Best Futon Frame Reviews 2020 (Updated)

Futon frames form the base on which the mattress is placed. These support the weight of the mattress and anyone lying on it. This is why it is important to consider the material used to make these frames. To find out the best futon frame for your home, it is important to take into consideration the size, design, and type of futon frame that is most compatible with your needs. This allows you to plan ahead, so you place these stylish, multi-purpose, and space-saving pieces of furniture in the right spot.

The most common materials that futon frames are made from are usually based on wood or steel or a combination of both. Both of these types of materials are sturdy, and they can be made stylish to suit the needs for functionality and aesthetics. These are important factors to consider when choosing the best frame for your home. Although convenience, flexibility, and the bed’s ability to convert are also vital.

10 Best Rated Futon Frame Reviews

1. DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame

Stylize your living space with the DHP Aiden Futon Frame. Not only does it provide comfort and style with its round arms and quality, metal mesh frame, but it is also versatile to work with all types of furnishings. Apart from black, the Aiden is also available in brown or tan and can fit a 6-inch premier or 8-inch deluxe futon mattress.

best futon frame

The frame is designed to allow quick and easy conversion, turning from a sofa into a comfortable full-sized bed and vice versa. When it comes to ease of functionality and flexibility, the Aiden is the ultimate choice to suit your comfort and style!

Why choose DHP Futons? They have been in the futon industry for over 25 years. Having been in the industry that has long given them an edge in manufacturing boasting both style and functionality in various price range that can cater to customer needs and budget. DHP Futons boast multifunction conversion in seconds. Assembly is quick and easy with no expertise required.

  • Modern design featuring a contemporary low seating design able to complement any type of furnishing
  • 3-in-1 convertible design that allows quick and easy transformation from a sofa to a lounger, to a full-size bed. Retainer clips are included to prevent the mattress from sliding
  • Sturdy metal frame construction ensures optimal support and durability
  • Both mattress options are comfortable and relatively firm
  • A product of a trusted manufacturer that offers great customer support when technical assistance is needed regarding their products
  • The 8-inch mattress might be too thick to fold easily into a couch
  • Exposure to high humidity climate or areas will make metal parts susceptible to rusts and damage to the paint job due to moisture

2. Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame

The full-sized Westfield futon frame greets you with warmth and generous comfort, with its easy going elegance in a harmonious custom finish. It has natural wood grains to give it authenticity, and its vintage nature gives it a sense of style. It comes with a full, robust, heavy-duty wooden futon frame with finished seats and back decks that are built to last and to showcase its elegant design to add interest in your room.

futon frame reviews

The Westfield can easily change into a full-size futon sofa bed, lounger, or sofa. The sturdy frame, built with meticulous precision and attention to detail, highlights an anti-slip tool to ensure safety in its use. This convertible feature allows you to flexibly adjust to situations such as friends coming over to hang out or to sleep, and you need an extra bed to make them feel comfortable sleeping.

With dimensions of 81″W x 32″ D x 33.5″H while on full-size sofa mode and 81″W x 54″ D x 24.75″H while on full-size bed mode, you can position the Westfield virtually anywhere in your home due to its adaptable size and orientation.

  • Compatible with full-size futon mattresses with dimensions of 54″ x 75.”
  • The environmentally-friendly futon frames utilize only hardwoods from sustainable plantations to guarantee durability lasting for a very long time.
  • Exclusive 5-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty to give you peace of mind and assurance.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Conversion between sofa, lounger, and bed mode is super easy.
  • Requires the mattress to be removed when converting from bed mode to coach mode.
  • It might be challenging to find a mattress that would perfectly complement the Queen size futon frame, considering the bed comes with a separate purchase.

3. Kodiak Furniture Queen Monterey Wood Futon Frame

Create a welcoming ambiance in your living room with the Kodiak Furniture Monterey futon frame. The frame, built with solid wood, is sturdy and will last for a long time. As with other futon frames in the market, this is easy to handle and move around. You can change its orientation ranging from modes of sofa, bed, and lounger.

wooden futon bed frame

The Monterey transform ability is due to metal brackets and superior finish allowing for smooth transitions between different modes. Only solid hardwood is used for the wooden frame to ensure sturdiness and durability. The espresso paint finish gives it an organic yet solid metallic-like look to provide a refreshing accent or contrast to your living space.

With dimensions of 79″ L x 37″ D x 33″ H, the Monterey is slightly smaller than other full-size futon frames, making it more manageable to position to your liking. This also means it is easier to assemble with only a moderate amount of floor space. Not only is Monterey quick to move around and adapt to your various needs, and it is also that flexible to fit in a modest living space, so you don’t need a larger room to assemble and use it.

  • Compared to other futon frame models, assembling the Monterey is a fast and easy ordeal.
  • A bang for your buck that boasts both quality and durability
  • Its smaller size compared to other futon frame counterparts makes it a better alternative when you consider the amount of space you want to save or utilize in your living room
  • Beautiful, quality wooden frame
  • Easier to position and adjust to your liking
  • Slightly pricier than other models
  • It takes two people to lock it in from a bed to a sofa.

4. Spacely Frame Futon Lounger

The Spacely Frame Futon Lounger is a versatile piece of furniture that can cater to any living space condition. Dimensions for the Spacely Frame are 80″ long x 32″ front to back x 5-6″ top to bottom for the bed form, 66″ x 33″ x 31″ for the coach form, and 72″ x 33″ x 31″ for the lounger form.

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The Spacely Frame is flexible and compact, so it could easily fit inside a college dorm, so you do not have to worry about carrying a full-sized bed up a flight of stairs. You can also use this as your all-in-one furniture for your studio bedroom apartment, allowing you to save valuable floor space.

It is also so stylish in design that it would look good in a guest room, so it doesn’t have any difficulty fitting in aesthetically. You don’t need to fret about friends coming over and finding a spot for them to lounge or even sleep on. This all-around futon frame has got you covered, especially for these times!

One thing that sets the Spacely Frame apart from its competitors is that it has two armrests that can be independently adjusted from each other to use as a headboard to suit how you want to lie down on the mattress. You can adjust these to your liking, whether you want them raised or uneven, the choice is up to you. It is an all-around piece of equipment that doesn’t compromise on style over functionality.

  • Adjustable armrests on either side can serve as the headboard when lying down while in its mattress form
  • Furnished with an elegant and versatile design that can fit it in any living space
  • It is so compact and easy to move around and doesn’t require a lot of floor space
  • Sturdy metal frame with an elegant paint finish
  • Has a deceptively simplistic design but multi-purpose functionality
  • It’s quite tricky to find a matching mattress and pillow to complement the design, particularly the adjustable armrests that can also serve as headboards since those come as separate purchases
  • It is smaller compared to other futon frame models

5. DHP Nadine Metal Futon Frame

The DHP Nadine Metal Futon Frame has a simplistic style, but it does not compromise on function. It has a sleek design emphasizing flared wooden arms and sturdy metal frame construction that carefully balances the use of both metal and wood components for style and functionality.

metal futon frame

The Nadine futon frame can quickly transform from a sofa into a bed, adding style to any living space with its simplistic yet elegant design that doubles down on saving you money and providing your guests the warmth and comfort of your hospitality.

The Nadine futon frame is capable of supporting a 6-inch or 8-inch futon mattress thanks to its sturdy metal frame, allowing you the option to use a thicker and more comfortable mattress. It has a sofa dimension for 81.5″ L x 41″ W x 28.5″ H and bed dimension of 81.5″ L x 51″ W x 10″ H making it versatile when choosing for mattress options to go with it. It also comes with a non-slide mattress retainer clip to hold the mattress in place and prevent them from slipping while in sofa form. When it comes to relaxation, there is no need to compromise for your comfort.

  • Non-bulky stylish metal frame design
  • Sleek, comfortable wooden armrests with a beautiful paint finish
  • Good quality for what it’s worth
  • Equipped with metal retainer clips to keep the mattress in place at all times
  • Sturdy enough to hold a thicker mattress for optimal comfort
  • Much harder to assemble compared to other similar products
  • Has difficulty supporting 8-inch mattresses in the long term

6. Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Queen Futon Frame

Complete your living space with multiple features to suit your style of comfort with the Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Queen Futon Frame. It has a solid classic hardwood frame with Mission style armrests. The wooden frame is durable and sturdy, just what you’d expect from hardwood components. Due to this, it can hold thick futon mattresses pretty well. It even does a better job than some metal futon frame products because of the durability of its construction.

queen futon frame wood

The appeal of the Phoenix futon frame’s simple wooden appearance makes it blend well with floors and brightly colored walls. It complements the ambiance of a bright-colored room, which encourages productivity and relaxation. Whether you want to relax or be productive, this piece of versatile furniture can surely fit in whatever purpose you’d choose it for.

The Phoenix is a unique and versatile queen-sized futon frame that can easily be converted from a couch to a bed, and vice versa. It has a dimension of 86″ L x 37″ D x 36″ H, which is perfect to fit any thick queen size futon mattress for your comfort needs.

  • Well-built frame durable enough to hold even an 8″ thick mattress with no issues
  • More straightforward to assemble compared to other wooden frame products
  • No specialized tools are necessary for assembly
  • Easy conversion between forms
  • Lacquered armrests give it a nice smooth touch
  • The foldable arm table isn’t included in the product
  • It is heavier than other models, and it also takes up a lot of floor space because of its bigger frame

7. DHP Vermont Metal Futon Frame

The DHP Vermont classic design metal futon frame is the ideal and natural alternative to a pull-out couch in any living room. It has beautifully rounded metal arms for ease of comfort that can also serve as handles when moving this piece of furniture around to whichever spot you see fit.

black metal futon frame

Due to its smaller size and lighter weight, this frame enables you to save precious floor space when used as a couch during the day and even when you to convert it to a bed at night. Despite its smaller size, it can also support up to 600 lbs in weight thanks to metal slats that provide additional support in carrying weight.

The product dimension of the Vermont is 76″ L x 39″ D x 32.5″, which is the standard futon size, making it easier for you to find and pick a mattress compatible with it. Futon frame products do not usually include them, so you will have to get them as a separate purchase. Having the ability to find a mattress to go with your futon frame easily saves you the hassle and even allows you more options to choose from.

  • Compact and saves a lot of floor space
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Two retainer clips are provided to prevent the mattress from sliding
  • Equipped with wide track arms to provide optimal support, comfort, and proper armrest
  • Easier to find a standard-size mattress compatible with the frame
  • It does not fold easily, and it requires at least two people to convert it from a bed to a couch
  • Harder to assemble compared to other products of the same size

8. Monterey Futon Frame in Barbados Finish

The simplistic design of the Kodiak Futons Monterey Futon Frame creates the impression of a well-defined space. Its elegant wooden finish can complement any room, making it a piece of versatile furniture that accents your space. The classic solid hardwood frame of the Monterey may look plain because of its lack of flashiness, but sometimes simple designs prove to be the best option because they can fit in virtually any type of space.

wood frame futon with mattress

The Monterey has a dimension of 79″ L x 37″ W x 33″ H with a weight of 90 pounds due to a solid hardwood frame. It is guaranteed to hold the weight of a futon mattress provided it can fit the frame and you. The advantage of solid hardwood frames compared to some metal frames is their superior durability. Some metal frame builds use hollow metal tubes as components, and they are prone to bending from the sheer load of what they are supporting while solid wooden frames are surely sturdier.

Overall, the simple yet sturdy construction of the Monterey gives it an edge even against its flashier-looking competitors. And as far as durability goes, it takes the cake because this piece of furniture will stay with you for a long, long time.

  • Limited One Year Warranty for that ease of mind
  • Solid hardwood frame built to last
  • Have a stylish finish to complement virtually any living space
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and has a high weight capacity
  • Challenging to convert back to a couch and it may require at least two people to do so
  • Taking it apart to move it from one location to another can be quite a hassle

9. Coaster Home Furnishings Futon Frame

The Coaster Home Furnishings futon frame can be easily mistaken for a sofa frame. It has a stable and supportive angled back. The mattress support frame is designed as a row of vertical lines to provide optimal support. This offers better weight support compared to the typical designs that use a column of fewer horizontal lines to support the weight of the mattress. So, it’s not just a design to make it look more stylish, but also for better functionality.

wood futon frame full size

The wooden frame of this 85″ L x 54″ W x 33.5″ H piece of furniture is constructed from solid wood, making it durable and heavy-duty. Even the broad and comfortable armrests have more supporting pillars of solid wood to support the weight of whatever rests on top of it. A single glance can tell you that this is a well-built wooden frame that can last you a lifetime.

The Coaster Home Furnishing futon frame overall design weighs between simplicity and elegance but perfectly complemented with a dirty oak paint finish to give it an antique yet brand new look. It’s perfect for any dark or bright ambiance, making it an ideal piece for almost any living space.

  • High weight limit as expected of sturdy solid wood construction
  • The stylish paint finish that goes well with any room lighting and color
  • Guaranteed durability that can last for a long time
  • Broader armrests usually equate to a comfier experience
  • Assembly isn’t too difficult
  • Has a noticeable woody smell that could last for a week or two
  • More fragile compared to other wooden frame models

10. DHP Henley Metal Arm Futon Frame

The DHP Henley Metal Arm futon frame sports a design to keep up with the modern era. The design isn’t exactly revolutionary. You could say it is more practical and functional that easily pairs up with modern interiors. The Henley is designed to hold a thicker mattress, enabling you to enjoy a higher level of comfort. This also means that the Henley’s all-metal futon frame is sturdy enough to be able to support that weight and ensure a lot of stability. It is also equipped with metal clips to prevent the mattress from slipping, and two small opposing metal bars stand below to support even more weight.

black metal futon frame

The sleek black sturdy metal design gives off an intellectual or corporate vibe. Gray mattresses are the go-to color to match the Henley and, when you think about it, there’s something about black and grey that makes everything else look tidy. If you’re looking for that kind of ambiance and aesthetics, this is a match made for you.

The low-profile 76.5″ L x 35″ W x 28.5″ H frame of the Henley even allows you to move it quickly from one place to another. Whether it’s in your bedroom or home office, this futon frame can virtually fit anywhere as either your couch or your bed.

  • Modern and low-profile design that blends well with any home interior
  • Sturdy all-metal frame
  • Easy to convert from bed to sofa and vice versa
  • Ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms and studio apartments
  • Equipped with metal clips to prevent slipping
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Metal parts may bend over time depending on the weight it has to support

Different types of Futon Frames

There are several types of futon frames available. Inspired by traditional Japanese futon, which was created to save space, futon frames out in the market get their inspiration from that very concept. Different futon frames also have multiple designs, and each one has different uses and benefits.

  • Bifold Futon Frames

The bifold futon is the most common futon frame type available on the market. This type has the mattress folded in half on top of the frame. The frame then folds down to a flat position when converting it into bed form for sleep.

It comes in different sizes, such as the usual full and queen sizes, and it is a popular choice for couch use and everyday bed conversion. Conversion is relatively easy for this frame type provided you’re not using excessively thick mattresses, which can make it harder to convert from one form to another.

  • Loveseat Futon frames

The Loveseat futon frame is designed to fit where there may be inadequate wall space. Loveseat sizes are available in twin, full, and queen sizes. This futon frame type can also be converted as a lounger, equipped with a small deck you can pull out beneath it to elevate your legs.

Aside from already taking up less floor space compared to a trifold frame, it also allows you to use a thicker mattress without taking up even more floor space. This means that aside from being built to be sturdy, this is the most efficient frame type to maximize your available space, but it also enjoys the benefits of both the Bifold frame and the Trifold Frame.

  • Trifold Futon Frame

Like the Loveseat futon frame, the Trifold Futon frame is also built to save space. This frame folds the mattress into three connected pieces, which you can freely adjust to your liking. This covers the back section, the seat section, and the ottoman section.

Only thin mattresses can be used on trifold futon frames due to the fact it is slightly more difficult to convert between modes among the three frame types. Nonetheless, this type is popular to use in small spaces, and it offers more options on how you’d want to relax in comfort.

What to Consider When Buying a Futon Frame

When planning to purchase a futon frame, you have several things to consider so you can decide which would be the perfect one for your living space. You should be prepared to weigh in all the advantages and disadvantages when choosing the right one.

  • Cost

This is the first thing that most people consider when purchasing an item. It all comes down to an item’s price. Would you risk picking a cheaper model due to a limited budget, or would you invest more in an expensive model that could guarantee you a lifetime and your money’s worth? More affordable models aren’t necessarily bad options, but you need to be more meticulous with the details so you can choose one that could rival the worth of a more expensive model.

  • Floor Space

The concept of futon frames is based on the idea of saving space for your home, and that’s what traditional Japanese futons are all about. The average conventional Japanese home is modestly-sized, so they have limited floor space to place their furniture on. It is a given that you don’t want to acquire a piece of furniture that exceeds your living space.

With that said, you’d also want to spare yourself the ordeal of cramping your stuff together in a limited space. Hence, it is essential you should always measure your available floor space and research the available sizes and the corresponding dimensions of the futon frame before you make a purchase.

  • Ease of Conversion

Traditional Japanese futons are thin mattresses placed on the floor to be used for sleeping. They can easily be rolled up and stored away when not used during the day and then spread out again to be used at night.

New futon frames borrow the idea of an easily-convertible piece of furniture that can transform into a couch during the day then turn into a bed to be used for sleeping at night. Of course, comfort shouldn’t outweigh your ability to convert the furniture from one form to another quickly, so you should take convenience a significant consideration.

  • Comfort

Aside from a futon frame’s ability to save space and conveniently convert from a sofa to a bed, one of the most important things you should never compromise on is comfort. Regardless of what form your furniture is currently assuming, you should always feel comfortable when using it, or else it will forfeit its purpose.

  • Design and Aesthetics

Futon frames are also part of the room’s decor. As such, you should also consider what design goes well with your living room and decide if it fits with the ambiance and overall feel of your room. Consider what color of mattress goes well with your futon frame as well.

  • Build and Functionality

Decide on what you intend to use your furniture mainly on. Is it mostly going to sit there as a sofa? Will you use it more as a bed? Although futon frames can be converted from one form to another, one way would always be used more than the rest.

Aside from what forms you’re planning to use your furniture on, you also have to decide how thick you’d want your mattress to be. By selecting how thick your choice is, you need to consider what material you wish your frame to be.

Thinner mattresses generally go well with metal frames, while thicker mattresses go with wooden frames. You need to be careful because you don’t want to end up destroying your futon frame by overloading it with a load beyond what it can handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which material is better for futon frames? Wood or metal?

It all depends on the quality of materials used. Some manufacturers utilize hollow metal rods or pipes in the overall skeleton of the frame. Not only would this make the frame lighter and more manageable to move around, but it would also reduce their weight capacity because the metal structure is not solid enough to hold a heavier weight.

Frames that use this type are usually cheaper. On the other hand, some manufacturers use expensive solid hardwood in the construction of their futon frame products. These products are heavy-duty and are generally sturdier than their metal counterparts.

  • Can I use any futton mattress of the same measurements as my futon frame?

Make sure to give some allowance for the frame. You don’t want to press the mattress too much against the armrests. As a general rule, always have the foresight to decide based on what you currently have available. If you already have a mattress, then find a futon frame that is compatible with it both in design and functionality.

If you already have a futon frame but don’t have a mattress yet, then pick one that goes well with it but also take into consideration the weight capacity of your frame. You don’t want to use a mattress that could potentially break your futon frame the moment you sit on it or lie down. If you don’t have both of them available, then you can look for futon frames with a matching mattress included in the purchase to save yourself the hassle.

  • How much weight can a futon frame hold?

Both full-size and queen size futon frames can support the weight of two average people. But to be on the safe side, you can always check for the product information. Some sturdy futon frames can hold up to 600 pounds in weight.


There are several factors to consider when buying a futon frame. Some people prioritize one thing above all else, and this could either be space, budget, comfort, functionality, design, or lifespan. Different people have different needs, but one thing is for sure that everyone would agree with – the item’s price must be worth it.

However, if a product has the edge over several categories you are looking for in your ideal futon frame, then that is the one for you. It is also important to note that despite a product being described as sturdy and durable, you should always take good care of it regardless and do not try to exceed its weight limit when using it.