Dreamcloud Mattress Review 2020

Does your current mattress sag every time you sit on the edge? Or, perhaps your back feels sore every morning after getting off the bed. If any of these signs prevail on your mattress, it’s time for a bed mattress upgrade. And, the Dreamcloud could be the perfect mattress brand to consider. It has been rated as an “all-around hybrid mattress” sold in the market. Among the features that made this brand a standout are the signature cashmere mattress cover and luxurious quilted Euro Top. Furthermore, this specific mattress brand could truly transform every customer’s sleeping experience.

Since Dreamcloud mattress claims to be an epitome of a premium type of hybrid mattress, let’s unravel what it has to offer by reading this product review.

Recommended for whom?

  • If you are an online shopper

The Dreamcloud mattress is readily accessible online from the manufacturer’s official website. Any interested buyer that has accessibility online can purchase this product right in the comforts of the home. The online purchase process is easy and with just a few clicks from a mobile device, laptop or PC the paying customer will only have for the mattress to be delivered straight on the appointed delivery address.

  • If you prefer a hybrid mattress

If you have a preference for a hybrid type of mattress, then, the Dreamcloud mattress will fill that specific requirement. The Dreamcloud mattress has everything that any interested buyer on the lookout for a hybrid mattress such as foam material and pocketed springs.

  • If you are looking for the best mattress in the market

The construction of the Dreamcloud mattress is tested to perform superiorly among its competing brands. Overall, the mattress claims to improve the customer’s experience by offering stable support when lying on the mattress. The foam material used, cashmere blend mattress cover, quilted Euro Top, and pocketed coils help customers succumb to peaceful sleep throughout the night.

  • If you like a cool sleeping surface

The Dreamcloud mattress is made from gel-infused memory foam. This type of foam material is known to have a cooling effect on the sleeper. That’s why it’s rated as an all-around mattress because it can be used even on the hottest months of the summer season. The cooling feature of infused gel foam ensures the sleeper won’t experience night sweats throughout the night.

  • Larger body

The Dreamcloud mattress 15 inches thickness can provide maximum support to anyone with larger body build. Its high profile built won’t sag even as the larger built person sit on the edge.

  • Side and back sleeper

For sleepers that sleep comfortably on their sides or backs, the Dreamcloud is the right choice. The mattress high-profile design and multiple foam layering provide the needed body support as the sleeper shifts from side to back sleeping position.

Who won’t like this mattress?

  • Stomach sleeper

If you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach, then, this mattress design and construction would be an issue. The mattress has a tufted top, which may feel too soft for any stomach sleeper. The ideal mattress for stomach sleepers should provide firm support, particularly along the hip and spine.

  • If you like a firmer mattress

The infused-gel foam material of Dreamcloud could provide stable support, but not as firmer than mattresses constructed to provide a higher level of firmness.

Rating Snapshot

Before we carry out an in-depth assessment of this hybrid mattress, let me give you a snap on the rating of Dreamcloud Mattress. This product review consists of gathered facts covering quality testing as well as in-house analysis to check the validity of generated results. Below are criteria used as a benchmark of the overall performance of Dreamcloud Mattress.

Motion IsolationGreat
Edge SupportGreat
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Temprature ControlGreat
Good For Sex Great

Brand Snapshot

The brand Dreamcloud mattress is introduced in January 2018 by Nectar, a rapidly growing manufacturer of mattresses including the hybrid version with an affordable price tag. The said company is also known the selling accessories that can go with the mattresses and improve their overall performance in the marketplace.

The Dreamcloud mattress is sold exclusively from Nectar’s official website and not available from third-party resellers. All of Nectar’s mattresses including the Dreamcloud mattress have been certified with CertiPur-US, meaning the materials used including the procedures applied are proven to be safe for general use and have not caused any potential harm to the environment.

How is the Mattress Constructed?

The Dreamcloud mattress boasts of being constructed from eight (8) layered materials. Below is a detailed discussion of each layer.

  • Cashmere Polyester Blend Cover

The Dreamcloud mattress outer covering is cashmere polyester blend fabric material. The actual feel on the sleeper’s skin is extremely lightweight and breathable. That could be the reason for the mattress to be capable of providing a cool surface even when exposed to hotter temperatures during the summer season.

  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The topmost layering material of Dreamcloud mattress is premium quality gel-infused memory foam. This type of foam contours to the shape of the sleeper, ensuring no pressure or tension develops as body movements take place all night. Plus, the cool airflow feature reduces incidents of night sweats.

  • Quilted Memory Foam

The next layer of material used for the construction of Dreamcloud mattress is the quilted memory foam. This layer is found underneath the gel-infused memory foam. Its role is to provide the sleeper the cloud-like feeling while lying on the mattress. And, the quilted application guarantees the sleeper of a bouncy and comfortable sleeping surface.

  • Natural latex

Situated above the memory foam and below is another layering material, the natural latex. This layer is made from organic, hypoallergenic latex. It’s specifically designed and constructed to provide extra reinforcement for the memory foam. The natural latex has also other benefits to the sleeper. It has also a contouring feature that adjusts to sleeper’s sleeping position.

  • Dreamcloud Supporting Memory Foam

Found underneath the layer of natural latex is the Dreamcloud Supporting Memory foam layer. This layer is constructed from top quality super dense memory foam material. The main function of this layering material is to deliver deep contouring to the sleeper. The effect on the sleeper is waking up every morning with no feeling of stiffness.

  • Dense, Soft Memory Foam

The next layering material of the Dreamcloud mattress is the dense, soft memory foam. This layer supports the sleeper at any sleeping position. Greater comfort is expected regardless the sleeper sleeps on his or her side, back, stomach, or combination of these three sleeping positions.

  • BestRest Coils

The next layer prior to the final layer is the BestRest coils. The coil system of Dreamcloud mattress offers stable support and work in synchronized movement with the rest of the layered foam materials.

  • High Density Memory Foam

The last layering material of the Dreamcloud mattress is the high-density memory foam. This layer is responsible for utilizing the designated function of the other layers and ensuring the spine and neck of the sleeper are properly cradled and supported while lying or sleeping.

Performance Ratings

  • Durability

Different types of mattresses’ expected life expectancy on average could last for a few years, 5 years, 10 years, and the longest 20 years. It’s really tough finding a mattress that’s worth your investment. Dreamcloud mattress is recognized as one of the most durable brands of hybrid mattresses. The materials used for its construction are carefully sourced and selected to be of premium quality. Each layered material composing the Dreamcloud mattress has been tested for efficiency. The pocket coil system is designed to ensure sleeper’s comfort despite body movements. Plus, the 15 inches thickness of the mattress can cater to multiple sleepers and people weighing more. The manufacturer has superb confidence in all their mattresses. That’s why the Dreamcloud mattress is sold in the market with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Motion Isolation

The Dreamcloud mattress is categorized as a “hybrid” mattress that has an innovative coil system. The mattress is supported with an individual, wrapped pocketed coils. They are located strategically in the layered foam materials of the mattress, ensuring a noise-free use as sleeper/s shift to different sleeping positions. Its coil system is geared towards reducing motion transfer, making it a suitable bed for two sleepers.

  • Edge Support

One of the best features of this hybrid mattress is edge support. Sleepers need not worry about falling or sliding off along the edge of the mattress because the Dreamcloud is built with a supportive coil system. The individually wrapped coils provide a solid foundation on every corner of the mattress, particularly the edges. So, anyone lying on the mattress or sitting along the edge can feel the consistency of the solid foundation.

  • Pressure Relief

The Dreamcloud mattress is constructed with multiple layers of foam materials and pocketed coils. All these parts work together to provide comfort to anyone. Each layered foam material is purposed to take the shape of the sleeper, offering cradle support to body parts like shoulders, neck and spine. Whether the sleeper sleeps on the side, back or stomach the mattress multi-layered foams and pocketed coils will minimize pressure points. The sleeper is given assurance of experiencing a good night’s sleep and waking up with no complaints of body pain or tensed muscles.

  • Noise

The pocketed coils of Dreamcloud are responsible for creating a noise-free use of the mattress. Since the coils are wrapped individually and sectioned appropriately in layers of foam materials, anyone can sleep soundly with no disruption even during motion transfer or while shifting from one sleeping position to another.

  • Excellent for sex

Since the mattress construction has a layer of foam made from natural latex, it creates a bouncier surface. Plus, the coil system is very efficient in isolating motion or body movement as well as noise that could be created during physical intimacies.

Mattress rating according to the weight of persons

Now, let’s move to the mattress ratings based on sleepers. The level of firmness and thickness of a mattress will depend entirely on the sleeper’s personal preference, weight, shape and sleeping position. Sleepers with varied weights and sleeping positions were asked to perform a trial test on the Dreamcloud Mattress in order for us to deliver a better analysis of the mattress.

  • Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 pounds

Based on the personal experiences of lightweight sleepers that joined the test the Dreamcloud Mattress is considered firm. If you have lightweight built, the mattress can provide just enough firmness, without the sinking feeling. However, if you are a side sleeper, this hybrid mattress isn’t as much helpful when it comes to reducing the pressure points on the shoulder and hips.

For lightweight sleepers that are used to sleeping on their backs and stomach, the Dreamcloud Mattress provided a comfortable sleeping surface. To sum it all, lightweight sleepers that prefer a firmer mattress would find satisfaction with DreamCloud Mattress. But, for those sleepers in search of a softer sleeping surface, they should be open for other options.

  • Average Weight Sleepers – 130 pounds to 230 pounds

The average weight tester’s initial assessment during the test for Dreamcloud Mattress is relatively good. The mattress offered adequate support to most sleeping positions but has a bit of drawback to side sleepers. If compared with other brands of hybrid mattresses, the Dreamcloud may not perform well in contouring the shape of the sleeper, particularly an average weight sleeper. For sleepers with back pain, this hybrid mattress medium-firm sleeping surface can reduce the tension that may develop along the spine.

  • Heavy Weight Sleepers – More than 230 pounds

Although this hybrid mattress has been tested to perform efficiently in supporting most sizes of sleepers, the heavyweight sleepers with more than 230 pounds that also performed testing claimed satisfaction. The construction of Dreamcloud Mattress proved to offer excellent support without the sinking feeling. And, heavyweight side sleepers also found this mattress to offer the desired level of support and comfortability.

Is it good for stomach/back/side sleepers?

  • Stomach sleepers

People that prefer sleeping on their stomachs may find the Dreamcloud mattress to have a stable foundation. This hybrid mattress aims to support the mid-section of a stomach sleeper without experiencing the sinking or sagging feeling. The multiple layered foam construction of this mattress including its pocketed coils helps stomach sleepers sleep comfortably without feeling stain along the spinal column.

  • Side sleepers

The Dreamcloud mattress eight layered material composition contours the shape of a side sleeper while at the same time offering a decent level of support. Sleepers that prefer sleeping on their sides can rely on this mattress to support the shoulders and hips without the sinking feeling. As for side sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds, the overall experience while lying or sleeping on this hybrid mattress is a combination of the right amount of balance and contouring.

  • Back Sleepers

The Dreamcloud Mattress is also ideal for people used to sleeping on their backs. The 15 inches thickness and reliable coil system can support the need of side sleepers, focused on the alignment of the spine.


Similar to other manufacturers of mattresses, the Dreamcloud is offered with a warranty. However, its warranty coverage is tremendously better from the usual coverage of 5 to 20 years because Dreamcloud ensures paying customer comprehensive coverage. The warranty coverage states that the new owner of this hybrid mattress can enjoy unlimited protection coverage as long as have it in possession. For the first ten years of ownership, the manufacturer of Dreamcloud promise repair or replacement of the mattress with no fees collected. Then, extended warranties applicable after the 10-year mark.

Free Trials

Most online seller including manufacturers of mattresses offers free trials and discounts. The average trial period offered may range from 10 to 100 nights. The Dreamcloud goes beyond the common number of free trial nights because purchasers can enjoy 365 nights. That’s indeed a bonus for anyone that really wants a good deal for the money spent. If the customer was dissatisfied and decided to return the mattress under the 365 nights free trial, a full refund applies.

Price and Discounts

The Dreamcloud mattress is a good value for anyone looking for a high-end and durable mattress at a very competitive price in the market. Here is the price of Dreamcloud after discount:

Size Price
Twin XL$699
Cal King$1,199

What makes this brand unique?

The Dreamcloud Mattress is unique from other competing brands. Aside from being rated as “hybrid mattress”, this type of mattress has many things to offer. It’s eight layered construction of foam materials, pocketed coils, tufted Euro Top and 15 inches thickness made it as one of the best luxurious mattresses to be sold online.

The design and construction of this mattress exhibited quality craftsmanship. Its performance when it comes to firmness level and comfort is quite impressive because this mattress is capable of catering most types of sleepers including varying weights.

And, on top of that, this mattress comes with 365 nights free trial and extended lifetime warranty coverage. Imagine every new owner of the Dreamcloud Mattress can enjoy extending the warranty after the 10-year mark.


  • How to take care and maintain the Dreamcloud mattress?

The cashmere blend outer covering of the Dreamcloud mattress may require proper care to preserve its pristine condition. Any stain should be wiped immediately with a clean damp cloth to reduce permanent staining. Since cashmere blend material is very delicate it’s not advisable for full submersion in water or dry cleaning. Non-toxic cleaning products should be used. Homemade cleaning solutions made from water and vinegar are suitable for spot cleaning.

  • Can I rotate or flip the Dreamcloud mattress?

No, the Dreamcloud mattress is not suited for flipping because the eight layered materials are arranged in a specific order. As for rotating, the mattress can be repositioned from head to toe when changing the bedding sheets to reduce wear and tear.

  • Where is the Dreamcloud Mattress made?

The company behind the Dreamcloud mattress is American owned. However, the manufacture including the assembly process of the hybrid mattress is outsourced in China. This is the cost-effective strategy of the company to lower labor costs and sell their mattresses at very affordable prices.

  • What type of base should I place my Dreamcloud Mattress?

The Dreamcloud mattress has a sturdy base and supportive coils. It can stand on its own and serve as a bed mattress. If you prefer installing a traditional box spring or bed frame, you may do so.

  • Will I expect off-gassing to occur?

During the initial unpacking of the Dreamcloud, expect off-gassing or odd smell to occur because of the layered foam materials. Expect the smell to subside quickly when the mattress is fully exposed in a ventilated environment.

How Does Dreamcloud Compare with other Brands/Products?

Performing comparison with other brands and products will generally help potential buyers to find the right mattress based on their specific needs. Below is a comparison of Dreamcloud with four brands of mattresses that have similar features and customer ratings score.

Dreamcloud vs. Saatva

First of all, the Dreamcloud mattress is classified as “hybrid mattress” while the Saatva is listed as an innerspring mattress. One feature that both brands share in common is their level of reaction in sleepers. Both these brands provide sleepers the feeling of sensation while lying on top. They also provide the same level of edge support including neutral temperature.

When it comes to thickness the Dreamcloud Mattress takes pride in its high profile built with 15 inches thickness. Saatva is only available in two thickness levels, 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. For sleepers that don’t like sleeping on a thicker mattress, the Saatva would be beneficial.

The generated rating of Dreamcloud on the level of firmness based on the 10-point firmness scale is 6.5 or equivalent to medium-firm level. The firmness level of Saatva comes in three levels. Saatva is available in a medium-level of firmness similar to Dreamcloud. The next level of firmness that Saatva can offer to customers is medium-soft which has a rating of 4 on the 10-point scale system.

Dreamcloud vs. Brooklyn Aurora

Dreamcloud and Brooklyn Aurora are both constructed with high-profile mattress, pocketed coil system and dense support core. When it comes to the level of reaction or responsiveness, the Dreamcolud is more responsive than Brooklyn Aurora. As far as the level of contouring to the sleeper’s body, the Aurora performs better than Dreamcloud Mattress.

The distinct feature that Brooklyn Aurora has that Dreamcloud lacks is the copper-infused phase-change material. This phase-change material is responsible for providing deeper contouring to the sleeper. The sleeper body is cradled in such a way that pressure points are minimized. Most sleepers would find the Aurora a better mattress when compared with Dreamcloud’s ability to relieve pressure points. Aside from that, Aurora claims to be more efficient in motion isolation when compared with Dreamcloud.

The overall rating score of Dreamcloud mattress on a 10-point firmness scale is 6.5 or medium-firm. Brooklyn Aurora offers three firmness levels (3.5 soft, 5.5 medium and 7.5 firm) to sleepers with varied weights ranging from lightweight, medium or average and heavyweight.

Dreamcloud vs. WinkBed

The Dreamcloud and WinkBed are both categorized as high-profile mattresses. The WinkBed has 14.5 thickness while Dreamcloud is 15 inches thick. A high-profile mattress would be convenient for anyone because it limits the bending movement when getting in or out of the bed.

As for quality, both Dreamcloud and WinkBed carefully sourced the materials and underwent quality production. Both offer the same level of responsiveness and feel to sleepers. However, the level of comfort that Dreamcloud and Winkbed can offer to users may vary due to the layered materials used.

The Dreamcloud mattress and WinkBed have a gel-infused foam layer. But, the WinkBed is built with microcoils and cotton lumbar pad. Both mattresses have motion isolation features and temperature neutrality. However, the WinkBed may not produce similar smells as Dreamcloud mattress produces during unpacking because of the difference in materials used for layering. The WinkBed also provides edge support, similar to Dreamcloud mattress.

When it comes to the firmness level, the WinkBed offers four levels of firmness. The Dreamcloud firmness level is 6.5 or medium-firm on the 10-point scale. Lightweight sleepers may find the Dreamcloud 6.5 level of firmness limited and may consider checking the WinkBed’s varying firmness levels ranging from 4.5 up to 8 scores for WinkBed Plus, suitable for sleepers weighing more than 300 pounds.

Dreamcloud vs. Leesa

Both the Dreamcloud and Leesa perform well in terms of the level of support, edge support including temperature neutrality. For shoppers with a limited budget, the Leesa is more budget-friendly. It’s also advisable for a side sleeper. However, if you are looking for a mattress that can support heavier built sleeper, the Dreamcloud would be a better option. Why? Dreamcloud construction is designed to cater to different sleepers with average to heavily built frames. Dreamcloud performs better for stomach sleepers than Leesa.

Final Verdict

This product review led to the overall conclusion that Dreamcloud mattress is highly regarded as a wise investment for any potential buyer that doesn’t want to sacrifice quality over price. This hybrid mattress is constructed from premium quality materials and cutting cooling technology. The eight-layered foam materials plus the pocketed coil springs ensure its outstanding performance among competitors.

The online purchase accessibility of this product makes it a well-sought mattress because buys customers can process the order and proceed to payment without having to leave home.

And, in addition to these awesome features, the Dreamcloud mattress comes with 365 nights free trial and limited lifetime warranty. That’s absolutely a great deal that any customer would love to experience with every purchase made.