Top 10 Best Full Size Headboards Reviews For 2022

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The full size headboards improve the comfort of your bed but also add a stunning aesthetic to your bedroom. With multiple styles of headboards on the market that are more modern or traditional, you can easily find a style that matches your other decor. The best part is that you can customize where the headboards are placed for optimal space in your room.

Whether you own a twin, queen, or king bed, the perfect full size headboard allows you to transform an ordinary bed frame into something spectacular. It’;s a far more cost-effective yet still luxurious way to create a peaceful haven that you’;ve always wanted to help lull you to sleep. We also love the idea of using these headboards in your guest rooms to create spectacular suites for your guests.

In this guide, you’;ll find ten different headboard models that will suit the aesthetic of any home.

10 Best Rated Full Size Headboards Reviews

1. Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstered Full Headboard

With classic elegance, this headboard is one of the more luxurious ones that could also work for a sleek and modern bedroom. With beautiful tufted accents, it will quickly add depth and dimension to any existing furniture or walls.


You can guarantee the Modway Lily Tufted Fabric Headboard is a statement piece that will allow you to redesign your existing bed quickly. You can opt to attach this headboard directly to a bed, or you can mount it on the wall as a luxurious accent. Made with high-quality polyester, this resilient and durable headboard is great for anyone in the family.

1 9

You’;ll find this full-size headboard has a chic design, mainly thanks to the tufted material. It’;s also constructed out of plywood and fiberboard for optimal durability over the years. We also love the added foam padding that makes it more comfortable to lean against.

For your convenience, be sure to take advantage of the adjustable mounting positions, as there are seven to choose from. You’;ll be able to create the most customizable aesthetic for your bedroom. With the simple installation, there is the opportunity to mount the headboard on the wall or you can opt to attach it to your existing bed frame.

Another advantage of the Modway Lily Tufted Fabric is that it ships with all of the required hardware and tools. The beautifully crafted piece will not require any additional pieces for installation, helping to save you time and extra money.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks gorgeous when installed
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Arrives with hardware and tools
  • Beautifully styled
  • May be larger than your mattress
  • The headboard is quite flexible

2. Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard

If you have a more industrial styled bedroom, this headboard could be a far better alternative as it is quite practical and modern. With a combination of metal and upholstered material, it will beautifully contribute to your existing furniture.


Some may find that the Zinus Jessica Modern Headboard has a classic style when it could look fantastic in a traditional or contemporary room. You’;ll love the look of the grey upholstery, which adds a little bit of warmth to the otherwise metal frame. The colors work perfectly together to create a sharp contrast.

2 9

You’;ll have the ability to purchase this headboard in multiple sizes; however, it is crucial you measure the width of your mattress to ensure it will fit properly. After ordering, you’;ll also have a five-year limited warranty to cover any defects. As the frame is from high-quality metal, you can bet it will last.

Regardless of if you own a platform bed or a traditional bed with an existing headboard, you can use this new piece to add a unique touch to any bedroom in your home. As it’;s quite heavy, it’;s recommended you consider also mounting it to the wall, especially if you’;re installing it on a child’;s bed. However, its heaviness helps to contribute to its durability over the years.

Installing the headboard is a breeze, especially if you have two people to assist with the process. There are well written instructions included with every order that help to explain how to affix the headboard to relatively any standard bed size. Also, you will find that once installed, the headboard doesn’;t have any excessive overhang.

  • Fits standard bed sizes
  • Simple to install
  • Very well made
  • Works with platform beds
  • Quite heavy and durable
  • Two-person assembly
  • Very heavy for mounting

3. Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Full Size Headboard

As another phenomenal option for someone searching for a best tufted headboard, the Flash Furniture Cambridge model is a fabulous recommendation. With its stunning light grey fabric, it offers a sophisticated and ritzy appeal.


Having a contemporary styled headboard can easily contribute to any room in your home. You’;ll be able to add a little bit of femininity without being too overboard, and you can take advantage of its classic elegance. The light grey fabric used on this headboard is warm and cozy, perfect for bedrooms.

3 9

The diamond pattern stitching creates a unique aesthetic, as most other tufted headboards have straight square stitching. The added buttons in the center of each tuft also help to add depth and dimension, making the headboard a phenomenal piece of art. Available in multiple sizes, you’;ll easily be able to find the most beautiful one for your bedroom.

With its slim profile, you’;ll find your bed will feel even more spacious. You won’;t have to worry about the headboard and pillows taking up too much room. We also love its slim panel design, as it makes it substantially easier to mount onto the wall if desired.

In terms of affixing the headboard to your bed, it features black metal stands that slide into your bed rails. Also, the bed rail slots are adjustable, so fitting the headboard to your existing furniture should be simple.

  • Easily attached to bed frames
  • Neutral color is beautiful
  • Adaptable to most bed frames
  • Arrives with manufacturing smell

4. AmazonBasics Faux Linen Upholstered Tufted Headboard

Simple elegance is the best way to describe the look of this headboard. It combines the luxury of tufted material meanwhile maintains a strikingly basic aesthetic. If you want something that will moderately elevate your existing furniture, this is a fantastic option to have.

This style of headboard is highly recommended for homeowners that aren’;t searching for an over-the-top style, but instead want to add a little something extra to their bedroom. Compared to the other headboards on this list, you’;ll find the style of this model to be slightly more masculine, which is ideal for teenagers and young adults.


The features of the AmazonBasics Faux Linen Headboard are similar to most other models, which makes it easy-to-use and functional. The added upholstery adds a touch of glamor so you can dress up any full-size bed. The upholstery is 100% polyester with a faux-linen feel.

4 9

By far, the tufted sections are the most luxurious element of the headboard as it capitalizes on its sleek elegance. As an added benefit, you can wipe the headboard clean with a damp cloth for easy maintenance. We also recommend using a gentle detergent to help get rid of any grime, dust, or stains, as the material is rather stain-resistant.

Similar to many of the other headboards we’;ve discussed, the AmazonBasics Faux Linen Headboard is fully adjustable in terms of height. This feature is fantastic for anyone who intends on changing the height of their bed or mattress in the future.

With a weight of only 22 pounds, you can either attach this to your bed directly or opt to mount it to the wall. Its durable metal structure offers long-lasting resilience and strength, even after disassembly.

  • Upholstery looks expensive
  • 10-minute assembly
  • Looks fantastic when installed
  • Fits most full-size beds
  • Feels well-built
  • Backing is unfinished
  • Doesn’;t arrive with bolts

5. Barn Walls Farmhouse Mix Headboard

This headboard is by far the most unique one on this list, especially if you’;re a fan of wood instead of upholstery. With varying colors of rustic wood, this headboard is sure to be the focal point of any room.


Most notably, the Barn Walls Farmhouse Mix Headboard is unique in that every customer will receive a one-of-a-kind piece. The slats of wood will have different grooves and a weathered aesthetic that will complement the aesthetic of rustic or contemporary rooms. There is a mix of sage wash, whitewash, powder blue wash, and gray wash.

5 9

Each of the panels is derived from 100% sustainable forests and are made from natural wood at 3/4’’ thicknesses. You’;ll love that every piece is hand stained, which helps to give every headboard its authenticity.

In terms of assembling the headboard, it’;s slightly different as it doesn’;t attach directly to the bed. Instead, you will be required to mount it on the wall, and all of the mounting parts are included with your order. It’;s easy to install either on your own or with a family member.

The installation is so simple because the instructions are simple to follow and they are written perfectly in a step-by-step fashion. It is a good idea to have another family member to assist you with mounting the headboard, especially as you will want to make sure it is even. Compared to other styles, you will first have to mount a track and then slide in the individual planks to create the color combination you desire.

As an added benefit, there are multiple color variations to opt for when it comes to this headboard. You can choose one that leans more towards red, browns, or even blues, depending on the aesthetic of your room.

  • Have a smooth finish
  • Real wood headboard
  • Adds beautiful character
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Has an authentic wood smell
  • Can’;t be attached to beds
  • Colors may vary

6. South Shore Fynn Headboard Full Fall Oak

As another stunning wood headboard, this model has everything you would expect from a high-quality yet rustic piece to add to your furniture. Crafted from pure oak, you’;ll fall in love with the beautiful appeal this headboard has to offer.


Once installed, you can bet the South Shore Fynn Headboard will be the focal point of the room. It boasts clean grooves and lines that are authentic to oak as well as beautifully crafted moldings. The versatility of the piece is unmatched as well, as it can be mounted or attached to a metal or wood bed frame.

6 9

The rustic beauty of the headboard is incredibly beautiful and adapts well to any type of decor. You don’;t need to have rustic furniture to make the most out of its style and it also fits onto most bed frames. At first, it might not seem as heavy as expected, though when installed, it becomes quite sturdy and resilient.

You’;ll genuinely appreciate how this headboard arrives with all of the correct mounting hardware so that you can start installing it upon its arrival. This feature also helps you to save a lot of money and time, making the headboard an even more affordable way to improve your bedroom.

The assembly of the headboard is quite notable, as you’;ll have clear instructions to follow for the easy setup. The manufacturer also has a customer service helpline in the event you need professional assistance while assembling the piece. We love how easy it is to maintain, as it’;s perfectly stained and sealed so you can wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

  • Very sturdy when installed
  • Arrives with hardware
  • An affordable way to upgrade
  • Works with most bed frames
  • Looks beautifully rustic
  • Two-person setup
  • May require extra mounting hardware

7. Christopher Knight Home Soleil Queen/Full Headboard

When you look at this headboard for the first time, you’;ll appreciate how classy and regal it is. It’;s a fantastic way to breathe new life into your bedroom with minimal effort and to dress up your existing furniture.


With your order, you will receive a headboard that has a beautiful and elegant fabric quite reminiscent of traditional linen. The thickness of the fabric is luxurious and soft, helping to add texture to your bedding. Even though the material is soft and comfortable, the metal frame is durable and resilient.

7 9

What makes this headboard unique is that it doesn’;t have an overtly tufted design; instead, it boasts minimal tufting with perfectly placed buttons. The stunning rivets around the exterior are also notable, as they add a little bit of contrast to the mostly fabric headboard. You’;ll find the style of this piece is perfect for what’;s trendy for bedrooms right now.

The subdued neutral color palette for the headboard adds a quiet flair that isn’;t too over-the-top. It certainly is the perfect addition to a master bedroom or guest room, especially if you want to create a more elegant and fashionable style. We also love the idea of mounting the headboard in a room where you’;ll want to read, as it’;s plush backing is very comfortable.

Instead of being too small or too large for standard size frames, you’;ll find this design is perfect for traditional full beds. You won’;t have an excessive amount of overhang, which helps to make it look like the Christopher Knight Home Soleil Headboard was made for your bed specifically.

  • Comfortable for reading
  • Looks luxurious and expensive
  • Easily fits the width of full beds
  • Completely adjustable height
  • Easily secured to beds
  • May require extra mounting hardware
  • Could cause squeaking

8. Baxton Studio Jardan Modern Headboard

If you’;re not a big fan of tufting on headboards but still want an upholstered design that will look fabulous, this model is ideal. With its simple elegance, it’;s a fantastic option for your bed or a children’;s bed that needs a glamorous upgrade.


The simplicity of this headboard is quite stunning, especially as the bulk of the design is nothing but the soft neutral fabric. What makes it stand out from other models is its rivets around the edge of the headboard. It creates a beautiful border that will capture the attention of anyone’;s eye.

8 8

Instead of metal, like other headboards, the Baxton Studio Jardan Modern Headboard has a rubberwood frame for attaching it to your bed. You’;ll also find the headboard features upholstered and padded plywood for durability. If you want to create a more custom appeal, be sure to use the height adjustments.

Unlike other headboards, you likely won’;t have to drill extra holes to make it fit your bed. There are seven pre-drilled holes that you can use to adjust the height easily. During installation, you will simply have to decide which holes you will use to screw and bolt the headboard to your bed.

If you’;re someone who moves a lot, you will want to consider a headboard that is built to last. The Baxton Studio Jardan Modern Headboard may be affordable, but it is incredibly strong and resilient. You can easily assemble and disassemble the product without fear of compromising its integrity.

  • Classic and elegant aesthetic
  • Looks expensive
  • Great for teens and kids
  • Easy to clean
  • Rivets are a great accent
  • May arrive with missing hardware
  • Height needs to be adjusted

9. Modway Emily Tufted Button Full Headboard

As another model from Modway, the Emily Tufted Headboard is a thick and plush headboard that will add comfort to any bed. Whether you need a sturdy headboard for reading or something to add an extra flair, this is sure to do the job.


The classically elegant tufting is incredibly chic and helps to add an extra level of sophistication to your bedroom. It will look stunning against your linens and other decor pieces in your room. You’;ll also fall in love with the plush padding that makes the headboard comfortable to lean against.

9 8

The tranquil neutral color for this piece is also quite notable, which helps to add a new elegance to an existing bed. With the easy-to-follow assembly instructions, it shouldn’;t take too long to install. When assembled, the plywood and fiberboard work well together to create a sturdy and reliable headboard.

Similar to the other models on this list, the Modway Emily Tufted Headboard can also be fully adjusted in terms of height. There are seven different mounting positions to choose from to make it the perfect fit for your specific bed frame. All you have to do is choose which mounting position works best for your bed and screw through the hole of your choosing.

What we love the most about adjustable headboards is that they can grow with you, whether you move or if you switch out your old furniture. With fully adjustable features, you can add a box spring or take one away and still have a headboard that looks like it is custom made for your bed. Not to mention the simple instructions with the Modway Emily Tufted Headboard make installation exciting and fun.

  • Looks elegant
  • Fit beds perfectly
  • Easy to adjust
  • Simple instructions
  • Appears high-end and expensive
  • May require mounting brackets
  • Color has a yellow tinge

10. Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Full Size Headboard

As the last headboard, we’;ll go over in this guide, the Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Headboard is the perfect cozy element to have in a bedroom. With a strikingly dark black finish, the fabric is ideal for contemporary homes that need a nice contrast.


As you can tell, this headboard is for a more contemporary space, which makes it perfect for most rooms. You’;ll find that it can add a significant contrast in most bedrooms, especially if you have more dark accents than light. The black fabric upholstery is cozy and comfortable but is also quite easy to keep clean.

10 8

In terms of maintenance, all you have to do is use a soft cloth with warm water to wipe away any dirt or debris. You can also use a gentle detergent that won’;t wash away the richness of the deep black material. Compared to other high-quality headboards, maintaining the Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Headboard is simple.

The stunning box stitch design is a fantastic addition, as it helps to create depth and dimension on the headboard. You’;ll appreciate how luxurious and simplistic its overall design is, making it easy to add to any room. The metal stands are also notable, as they are black metal and highly durable.

When it comes time to install the Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Headboard, you’;ll love that it features adjustable bed rail slots. Fitting this headboard to your bed should be incredibly simple. It’;s one of the best options for renovating your room, so it has a newer and more fresh aesthetic.

  • Arrives with necessary hardware
  • Works on basic bed frames
  • Easy to assemble
  • Impressive stitching
  • Feels high-quality
  • May have a manufacturing smell
  • Needs to be measured before installing

What is a Headboard For?

When you start shopping for the best headboard, you’;ll want to think about what they’;re typically used for. Some households prefer headboards for functionality, such as being able to sit up to watch TV, have conversations, or to read. Others love the look of a headboard to finish the look of their beds.

12 7

With the right model, you can completely transform the way your bedroom looks. The vast majority of headboards are crafted using excellent artisan skills to make them a functional piece of art that can attach to the wall or your bed. They can also help you to save a lot of money if you want to renovate your existing furniture.

Simply by getting rid of your old headboard and replacing it with a new one, you can breathe new life into your old furniture. You’;ll love the new and modern appeal it will bring to older pieces without having to invest thousands of dollars in a bedroom renovation. They are also a fantastic option for when you want to upgrade your children bed to a full-size bed.

With a headboard, you also have the opportunity to do your bedtime rituals more comfortably. You’;ll be able to prop pillows against the headboard instead of the wall or even use it bare for added support. This point is especially true if you opt for one of the padded headboards on this list.

Different Materials Used For The Construction of Headboards

The primary purpose of any headboard is to create a piece of functional furniture that will last years. Considering the majority of them will be attached to the wall or existing furniture, they are ideal for dressing up something old, so it looks newer. However, some materials are better than others when it comes to durability and versatility.

13 8

A few of the most popular materials used for the construction of headboards include:

  • Polyester

If you’;re looking for durability with the ability to clean and maintain your headboard, polyester is a fantastic material to choose from. It’;s also quite affordable, which helps to limit the overall cost of the product during manufacturing. Polyester is highly resilient to dirt and grime, so you should be able to keep the headboard clean with a gentle detergent, soft cloth, and warm water.

  • Solid Wood

For a more organic appeal, you may want to opt for a solid wood headboard. Even though these models are sure to be more expensive, they are also long-lasting and ideal for families with children and pets. The best part is that solid wood headboards require the least amount of maintenance, as they are already finished and sealed before installation.

Solid wood is such a versatile material that can be used for modern homes or rustic rooms. You’;ll even find wood headboards in more traditional space as well, as you can create beautiful teak designs that will last through generations. For the highest quality headboards, solid wood is a fantastic option.

  • Twill

As a material that is slightly rarer than other fabrics used on headboards, twill creates a warm and comforting environment. Twill is typically associated with coziness, which makes it the perfect option for a relaxing and serene bedroom. You’;ll find the overall integrity of the material is far superior to polyester, as it’;s far more cumbersome and thicker.

  • Metal

It’;s not often you’;ll find a full metal headboard because of how uncomfortable it would be, but it is undoubtedly used during manufacturing. It’;s more likely your headboard will be made from metal than wood. Metal is incredibly durable and helps the headboard to maintain its shape, whether attached to a bed or mounted on the wall.

The type of metal used will differ, but most manufacturers will opt for a premium quality steel alloy that is heavy-duty and resilient. If you intend on mounting your headboard, remember that the heavier the materials, the more difficult the mounting will be. A better alternative would be an aluminum headboard or any other type of lightweight metal.

What Features to Look for When Choosing Full Size Headboards

With the variety of styles of headboards on the market, you can guess that not every model is made the same. To get the most out of your investment, you’;ll need to know exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing a full-size headboard. We’;ve created a list of the essential features to keep an eye out for to make sure you’;re getting the best possible deal.

14 3

  • Padding

The first thing to do is think about how you intend to use your headboard and the feeling you want it to give to your bedroom. Do you want to make your bed look cozy and comfortable? Will you be leaning against the headboard frequently?

If the answer to those two questions is yes, you will undoubtedly want to keep an eye out for padding. The majority of headboards will have padding for comfort, but it’;s also essential for the safety of the headboard. This point is especially crucial if you have children in your home, as they could injure themselves on hard surfaces and sharp corners.

The padding on your headboard can make or break how comfortable it is as well as its sturdiness. You won’;t want to opt for too much padding, though, as it can take away from the space you have for pillows on your bed.

  • Adjustability

You might not think that adjusting your headboard is essential, but if you want a long-lasting product, it certainly is. Some of the best headboards come with adjustable heights so you can customize the look and feel of your bed over the years. For example, if you decide to change your box spring or mattress, you’;ll want to be able to adjust the headboard to accommodate the new furniture.

Ideally, you’;ll want a headboard that has multiple mounting positions for you to choose from. This feature makes it substantially easier to create a customized look for any room in your home.

  • Size

Even though when you start looking at full-size headboards, they are meant for full beds, and you’;ll want to confirm the measurements. Some beds that are advertised as full or double will vary in width, which is important to consider. You certainly won’;t want the headboard to be substantially smaller than the width of your mattress.

Our recommendation for choosing the size is to physically measure the width of your mattress before ordering a headboard. This process will help you to choose the ideal size for your room and give you the ability to leave a little bit of overhang on either side of the bed. You should also measure the width of your wall to determine where you should place the headboard upon arrival.

  • Installation

It can be quite frustrating to buy a new product that requires expert assembly, though some manufacturers offer it as an add-on to your order. To help you save money, having a headboard that is simple to install on your own or with a friend is ideal. You won’;t want a product that will take an ample amount of time to mount on the wall.

Another vital part of the installation is to figure out how the headboard will attach to your wall or bed. If you aren’;t interested in mounting the furniture, you will want to confirm your chosen headboard can be attached to your bed frame. Otherwise, you will have to mount furniture on the wall, which can be quite a hassle for some singles.

Always ensure you read the instructions included with your headboard for proper installation and mounting directions.

  • Unique Features

Everyone deserves to have a unique bedroom to show off to friends and family. You’;ll want to make sure your potential headboard has the absolute number of unique features that complement the style of your room. For example, if you have a very classic and elegant bedroom, a tufted headboard is a fantastic choice.

If you’;re going to invest a reasonable amount of money into an item to improve the look of your existing furniture, ensure it has everything you could ever want. If you’;re opting for solid wood, consider finding a headboard with organic grains and grooves for a more authentic appeal. For more contemporary spaces, having sleek and clean lines along with a modern color palette is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

You undoubtedly know exactly what to look for when you start shopping for headboards as well as insider information on how they are built. But, there are also several questions you’;ll want to take into consideration before purchasing one for yourself. From understanding how to mount headboards to knowing what pieces come with your order, these questions are essential.

  • Do headboards fit all beds?

If you have found a headboard design that interests you, the first thing to look at are the sizes it is available in. As beds come in various sizes, as will your headboard, and you’;ll want to make sure you’;re choosing the perfect size. For example, you wouldn’;t want to pair a twin size headboard with a queen-size bed.

It’;s highly likely that all standalone headboards come in standard sizes for twin, double, queen, and king size beds. However, it is a good idea to measure the width of your bed before ordering a headboard to make sure it will fit perfectly.

  • Can headboards be adjusted?

In terms of width, no, headboards cannot be adjusted to fit the width of your bed once purchased. However, some are easy to modify in terms of height. Over time, you might be interested in buying a taller or shorter bed frame or mattress, and you’;ll want your headboard to be useful.

One of the best things to keep an eye out for are headboards that come with multiple adjustments. This feature will give you the ability to create a custom look for your bedroom regardless of if you move or decide to purchase a new bed.

  • How do headboards attach?

As every headboard has a unique design, you can guarantee they also attach differently depending on the model you choose. The best way to figure out how headboards attach is to read the instructions or product description. For example, some may state that a specific model needs to be mounted on the wall instead of attached to a bed frame.

Typically, you will need to use an assortment of plugs, bolts, and screws to attach a headboard, especially if you’;re buying one with a different bed frame in mind. More often than not, they will be easy enough for you and a family member to attach without professional help.

  • Are headboards interchangeable?

When you have bought a standalone headboard, you can guarantee they are interchangeable. However, with all-in-one beds that come with pre-manufactured headboards, they might not be. At times, you may need professional help to customize your headboard so that it can fit onto your existing bed.

It’;s always a good idea to opt for a bed without a headboard if you think you’;ll want to change the headboard in the future. By choosing for a low-profile bed or a box bed, you can easily change the style without having to worry about cutting wood to make a headboard fit.

  • Are headboards in style?

There was a period where mounted headboards boomed in popularity, and it certainly hasn’;t quieted down. The reason why they are so popular is that they add elegance and sophistication to bedrooms. You can even create a more hotel-inspired atmosphere for your guest rooms to make them more comfortable.

There’;s no better feeling than being able to create a custom aesthetic in your rooms that is unique, cozy, and stunning. All of which are capable with a headboard, as they are and will always be in style.


Opting to install the best full-size headboards can help you to dress up your room without having to invest a lot of money. Also, most of the models feature slim profiles, so you can easily save more space in your bedroom with little effort. With this addition, you can completely transform your existing bed into something new and fresh.

It’;s always important to make sure you are searching for the right headboard in terms of size, convenient features, and durability. This point is especially important if you frequently move, as you’;ll want a headboard that will last through several homes. The vast majority of models we’;ve looked at in this guide are well equipped for frequent assembly and disassembly.

With the perfect headboard, you can add more comfort and coziness to your room quickly. Reading will be less of a hassle, and you can get back to enjoying your bedtime routine for a more peaceful night’;s rest.

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