Top 10 Best Bed Throws And Blankets Reviews in 2022

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Are you on the lookout for the quickest way to transform your boring interior into a cozy atmosphere? Well, this can be manageable by simply changing your old throws and blankets. Nowadays, these bedding essentials have completely evolved when we speak of designs, materials used and patterns. In fact, you may find the best bed throws and blankets to be produced from lavish materials such as pure cotton, fur, silk including velvet. There are also other throws and blankets made from woven textile fabrics to create unique artworks. This is why it’;s important to pick your bed throw or blanket based on its primary purpose. Will it be mainly for decoration or part of your bedding?

Let’;s imagine first the exact location where you wish to place the bed throw or blanket. The blanket is generally placed as additional layering on the bed whereas the throw can come pretty handy almost anywhere, at the living area, bedroom even inside the vehicle as a spare covering during rainy or colder months.

If you are having apprehension whether a throw or blanket would add character to any room or space, might as well read this review and be guided.

10 Best Rated Bed Throws And Blankets Reviews

1. Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Bedsure has been in the industry for decades committed to providing the entire global market with elegantly designed bedding essentials that foster comfortable living. With that came their latest product, the Bedsure Fleece blanket which is fully functional all year round for indoor and outdoor use.

The fabric material used is 100% microfiber cotton with 260 GSM, highly resistant to fading and staining. This type of fabric is suitable for any season and guaranteed to bring comfort. It can be a perfect bedding solution while taking a short nap while on a picnic or use it as additional covering during winter months.


The production quality of this fleece blanket is intended for lasting usage because the seams are carefully stitched, ensuring all edges show off clean and uniformed stitches. It stays in original shape even when washed and not prone to bunch like other cotton made blankets.

The Bedsure Fleece is multi-functional. It can be used as an ordinary blanket while lounging in the living room during winter. This type of fleece blanket can also be purposed as part of interior decoration. It can add style on a plain colored sofa. Plus, assures the homeowner that it stays clean as the fleece serves as a protective barrier against dirt, dust or accidental spillages from food and drinks.

Other plus points of this fleece blanket include excellent customer service and warranty coverage of 1-month return or replacement.

  • High-quality product for a reasonable price
  • Microfiber blanket made from 100% cotton with 260 GSM
  • Shrink resistant fabric
  • Sizes variance Twin, Queen, and King
  • The fabric is highly recommended for sensitive skin
  • Need extra care when washing to prevent damage
  • The blanket is thin

2. Chanasya Shaggy Longfur Faux Fur Throw Blanket

In case you want a luxurious throw blanket, this next product would probably meet your personal preference, the Chanasya Shaggy LongFur Faux Fur Throw Blanket. This product is the pride of a family-owned company, Chanasya. They are known to personally come up with the design, material, and texture of each product released in the market.

The Chanasya Shaggy Faux Fur is made from an authentic microfiber, a fabric material known to be extremely soft on skin and ideal for all-year-round use.


The physical appearance is aesthetically appealing to any individual passionate to furry texture because it’;s made from quality faux fur. So, if you want to create a themed room with an animalistic theme, this will pass your interior decorating requirement.

Functionality sense, I think this faux fur throw blanket is easily adaptable to any indoor and outdoor setting or occasion. It can be your snuggly partner during the coldest months of the winter season. Or, it can be a classy decorative piece to spark an old sofa by simply draping it on one side. This product can also be a suitable gift idea for a friend, relative or colleague from work during a housewarming, birthday, wedding or anniversary party.

Colors and sizes available are massive. Any paying customer can freely select the ideal color that would perfectly blend with existing décor or interior. Blanket sizes come in twin, queen and king size bed.

  • Varied colors and sizes available
  • Stylish blanket that will match any of your interior décors
  • Made from premium quality fabric material
  • Ideal for gift-giving purposes
  • Backed by manufacturer’;s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Elegant look, super soft and warm on skin
  • Need to follow instructions when washing this Fur blanket

3. EASELAND Soft King Size Blanket

The next brand that will definitely capture the attention of prospective buyers with its simple design and thermal ability is the EASELAND Soft Fleece Blanket. This particular fleece blanket has 330 GSM (gram per square meter of fabric used) fabric composition, which means the higher the GSM the maximum level of warmth it can give to the user.

The EASELAND fleece blanket can be enjoyed in any type of weather condition. It can be used as an additional bedding cover to keep you warm during the winter season. And, even though it has been rated with 330 GSM this fleece blanket has a breathable feature, making it extremely light and soft on the skin.


When it comes to functionality this product is surprisingly flexible. It can be purposed as the main bedding blanket for every bedroom of the house, a decorative piece on the living room sofa or cover-up on your shoulders while enjoying a campfire.

This fleece blanket is easy to care and maintain. To prolong its service life user should wash it under gentle cycle washing setting.  The fabric has also anti-shrink and fading resistant. So, no need to worry about fading or having to iron it after drying.

Other features that this fleece blanket can guarantee to all potential customers include the 60 days money-back guarantee, customer support, and varied colors to choose from.

  • Multi-functional blanket,best for decorative purposes
  • The blanket is cozy, soft and comfortable when use
  • Fading resistant and with anti-shrink
  • Wide of elegant colors to choose and sizes
  • The blanket is rated with 330 GSM
  • The product is prone to dust

4. Luxury Collection Microplush Flannel Fleece Blanket

Luxury Collection Microplush Flannel Fleece is classified as the all-season bedding blanket that can be used on the bed, sofa or bedside chair. It’;s also a reliable cover while drinking coffee during a chilly morning.

The quality of this flannel fleece blanket is intended for long-term usage. The material used is polyester microfiber with the highest GSM of 380. As I’;ve mentioned the higher the score on GSM (gram per square meter) the greater the amount of warmth it delivers, especially in freezing temperatures. This I may say is the thickest fleece blanket, but still lightweight even with 380 fiber strands.


This bedding product comes in various size twin, queen and king size measurements. Every potential customer has the privilege to pick the appropriate size to suit their needs.

The Luxury Collection Flannel Fleece care instruction is machine washable. It should be washed using cold water lower than 30 degrees Celsius water temperature and tumbled dry. Avoid using cleaning products like bleach. If the fleece needs to be ironed, set the heat at a low setting to prevent damage.

This product has an anti-shedding feature and not prone to attracting hair including animal fur. For that, it would be suitable for outdoor use.

  • The material used is polyester microfiber with an impressive 380 GSM
  • This blanket is very easy to wash
  • The product is not prone to shedding
  • German-made polyester with 100% anti-static coating
  • The Fleece is still lightweight even with high GSM score
  • Not suitable in washing with warm water

5. Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket

The Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket is a multi-purpose type of blanket that can be used for any season. It can be a reliable cover around your shoulders during snowy weather conditions or provide extra heat while inside an air-conditioned room.

When it comes to sizes availability this brand offers four sizing options; the King, Queen, Twin and travel size that you can carry anywhere while on a camping tour or long-distance road trip. All the sizes can provide enough coverage when used as a bedspread.


This fleece blanket boasts of 330 GSM breathable polyester, thick enough to produce needed heat to keep you warm, but guaranteed not to keep you feeling sweaty. The weight is on the medium level, not too thick and not too light. The feel of this fleece blanket on the skin is silky soft. In fact, it will be quite tempting to stay in bed longer with this blanket snuggled close to you.

Similar to other fleece brands the Shilucheng will require machine wash using cold water to prevent damage. After washing, it can be air-dried naturally or tumbled dry on low heat temperature. The use of bleaching products is not advisable as it may result in fading on the fabric. It’;s normal to experience shedding of the fabric during a few washes. That’;s why it has to be washed separately.

  • The product can be used in all season
  • Great value for your money
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days, full refund no questions asked
  • Made from high-quality fabric material, rated 330 GSM
  • It will shed in first washing particularly in the edges
  • Needs a longer time to dry

6. Cozy Fleece 9001-TW-NAVY Blanket

Cozy Fleece from Alta is another fleece blanket to watch out that can add style and cozy feeling in any bedroom interior decorating project. This fleece blanket will surely provide the warmth a bedroom needs during colder months. Color’;s choices come in five shades (blue, ivory, navy, tan and silver), making it easy to match the bedroom’;s furnishings.

This bedding option also comes in four standard sizes of twin, full, queen and king sizes. And, since sizing availability are in standard measurements, any customer will have no difficulty tucking the fleece blanket on every corner of the mattress.


The material used is premium polyester fabric with 240 GSM and lightweight. The thickness level of this fleece is on average, just the right amount of heat that will make you feel comfortable as winter season sets in. The production of this fleece blanket integrated the self-binding edging method, expertly sewn to withstand frequent washing including wear and tear issue.

Cozy Fleece is also categorized as a multi-functional blanket because it can be used as additional sheet covering on the bed for winter, decoration alternative to add color on a plain sofa or personal cover while doing an outdoor activity (camping, picnic).

Among other features that this fleece possesses will impress any paying customer after purchase are machine washable, anti-pill on the sides and double stitching on both ends.

  • Vibrant colors to choose
  • Perfect throw for your sofa
  • Lightweight with 240 GSM
  • Multi-functional fleece can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • Colors may shed in the first wash
  • Washing instruction should be followed to prevent damage

7. PHF Cotton Waffle Weave Bed Blanket

The PHF Cotton Waffle Weave Bed Blanket is far more than ordinary bedding. It’;s finely woven with a waffle pattern, making it a perfect decorative blanket at any bedroom of the house, RV vehicle or outdoor venue.

The design and material used are highly recommended for all year usage. Its fabric composition has been rated with 270 GSM, giving the user the comfortable level of warmth needed in any season. It’;s dependable in keeping the winter chills away, while warm enough not to make you sweat during summertime.


Since, fabric material made from 100% cotton, it’;s could a suitable blanket for all skin types.The available sizes of the PHF Cotton Weave blanket are twin, queen and king. It also offers a wide range of colors from neutral shades of charcoal gray, light gray or khaki down to bolder hues of red, green and navy blue. You will surely find a matching color that will blend with the rest of your home’;s interior.

Similar to the above-mentioned bed throws and blankets this cotton weaved blanket can be machine washed. The recommended cleaning agents should have no traces of bleach. The drying requirement is the use of a tumble dryer or air dry.

If you will scale the comfortability it gives to the user this bedding brand is outstanding. It’;s physical appearance and multi-functional feature makes it a top favorite among the best bed throws and blankets in the market.

  • Silky soft blanket because it’;s 100% cotton fabric
  • Rated 270 GSM, lightweight but elegant
  • The product is machine washable
  • Durable blanket and easy to care
  • Need to air dry after washing to prevent shrinking

8. Home Fashion Designs Ultra Super Soft Bed Blanket

If you prefer a bed blanket that is extremely soft on skin, then, Mario Collection has the perfect blanket the Ultra Velvet Plush Fleece Blanket. It’;s a blanket that you can use throughout the year. In fact, this plush fleece blanket can be used as a layering sheet on your bed during winter or main bed cover alone in summer.

The fabric material is rated with 300 GSM (gram per square meter), breathable and lightweight for any season. It’;s guaranteed to provide enough coziness in harsh freezing conditions and not feel hot in sunny weather.


The Ultra Velvet Plush Fleece is available in three sizes; twin, queen and king bed measurements. So, if you live alone and own bed measuring 66 inches wide, go for the twin sized fleece blanket offering maximum bed coverage of 66’’ x 90’’.

Color options range from coolest shades to go with your bedrooms like Blue Surf, Desert Sand, Gray Morn, Pink Blush, Sky Gray, and Whisper White. So, if you wish to incorporate the calming scene of the blue sea, choose the Blue Surf shade. The color selections are endless and it’;s really up to your personal taste or chosen bedroom theme that will decide which particular shade to buy.

This bedding product’;s quality is confident to deliver 100% satisfaction to the paying customer. It has warranty coverage of 30 days full refund policy, plus expected to last longer than other bedding brands. Other features of this plush fleece blanket are machine washable, anti-fade and anti-pill resistant. The product promises to stay soft even after frequent washing.

  • Product has 30 days refund policy
  • Lasting wear even with frequent washing
  • Lightweight with 300 GSM
  • Appropriate to use in any season
  • Product tends to shed off fiber during initial washing

9. Italian Collection LUXURIA Micro Plush King Blanket

When it comes to a great deal on your money, the Italian Collection Luxuria MICROPLUSH blanket is the best brand to consider. Why? It’;s selling price in the market is relatively cheap, under $30 you can already get a comfy blanket. This is a good bargain with the amount of heat it can provide during winter nights when the temperature could be below zero.

The Luxuria blanket offers customers three standard sizes of twin, queen, and king. All sizing options can provide enough bed coverage. You will not have to struggle to squeeze yourself inside this blanket even when sharing with another person.


The material used is 100% microfleece fiber. This type of fabric is less bulky and comfortable to use both for colder and warmer months of the year. Washing instruction of this material is wash separately using cold wash cycle. You can air dry when the weather is sunny. If the weather condition is a bit humid, rainy or chilly opt for the tumble dryer.

The overall aesthetic of this blanket shows elegance with satin edges and Damask weave appearance. You can use it as decoration on your sofa, bed couch, RV or guestroom. It can also be a great outdoor cover while camping with family or friends.

This bedding product is also widely used in hospitals, dormitories including children’;s rooms because of its hypoallergenic feature. It ensures the user of a peaceful sleep without worry of direct contact of dust mites or allergens. And, to top it all the material has anti-shed, anti-stain and lasting wear features.

  • Great product for an affordable price
  • It can be used outdoor
  • Both sides of the blanket are anti-pill
  • 3 sizes available to choose
  • The blanket is thin for colder weather

10. Madison Park Windom Microfiber Blanket

In case you want a blanket that would create a wow factor on the bed, the Madison Park Windom Microfiber Down Alternative Blanket will make it on top of the list. Its physical appearance is impressive with a design showcasing a touch of timeless elegance. This is why it’;s a great and cost-effective bedding solution in transforming a dull room.

This blanket is being sold in three sizing options twin, full-sized or queen and king. All sizes come in standard measurements, which means the chosen size blanket will fit comfortably on the bed.


Blanket is constructed from 100% polyester fiber with a 6D box pattern design all throughout. The manufacturer also used 3M technology in the production of this type of blanket to prevent moisture buildup while sleeping. The sidings of the fabric are sewn neatly to create smooth edges.

The blanket is on medium weight, which can function as a comforter when the temperature becomes chilly. Or, can be used as additional layering on the bed because this particular blanket stays in place even between the fitted sheet and comforter.

Washing requirement is machine wash under cold water setting. Refrain from using cleaning products that contain bleach. For drying, quick tumble dries at low heat mode. The fabric material is not advisable for ironing.

  • Elegant Damask weave design with 6D box pattern
  • Breathable fabric material, suitable for day and night use
  • Stains can be easily removed from the fabric
  • Blanket sizes come in the standard measurement of beds
  • Colors come in matte appearance
  • Fabric not recommended for ironing

Whats the Difference Between Blankets and Bed Throws

Both blankets and bed throws are designed to provide the right amount of heat as weather changes. Their functions may vary from one person to another. However, the major difference between blankets and bed throws is the sizing measurement. The blanket is larger whereas the bed throw is a bit smaller and often used to cover a sofa or couch.


Now, let’;s be more specific and discuss further to give you a clearer idea as to whether a blanket or bed throw is what you really need.

A blanket is generally used as fabric covering beds. The actual size is usually bigger than the bed itself to ensure full coverage when tucked under the mattress. Sizes of blankets range from twin, queen and king sizes.

Fabric material used for blankets can be pure cotton, microfiber, wool and woven with the thermal feature. The texture feel is mostly soft on skin. Overall, the blanket is intended for bed covering and not as decoration.

On the other hand, the bed throw is regarded as a smaller version of a blanket, usually with a size measurement of 50 inches width and 60 inches length. Interior designers often used them as décor on sofas, beds, chairs, and couches. Throws are more suitable for outdoor use such as personal cover during cold or windy conditions.

The common types of materials used for bed throws cotton, a combination of cotton and polyester, rayon, satin, velvet including faux fur. Some are specially handcrafted by weaving or knitting to produce intricate designs and patterns.

What Things To Look For When Buying A Bed Throw and Blanket?

Whether you plan to buy a bed throw or blanket, nothing beats than having something soft and warm to snuggle while lying in bed or sitting on your couch. Making a final decision on which throw or blanket can be quite straightforward. However, unknown to potential customers there are still underlying factors that may compromise the quality and performance.


  • Fabric Material

The fabric is a crucial element when it comes to buying a bed throw or blanket. Ask yourself, What do you prefer?’’ Silky, pure cotton, extra warm or lightweight.

  • Cotton

This fabric has a lightweight feel on the skin because it’;s made from organic fiber. The material is ideal for daily use in places with warmer weather.

  • Wool

Wool blankets is excellent during colder months because of its thick fabric that came from sheep, lambs or goats.

  • Fleece

Most bed throws and blankets are made from fleece because this type of fabric provides the right amount of warmth without feeling heavy on the skin.

  • Synthetics

This type of material can be either polyester or acrylic and known to have wrinkle resistance, easy washing requirement and extremely warm on the skin. Throws and blankets made from synthetic fibers are appropriate in places with winter season.

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is a bit expensive as it comes from top quality wool of goats. The fabric feel is smooth on the skin. Delicate care is required for a throw or bed blanket made from cashmere, and that is dry clean only.

  • Linen

Similar to cotton fabric linen is highly recommended in areas with hot weather conditions because they have absorbent features.

  • Sizes availability

The sizes of bed throws and blankets come in various measurements. A standard twin-sized blanket should fit snuggly on a twin bed. Any blanket that is shorter than the standard sizes of twin, queen or king is uncomfortable. For throws, the normal size is a bit smaller than an ordinary bedding blanket because it’;s used mainly as decoration on a sofa, couch or chair.

  • Feel on skin

How the throw or bed blanket feels on your skin is a priority because you will have physical contact every time you want to feel warm. Any fabric material that is soft, fluffy and lightweight would be irresistible. Fabric materials with rough or bulky weight won’;t be advisable because it would cause discomfort to the user. It’;s important for a customer to pay close attention to the product’;s material composition including weight.

  • Budget

Among other factors that will affect the buying decision of a potential buyer is the budget. Yes, how much money is allotted for this purchase will impact the choices. For example,a homemaker with a limited budget may choose a brand with a cheaper price tag or delay the purchase and wait for discounted sales in order to save money.

  • Color options

Sometimes, making a decision on the color of a bed throw or blanket can be the most challenging task. Remember, manufacturers may offer endless selections of varying shades. When you are put in a similar situation where color choices are broad, pick a neutral shade that will match the existing décor.

  • Breathability

The breathability of a throw or blanket will affect the level of heat it can provide. The heavier the blanket or throw the more body heat is retained, but not breathable. Thinner versions are lightweight and won’;t make you feel sweaty. When making choices based on breathability, evaluate the weather conditions in your area. For example, if you live in a region that experiences all-year-round sunny weather, then, it’;s practical to invest in a lighter bed throw or blanket-like cotton, linen or polyester. But, if you live in an area where harsh winter months are expected, opt for a type of throw or blanket that can efficiently keep you warm. Aside from the breathability feature, check the GSM score of the fabric. The higher the score of GSM (gram per square meter) the thicker and warmer fabric used.

  • Purpose

What exactly the intended purpose of the throw or blanket will also influence the decision of the customer. Will you use it mainly as a bedspread or personal layering while doing outdoor activities.Or, it could be part of your interior decorating ideas to highlight a bed, sofa or couch.

  • Warranty coverage

Next of your concern before finalizing the purchase of throw or blanket is the inclusion of warranty coverage. This is a vital factor when buying products or services the protection rights of a paying customer. A throw or blanket with a warranty coverage after the purchase like a money-back guarantee for a certain time frame or replacement is favorable on the part of a customer.

  • Positive reviews

The buying decision of a customer should be supported by relevant facts about the product. As for the purchase of a bed throw or blanket the prospective customer should take time reading reviews of past buyers, both positive and negative. More positive reviews made on the bed throw or blanket mean the quality holds up to their preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the throw more suitable on the bed or sofa?

The throw is very flexible. It can work either as a bedspread or drape on the living room sofa or couch.

  • Which is better for outdoor use?

The throw is more appropriate for outdoor use because of its smaller size, plus decorative patterns. It’;s not your plain ordinary bedding blanket that is normally used as a bed cover.

  • Are throws and blankets the same?

Not, precisely based on sizes. The throw is a lot smaller in size than the standard sized blanket. In fact, the blanket can literally cover the entire mattress of a bed whereas the throw is used only as a decorative piece on the sofa, chair or bed.

  • Can I use the throw instead of a blanket?

If you want to cover up your entire body, the throw’;s smaller size may not be sufficient for maximum body coverage. You will need a blanket. However, if you plan to use it for outdoor activities like camping or picnic the throw is a lot convenient to bring due to its smaller size.

  • What are the best fabrics for throws and blankets?

Anything made from durable fabric with lightweight and breathable features would make excellent throws and blankets. The common types of fabrics used for the production of throws and blankets are cotton, mixed cotton and polyester fiber, linen, wool, fleece, acrylic and a lot more.

  • What is the softest type of fabric for throws and blankets?

The softest type of fabric material is fleece. It provides a smooth feel on the skin and expected to last longer even when frequently washed.

  • Is the bed throw usable during winter?

Yes, bed throws can be used during winter months because most of the fabric materials used are applicable for all-year-round use. You just need to pick a throw with higher GSM (gram per square meter) in order to stay warm.


A throw or blanket may have a different purpose per customer according to their needs. It’;s really up to the end-user on how or where the throw or blanket will be used. Is it for decoration or something to snuggle and keep you warm when the weather gets colder?

Have you finally found the perfect throw or blanket? With many choices on brands, colors, and sizes available, anyone may find it hard to make a quick decision now. I highly recommend you read this review and checkout which among the listed brands of blankets and throws matched your specific needs and budget.

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