How to Fluff a Bamboo Pillow: Reviving the Comforting Softness

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If you don’t already own a bamboo pillow, chances are that you have at least heard of them. Bamboo pillows are great for anyone who enjoys the feel of memory foam pillows but tends to get hot. It’s also ideal for allergy sufferers and individuals who sleep in multiple positions or prefer their pillow to have an adjustable loft.

However, the most common complaint with bamboo pillows is that they need regular fluffing to maintain their original form. No worries though, we have come up with simple home solutions to your pillow problem. Either it’s a new bamboo pillow or a well-used one, you can bring back its fullness. This article will teach you how to fluff a bamboo pillow using two different methods. Furthermore, you’ll get some tips on how to keep your bamboo cushion lofty and comfortable for quite some time.

Bamboo Pillows Explained: The Basics

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Bamboo pillows get their name from their cover which is constructed out of quality bamboo fibers. A bamboo case provides you with advanced temperature regulation, a super soft feel, and a hypoallergenic sleeping surface.

A bamboo pillow’s filling is generally made of memory foam or of another type, which is either shredded or one solid piece. Shredded memory foam has its benefits. However, it has a tendency to bunch up, flatten, or harden over time. So, if you’re always asking ‘how come my bamboo pillow is lumpy?’ – don’t worry. You can easily remedy these issues by simply plumping up your pillow.

While shredded memory foam stuffing may require regular fluffing, it is also more breathable, adjustable, and better at temperature regulation than a solid piece of foam. Overall, we think it’s worth the extra effort, especially if you sleep in multiple positions that require varying levels of support and loft.

How Long Does It Take for a Bamboo Pillow to Expand?

A new bamboo pillow is usually delivered compressed but even if it isn’t, it may arrive with clumps of filling that need separating and a bit of time to fully expand. To remove any lumps in your new pillow, first, try shaking the filling up. If more action is needed, you can always unzip the bamboo casing and reach inside to separate the filling by hand.

Do you put a pillowcase on a bamboo pillow? Yes, but only once your new bamboo pillow is fully decompressed so you don’t slow down the process.

2 Easy Ways of Fluffing Bamboo Pillows

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s explore how to fluff a bamboo pillow and make it softer using two methods which you can easily do at home.

1. Fluffing Your Pillow by Hand

As we mentioned above, many of us already spend a moment plumping our pillows before we go to bed at night to achieve maximum comfort. However, some pillows, bamboo types particularly, need some extra fluffing due to the dense and heavy shredded memory foam filling.

Hand Fluffing Care Instructions:

a. Shake and flip your bamboo pillow.

Pick your pillow up and shake it while you flip it over several times. This will help to break up any larger clumps and will also evenly distribute the memory foam material inside. Additionally, this will aid to increase the airflow within the pillow. The enhanced air circulation will dry out any moisture that has built up during the night.

b. Punch the surface of your pillow.

With light to medium pressure, punch the sides of your pillow to further break up any clumps and fluff the memory foam inside. This particular motion likewise changes the position of the memory foam shreds inside and rotates them in a way that contributes to its longevity. Karate chops also achieve the same effect as punches do but avoid using too much force. Otherwise, it could tear or damage the memory foam. Remember, you are only fluffing your bamboo pillow and not taking out any pent up emotion.

c. Push and pull the sides of your pillow like an accordion.

Hold on to the short sides of your pillow. Gently push and pull toward the middle and back out, similar to the motion you would use in playing the accordion. Do this a couple of times and repeat the same action holding onto the longer ends of your pillow for a higher loft. This final step enhances airflow within the bamboo pillows, allowing the material to further expand to its maximum fullness.

2. Fluffing Your Pillows With the Dryer

When hand fluffing your cushion fails or your new bamboo pillow needs some help in decompressing, it’s time to put your pillow in the dryer. Memory foam pillows are actually quite fragile when it comes to heat and rapid motion though, so make sure you follow these instructions. Don’t just throw your pillow in the dryer on any random setting. Also, the machine can completely dry out any water or moisture that has accumulated in the shredded foam.

Dryer Fluffing Care Instructions:

a. Remove the bamboo cover from your pillow.

Start by taking the bamboo cover off the pillow filling. Even if the bamboo cover can be both machine washed and dried on a delicate and low heat cycle, make sure to clean the casing and the memory foam filling separately.

b. Place your pillow inside the dryer.

Toss the memory foam into the dryer. Add one or more dryer balls to the machine, more than one is best. If you don’t have dryer balls, you can try clean tennis balls as substitutes. Don’t use a tennis ball that has been given as a chew toy to a pet because it can add bacteria and an unpleasant odor to your memory foam.

c. Dry your pillow on low heat.

Using a low heat or delicate setting, dry the memory foam pillow filling for 20-30 minutes. The heat from the dryer and the force of the balls bouncing around will help fluff and restore the memory foam to its original form and loft. Additionally, the dryer balls will help reduce static electricity build-up in your pillow’s memory foam filling.

d. Complete the process by hand fluffing your pillow.

Remove your pillow and the dryer or tennis balls from the machine. Replace the bamboo cover and gently hand fluff the memory foam until you achieve the desired fullness and filling placement. The hand fluffing techniques we have recommended above work perfectly at this stage.

Reducing Unwanted Smells on Your Pillows

Aside from adding fluff, putting your pillow in the dryer can also help to lessen the off-gassing odor emitted by memory foam. It can also eliminate any other unfavorable smell that has developed over time by allowing the material to completely dry out. To maximize results, you can also add scented sheets or a small cloth with a couple of drops of essential oil and spin them in the dryer with your pillow filling. We recommend using scents like lavender or sage to stimulate relaxation and help you get to sleep easily.

Keeping Your Bamboo Pillows Clean

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It is not generally advised that you put your memory foam pillow in the washing machine because of how fragile the material becomes when it gets wet. There are a couple of other ways you can use to keep your bamboo pillows clean and in good condition for a longer time.

One method includes placing your pillow in direct sunlight for several hours. The heat will kill any bacteria or dust mites that could be thriving inside the material. It will also dry out any moisture in the foam and prevent the growth of mold or mildew. However, this method is highly discouraged if you live in a quite humid environment, as it would make the problem worse.

Sometimes, these cushions require a deep clean or an entirely different approach in washing. You may need to use baking soda, a vacuum, or other solutions to make your pillow smelling fresh again.

Bamboo Pillows Replacement and Additional Filling

When all else fails, you can always order replacement filling, especially if your bamboo casing is still in great condition. Most companies sell extra stuffing for anyone who wants to further customize their pillows by adding more loft. So, if some of the memory foam shreds in your pillow start to wear out and the dryer doesn’t prove to be useful, you can always get a replacement. In case you’re wondering how to make bamboo pillow softer, a good fluff or extra filling could be the answer.

How Often Should One Fluff Their Shredded Memory Foam Pillows?

Generally speaking, you would know when it’s time to fluff your bamboo pillow when it becomes less comfortable to use. However, changes in the loft are gradual and often, you won’t notice them until you start feeling stiff or cramped in the morning. For this reason, we recommend tossing your pillow around and lightly hand fluffing it every night. Doing it regularly before settling down will get the stuffing evenly distributed and in a comfortable shape. Most of us already have this habit of plumping up our pillows before sleeping. Hence, adding a bit more effort to fluff it further shouldn’t be much of a trouble.

But how do you care for a bamboo pillow that has never gotten a good fluff before?

A more thorough process is required when you start thinking ‘why is my bamboo pillow so flat or lumpy?’ When any of these scenarios happen, you can easily re-fluff your bamboo pillow in dryer.

A Fluffy Bamboo Pillow Awaits

In conclusion, there are several things you can do to fluff your favorite cushion before considering a replacement or returning a new bamboo pillow. To regain that heavenly comfort, you can try hand fluffing, using the dryer, adding scented dryer sheets or essential oils, and cleaning your pillow, as instructed.

Now that you know how to fluff a bamboo pillow, all that is left is to put your newly acquired knowledge to work. If you’re wondering ‘why is my bamboo pillow so hard?’ – now is the time. Fluff your pillow before bed tonight and you won’t be disappointed!

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