Best Triple Bunk Beds Reviews For 2022

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You will start searching for an appropriate bed for your kid once he is ready to transition from a crib to a real bed. What if you have more than one kid, and they all need one of their own, but you have limited bedroom space? Your best option for that situation is a bunk bed. Currently, these beds come in different styles and designs for you to choose from.

These bunk beds are made from either wood or metal. You can also get from a classic design or a newer and modern look. Some models even have storage underneath. Other models can also be used as freestanding beds if you get tired of bunk beds. This bed type is popular in small spaces like townhouses or small apartments.

We will be checking some of the best triple bunk beds in the market to give you a glimpse of what to expect in a bunk bed.

10 Best Rated Triple Bunk Beds Reviews

1. Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Bunk Bed

Dorel Living dominates the home furnishing industry when it comes to upholstered furniture and more exceptional wood products. The Phoenix Triple Bunk Bed is one example of Dorel Living’;s space-saving and trendy creations.

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This triple bunk bed can improve any space and offer the ultimate functionality with its space-saving and customizable design. It can comfortably accommodate three people, with each one having their own space. It’;s the most suitable sleeping furniture for extended families and unexpected visitors.

This bunk bed is made from solid wood to ensure durability for a long time. It can easily be converted into three separate beds, so each person has their personal space. A standard twin-sized mattress conveniently fits each bunk. It is equipped with a built-in ladder for safe and secure climbing to the higher cots. You will also find bed slats and full-length railings on each bunk for added support.

This floor bunk bed comes in three different colors so you can easily coordinate it with the interior of the room. The unassembled parts are packed in two boxes, and each section is labeled for easy assembly.

  • The assembly instructions are easy to follow.
  • It is durable.
  • The bunk bed is made of suitable quality materials.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • The bed is perfect for small spaces.
  • There’;s a chemical smell on the first day.
  • The spaces between bed slats are wide.

2. DHP Triple Metal Bunk Bed Frame

DHP is an affiliate of Dorel Industries, which is a Canadian company located in Quebec that handles three product categories, namely juvenile, bicycle, and home products. DHP manages and sells locally produced or imported furniture dedicated to small living spaces. They have the perfect solution for your small space problems.

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This metal bunk bed is perfect for small bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate three persons after furnishing each bunk with a twin-sized mattress at a maximum thickness of six inches. The trundle bed has four easy-glide wheels for convenience, two of which have a locking mechanism while the other two have none.

The top bunk is outfitted with full-length guardrails that measure 11.5 inches while metal slats are securely fixed to support the mattress. Climbing up and down the top bunk is no problem with the built-in ladder at the end of the bed.

This easy to assemble metal bunk bed is packaged in one box with all the hardware included together with the easy to understand instruction manual. It is available in three neutral colors that will match any room decor. It is one of the best space-saving furniture you will find in the market that can hold the maximum load capacity of 700 pounds.

If you are on the hunt for a durable, functional, and stylish bunk bed, you will never go wrong with this metal bunk bed from DHP. It will be the perfect sleeping essential for those who are sharing a room with others.

  • Assembly instructions are easy to understand.
  • The bed frame is durable.
  • It is well-constructed.
  • The bed looks stylish and trendy.
  • It is comfortable to sleep on.
  • The top bunk has a squeaking sound.
  • The screws get loose sometimes.

3. WE Furniture AZW3TOTES Triple Bunk Bed

This wooden triple bunk bed from Walker Edison Furniture Company is the perfect piece of furniture for your small bedroom. Your kids will sleep soundly in this comfortable cot. It is a great first bed for kids who are ready to transition to an adult-sized bed.

3 12


This one of a kind bunk bed is made from a solid pine wood, which was then stained with a fresh coat of paint for a cleaner look. In this traditional design, the bottom cot is placed flat on the floor, making it easier for the kids to access the bed. The ladders are cleverly incorporated within the bed frame for the kids’; easy passage to higher cots.

The unique design of the bed makes it suitable for small spaces. Guardrails are also strategically placed on the higher bunks for safety purposes. There are wooden slats on the bottom of each bunk to support the mattress without the need to use a spring box. The bed is delivered unassembled with all the parts packed inside one big box together with the assembly manual.

This durable triple bunk bed is reasonably priced, making it an excellent buy for those looking on a tight budget. It is also available in several colors that will easily match any room decor. Each bunk bed has a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds, excluding the mattress, which is enough to carry the weight of a child. A standard twin size mattress at an eight-inch maximum thickness will perfectly fit each bunk.

  • The bed has the right height.
  • It is stable.
  • The bed is well made.
  • It is durable.
  • The bed is easy to assemble.
  • The wooden slabs supporting the mattress easily breaks.
  • It’;s not suitable for rooms with a low ceiling.

4. ACME Furniture Cairo Triple Bunk Bed

ACME Furniture has been in the furniture business for more than three decades providing stylish, affordable, and quality products. They make sure that their imported products have proudly passed the quality control standards before they offer them to their customers.

4 12


The triple metal bunk bed is your best answer to small space problems and will be a great addition to your apartment. These beds are securely stacked on top of the other. The easy access guardrails ensure that your child will be safe and secure while lying down on the higher cots.

Climbing up and down the bunk bed is made easy by two incorporated ladders placed at the front on each side of the bed. You can also choose whether you like the twin or the full-sized bed for your bedroom. Each bed is fitted with 20 slats that evenly spaced to support the mattress.

The bed frame is made of metal tubes with a powder coating finish for that clean and trendy look. These high-quality metal tubes also ensure the durability and stability of this triple bunk bed. Three persons can share this bunk bed with each one having their own space with a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds each.

This triple bunk bed is easy to assemble and comes with all the needed tools and hardware, but setting it up will be a lot faster by using an electric device. It is also best if you have someone who can help you assemble the bed, so you fix it more quickly.

  • The front ladders allow easy access.
  • Powder-coating offers the scratch-resistance surface.
  • The bunk bed is reasonably priced.
  • The bed is sturdy.
  • It is useful for those sharing a room.
  • The bunk cannot be separated into single cots.
  • The bed should be placed in a room with a high ceiling.

5. Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed

Donco Kids is under the management of Donco Trading Co. It is a family business that handles wholesale and importation of furniture, especially for kids. Part of the company’;s extensive product selection is this triple bunk bed, which can expand your small bedroom’;s sleeping capacity.

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This triple twin-sized bunk bed is made of pinewood, giving it a sturdy feel. It has a traditional design that looks clean and simple and will be a complementary focal point in any bedroom. Two ladders have been added to the design of the bed, increasing its functionality. The short ladder placed at the front is the entry point for the middle bunk bed. The second ladder is more extended, which gives access to the uppermost level of the bunk bed.

You can set it up even in rooms with low ceilings since the lowest bunk sits directly on the floor, leaving more space for the top bed. The ladders are specifically designed for kids so they can easily climb up and down the bunks. The upper bunks have guardrails that are secured by screws and bolts, so there’;s no fear of kids falling off the bed.

The whole bunk bed is quite heavy at 197 pounds proving its sturdiness. Each bunk has a maximum load capacity of 165 pounds and is given a 30-day limited warranty by the company from the time the furniture was purchased.

  • The top bunk can be detached and used as a standalone bed.
  • You can place the ladder on either side of the bed for convenience.
  • It’;s a great space-saver.
  • It maximizes floor space.
  • The bed is sturdy.
  • Use an electrical tool to speed up the assembly.
  • The assembly instructions are hard to understand.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed

Coaster Company of America imports and distributes furniture for more than four decades now. The company is dedicated to respecting its customers by providing them with quality furniture for their homes.

6 5


This bunk bed can add a modern touch to any bedroom with its contemporary design. You can separate the bunk bed into three individual beds or make other combinations. The built-in ladders on the bed emphasized the classy and straightforward silhouette of the bunk bed. The matching guardrails ensure that your kid is safe while on the bed.

The smooth lines and the sleek finish given to this bunk bed creation add style to the room through its high-quality metal materials. This durable triple bunk bed can carry a weight of up to 400 pounds, making it suitable for healthy kids and adults alike. You can use any mattress of your choice with a maximum thickness of up to six inches for you to experience that perfect comfort.

Assembling the bed is easy as long as you have someone to help you, and you will use an electrical tool to speed up the process of setting up the bunk.bed. Fixing the bunk bed with the provided device is a bit challenging. Once it is correctly set up, you will see the clean and classic design of the bunk bed that will blend in with your room’;s interior. It has a unique slat system that is different from other bunk beds, which can fully support your mattress.

  • The bunk bed can be customized and used as single beds.
  • The bed is sturdy.
  • The bed is well-made.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The bed is durable.
  • Some parts are not aligned.
  • You need to have assistance during assembly.

7. Furniture of America Metal Triple Twin Bunk Bed 

Furniture of America is a company filled with talented designers that do not stop improving. They create safe and functional products that reflect their philosophy of constant improvement. The company makes sure that their furniture designs stand out from other brands.

7 4


Just like this bunk bed with its clean, elegant, and charming camelback design and supportive construction that offers sufficient sleeping space even in a small area. There are connected metal bars arranged in such a way that it will ensure the safety of the person and prevent them from falling off the bed.

The bed slats found in each bunk can adequately support the mattress keeping it away from the floor, allowing it to breathe and remain clean. Its upper bed clearance measures 29 inches providing enough space to prevent any mishaps. It can conveniently support the maximum weight of 200 pounds per bunk.

The bed is made from wood veneer and solid wood, which makes it more stable with a lower possibility of warping. You will also find sturdy metal guard rails fitted into the bed to add to the overall durability and security of the furniture. It has an L-shaped design that is perfect when placed in one corner of your room.

The bed and its parts are packaged in two boxes together with all the hardware and assembly tools. However, we highly recommend that you use an electric drill when setting up to lessen the time in half.

  • The bed is durable and sturdy.
  • It is well-constructed.
  • This bed is an excellent space saver.
  • It is easy to put together if directions are followed.
  • The packaging was excellent.
  • The bed’;s configuration is fixed and cannot be altered.
  • It sometimes rattles, and screws need to be checked to fix it.

8. Merax Metal Bunk Bed with Trundle

Merax began its business in Los Angeles in the year 1995 when it started to provide creative products from various categories. These products help boost and make life easy for its customers.

8 3


If you are looking for a simple and functional space-saving furniture, then this metal bunk bed from Merax is your best answer with its easy to pull trundle bed. It has a durable metal frame painted with a fresh coat of paint to make it look sleek and clean. The top bunk is outfitted with metal guard rails to keep the sleeper and the pillows from falling off the bed.

Two separate ladders are conveniently placed on each side of the bed to give easy access to the top bunk. You will also find metal support slats on each bed that serves as the base for the mattress. A trundle bed with two pieces of locking and two pieces of non-locking easy-to-roll wheels can also provide additional sleeping space. You can fit a mattress with a maximum of six inches depth to the trundle bed, and it will still roll under the bed.

This modern classic bedroom furniture went through strict quality testing to reduce wobbling, so it stays stable, and you can sleep comfortably. The top bunk has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds while the trundle and the lower bed can carry up to a maximum of 250 pounds. You can be sure to feel safe and secure while sleeping.

  • The trundle bed is entirely mobile.
  • It is sturdy.
  • The bed is lightweight.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The bunk bed is a great space-saver.
  • The bunk bed frame cannot be separated into individual cots.
  • It should be assembled with a helper.

9. Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed

This bed is one of the most popular bunk beds from Coaster Home Furnishings. If you are looking for beautiful furniture for your small apartment, then this triple twin bunk bed is a perfect choice. It can make your room luxurious yet relaxing at the same time.

9 3


This triple bunk bed comes in a clean white finish providing three individual bunks for three persons with each one getting their own space. You can keep the beds stacked on top of the other if you have a small space or give each bunk its rightful place inside the bedroom. The higher bunk levels can be accessed through the built-in ladders located at the front corners of the bed.

Guard rails are also cleverly placed on the higher bunks to keep the sleeper safe and the pillows intact on the bed. You can be sure that the bunk bed is durable as it is made from solid pine wood. It can even accommodate the maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds for each bed, which is quite heavy for kids.

There are also wooden bed slats that will support any mattress that you want to use so the air can still circulate within. You won’;t need a box spring for the mattress. The whole bunk bed is packaged in three big boxes, along with the tools and hardware necessary for the assembly except for the instruction manual. You need to get that information online. Putting the bunk bed together is no problem even if there’;s no assembly manual included in the box.

  • You can change the configuration of the bed.
  • The bed is sturdy.
  • It is a great space-saver.
  • The bed is easy to assemble.
  • It is well-constructed.
  • The instruction manual needs to be downloaded online.
  • You need to have someone to help you set it up.

10. TriBunk Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

TriBunk is an American company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was organized in 2012. They make commercial-grade, heavy-duty bunk beds that are mostly used for vacation rental properties but is also perfect in areas with small spaces.

10 3


One of the most brilliant design ideas is the creation of bunk beds, which has become the best solution for those who are sharing a room with limited space. That includes the heavy-duty triple bunk bed from TriBunk. The frame of this triple bunk bed is made of sturdy steel to ensure that it will last for a long time.

It also features wood panel guard rails to secure the sleeper, especially the energetic ones so that they won’;t fall off the bed. Each of the three bunks has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is more than enough, even for young adults. You can be sure that this heavy-duty bunk bed will be with your family in the long haul.

This three-in-one bunk bed can sleep three people in one room, with each one having their personal space and privacy. All the necessary parts that you need to build this bunk bed are included in the package for easy assembly. You only need a nut driver to put in the bolts smoothly.

A standard twin size mattress will perfectly fit each bunk bed. The steel frame is easy to assemble without the need for special tools to set it up. However, you have to read the instructions carefully and follow it accordingly to ensure that you will not encounter any issues during assembly.

  • The steel frame is durable.
  • It is stable.
  • The bunk bed fits an eight-foot ceilinged room.
  • It is quality-made.
  • Feels comfortable to sleep on.
  • There’;s no option to separate the bed individually.
  • The instructions are a bit challenging to understand.

What Is a Triple Bunk Bed?

A triple bunk bed is made up of three beds stacked on top of the other, so the privacy of each individual is maintained even if they are sleeping in one room. Triple bunk beds come in various sizes but are mostly available in standard twin. It is the perfect solution if you will be sleeping with several people, but you are tight on space.

They usually come in classic and traditional designs, but you will also find fun versions of the bunk bed specifically created for young children. Some are made of wood, while others are made from durable steel materials that promise to last a long time.

Different Types of Triple Bunk Beds

When we see the word triple, we know it means three, and we have mentioned bunk beds, so we are talking about three beds. Though the most common triple bunk bed is the one that sits on top of the other, different kinds are arranged in another way. Here are some of the other bunk bed types.

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  • The Triple Decker

As we have mentioned, this type is the most common configuration of a triple bunk bed. It is the traditional design where the three cots are placed on different levels to accommodate three persons in one furniture. This type is very convenient if you have a small bedroom and you need to share the space with others.

  • L-Shaped Bunk Bed First Version

The L-shaped bunk bed has two versions. The first is the one with two bunks on top at the same level and one underneath. It will be the best option for those who are always fighting on who will sleep on top. It also leaves a space beside the bed on the bottom for a small table or drawers.

  • L-Shaped Bunk Bed Second Version

This second version has two beds on the bottom and one on top. This version will be most appropriate for adults who might find it challenging to climb the top bunk.

  • Trundle

A trundle bed is an extra bed that is usually fitted with wheels so you can easily pull it out and push it back under the main cot of a standard bunk bed allowing three persons to sleep on each of the beds.

Benefits of Using Triple Bunk Beds

Choosing a suitable bed for your kids, especially the younger ones can be a little challenging for parents. One of the best things you can do to overcome the challenge is to do some research before deciding on buying one. Here are some reasons why it is better to buy a triple bunk bed than a regular one.

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  • Cost-Effective

Triple bunk beds are not just space-savers but money-savers as well, especially for households where two or more children are coexisting in one room. You don’;t need to spend a lot of money to buy separate traditional beds for each person, as triple-deckers can still provide them with a decent and comfortable place to sleep. You can purchase other essentials from the money you have saved after buying a three-layer bed.

  • Space-Savers

One of the main benefits and the most obvious, of using a triple bunk bed is the minimal space it occupies after assembly as it accommodates multiple people at the same time. There’;s no need to arrange several single beds for everyone. You can save on floor space, which you can use for other purposes such as play or study area after the addition of the right furniture.

  • Great for Sleepovers

Kids love to have their friends over to spend the night with them. Triple bunk beds allow you to have a spare bed for a guest so they can all sleep comfortably instead of sharing one bed or snoozing on the floor.

  • Customizable

Most available trilayer beds in the market today can be modified from three-deck beds to individual cots. You can change the configuration of the triple bunk bed, depending on what your child needs. These three-layer beds are also available in various colors and designs.

  • Fun

Modern triple-deckers can be modified according to your child’;s room theme or what your child wants. There are even stores that accept design suggestions or requests to have custom-made triple bunk bed designs. Some kids use their imagination and play make-believe games using their three-layer beds as props, so they have instant playsets.

  • Focal Point

Three-layer beds are the product of the designer’;s imagination and creativity, making it the center of attraction inside the room. They come in different designs, colors, and materials. Most are made of wood or metal, but there are also tri-layer bunk beds that are made from hard plastic materials.

  • Functional

Aside from being a decorative piece, it is the most functional furniture in a bedroom as well. Some three-layer bunk bed models use a stairway for smaller kids to climb up and down the higher bunks. At the same time, these stairways double as drawers so you can organize some of the kids’; things inside. Sometimes, they add extra storage for non-traditional triple-deckers. The possibilities are endless when there is a creative mind.

  • Affordable

Bunk beds are your inexpensive option when it comes to buying bedroom furniture. You don’;t have to buy two or three single beds that will cost higher than this option. There are even bunk bed models that are durable enough to last a long time.

  • Increase Sleeping Capacity

This benefit runs true for those who have lodging houses or want to buy a bed for their vacation house. Using three-layer bunk beds can accommodate more people without compromising the limited space in the bedroom. Each person will have their own bed to sleep in and keep their privacy even if they are all staying in one room.

What Key Features to Look for When Buying Triple Bunk Beds

Buying a triple-decker bed to create a new space for your kids can be fun and exciting. However, it can also be stressful and overwhelming if you don’;t have any idea what you should look for in a triple bunk bed before purchasing one. Below are some of the key features to look for in a trilayer bed.

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  • Size

Traditionally, triple bunk beds come in twin size but not anymore. You can now find triple-decker beds in various measurements like full, XL, or even queen. So before you buy one, consider the age of the child and how many people will sleep and use the bed. The ceiling height needs to be considered and checked with the height of the triple bunk bed when completely assembled to make sure that the top bunk occupant still has sufficient room while sitting down.

  • Style

The layout of the room must be considered for you to know the suitable triple bunk bed style to purchase. If you have a spacious bedroom, then you can consider buying the T-shaped or L-shaped triple-deckers. The traditional and classic design is perfect for rooms with a limited floor area. You can also check trilayer bunk beds with storage, eliminating the need to use separate furniture for organizing things in the bedroom. You may also want to consider a transitional triple bunk bed, which is the combined features of the traditional and contemporary styles.

  • Safety and Accessibility

We always want our kids to be safe and secure even while they sleep. Make sure that you buy a well-constructed triple bunk bed that has safety components like guard rails and stable ladders. The way to access other levels of the three-layer bunk bed is also crucial to the safety of the child. You can choose which will be safer between a ladder or stairs for the triple bunk bed.

  • Material

Choosing the material of your triple-decker bed is also crucial to its durability. Solid wood and quality metal are some of the most durable materials for triple bunk beds. These materials can withstand most weights and constant movement of the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average head clearance for triple bunk beds?

Most customers forget to consider the bunk clearance information before purchasing one. Head clearance is the distance between the bunk beds from the top of the mattress to the underside of the next bunk. The same goes for the gap between the middle and the uppermost deck. The distance between the top bed to the ceiling is also considered to ensure that the person can still sit upright without bumping his head.

  • Will a triple bunk bed fit in a room with an eight-feet high ceiling?

Some triple-decker beds will fit under an eight-foot ceilinged room. However, the depth of the mattress also matters. Generally, triple bunk beds measure anywhere between six feet and four inches up to seven feet and six inches. Typically, the head clearance should be at least 25 inches when buying a mattress or bed frame.

  • What safety issues should you be concerned about?

Bunk beds are generally safe as long as they are assembled correctly. However, it would not hurt if we take extra precautions to ensure the safety of those who will sleep on the bed. Make sure that the safety rails are set up correctly to prevent accidental falling off from the bed. Avoid placing the bunk bed under the ceiling fan or a light fixture. The ladder should be securely fitted so users will not slip while climbing. Use the appropriate mattress size, as indicated by the manufacturer.


Triple bunk beds are exceptional creations by talented designers to address issues regarding sleeping capacities for those living in small apartments with limited areas. Through this furniture innovation, anyone can accommodate the same number of people within the space intended for single beds.

Triple decker beds allow three people to coexist in one room but still maintain each personal space as they sleep. They are also given a chance to bond, share, and create special moments between them as they grow. That being said, we hope that you now have enough information to confidently choose and buy the appropriate triple bunk bed for your family.

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