Best Luxury Throws and Blankets Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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The best luxury throws and blankets are much more than extra pieces of decor in your home. With their high-quality fabrics and plush comfort, they’;ll quickly become a staple in bedrooms and living rooms alike. Not only will you be able to make the furniture appear cozier, but you’;ll have a functional blanket, the whole family will love as well.

Below are our favorite luxury throws and blankets that would look phenomenal in any home!

7 Best Rated Luxury Throws And Blankets Reviews

1. EASELAND Soft King Size Blanket

This particular throw is the perfect alternative to a traditional comforter, but it also looks stunning when displayed at the foot of your bed. We highly recommend this blanket for couches as well, as they create the ideal comfy atmosphere during all seasons. Measuring at 90 by 108 inches, you’;ll have more than enough fabric to stay toasty warm.


When you use the Easeland King Size Microplush blanket for the first time, you’;re prone to notice just how soft it is. Containing 100% microfiber polyester, the material feels smooth and soft against your skin, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Its coziness is unmatched compared to other materials, especially if you’;re looking for a plush blanket.

best luxury throws and blankets

You’;ll also notice that it is available in an assortment of colors and styles, making it substantially easier to find the perfect aesthetic for every room in your home. This blanket has a relatively simple design, but it is exquisite. Some of the most popular colors it comes in include grey, burgundy, white, teal, black, and silver.

The versatility of the Easeland King Size Microplush Blanket is another feature we need to discuss, as it’;s an excellent option for every season. In winter, it helps to insulate your heat without being too overbearing. In summer, it’;s a great alternative to down blankets and duvets, as the material can be quite breathable.

Above all else, laundering this blanket is incredibly simple. At first, you might assume it needs to be dry cleaned simply because of how soft it is. Luckily, you can machine wash and dry the blanket in your dryer, as long as you use cold water and tumble dry.

  • Maintains softness after washing
  • High-quality seams
  • Ideal for sensory experiences
  • Easy to maintain with pets
  • Very soft and warm
  • Should be washed alone
  • Not for California King beds

2. Chic Home Elena Throw Blanket

If you’;re searching for a throw blanket with a little more dimension, this is a fantastic option. The Chic Home Elena Throw Blanket has a shaggy aesthetic that will add depth to your bed, sofa, or accent chair. With plenty of exciting features, it feels just as comfortable as it looks.


The two primary materials used to create this blanket are PV fleece and velour, which makes it feel warm and luxurious. With a super soft texture, you’;ll love how it almost resembles a plush faux-fur. If you’;re particularly picky about the softness of your blankets, this model is sure to impress.

luxury throw blankets

There are five primary colors to choose from with this blanket, which is more than enough for most. With grey, white, taupe, brown, and teal, you can easily select one that works best with the other decor in your home. As this blanket has a shaggy chic aesthetic, it could also work as a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Quality is by far one of the most spectacular features of this blanket, as it is comprised of the finest materials for an incredibly plush feel. You’;ll also appreciate how each blanket goes through strenuous quality testing to make sure you’;re getting the highest quality throw possible.

The Chic Home Elena Throw Blanket is reasonably sized, making it ideal as a bed runner or as an extra blanket to display on your couch. It’;s 50’’ by 60’’ and available in only one size. For maintenance, you can wash it in your washing machine and tumble dry on low to prevent tearing.

  • Incredibly plush and soft
  • Very cozy and warm
  • Insulate heat well
  • Photographs well
  • Safe for children
  • Not large enough for two
  • Sheds before washing

3. Eikei Cable Knit Oversized Throw

Adding a little bit of cable knit to your bed is the ideal texture for this time of year. With the ability to capture the true essence of coziness, this oversized throw is bound to be one of your favorites. Lined with a luxurious cotton blend material, the interior is soft while the exterior is beautifully textured.


With a blend of acrylic, polyester, and you can guarantee this blanket has everything it needs to last years. You’;ll easily be able to use this blanket on your couch or even as a replacement for your bed’;s main comforter set. With the plush sherpa backing, you’;ll have softness at your fingertips for an added luxurious touch.

luxury throws

We especially love the idea of giving the Eikei Cable Knit Oversized Throw as a gift simply because it’;s just that beautiful. On the outer-facing side of the blanket, you’;ll appreciate the modern appeal of the cable knit, while the inside sherpa is soft and plush. It is a perfect option as a reading blanket or a comfy place to snuggle at the end of a long day.

You’;ll be able to choose from an assortment of colors for this medium-weight blanket, including burgundy, white, off-white, teal, and charcoal. You also have the option of ordering one or two blankets, depending on if you want to give one as a gift. Measuring at 55’’ by 70’’, there’;s plenty of room for you to curl up with your favorite book under this cozy blanket.

Similar to the other models on this list, caring for the Eikei Cable Knit Oversized Throw is simple. There’;s no need to worry about spot cleaning or dry cleaning, as it can be thrown in your washing machine. It’;s also entirely dryable either in a dryer or by air drying.

  • Don’;t shed fibers
  • Washes easily
  • Very thick and warm
  • Amazingly soft
  • Looks very elegant
  • Attracts hair
  • Attracts static

4. LANGRIA Luxury Sherpa Flannel Fleece Blanket

Imagine owning a blanket that’;s not only usable on one side, but both! The Langria Luxury Sherpa Reversible Blanket is unbelievably soft on both sides, which essentially gives you two blankets in one. With eco-friendly materials that are extra soft against the skin, owning this blanket is an insanely blissful sensory experience.


Typically when you’;re shopping for throw blankets, they might be a little heavier than you had thought. You’;ll find this is because inexpensive materials are used during manufacturing that adds to the weight of the blanket. With this model, however, it is incredibly lightweight as it is two pounds in total.

best luxury throw blanket

We love the idea of using this blanket at the edge of your bed or on an accent chair. It also makes a fantastic partner for the backyard if you need a cozy blanket to accompany you beside a backyard fireplace. With seamless details and perfect stitching, this blanket will be well worth the investment.

With the two sides to use to your advantage, you can add a pop of color to a room or use the light white reverse side for added brightness. The blanket is available in burgundy, grey, brown, and navy to complement any room in your home. We also love the textured look of the reversed side.

With 100% polyester microfiber, you’;ve never had a blanket as soft as this one. You will also be able to machine wash and dry the quilt at your leisure. You’;ll want to avoid bleach and high heat, however, as it can damage the softness of the materials.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very soft for children
  • Thin enough for summer
  • Work perfectly as gifts
  • Perfect size for one
  • Sherpa might shed
  • Attracts hair

5. Cashmere Boutique Throw Blanket

There’;s no better way to add a little bit of luxury to your home than to focus on cashmere blankets. With a supple and luxurious look and feel, these blankets by far make the perfect gift for a close friend or loved one. We guarantee that after using one, you’;ll want to order multiple for every room in your home.


The Cashmere Boutique Throw Blanket features 100% pure cashmere that is available in 10 color variations. Some of these colors include camel, burnt orange, mocha, espresso, and earth grey. You’;ll easily be able to find the perfect style for bedrooms and living spaces where your guests might need a little extra warmth.

luxury bed throws

By using grade A’’ materials, this four-ply throw boasts a simple design that accentuates the elegance and classiness of your home. When laid out, it measures in at 52’’ by 72’’, which is more than enough room to keep your whole body cozy. This feature is also what makes it a fantastic gift for Mother’;s Day or as a graduation present.

Cashmere is more than a luxurious material, as it’;s highly versatile as well. Known for its insulating properties, it’;s an excellent option for a winter blanket. However, you can also use it in the summer as the material is quite breathable.

Compared to the other throws on this list, you’;ll have to be slightly more delicate with laundering the Cashmere Boutique Throw Blanket. As it is 100% cashmere, it is ideal for dry cleaning and should never be laundered in your washing machine or dryer. If you need to spot clean the blanket, use a gentle detergent and cold water.

  • Soft and luxurious
  • Breathable
  • Warm enough for cool weather
  • Fantastic as a gift
  • Feels supple
  • Difficult to launder
  • Not for children or pets

6. Tahari Mink Faux Fur Throw

Faux fur is all the rage as you get the unimaginable luxury of fur without harming animals. The Tahari Mink Faux Fur Throw is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for yourself or as a heartwarming gift. Available in three colors, this luxurious throw would look fabulous on your bed, couch, or any other piece of furniture around the home.


This throw isn’;t too large, which makes it ideal for a single person who needs a warm and cozy blanket to snuggle with. With keen attention to detail via Tahari Home, this designer throw is dense and plush, making it perfect for colder weather. You’;ll love how it’;s 50’’ by 60’’, which is the ideal size for an accent blanket for your home.

luxury bed throws and blankets

The premium quality materials used to make this 100% faux fur throw work perfectly together to create a blanket that isn’;t too heavy or too light. Its medium thickness makes it ideal for any season, though it certainly looks its best displayed in your home over the winter. By far, its most impressive feature is its softness, as it’;s made from plush poly velvet velour.

Similar to many other throws on this list, the Tahari Mink Faux Fur Throw is completely machine washable, though you may want to air dry it. Although it is quite durable, the faux fur shouldn’;t be placed in an electric dryer.

  • Looks beautiful
  • Extremely soft
  • Perfect for afternoon naps
  • Doesn’;t lose softness after washing
  • Easily keeps you warm
  • Not large enough for two
  • May lose texture over time

7. Eikei Double Sided Faux Fur Throw

As another fantastic throw from Eikei, this oversized blanket is silky soft, comfortable to maintain, and has a resemblance to chinchilla fur. Its overall aesthetic is what makes it as stunning as it is, as it will quickly become the focal point of your room. There are plenty of fantastic features of this throw that you’;ll love to have.


If you have pets or kids, you’;ll want to invest in a blanket that can easily be washed. Luckily, the Eikei Double Sided Faux Fur Throw doesn’;t shed in the washing machine, which makes it even more practical. It’;s a fantastic option for an added touch of classiness in your living spaces without having to worry about spills or pet hair.

luxury blankets and throws

With the help of the medium short, dense faux fur, you’;ll have an incredibly soft blanket at your disposal. The polyester is spun in a way that is unlike any other, as it has the suppleness you would expect. Also, as polyester is such a durable material, you can guarantee this blanket is set to last you years.

Unlike other throws that only have the faux fur on one side, this throw has it on both. Each half is covered in the faux chinchilla stripe fur so you can display it any way you desire. This feature is especially beneficial for people who love the feeling of a faux fur blanket on both sides.

With a size of 56’’ by 69’’, you’;ll feel more than cozy when snuggled under this blanket. This point is exceptionally accurate for kids, as there is more than enough room for two children to share. We love the idea of keeping these throws in living rooms, as your guests will feel far more elegant using this blanket than others.

As mentioned, maintaining this blanket is substantially more straightforward than you would think. You’;ll love that you can throw it in the washing machine, which makes it practical for families. As a gift, you can guarantee the recipient will love having a luxurious throw they can launder at home instead of the dry cleaners.

  • Perfectly washes multiple times
  • Feels more luxurious in person
  • Colors are stunning
  • Has a good weight
  • Extremely soft to the touch
  • Colors may vary
  • Quite dense

Blanket vs Bed Throws

When you’;re searching for a blanket or a bed throw, you might assume they are the same. However, there are a few striking differences you’;ll want to pay attention to. One model is larger than the other and will carry a hefty price tag, while the other is better for an accent on a piece of furniture.

13 2

Knowing the differences between blanket vs bed throws can help you to make the best decision for every room in your home. Plus, these tips will help you to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

  • Size

The first, and most apparent difference between blankets and bed throws is that throws are substantially smaller. These accent pieces are made to easily be thrown onto a bed or a couch without much effort. You won’;t have to worry about tucking in corners, as they can easily drape over an armchair, for example.

  • Purpose

Throws are usually an excellent idea for adding an extra touch of elegance to a room, rather than being a fully functional blanket to keep you warm. Typically, you’;ll see throws over the back of a couch or along the bottom of a bed to add a little luxury. Blankets, on the other hand, have a far more versatile purpose.

With a blanket, you’;ll use it to keep you warm while sleeping or relaxing. They’;re far more versatile but also substantially larger than throws, which might not make them ideal for travel. More often than not, you’;ll see blankets on a bed instead of draped over a couch or an armchair.

  • Retail Measurements

Aside from the fact that you now know throws are smaller than blankets, the way their sizes are advertised will differ as well. When you start shopping for a throw, you’;ll notice the vast majority are available in 50’’ by 60’’. This size is supposed to be perfect for an accent piece for furniture in your home.

Sometimes, you can find throws that are a little larger, though on average, they will range between 50’’ and 60’’. Blankets have a different type of retail measurement that is quite similar to the sheets you’;d buy for your beds. You’;ll likely be able to find a blanket in twin, double, queen, king, or California king.

As blankets are most useful for beds, they will have the same type of retail measurements as any other linen. This tip can make it much easier to pick the perfect size for any room in your home, as you should know what size your mattress is.

What Things To Look For When Buying a Luxury Throw and Blanket

Even though you might think that buying a luxury throw and blanket should be simple, it’;s a task that is going to take a little bit of extra effort. This point is especially true if you’;re buying one as a gift, as there’;s plenty to think about. Not every throw or blanket is made the same, and you’;ll want to ensure you’;re making the right choice.

11 3

You’;ll need to find a blanket made from the best materials that are easy to wash, and that has plenty of colors to choose from. Below are some of the most important things to consider when buying a luxury throw and blanket.

  • Size

First and foremost, you should be considering size, as you’;ll need a throw or blanket that will fit perfectly. If you’;re shopping for your bed, it can be beneficial to oversize the blanket for optimal coziness. For example, opting for a king-size blanket on a queen-size bed.

Or, if you’;re looking for an accent for a couch or armchair, you’;ll be in luck with the average sizes of throws. As most are available in 50’’ by 60’’, this is more than large enough to have on display. Where size becomes the most important thing is if you’;re searching for a throw that you can use on your bed.

Most throws are just large enough to drape over the bottom of a queen size mattress. So, if you’;re shopping for a king-size bed, you’;ll want to pay close attention to the retail measurements of the throw. Always opt for the most significant size, as you can always arrange a blanket to be smaller and not larger.

  • Material

Most people find the perfect blanket or throw by touching them, but when you’;re shopping online, you don’;t have that benefit. Depending on your personal preferences, finding the ideal materials for softness and coziness should be relatively straightforward. All you want to do is find a blanket that is advertised as soft and plush.

We highly recommend blankets that are designed to emulate faux fur using polyester, as it is one of the most resilience materials for household decor. You’;ll have the added benefit of the softness of the faux fur without having to worry about the blanket shedding or falling apart.

Another material that could make the perfect statement for furniture in your home is velour. Velvet has a thick suppleness that adds regality and elegance to a room, which is why it’;s a popular choice. You’;ll also appreciate the depth and resilience of the material over the years of use.

  • Durable Features

As with blanket or throw, you’;ll want to make sure it is meant to last over time; otherwise, you’;ll be investing in too many accent pieces. With that said, make sure the blanket you choose has durable features, such as the ability to be washed and dried using your household washer and dryer. It’;s also essential to make sure you’;re choosing a resilient material that won’;t hold stains or attract dust or hair.

When it comes to blankets, the stitching and seams are of the utmost importance. With imperfect seams, the blanket will fall apart into two pieces, leaving you with nothing. Also, the worse the stitch work is, the more likely the blanket is to fray when it’;s washed and dried.

  • Color Options

Homeowners who are looking to create a specific aesthetic are going to want to choose accent pieces that complement their furniture and other decor in their home. With that said, you should have at least three color variations to choose from when shopping for the perfect bed throw and blanket.

Most companies will have brown, white, and off-white, which seem to be the most popular. However, adding a brilliant pop of color into a bland room can genuinely help to pull it all together. For example, a deep forest green velour throw on top of a white cream couch would look fantastic during the holidays.

When you’;re looking at colors, also ensure the provided photos are close to the actual color of the blanket. This issue is a common concern for shoppers, as you won’;t want to choose a black blanket that arrives in a light grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’;ve had time to review some of the best throws and blankets and know what to look for when you start shopping, you might still have some questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about throws and blankets that might surprise you.

12 1

  • Do sherpa throws shed?

Sherpa throws have boomed in popularity because of their incredible softness, and the depth of the material helps to add texture to a room. With that said, poorly made sherpa throws can undoubtedly shed. It’;s always best if you invest in a sherpa blanket priced between $50 and $100, as you’;re likely to get better quality material.

Some people also suggest that washing a sherpa blanket can help to get rid of any excess fibers. Though it is crucial that you let the blanket air dry, as putting it in the dryer may only cause the shedding to get worse.

  • Do throws keep you warm?

Even though they are much smaller than blankets, throws are an excellent option for keeping you warm and cozy. Most are made from high-quality materials that are just as thick as a traditional blanket, which is why they’;re great for cold and rainy days. All you have to do is pick the perfect throw that is thick enough to insulate your heat.

Another alternative would be to opt for a heated throw blanket or an electric throw blanket. These exclusive items stay around the same size as a traditional throw (50’’ by 60’’) but also have wiring that allows them to get warm. With the use of a built-in remote, you can control the temperature of the throw.

  • Can blankets go in the dryer?

In today’;s day and age, most blankets can go in the dryer, though, in the past, the majority would need to be dry cleaned. Always make sure that you read the tag on the inside of your blanket for its specific care instructions, as some materials are more fragile than others. If you intend on drying your quilt at home, always use low heat and a tumble dry setting.

  • Can you bring a throw blanket on a plane?

There are plenty of things you can bring with you for air travel, and most airlines will allow you to bring a throw blanket on the plane. If you are traveling with a new airline, you can always contact them to confirm what you are and aren’;t allowed to bring with you. However, more often than not, you will be allowed to bring a moderately sized throw to keep you warm.

  • Can you wash electric throw blankets?

It might seem strange to wash something electric, but some heated throw blankets are insulated for this purpose. Sunbeam, for example, is one brand that features insulated wiring on their heated blankets so you can wash and dry them as often as you want. Similar to figuring out if you can put a blanket in a dryer, read the care instructions of your electric blanket.


Overall, there are several spectacular luxury throws and blankets on the market for you to choose from. You can quickly look for something to complement the other decor in your house or a functional blanket to keep you warm during the winter. From faux fur to specially spun polyester, there is a material made for any homeowner.

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