Best Electric Heated Blankets Reviews For 2022

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Have you woken up on a winter night freezing and shivering because sometime during the night, your thermostat malfunctioned and the winter temperature dips even lower? Unless you want to pile on too many layers of clothes or blankets all over yourself in an often-futile attempt to stay warm and comfortable, you should start looking for the best electric heated blankets.

I don’;t know about you but I think electric heated blankets are a savior. They keep me warm and cozy at night without having to crank up my heater. It affords me huge money savings without compromising my comfort and safety. With a best warm blanket enveloping me, my sleep is better and I don’;t have to worry about hypothermia.

Investing in an electric heated blanket is a good step. Just make sure you get the best ones. This guide will help you narrow down your choices to the ones that will provide the benefits you are looking for.

10 Best Rated Electric Heated Blankets Reviews

1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket

This heated blanket from Sunbeam is available in different sizes and made from soft polyester material and quilted fleece surface. We recommend this blanket for anyone who wants a very soft heated blanket. Each side features 160 GSM, so you can be assured that it feels plush and comfortable.

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The compact controller that features 10 heat settings is compact and can be hidden or tucked away. You can also asset it to a 10-hour timer function. With its automatic shut-off function, users will get more peace of mind. The timer also works without a hitch. It does what it says to do.

This heated blanket delivers a good consistency of warmth. It senses when there are fluctuations in the temperature and brings it back to the set temperature to deliver the warmth that you prefer. For a reasonable price tag, it offers endless comfort. It’;s convenient as well because if it gets dirty, you can simply pop it in the washing machine. You can save money on dry cleaning because this is washer and dryer safe.

For an inexpensive blanket, it feels and looks sturdy. It doesn’;t fray easily. Just make sure that you avoid using it as an underblanket. This is more of an overblanket because the fabric is not as thick as the others.

  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Comes with a limited 5-year warranty
  • Control is responsive with writings that are easy to read even at night
  • Safe enough even for kids to use
  • Easy to clean as there is no need to take it to the dry cleaners
  • Various color options to match the design of your space
  • Not designed for hours of use
  • The blanket material is thin, so the wires can be easily felt

2. Car Cozy 2 – 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket

You don’;t have to waste so much fuel when going on a road trip just to keep your car comfortably warm. Bring a heated travel blanket with you like this one from Car Cozy. It’;s a travel blanket that can be plugged into a 12-volt outlet. Perfect for RV or boat use, this travel blanket provides just the right level of warmth. The cord is 7 inches long, just big enough to work in a small RV or boat.

2 11

This blanket weighs only a pound, which makes it light enough to bring with you no matter where you go. With its dimensions of 58 x 42 x 1 inches, it is large enough to accommodate 2 users.

It can give bigger heated blankets a run for their money when it comes to the quality of the material used. This one features a polyester fleece fabric that is soft to the touch. It has a quality feel to it and the seams are professionally stitched. Even when not plugged in, it still provides a good amount of warmth.

It comes with all the bells and whistles when it comes to safety features including a 30-45 minute timer, an auto shut-off function, and a reset button. It doesn’;t come with temperature settings like the standard heated blankets but it allows you to plug it up and heat it for as long as 45 minutes and then it stays warm for a long time.

This is a perfect emergency heating solution as well in case your heater gives out in the middle of the winter season. You can also bring this with you when tailgating or camping.

  • Three color choices to choose from
  • Soft fleece material that doesn’;t chafe the skin
  • Large enough for an adult or two children
  • Safe for children to use
  • Heats up easily
  • Retains its warmth long after you have unplugged it
  • Not sufficient for extremely freezing weather
  • You will need to get an adapter

3. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

Stay warm and cozy with this electric heated blanket that is completely made from micro-fleece material. It feels soft and plush and has a quality that makes you think you spent more than you really did. Inside the blanket, there are multiple wires that are thin and can’;t be felt easily. The material hides the wires but doesn’;t feel too bulky, which makes it a good travel companion.

3 11

The manufacturer made use of a patented low voltage technology that doesn’;t succumb to moisture and is pet-safe. Unlike others, this heated blanket does not give off EMFs. Needless to say, this is one of the safest electric heated blankets out there.

It doesn’;t come with upscale features, only a single control for its temperature, but it features a 10-hour shut off function for safety and convenience. The control also has a backlit display, so it is easier to see at night. This blanket comes in different sizes and colors that will work for your bedroom. It is safe to be cleaned in the washing machine and dryer using warm water and a low tumble dry setting.

If you are looking for an efficient heated blanket, look no further because this is the right choice. It doesn’;t use up more than 25 volts of energy. It’;s even cheaper to run than a bulb. The wires are also distributed evenly on all surfaces of the mattress, so you can experience consistent warmth. There are no hotspots that can make you uncomfortable.

  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Great customer service
  • Safe low voltage
  • Even and consistent heating functionality
  • Dual control feature
  • You need two different outlets for the dual control function
  • Shouldn’;t be tucked under the mattress

4. Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket

With 7 layers of micro flannel material, this is one of the thickest heated electric blanket you can get out there.  The premium material is impervious to pilling even when you machine-wash it or put it in the dryer. Just make sure you use a gentle cleaning cycle to preserve it and use tumble dry settings to prevent it from shrinking.

4 12

From end to end, the blanket is equipped with soft wires. They are firmly placed to prevent shifting when you sleep. It comes with dual controllers for the King and Queen sizes, so you can control either side of the bed. It is an ideal choice for people who will share the blanket with another person as it allows you to get different settings on both sides of the blanket.

The controls feature back lighting to make it easier to see at night. You can change the temperature to 8 different settings and program it to function for a maximum of 12 hours. It will automatically shut off when it is running for 10 hours to prevent overheating.

We like the generous 16-feet cord and think it’;s also a safety feature since it dispenses the need for an extension cord if you have an outlet that is far from the bed. You can choose from different sizes and different colors and patterns to suit your needs.

  • Has a nice heft to it
  • Thicker than many heated blankets out there
  • Gets really warm. Low setting will suffice
  • Does not require a long warm-up period
  • Great customer service
  • Stays in place
  • Controllers feel slightly flimsy and light, so the wires drag them upward
  • Not ideal for the budget-conscious

5. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is a mixture of good quality and price. But it looks more expensive than it really is with its thoughtful design. It is a reversible throw blanket. One side is made from Sherpa fleece material and one side is a mink fabric. You get to choose how warm or how soothing you want your throw blanket to be. The Sherpa side has 250 GSM while the Royal Mink side has 200 GSM, which gives this material a premium soft rating in Sunbeam’;s book.

5 11

You will like the substantial size of this throw blanket. With its 50 x 60 inches of size, even larger people can snuggle under it with ease. Share it with a loved one on those frigid nights. If it gets dirty and grimy later on, you can simply chuck it in the washer under a warm cycle and then tumble dry it.

Included in this blanket is the ELiteStyle II controller. It allows you to change the temperature to 3 different heat settings to effectively answer your heating needs. It boasts of ThermoFine technology on both sides, thereby providing consistent heat all the time. If the temperature changes during the night, it automatically changes along with it, so you can still get comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

The 3-hour automatic shut-off function is convenient and brings a lot of peace of mind. You don’;t need to buy an adapter as well or this as it is compatible with 110-120-volt outlets.

  • Top-notch and unbeatable softness
  • Affordable but good quality
  • Convenient shut-off function for forgetful people
  • Energy efficient
  • Has no trouble heating up quickly
  • Awkward placement of the electrical cord
  • Doesn’;t get as warm as most people want

6. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket 

This heated blanket comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes. It weighs just 8 pounds and makes use of microplush Sherpa fabric for a luxuriously soft surface. Even when not plugged in, it still imparts a considerable amount of heat. The Twin and Full sizes feature one controller while you get two with the larger sizes.

6 11

Incorporated in the heated blanket are thin wires that you won’;t notice are there unless you feel for them. They are positioned evenly throughout the blanket for consistent heating. It actually comes with an analog controller complete with 10 different heat settings. If you dislike the digital ones out there because they tend to use up more energy or they are difficult to see at night, you might like this one. Simply turn the dial and set it up to the temperature you want.

Despite the analog design of the controller, it’;s still just as advanced as the other heated blankets. This one has an auto shut-off timer function. You can also be assured that all of the blankets from Biddeford have undergone rigorous testing by a third party to make sure that it complies with all the standards for safety.

This blanket is also easy to care for. It is machine washable and can be dried in a dryer. If you experience anything wrong with it, use the 5-year warranty that it comes with.

  • Has thin wires that are not noticeable
  • Feels just like a regular blanket
  • Material still feels warm even when not plugged in
  • Has a good weight to it, beneficial in inducing a deeper sleep
  • Dual cords are convenient to use
  • Has an old-fashioned look to it that some people might not like
  • Plug sometimes escapes from the blanket

7. Serta | Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

A little bit expensive but still worth buying, this electric blanket from Serta has everything you are looking for in an electric blanket and more. Like most of the heated blankets out there, it is made from micro-plush fabric. Built-in the fabric are wires that work in heating up the blanket. These wires are thin and distributed evenly all over the blanket for a more effective heat transfer.

7 11

Serta makes use of a voltage technology that has been patented, so you know that it works and it is safe to use. It does not get damaged easily even when exposed to a little moisture. It’;s safe to use as well if you have pets who like to snuggle under the blanket with you.

The single control is fool-proof and easy to use. Once it reaches the 10-hour set limit, it will automatically shut off for safety. The screen is big enough to see the set numbers clearly. It also has a backlit display to make it easier to read at night.

Its zoned heating technology is convenient to use for couples with different preferences when it comes to heating. You can also safely pre-heat the blanket to warm up the bed if you prefer not to have it switched on while you sleep. It does retain the heat effectively.

Included in your purchase is a power supply box. It acts as an adapter that converts 120 volts supplied by most homes into low-voltage ones.

  • Heating function is gentle and even
  • Hard to feel the wires
  • Has an overall high-quality look and feel to it
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Great customer service
  • More expensive than the others
  • Doesn’;t have a sensor that might regulate the heat

8. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

A good mid-priced electric heated blanket, this one from SoftHeat pulls all the stops with their features. First, they make use of a low-voltage technology that allows the blanket to provide heat but without putting the user at risk of overheating. It functions in less than the 25 volts range. It’;s not just safe to use, it is also efficient, so you can run it for hours and not worry that you are consuming so much electricity.

8 10

The wires have been thoughtfully spaced out. Each thin wire is positioned 5 inches from each other to provide even heating all over the blanket. It eliminates the possibility of getting hot or cold spots. You will like how thin the wires are. You can still notice them if you look for them but they are nothing like the thick wires you can find in older electric blankets.

This heated blanket is also resistant to pilling. It is easy to clean and maintain, so you can use it for a long time. You can pre-set it to your preferred temperature and then pre-heat it while doing something else. Come back to a bed that has already been heated for you.

Like many of Perfect Fit’;s heated blankets, this one also has a dual-zone feature. You can have different temperatures set for both sides of the bed. No need to compromise with your bed partner.

  • Reasonable price
  • Gentle heating cycle, nothing too drastic
  • Even when set to low temperature, it still does its work
  • Comfortable and thick to soothe the body
  • Dual heating function is convenient to use
  • Great customer service
  • Watch out for the long cord because you can trip over it at night

9. Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket

Tired of the boring designs of electric blankets out there? Try this one from Thermee. It comes in different designs. You get to choose from modern colors and attractive prints to elevate the look of your bedroom.

9 9

You know sometimes you get nervous about putting electric blankets in the washer because they might get damaged? You don’;t have to worry about that with this. Its main strength is its easy-care functionality. It is resistant to wrinkles and can be washed with ease. It is also shrink and pill-resistant. It retains its color and print as well, so there are no worries that it will not last long.

Out of all the heated blankets we have seen, this one has the most well-designed controller. It is easy to set its temperature, which allows you to change it to 8 different settings. You can also control how long it will work with its 12-hour programmable timer. Its automatic shut-off feature will kick off once it reaches your pre-set temperature.

It is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. For the bigger sizes, you will get dual controllers. The thin wires embedded in its 7 layers of fabric offers even heating. The wires also stay in place.  The 16-foot cord is convenient because it prevents the need for extension cords.

  • Has a heavy feel to it
  • It gets quite warm. No need to set it to a high temperature
  • Great for people living in colder places
  • Long warranty is included
  • Retains heat well and distributes heat all over the blanket
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Controller is sometimes hard to push
  • More expensive than the others

10. Tefici Electric Blanket Heated Throw

Snuggle up in this heated throw while binge-watching your favorite TV show. It is big enough to envelop an average-sized person comfortably. It provides relief to the entire body, so if you are tired from working all day, use this as a therapeutic treatment.

10 9

This 50 x 60-inch of flannel heated throw has a nice design that will work for your living room settings. It weighs just 3.85 pounds and comes complete with one controller. You can plug it into a 120V outlet.

You will like how efficient this blanket is. It automatically shuts off after 4 hours of continuous heating. It also comes with an elongated controller that allows you to set its temperature to 3 different settings. You can choose from low, medium or high setting. We think the high setting is sufficient in keeping you warm during those frigid days and great in soothing tired muscles. Set it to low if you are snuggling with your pet. The wires integrated into it are resistant to twisting. That means you can position the blanket over yourself any way you like.

This is a great blanket to use for traveling as well. Give this as a gift to friends and family. No need to worry about maintenance because this can be machine-washed. It holds its own when it comes to durability as it doesn’;t pill or shrink easily.

  • Large enough to accommodate the entire body
  • Heats up fast and retains its heat
  • Distributes heat all over the body effectively
  • Soft to the touch. Nice to use even when not plugged in
  • Stays on for only 4 hours a downside if you prefer it to function all night
  • Some complained about the static

How Do Electric Heated Blankets Work

If you are going to own an electric heated blanket, you should know how exactly it works. First, let’;s take a look at its composition. Because these are blankets, they are made from the same materials we enjoy with a typical blanket. The difference is that these blankets have been integrated with wires.

The wired internal components of the blanket are responsible for heating it up. These wires connect to a plug. You plug it in an outlet and set the temperature to heat up the coil wires inside.

Each of the interconnected wires inside is wrapped in a plastic cover that is heat resistant for safety. Most brands of electric heated blankets come with a small controller where you can set the temperature level. Don’;t worry about safety because the materials used for the actual fabric are either acrylic or polyester or a combination of both. These are fire-proof materials that are still capable of transferring heat.

What’;s the Difference Between an Electric Heated Blanket and Heated Throw?

When going shopping for an electric heated blanket, you will inevitably come across heated throws that basically function the same way. They are both designed and created for the purpose of imparting warmth to the users. But how are these two products different? Which one should you get?

13 7

Electric heated blankets are primarily a part of the bedding. You use it over your bed. Some people like to wrap themselves in their heated blanket and keep it turned on for the rest of the night while others prefer putting it on their bed to warm it up and then turn the heated blanket off once they have achieved their preferred level of warmth. Because of this purpose, heated blankets tend to be available in the same sizes as mattresses. You can buy a Twin, Full, Queen or best King-sized heated banket.

A heated throw, on the other hand, functions the same way as a heated blanket, but on a smaller scale. Heated throws are smaller and often used as a blanket while watching TV. It can be placed on top of a sofa or a chair to heat up the chair before sitting on it. It is big enough to cover the body while you do leisurely activities such as read a book or binge-watch your favorite TV show. They can be decorative as well. Drape it over your sofa when you are done using it.

Heated throws do not come in standard sizes as well. The size of these products will depend on the manufacturer. If you are looking for a specific size that will work for your height, you need to check the manufacturer’;s specifications first. It’;s not a bad idea to get a big one for home use and a smaller one that you can bring with you when traveling. You never know when you might need that extra heat source.

Who Needs an Electric Blanket?

Virtually anyone can benefit from an electric blanket this winter. If you don’;t like getting cold but you also hate having too many layers of clothes on you while you sleep, an electric blanket is a good addition to your bedding.

I also recommend getting one if you want to cut down your electricity bill. Having a heated electric blanket draped around you while you sleep reduces the need to lower down your thermostat. This offers huge savings when it comes to your electricity bill.

People suffering from inflammation and joint soreness such as those who have arthritis may also benefit from having an electric blanket. The cold temperature in the winter often exacerbates the chronic pain experienced by many arthritis sufferers. Using an electric blanket can help you sleep better and can help in managing the pain.

Those who live in a poorly-insulated house can also find relief from the use of electric blankets. If your house doesn’;t have good insulation but you can’;t afford to have it renovated yet, you can keep yourself comfortable in the winter by using a heated blanket while you sleep. Older houses tend to have drafts coming in because there are parts of the home that have not been insulated properly.

Having a heated electric blanket also comes handy in case your heater breaks down. You never know when your old heater might start acting up.

Types of Electric Blankets

Once you have decided to get yourself an electric blanket, you need to first identify the different types of it out in the market. You will come across these types of electric blankets today:

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  • Underblanket

Just like what its name suggests, an electric underblanket is used just like bedding. It sits under you and covers the mattress area. You can lay it on top of your mattress and lie over it. Underblankets come in different sizes. You can buy the size that matches the size of your bed.

What is great about an underblanket is that it works seamlessly with your mattress. It heats up the surface of your bed, so your back gets in close contact with the heat. It’;s ideal for people suffering from back pain.

This type of electric blanket is usually fixed to the mattress with the help of straps or ties. It also comes in different types of fabrics including fleece and polyester for more comfort and warmth. However, you will have to get an additional bottom sheet for added protection.

  • Overblanket

An overblanket is the one that you use as a normal blanket. You snuggle under it or take it with you in front of the TV when watching your favorite series. It can be placed under or inside your duvet cover as well.

What makes this a better choice over the underblanket is that this blanket envelopes your body, so it provides consistent warmth. It distributes heat better, which can improve the quality of your sleep. This also comes in different sizes that will match the dimensions of your duvet or your mattress.

  • Heated mattress protector

This is a fitted blanket that functions in the same way as an underblanket. The difference is that the skirt is elastic, so you don’;t have to tie it to the bed. The wiring also doesn’;t extend to the pillow area. It can also be used as a regular fitted sheet since it doesn’;t have to be turned on all the time.

  • Heated throw

As mentioned earlier, a heated throw is a smaller blanket that is just big enough to cover an average person’;s body. You can use this to warm the lower part of your body while you sit on the couch to read or watch a good show. They are also decorative, so you can find these heated throws in different materials and colors. You don’;t need to hide it if you are not using it. Just drape it over your couch to act as a regular throw.

What Features to Look for When Buying an Electric Heated Blanket

To make sure you are buying the right electric heated blanket that is suitable for your needs, make sure you take the following features into consideration:

12 7

  • Multiple temperature settings

Some days are colder and other days are not as frigid. If your electric heated blanket only comes with a few settings, it can be difficult to set it to a temperature that is right for you. Today, you can find electric heated blankets with 10 or more temperature settings. These allow users to increase the temperature a degree or two higher or lower, so there are no drastic changes.

  • Material used

Who wants to use an electric heated blanket that feels rough? Your two best options are fleece and polyester microfiber cloth. Some brands use both. Sherpa fleece is a thick material that is capable of injecting warmth to the user, so you most likely won’;t need to increase the temperature setting of your heated blanket. It is soft and comfortable. Polyester microfiber fleece is also comfortable but not as smooth as fleece. There are some people who prefer a blanket that isn’;t too smooth.

If you can’;t decide, get both. There are products that combine both fabrics. One side uses fleece while the other makes use of polyester. You can use one side or the other depending on your mood and preferences.

  • Wire thickness

As you know, heated blankets are embedded with wires. You are practically sleeping on top of wires if you opt for the underblanket ones or draping wires all over you with the overblanket ones. The good news is, many modern heated blankets now come with very thin, barely imperceptible wires. Choose these heated blankets, so you can sleep without feeling any wire protruding from the blanket.

  • Energy-saving features

Most of the blankets sold today are already energy efficient. However, you can still go the extra mile by comparing their energy efficiency. Check out the specifications of the product and see how much energy they consume.

  • Automatic shut-off feature

For your safety, go for the electric heated blankets that automatically shut off in case it reaches a certain level of heat. This is to prevent overheating, which is usually the cause of fires. An automatic shut-off feature will also keep your mind at ease. You can get more peace of mind knowing that your blanket will not catch fire while you are sleeping.

  • Dual-zone temperature functionality

Got a bed partner? You might want to consider buying a heated blanket with dual-zone controls. This comes with two different sets of controls. If you have a different heating preference with that of your bed partner, you can set your side of the bed with the heat settings you prefer and your bed partner can do the same. You can save yourself from hypothermia while saving your relationship as well. No more fighting over how hot the blanket should be!

  • Warranty

Look for a product that has about 5 years of warranty or more. Since there are electronic parts in your blanket and this product doesn’;t come cheap, you would want to make sure that the manufacturer will back it up in case you encounter problems with it.

  • Timer

The best heated blankets out there are the ones where you can set your preferred time. If you like to snuggle under a heated blanket for an hour or two to completely fall asleep, you can set it to work on that specific time before shutting off. That way, you don’;t have to remember to turn it off or accidentally sleep and forget that you need to turn it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about electric heated blankets with these frequently asked questions:

  • How much does it cost to run an electric heated blanket?

The average heated blanket can use up to 200 watts of electricity depending on how you set it. Heated blankets come in different levels of heating. If you use it for 10 hours, you will consumption 2 kW-h of energy. The projected consumption per day is between 15 and 30 cents. Again, this will depend on where you live. Some states have more expensive electricity. But when buying, do check out the specifications on energy consumption to know how much it can add up to your electricity bill.

  • Is it alright to leave electric blankets on all night?

Experts generally recommend using electric blankets only as a way to warm up the cold bed before hitting the sack. You can also use it while you are awake if you still need to read a good book before sleeping. Don’;t worry though because modern heated blankets are safe to use and made from durable and fire-resistant materials. However, for safety reasons, it is better to turn it off before sleeping.

  • Can heated blankets catch on fire?

In the past, heated blankets have a tendency to catch on fire because they don’;t have an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent overheating. However, these are the heated blankets produced before 2001. Modern heated blankets are now safer to use and come with a variety of safety functions.

  • Are heated blankets safe for pets?

What if you have pets who like to snuggle in bed with you? Good news to fur parents because heated blankets are safe for pets. However, there are also heated blankets designed for them. Since they already have fur, your preferred setting might be too warm for them. Try setting it to a lower temperature if you sleep with your pets.


An electric heated blanket is a lifesaver during those days when your heater isn’;t enough or you just want to save some money on your electricity bills. It is less costly to run compared to putting your heater on full blast. It’;s also nice to snuggle in while doing leisurely activities like reading a book or watching TV. You can use this to relax and soothe your tired and aching muscles after a long day of work. If you don’;t have one yet, now is a good time to go out there and find the best electric heated blankets that have the features that will benefit you.

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