Best Queen Size Futon Reviews 2020 (Top Picks With Ultimate Comparison)

The futon has a very interesting history. Having been a favorite of the Japanese, they used to spread it on the floor for sleeping. In the morning, they would roll it up and stow it away until nighttime. They did not use it because it had any special benefit (apart from flexibility), but history has it that they did not use beds and they did not know of any ergonomic benefits associated with beds. Today’s futon has gotten much better. It is more comfortable, many are made with hypoallergenic materials and they are quite durable. They also come in many sizes. Thus, if you are looking for a king, twin, twin XL or the best queen size futon, you have come to the right place.

With so many of them in the market, you will be spoilt for choice. However, when choosing one, don’t be in a hurry. Select a futon that is going to last a long time in superb condition.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Rated Queen Size Futons

With so many brand names in the market, it can be quite hard to choose good queen size futon. In this section, you will see 10 of the best of them all, their features and benefits. That way, when you order yours, you are not going to buy blindly. Unlike the best Japanese futon which was just a mattress, here, we will look at futon frames with mattresses and in some instances, a few futon mattresses.

1. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

If you are looking for a queen size futon for a small living space, the DHP Emily Futon couch bed meets that need perfectly. It has a modern design, great style and looks that will embellish the décor of every space where you set it in. It is built to last with features such as chrome metal legs and a split back.

Best Queen Size Futon

The futon cushions come attached to the frame. Thus, when you are done sleeping on it in the morning, just fold it up and convert it to a sofa. The conversion from folding to spreading is so easy and effortless.

Assemblage is also so easy and in a few minutes, you should be done since you only need to screw the legs and that takes about 20 minutes. Some of the cover materials that you get with this futon include linen, which comes in the navy and gray colors. There is also faux leather, which comes in black and vanilla colors.

You not only get a queen-sized space for sleeping, but you also get to share it with your spouse. With an overall weight rating of 600 pounds, this futon meets most sleeping needs for people living in small apartments. You may also use it in a guest room and convert it into a beautiful couch in the morning.

  • Makes a nice couch for any living room
  • The back of this futon is adjustable, so you can increase the recline as you want
  • The price is good considering all the features
  • It is firm and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble even if you are not very good with your hands
  • Some customers have complained about poor response from DHP
  • The foam padding could be thicker for more comfort

2. Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set – Queen Size

The combination of the wood and the thick mattress give this futon a rustic touch. It can do justice to any living room where you set it in. When you use it as a queen bed, it measures 86 by 60 by 23.3 inches (LxWxH). When you fold it up to use it as a sofa, it measures 86 by 32 by 36 inches (LxWxH). It also has an arm that is 23.3 inches high, making it the most beautiful sofa that you can use at home.

Queen Size Futon Reviews

Every feature of this futon set is high quality. The wood part is made with solid hardwood that has been harvested from sustainable plantations. The frame is designed in such a way that it converts into a sofa and a bed when convenient.

However, you may also convert it to a lounger when you just want to hang out with friends. The quality of the finishing for the wooden part is very good. Whether you have a small apartment or a large country room, this futon will look right at home.

For comfort, you get a mattress that is all of 8 inches thick. It may feel plush to the push, but this mattress is very supportive. It has been designed with 4 layers of foam (high density) and it also has poly-cotton multi layer. The kind of support that you get from this mattress is soft/firm.

To get more use out of this futon, the arms prop up and make nice side tables where you can place your mug of tea or your book. This kind of versatility is not easy to find in other futons. It endears the piece to many homeowners.

  • Has a nice microfiber cover that is easy to clean
  • The interior of the mattress does not lump or shift
  • Durability thanks to the hardwood frame and high quality mattress and cover
  • Comfortable for use as a couch as it is for use as a bed
  • The instructions for assemblage are easy to follow
  • The mattress and frame are shipped individually, so there is no guarantee they will arrive at the same time
  • Takes quite some time to assemble – up to 4 hours

3. Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon

The combination of wood arms and the high quality metal frame makes this futon desirable. In the daytime, it converts to a very nice couch and in the night, it converts to a comfortable bed with a nice mattress. Talking about conversion, this bed is easy to maneuver. Whether you are folding it or spreading it, it never gets stuck. For assemblage, you get a user manual with pictorial instructions, which are easy to follow.

queen size futon frame

Whether you use it as a sofa or as a bed, you will find this queen size futon very comfortable. However, please give the mattress a few days to fully fluff it up so that it can be even more comfortable.

You will love the durable cover. There are a few varieties of the cover. First, there is the linen one, which seems to be very popular with many people. This one is available in colors such as mustard, light gray, gray and navy. You can choose whatever suits your interior décor best.

Assemblage is a bit hard for beginners, but with every piece labeled with color, it should not take too much time for you. Every part should fit in its rightful place. You also get a nut wrench with the futon for assemblage. Once you are done, fit the mattress in. It is a bit bulky, but you can do it even without help.

This futon has a weight limit of 600 pounds. You can share it with your spouse without worrying too much about wobbling the legs.

  • The mattress covers are available in different colors
  • It is quite sturdy and durable when assembled the right way
  • Quite sturdy and looks like it can last a long time
  • 8-inch coil mattress is quite good and comfortable
  • Can be used in a variety of settings including in RVs
  • A bit hard to fold back into the couch position
  • If you lie too close to one edge without someone providing counterweight, you might topple it over

4. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed

With this futon, you will get comfortable sitting and sleeping space at home. It is a DHP and their products are known for their space-saving factor, their comfort and firmness of the foam padding. This one is both comfortable and firm at the same time. If you are looking for a futon bed that you can use in your guest room for a long time, get this one. Also, get the darker colors because they are better at hiding stains.

queen size futon couch

The first thing that you will notice about this couch bed is that it fits in practically anywhere you place it. Put it in a bright room and it will contrast so nicely with the décor you will think your room just popped out of a lifestyle magazine.

This one has more than one aspects of comfort. For example, the split back design used here enables the user to recline it back further. You may also bring it closer to enhance your comfort as much as possible.

If you look at the futon carefully you will see the kind of thought that went into it. Even the legs have padding so that they do not scratch your wooden floor. These legs may be wooden, but they can support a weight of 600 pounds. The mattress feels comfortable and firm. It is not exactly made for someone with a sore back, but it helps.

  • It fits right in with any décor
  • Comfortable recline positions
  • Firm mattress is quite comfortable and not hard at all
  • The height is ok to give you comfort if you have bad joints
  • Padded legs do not harm your floor
  • New smell lurks around for some time
  • After some years of use, the mattress wears away such that you start feeling the springs

5. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

Designed with 5 reclining positions, this futon by KD frames is a dream-come-true for many people. Just imagine reclining at the furthest position that the couch will go without toppling over. However, please note that you only get the frame since the mattress is not included. So you will have to order one separately.

futon queen size dimensions

The futon frame is made of wood. Thus, when you order it, it comes dismantled, so you have to assemble it. Don’t worry because it is easy and when you are done, it will be quite solid without a creak to be heard. If you already have a queen size futon mattress, use it with this frame and it will fit just fine. If you don’t have one, you can order any queen size futon mattress and it will work just fine.

Weighing less than 50 pounds, it should be easy to maneuver to the right position once you have completed assembling it. Since there are no nails used in setting it up, when you want to move, just dismantle it.

  • It is all-wood, so it fits well with any décor
  • The bi-fold mechanism works very well – it folds and unfolds without issues
  • It is quite sturdy after assembling without any creaks or shifting
  • You can use it with any futon mattress
  • Solid hardwood that does not have any smell
  • As we said, there is no mattress; you have to order one
  • You may require an electric drill and screwdriver for assemblage

6. Mozaic AMZ-FS0041 Futon Mattress, Black

If you have a futon frame at home, you may want to order a nice and sophisticated black futon mattress for it. The matte back color of the Mozaic AMZ-FS0041 is just too good not to have in your house.

queen size wooden futon

It measures 80 by 60 by 8 inches (LxWxH). This mattress is both comfortable and firm. Remember, this is a handmade mattress, manufactured right in the USA and ready to ship out anytime.

The mattress cover is made of cotton twill cover. It does not show stains thanks to the black color. At the same time, it is machine-washable so you should not worry too much about cleaning it. The mattress itself is made of polyester foam, which is one of the most resilient materials to use for a futon that is used for sleeping and sitting down.

To some extent, this mattress seems easier to fold as compared to many others. Made true-to-size, if you have a metal or wooden Bi-fold futon frame, this mattress is going to fit nicely. When you feel as if the mattress needs a change, just reverse it over and use the other side for comfort.

  • Nice and stylish matte black, white and other colors
  • Comfortably firm at 8 inches thick
  • Available in different options such as foam, cool pocket gel and springs
  • Nice enough to sleep on often as you won’t feel frame through the mattress
  • Lace tufting makes it appear like a costly sofa
  • By design, you cannot remove the cover
  • You cannot use it immediately it is delivered as you have to give it time to puff up

7. DHP 5424696 Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

This full size futon mattress can work very well with any full size frame. For comfort and good support when you are asleep, you will get a mattress that has been carefully built. It has coils between the polyester and foam layering. That is not all because the cover is made of microfiber tufted cover. This makes the cover hypoallergenic and easy to keep in optimum condition all the time. If you buy one of the dull colors, it will not show stains.

best queen size futon beds

If you need a most comfortable futon bed for your small living space in your studio apartment, or you need something funky to pull out for your guests, order this mattress. You will have to buy a frame separately. This mattress can last a long time with good care. The mattress has been made to the highest standards including using heavy metal-free material, phthalate-free materials and approved fire retardants.

At the size of 75 by 54 by 8 inches (LxWxH), the mattress is compressed to a manageable size of 59 by 13 by 13 inches (LxWxH). When you unpack it, you will have to give it a couple of minutes for it to fluff up to regain its normal size, and then you can use it.

  • Fluffs up fast, in a matter of minutes
  • The weight is manageable even without any help
  • Compatible with any full-size futon frame
  • Saves space at home if you do not have enough
  • Relieves knots in pressure points at hips, shoulders, back and neck
  • It is a heavy mattress; you might need help lifting it to the frame
  • Has a chemical smell that takes a few days to disappear

8. Best Choice Products Microfiber Futon

Sometimes, you just want a nice upholstery with your sofa bed, one that does not scratch your skin. The convertible futon from Best Choice Products seems to meet this need very well. It is a full futon, with frame and mattress. When you are looking for something that you can use for sleeping and sitting in small spaces, this product meets your needs nicely.

cheap queen size futon beds

One of the things that make this futon mattress and frame so desirable is its simplicity. Without arms, with a low profile and looking all black, this futon seems to fit in everywhere very well. You can place in the patio and it would look right at home.

The mattress is only 6 inches thick, but that is more than enough to keep you plush and comfortable. The microfiber cover is also stain and dust resistant. It is soft to the skin and with good care, it will last a long time since it is designed to resist wear and tear.

The frame compliments the mattress very well, especially with the wooden legs which seem to fit well anywhere. These legs are sturdy enough to support a weight limit of 600 pounds without wobbling. As a convertible sofa bed and lounge couch, this is a versatile piece of furniture to invest in. It measures 68.5 by 40 by 13.5 inches (LxWxH) as a bed and the sofa measures 68.5 by 20 by 30 inches (LxWxH).

  • Minimal assembly needed – just screw the legs on
  • Fabric stays put without shifting
  • Can be used for lounging, reclining, as a sofa or bed
  • Nice for a studio apartment, RV, guest room
  • Microfiber cover is soft on your skin
  • Feels too hard when it is new
  • Some people have complained that some legs twisted

9. DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Tufted Linen Fabric Sleeper Futon

When it is set up in sofa mode, this really looks like a high-end couch. The upholstery comes with tufted linen fabric, which is very friendly to the skin. It has many desirable features, but the one that takes all the accolades is the slit back design. This design enables you to lounge in two different positions at the same time, something that two people would find very accommodating.

futon sofa queen size

The fill of the mattress is comfortable, firm without being hard and it is hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin, this sofa bed will be very comfortable for you. The legs look a bit too thin, but in this case, looks can be deceiving. These legs are quite strong and they will support a weight of 600 pounds. They are metal legs and they are mold and bed bug-resistant. On the cushioning parts, the frame is made of hardwood. As you can see from the material selection, durability is assured.

Sometimes, you want a sofa that is modern in style and design. DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE seem to have gotten the knack for making things that meet the needs of the modern apartment owner.

  • Stunning design and style is so appealing
  • Easy to put together even for beginners
  • It has comfortable upholstery
  • It comes in carefully selected colors that give it a high-end look
  • You can put it in any room of your house
  • It is not as deep as it should be, you might feel the frame
  • At 70 inches long, it is not very comfortable for people of above average height

10. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon with Microfiber Upholstery

Yet another DHP makes it to the list and it is easy to see why. This convertible futon really looks smart, with its horizontal stitch lines and the easy to maintain upholstery, this could be just the thing that you need for your studio apartment.

most comfortable queen size futon

It comes in a simplistic design that makes it so eye-catching. The frame looks quite good and you will not feel it through the cushions. Remember, DHP futons are known for their firm upholstery and mattresses. This one is not any different. However, it is firm without being hard on your body.

Because of the simple design, you can even keep this as an extra seat for visitors in your office. It transforms any space where it is placed from bland to exciting. The size though is not exactly that of a queen size because the bed measures 69 by 38 by 14.5 inches (LxWxH). The sofa measures 69 by 30 by 29 inches.

You can use this futon in different styles. For example, when you are feeling really beat, adjust the back’s position to convert it to lounger. Also, you may convert it to a bed or a sofa with normal sitting posture without too much effort.

  • You will be able to assemble it in minimal time as the user manual is very clear
  • The laid back tapered legs look nice
  • Upholstery is very friendly to the skin
  • The gray color is splendid for any room in your home
  • It is easy to spread out and to fold into a sofa as well
  • Too low to the ground for people with joint pains
  • Not appropriate for tall people

Things to Consider When Selecting a High Quality Queen Size Futon

You do not just take the first queen size futon that you come across on the online marketplaces. There are so many of them such that  choosing one can be a bit daunting for you, especially if this is your first time. In this section, we will show you five of the most important factors that you should consider when buying a futon.

  • Your Style

We all have different tastes and styles. Thus, think hard about the type of futon that would fit your décor at home. The good thing is that when it comes to style, you will know you have hit your mark when you see a certain futon. When shopping online, compare as many options as you can before buying one.

what size is a queen futon mattress

Style will also determine the kind of material that you can buy. What this means is that you have to make a choice between different materials for the mattress. If you are going to use your futon mattress to sit on during the day and sleep on during the night, look for one that is made of foam. Foam holds very well over a long time of use. It retains its unique shape over time.

Avoid coil-filled mattresses because they do not last a long time, but they are very comfortable for the short time that it will be in shape.

Another thing to consider is the color of the cover. Brighter colors are better, but it may mean you have to change the cover every so often. Dull colors are better if you like to roll up the mattress with the cover and store it that way.

  • What you will use the mattress for

This is the main consideration. If you want a futon mattress that you can just pull out of the store when you have guests, just go for a cheaper option. However, if you want a futon mattress with all the bells and whistles, you know; one that you can use as a sofa in the day and as a bed at night, you need a higher quality one. You can get a coil mattress for regular use. Such will withstand day and night use.

If you use the futon for sitting and sleeping on, you will also have to consider the quality of the frame. There are metal and wooden frames with each having its own special benefits. For example, metal frames can resist mold very well. Wooden frames are quite solid and they provide a nice firm surface for long-term use.

  • The cover option

The queen size futon comes with a nice cover. However, the futon covers come in different materials. You should find out whether the material is easy to clean in the washing machine. Because of the size and the bulkiness of the cover, it can be quite hectic to wash it by hand.  Microsuede seems to be a very popular material for a futon cover. Other choices include linen, tapestry and cotton.

When choosing a good cover material, consider the hypoallergenic options. When you sleep, you shed a lot of skin, and the dead skin cells turn to dust mites, which are serious indoor allergens. With a hypoallergenic cover, it will make an inhabitable environment for the dust mites.

  • Comfort of the futon mattress

The comfort that you will enjoy from your queen size futon depends on the materials. Just because it is a versatile way of sleeping does not mean you should sacrifice your comfort. The materials used to make a futon mattress include foam, coils, cotton and springs. However, coils tend to die in after a certain time. Thus, it would be better to choose foam or cotton because they are more comfortable and they last a long time.

  • The futon frame

When it comes to the frame of the futon, the material matters a lot, but there is more to it. For example, most futons do convert from a sofa to a bed at night. They could be in bi-fold or tri-fold design. Just make sure that the folding mechanism works and it can stand the test of time. Apart from the design, the materials of the frame matter a lot. These are predominantly wood and metal, each with its distinct advantages.

Benefits of Using a Queen Size Futon

There are so many benefits of using a queen size futon. From saving on the space to being versatile in use, this is a good item to buy for your home. The initial buying cost is not too high, but it lasts a long time. As you will see in this section, this mattress also offers a few important health benefits.

  • Flexible and Versatile in Use

Even if you do not have a frame for your futon, just pull the mattress out and spread it on the floor for your guests. When they arise in the morning, you can just roll it over and take it back to storage. Unlike other regular mattresses that you cannot roll up so easily, the futon mattress is easy to fold and store. When you fold the futon mattress and keep it away in the morning, you can create enough space to use your futon sofa for seating purposes.

Best Queen Size Futon Reviews

  • You can use it as a bed away from home (without the frame)

If you are a camping enthusiast, you can carry a futon mattress to use in your camping tent during the weekend. All that you need to do is to find a level ground on which to pitch your tent. When sleeping time comes, just spread the futon like a cowboy and go to sleep.

Since the queen size one measures 80 by 60 inches, it can accommodate you, your spouse and a kid comfortably. A family that sleeps together stays together. The lightweight nature of this item makes it easy to remove from the vehicle, or from storage.

  • The user enjoys various health benefits

A futon has some good health benefits. It can help with joint pains. The reason why it is so good with this is that when you sleep on it, you do not sag so your joints are not affected. You can maintain a good sleeping posture at night. Soft foam mattresses make your joints sag and in the process, they make it hard on your body.

However, while still on the joints, if you have chronic joint pains from arthritis, gout or any other condition, this might not be a good option for you since it lies too low. You might want to try a bed with a spring box for your ergonomics.

If your doctor has told you to try something firmer for your back, get a futon mattress since it is firm enough. Specifically, it is made to be used on the floor.

Since today’s futon comes attached to the frame, it offers a firmer sleeping surface as compared to the bed. If you are buying one to benefit your bad back, make sure you buy it with a frame. During the day, convert it to a comfortable sofa.

  • You can change the looks often

There is no need to stay with bland looking queen size futon throughout the years. Buy differently colored covers and interchange them from time to time. When you are storing it, fold it up with the covers. When sleeping, you have an easier time making your bed, as you just have to spread it out. Besides, the fact that you can roll it up and store it away makes it easy to avoid dirt and bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the futon made up of a mattress alone or there are other parts?

Basically a full futon has three parts. These are the mattress, the cover and the frame. If you want the whole shebang, you will pay more. If you want the futon mattress alone, you will pay less and so on. In this article, we have looked at full futons and a few futon mattresses.

  • What frame styles are available for my futon?

They come in bi-fold or tri-fold frame styles. Each has its benefits. For example, the bi-fold frames save a lot of space and they are cheaper. The tri-fold frames are more high-end and they offer many sleeping and sitting positions.

  • About how much should I pay for my futon?

It depends on the size of the futon and in what style you want it. For example, a futon with a frame will cost anywhere between $200 and $600.

  • Can I use a futon if I have back pain?

You may, but a regular futon will not help your back that much. What you need is a futon mattress with thick foam or coil layers. Such materials offer firm support that will give you relief for your back pain.

  • Why is a frame important for my futon?

Placing your futon on the floor is not recommended unless you can turn it over regularly. Using it on a frame helps keep the futon well ventilated, and this can help prevent the development of mold. Besides, when you use a sofa bed frame for your futon mattress, you can use it a sofa during the day.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best queen size futon need not be hard at all after reading this article. You have seen the most appealing kinds of frames, the most attractive upholsteries and mattress materials. If you live in an RV, studio apartment or you would just like to add some elegance to your place buy a futon. This piece of furniture will transform your interior décor in a big way.