanship with its stable metal legs and material components of foam, linen, wood, and metal
  • The product has a modern 2-in-1 design with split back positions at the same time, half of it can be reclined in a flat position and the other half stays elevated
  • Suitable for any tight space such as dorms, condos, flats, and apartments
  • Inclusion in the product packaging are two (2) decorative pillows
  • Filling material used is hypoallergenic, suitable for people with allergies
  • Customer will need to assemble some parts before the futon bed is fully functional

3. Nirvana Futons Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame

The next brand I’;m going to share is popular for the production of high-end furniture pieces, the Nirvana Futons with drawers. This particular style of the futon is a perfect match for customers in search of classy and multipurpose furniture piece to go with their homes.  Let’;s take a closer look at the Nirvana Brentwood Futon Frame.

3 2

Overall design and construction portray longevity. The entire futon bed is constructed from authentic hardwood material. It gives the user greater confidence while sitting or sleeping on this futon bed. It also comes with extras like the drawers, which I find it convenient for anyone in need of additional storage.

Functionality, this product offers multi-usage. It can function as a standard sofa and at the same time fully convertible into additional sleeping space for guests visiting. And with the availability of dual drawers, any personal stuff can be hidden discreetly. It also offers three positions, as sofa, bed and lounger in one product.

Value for money, I think the warranty included in the purchase of this futon bed is a great bargain. It has a warranty of 5 years limited on the futon frame and 4 years limited on the mattress.

  • The futon bed comes with two crafted drawers, extra storage for personal belongings
  • Designed and built for lasting service with its hardwood material framework
  • The product offers three positions, convertible into a sofa, lounger or extra sleeping bed for guests
  • The mattress is made in the USA, from natural tufted twill material that stays firm
  • Extensive warranty offered by the manufacturer, 5-year limited warranty on frame and 4-year limited warranty on mattress
  • It will take time before the customer can use the futon bed because it requires assembly upon delivery
  • The product has no inclusion of pillows

4. DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and Bed

DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and Bed is another space saver solution to any cramped space. It’;s a comfortable couch that can be turned into a sturdy twin bed with thick mattress. What are the features of this futon?

4 2

This product is made from heavy-duty metal including its built-in ladder. In fact, it’;s the best bed solution to any household with more kids because it can function a double-deck bed. During the daytime, it can be folded and turned into a regular sofa to maximize space in any bedroom.

If you will ask about weight capacity? Well, the top bunk bed can support steadily any person with at least 200 pounds weight, while the bottom bed has a weight limit capacity of 600 pounds. So, for guests coming over the weekend or sleepovers, this futon bed can accommodate a child and two adults.

As for design and style, this product envisions a contemporary look. Since this futon bed transforms from a sofa into a bunk bed, many households with more kids have the privilege of providing extra sleeping beds without worrying about space. Aside from that, this bed improvised ladder and upper side rails ensure the safety of anyone using the top bunk bed.

  • Function as a daytime sofa and convertible into a bunk bed for kids or guests during sleepovers
  • The framework is constructed from heavy-duty metal, purposed for longer years of service
  • This product transforms into a bunk bed, top bed weight capacity is 200 pounds and the bottom bed can accommodate 600 pounds weight
  • Provision of a built-in ladder made from heavy-duty metal allows quick access on the top bunk bed
  • Metal frame comes in varied colors (black, white and silver)
  • Customer will resort to DIY in order to assemble this product and function as a sofa or double deck bed

5. Serta SA-AVO-EBY-Set Dream Convertible Seville Sofa

Another type of convertible sofa built with storage space is the Serta SA-AVO-EBY Dream Convertible Seville Sofa. The manufacturer of this convertible sofa has been in the business for more than 80 years, producing convertible sofas by day and sleeping beds at night. Let’;s take a look at this brand’;s innovative design and quality.

5 2

This convertible sofa has luxurious construction from genuine leather material. Its frame including base part and legs are made from quality wood. It also comes with a large storage compartment situated underneath the sofa.

As for flexibility, this brand quickly transforms from a daytime sofa to a lounger and sleeping bed within seconds. The aesthetic appearance of this convertible sofa is suitable for any living room or bedroom space. So, regardless you want to achieve a modern or vintage look this futon bed is a safe choice as it can blend with any home décor.

Does it require assembly? Yes, everything needed including the hardware for its assembly is provided inside the packaging. The manufacturer has also included an assembly guide manual for easy referencing of customers on how to get started.

As mentioned, this particular brand is customizable to the specific needs of the user. So, if for now, you want a comfy to sit while reading your favorite magazine, the Seville Sofa can be converted into an ordinary sofa. Then, if you simply want to lounge or lie down for a quick nap, it will convert into a reclining lounger. And, when you need to retire after a tiring day from school or work, just simply set the mechanism into a full-sized sleeping bed.

  • The product comes with a large storage space located at the bottom part of the sofa
  • The convertible sofa is lavishly constructed from bonded leather material, wood for frame, base, and legs
  • It can be customized into three positions, as a daytime sofa, reclined lounger and sleeping bed
  • USA Patented with finger guard protection, assuring the user that no possibility of getting fingers caught while converting it from sofa to lounger or bed
  • Customers may find it time-consuming to learn the assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer

6. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed

If you want a reputable futon bed, the DHP Paxson Convertible is highly recommendable. Why? It’;s produced by a trustworthy manufacturer of futons elegantly designed with armrests, wooden legs, and detailed stitching. It resembles a stylish couch fit for a modern house. So, if you prefer something that performs more like a living couch to entertain friends, the DHP Paxson Convertible Futon fills that category.

6 2

Since it’;s fully convertible into a sleeping bed, individuals living in housing accommodations like condos, university flats or apartments will save space by having a piece of furniture with multi-function.

Overall built of this product shows innovation. The base part of this convertible futon has enforced pocket coils, which means weight distribution is evenly spread out. Plus, the pocketed coils conform naturally to the shape of the user, giving the feeling of comfort and stability.

These coils are also responsible for decreasing the impact of motion transfer. Apart from the pocketed coils, this brand has flexible spring coils for maintaining balance. Its mattress is made from quality polyester, tested to withstand daily wear and tear.

In addition to the mentioned features, this futon couch has been granted with CertiPUR-US certification. Customer is guaranteed that only high-dense foam mattress is used, giving a smooth and firm surface.

  • This brand is designed with a splitback mechanism, wherein the futon bed adjusts accordingly to the user’;s sitting, lounging as well as sleeping preference
  • Its design showcases quality craftsmanship from the armrests, legs down to the stitching application performed on the upholstery
  • The weight capacity of this futon can support a maximum weight of 600 pounds
  • Customer will have to assemble this futon with the help of the manual and may take some time to follow the step-by-step instructions
  • For sleepers that prefer a softer sleeping mattress, this is a bit firmer

7. Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame

Nirvana brand has been popular in the creation of premium, budget-friendly futons in the market for over a decade. Their selections range from futons with frames including futon sets with sturdy workmanship.

7 2

Here are some of the features of the Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame. The physical appearance of this futon pictures artistic work. The armrests are intricately curved to fine finish while the wooden slats that transform into a sleeping bed seem truly inviting.

The solid framework that converts from sofa to lounger and eventually into a sleeping bed boasts of an easy-to-operate mechanism. Anyone can quickly learn the necessary adjustments to transform it into a functional furniture piece for the living room or bedroom.

Why buy the Nirvana Futons? Well, the product is made from high-end quality wood. Its performance and longevity in service are expected to last for years. This makes it a good deal for every paying customer that wishes to invest in items with long-term usage. And, the manufacturer offers this product exclusive with four years warranty on mattress and five years warranty applied on the frame.

Additional features highlighting this brand include the three positions instead of the usual two from other competing brands, freedom to select the type of mattress to go with the frame and flexible position of a 90-degree angle.

  • The futon frame shows a glossy and smooth finish, making it ideal even in an environment with high humidity
  • Manufacturer offers to pay the customers exclusive limited warranties (4-year warranty on mattress and 5-year applicable on the futon frame)
  • Frame material is from solid wood, proven to last for years
  • Product can be adjusted into three positions (sofa, lounger and sleeping bed)
  • The product is only available directly from the DCG Stores, beware of bogus sellers
  • The customer may struggle in the assembly requirement of this futon
  • Pillows not included in the purchase

8. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon with Microfiber Upholstery

Another futon that comes from the reliable manufacturer Dorel Industries is the Dillan Convertible Futon made from upholstered microfiber material. This particular futon is entirely unique from the other collections of DHP. Its crafty design intends to highlight the living or lounge area. Its aesthetic appearance is more casual.

8 2

When it comes to the material component, I must reckon the contributing factor for its marketability among customers that go for practicality. This futon is constructed from superior quality materials and visible throughout from the legs down to the intricate stitches. And, the microfiber cover makes it easy to clean.

This brand also exhibited the most sturdy, convertible futon available in the market. Its tapered legs provide enough support and stability. So, the user feels confident to sit, lounge or sleep on it without fear of falling or tipping over.

The construction allows the user to convert it to multiple positions. It functions as a stylish couch, then, convertible into a lounger and finally as a sleeping bed. And, with its elegant couch style, the Dillan Convertible is also usable as a sitting lounge at any office or reception area of business for guests or customers coming in.

Material composition combines the use of upholstered fabric with stitching and metal for the bed frame. This particular brand is the favorite for any home or space is needed of a functional furniture piece with multi-usage.

  • Aesthetic appearance is a stylish couch that can be used in homes, offices and reception areas of businesses
  • The product offers three adjustable positions, ranging from ordinary coach, lounger and sleeping bed
  • The manufacturer is a pioneer in the market, selling juvenile products, bicycles and trendy futons
  • The assembly requirement of this futon convertible is quite complex, the customer will have to read thoroughly the manual
  • Product only comes with futon frame, mattress and pillows are sold separately

9. Furniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa/Futon

The Furniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa offers a wide selection of choices on design, sizes, and shapes. Customers craving for uniqueness will surely find a perfect convertible futon for their living rooms and bedrooms. Each piece is designed to cater to the specific needs of the user.

9 2

What other features that Furniture of America offers? It’;s has a comfortable backrest that supports the back while sitting. On top of that, upholstery is made from superior leather material in the shade of black. With this kind of material cover, it can match any existing décor. Keep in mind, black color is universal and will standout in any living space.

Among the featured specs of this product is the strategic location of the legs supporting the sofa. They are installed at the rear of the sofa, assuring the user of stable support while sitting, lounging or sleeping. The sofa is integrated with an internal frame, making assembly and cleaning less tedious.

Lastly, it comes with a 30-day replacement warranty coverage.

  • The product has provision for comfortable backrest to reduce back strain while sitting
  • Upholstered material is made from quality leather in shade of black
  • This stylish futon convertible blends with any home or bedroom décor
  • The leather material upholstery allows easy cleaning, stains can be removed with the use of a clean damp cloth or recommended cleaning agent for leather
  • 30-day replacement warranty coverage is offered exclusively
  • Product assembly may require two persons
  • Limited choices on colors as it only comes in shade of black

10. Best Choice Products 69in Faux Leather Convertible Lounge Sofa Bed

In case you are still undecided which among the futons sold in the market will suit your small space, this next brand that managed to be on top ten lists can be your final option, the Best Choice Products 69in Faux Leather. This futon brand comes as a one-piece frame together with the mattress. Since, it’;s delivered fully assembled, no more hassle on the part of the customer. It can easily convert from a sofa into a sleeping bed.

10 2

The design of Best Choice Faux Leather 69in unravels solid workmanship starting from the futon’;s wooden frame down to the finishing touch. Overall, this furniture piece will suit a contemporary themed setting.

How about convenience? The operational mechanism of this product is easy. Without much effort, the user can put interchange the position, either as a sofa or reclined bed. And, in a snap, you have a bed to rest and relax. That’;s how convenient its set-up requirement. No more difficult time going over the instruction manual for the assembly.

When it comes to weight capacity, this brand can hold approximately 550 pounds, equivalent to at least three adult individuals when seating. If generally used as an extra sleeping bed for families with more than one kid, it can put up with four. On the other hand, for adults using it as a sleeping bed, the acceptable load is for two adults.

  • Compact design with quick interchangeable positions from sofa to bed
  • Its construction is tufted faux leather, wooden frame, and short legs
  • Load capacity for seating is at least 3 adults with a combined weight of 550 pounds
  • When converted into a sleeping bed, it can load four children or two adults
  • The futon is not fire-retardant

Advantages of Using Convertible Futons

Futons are widely regarded as sofa sleepers for tight spaces. Due to the varying functions they perform, futons have generally improved the living conditions of people in condos, dormitories, and flats. How? Here are some of the advantages of futons:

11 2

  • Versatility

A futon is designed and built to have multiple positions. Some brands come with two while others have three interchanging positions from ordinary sofa, lounger, and bed. Each futon produced is versatile enough to comply with the customer’;s specific needs.

  • Space saver

The futon is indeed a space saver. With its compact built, it can be placed fit in any tight space. And, since its compact, anyone can move it with ease from corner to another spot where there is available space.

  • Cost-effective

Investing in a futon will not require major financial expenditure as compared to other furniture pieces. In fact, anyone can find a cheaper brand.

  • Practical

Yes, choosing a futon over a floor mattress is more practical. Why? The floor mattress only serves one purpose and that’;s solely for sleeping whereas the futon can perform various roles in any small or tight living spaces. It can be your comfy sofa during the daytime, lounger while watching a movie or sleeping bed at night. And, with the availability of varied designs, shapes and sizes any paying customer can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room with a futon.

  • Convenient

Some furniture pieces delivered in your designated address may require two or more people to unload it and place it at the preferred spot of the house. Others may even require the customer to resort to DIY before the furniture can be used. With futons, customers can freely move it anywhere. In fact, it may only require one person. In case the futon comes not fully assembled, the manufacturer includes easy instructions for quick set-up. As far as convenience, the options for paying customers are endless. One can choose from a one-piece model wherein no assembly needed or go for a brand that has customizable positions from sofa, lounger and sleeping bed.

  • Perfect for back sleepers

The right amount of firmness that most futons offer when transformed into sleeping beds make them ideal for back sleepers.

  • Adaptability

Futons can fairly adapt to any environment or setting. You may find a leather upholstered futon to function as a reception sitting area for guests in an office space. Or, a futon that resembles to a couch can be added as an essential piece in the living room. While a futon that converts into a double-deck bed can help families with more children to provide enough sleeping accommodations.

What Key Features to Look for When Buying Convertible Futons?

Convertible futons may come in a wide range of styles, prices, and features. This is why it’;s highly that potential buyer knows what to look for in a futon and here are some of them.

13 1

  • Manufacturer’;s Profile

Yes, it’;s evident that a manufacturer with a solid number of years in the industry is more experienced when it comes to the quality production of a futon. Besides, a manufacturer with an impressive profile in the market will never jeopardize the good image earned among targeted customers. So, avoid making an impulsive decision when buying a futon. Check the manufacturer’;s profile by reading reviews, both positive and negative, then, compare.

  • Identify your fabric preference

Convertible futons upholstered material may come from different types of fabrics. Some futons are made from durable twill, while others have faux leather material. Decide wisely which type of fabric you want for your living space. Would you prefer easy to maintain material like the faux leather? Or, you rather have something with a breathable feature. Here are some of the choices:

  • Memory foam

Most futons are now made from premium quality memory foam material. This material provides maximum comfort to the user. Its memory foam has the ability to contour and adjust to the body shape of the user, which makes it a suitable sleeping surface.

  • Natural fabrics

Another type of fabric to consider is derived from organic material such as pure cotton, wool or bamboo-based foam. The biggest advantage of going natural is the safety of the user. Since no harsh chemicals or agents have been used, no possibility of negative effects will happen to the user. And, natural fabrics have also added features that aren’;t found on other materials such as breathability, hypoallergenic and quality airflow.

  • Polyester

If you are short of funds to buy an expensive futon, then, opt for polyester made futon. This material is a lot cheaper when compared to faux leather, cotton or wool fabrics. And, when it comes to performance the polyester fabric is also comfortable.

  • Eco-friendly

As customers are becoming conscious of products they use in their households, more and more are choosing products that are environment-friendly. Futons are proved to be effective in reducing the carbon footprint emitted in our surroundings. For example, natural fabric made futon has no trace of chemicals, so it’;s considered safe, especially for households with smaller kids. When having to select from a bunch of brands, pick a futon that has CertiPUR-US certification. You may also check if the product has been awarded with Greenguard, meaning it has been produced in an eco-friendly facility.

  • Cover

The covering of your futon is a key factor in its performance. For example, if you want a futon that feels comfortable to sit, lounge or sleep on during warmer months, then, any futon brand with memory foam infusion or bamboo-based will make it more breathable. In case you prefer a futon that is easy to clean, a faux leather futon is the best option. The leather cover material doesn’;t absorb stain or accidental spillages, so cleaning may only require wiping it with a clean cloth.

  • Frames

The framework of a futon is at times overlooked. However, the type of frame that a futon has will affect its stability as well as durability in the long run.  Any brand with a heavy-duty metal frame is expected to provide stable support for sitting, lounging or sleeping. However, futons built from hardwood such as bamboo slats are also considered to be fairly durable. The final decision still depends on the customer’;s preference and budget.

  • Provision of varied positions

Futons offer multiple positions. Most of them provide customers easy to operate three positions, from sofa to lounger and sleeping bed and other futons come with two positions as a daytime sofa and sleeping surface at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the majority maintenance requirement of futons?

The majority maintenance requirement of a futon is cleaning. For futons with removable cover, one can easily toss it inside the washing machine, then, naturally air-dried or tumbled dried. In case you opted for a futon with upholstery made from leather or faux leather, simple wiping of moist cloth will do.

  • How to prevent the futon mattress from slipping?

It depends on the frame of the futon you will choose that may cause the mattress to slip or fall off the edge. I highly recommend you get a futon with install a protective mattress barrier to ensure it stays in place. You may also opt for a mattress with a cover that has an anti-slip feature.

  • Does the futon mattress have health benefits?

Many satisfied owners of futons claimed they experienced health benefits such as reduced back pain as well as improved body posture. For assurance the brand of futon you will buy will brings changes to your well being, check the manufacturer’;s mattress design and it complies with global standards on safety.


As futons become every household’;s solution to resolve lack of space, it’;s expected that demand will soar high and compel manufacturers to create more models. However, as more and more choices presented on potential buyers, the selection process tends to be tricky. If you want peace of mind that your chosen brand performs exceedingly well, read this guide for the best convertible futons. Use this opportunity to discover the perks of futons. They have been in the market for decades and continually providing effective space saving ideas for customers living in tight spaces or wish to achieve a minimalist look.

I do hope by the time you finish reading this article, you have finally found the best convertible futon. Don’;t just dwell on this idea of minimal living, claim it now and put into practice by ditching bulky furniture pieces that only perform one function.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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