Best Small Futons Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

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Do you have a small bedroom space that will not fit a regular-sized bed? If that is a yes, you have limited options on which bed alternatives will work for you without breaking your back.

In Japan, futons are what the Japanese use as their bed. They are small mattresses that you can unfold and sleep on at night and fold them back to put into storage during the day while using the room for another purpose. Considering that you can keep them after each use, it will work in small bedrooms and apartments without a problem and help you transform your space.

If you want to check out the best small futons available and pick the right one, here is our in-depth buying guide about these small futons. Our guide will explain everything you need to know about futons and why our recommendations will match your budget and preference.

Top 10 Best Small Futons With Reviews

1. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

To start off with our list of the best small futons in the market, we will begin with the DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed. This futon was designed to fit small spaces and can be modified easily to be a bed or a futon sofa bed in seconds.

1 5


The company, DHP, is well-known for designing practical futons that fit small living spaces. With this Emily Futon Couch Bed, they designed it to respond to what users need and get it assembled to a sofa or a mattress in seconds.

It comes with a square design and chrome legs to make it look like a regular sofa at first glance. But, when you check the back, it can split easily so you can transform it to a lounge sofa or a mattress and adjust it based on how much recline you want.

If users want to get an entire set for their home, this futon couch bed does have a matching ottoman, chaise and chair pieces available separately. It can also handle weights as heavy as 600 pounds without breaking. When they receive their new futon couch, they will get it in one box and all the hardware needed to adjust it. It also comes in several colors.

  • Requires no extra tools to assemble or modify the futon couch bed
  • Very firm to sit into or lie into without worrying about it breaking from the weight
  • Looks very modern when assembled as a couch or lounge
  • Very slim to fit in a small spaces
  • Has optional sofa set pieces that can be purchased separately
  • May not be ideal for slim or tall people due to the sofa structure
  • It can be slightly hard for some users

2. Best Choice Products Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

Want to enjoy a functional sofa bed that is comfortable to use? Best Choice Products may have the futon sofa bed you need. This adjustable futon will fit in any space and even comes with features that will make you relax while you are on it.

2 5


This futon sofa bed is made from faux leather that is very comfortable to sit or lie on. It also comes with 4 chrome legs that give it style when it is in their sofa mode.

When users receive this futon couch, it is packed securely and does not require extra tools to convert it. The legs and hardware needed to set it up are located in a secured base compartment. When being used as a lounger, it has comfortable armrests that can be folded down for maximum comfort. It even has 2 cup holders so users do not have to put their drinks far away from them.

The backrest of this sofa bed can be modified in seconds with three possible settings: upright for sofa use, recline for lounging use, and flat for sleep. If it is being used as a bed, the armrests can be removed and stored on the side. Meanwhile, the cup holders can be folded up and blend with the bed.

  • Has a very modern look when transformed into a sofa
  • Comes with all the sofa essentials  – cupholders, arm rests, etc.
  • Has a great height that will provide any user comfort
  • Fast to assemble and recline without any problems
  • Very durable and can hold two or more people
  • Cushions may be a little too hard for some users
  • Requires careful maintenance due to the chemicals used to produce it

3. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

The KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon is one futon sofa that you should consider if you are looking for an eco-friendly one. It comes with a strong frame made from a unique material that allows users to stay safe when using it and convert it to 5 different pieces.

3 5


This unique futon sofa comes with a solid futon frame made from tulip poplar. Tulip poplar is a durable material that looks classy when used for furniture. It is polished without any chemicals to keep it strong for a long period of time.

When in use, users can recline the futon in five different ways to provide users with the comfort they need when using it. The material used for the frame also guarantees two or more people can use it easily without worrying about it creaking when in use.

Assembling this futon is very easy and will only require an hour or two. Everything is included in the packet like the  instruction manual and the hardware needed to hold things together.

The company also includes a 5-year manufacturers warranty with this futon frame. When the company receives an order for this frame, it will be shipped immediately the next day. The futon frame is available in both full and queen size.

  • Very fast to assemble thanks to the instruction manual and hardware included in the set
  • It feels sturdy and does not creak when under heavy weight
  • Looks classy because it comes with a natural finish
  • Safe to use because it is chemical-free
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty in case of damages or defects
  • Not ideal for certain futon mattress types
  • May not be ideal for small spaces if it will be laid flat completely

4. Novogratz Leyla Loveseat

Are you looking for a small sofa that you can transform into a futon mattress easily? The Novogratz Leyla Loveseat is a slim and modern-looking loveseat that can transform into a sleeper bed in minutes.

4 5


The Novogratz Leyla Loveseat may look like a small loveseat at first glance. It has a comfortable tuft seat stitching and seams with chrome legs that won’;t look out of place in a condo or house.

The company, DHP, made sure that this loveseat can be transformed to a futon sofa bed in seconds. In this case, users only have to fold down the armrests and it is ready to be a bed. The company also made sure that it is comfortable to sit on. They regularly improve the materials they use in their products to ensure they won’;t sacrifice comfort but still stay stylish for its users.

If users want some storage space, no problem. This loveseat has storage pockets in its armrests so you have everything you need in seconds. This loveseat can handle weight up to 400lbs and when it is received, it will not require users to spend a lot of time to adjust it. There are six different colors available for this loveseat to match any room style and decoration.

  • Does not require too much tools to assemble and adjust
  • Can handle very heavy weight without creaking or breaking apart
  • The futon is very comfortable to sit or lounge on
  • Can fit in any small space without problems
  • Very affordable than other small convertible loveseats in the market
  • May be a bit too firm for some users
  • Since it is slim and have a small back cushion, it may be too small for tall users to enjoy

5. Best Choice Products Living Room Convertible Splitback Futon Couch

Best Choice Products Living Room Convertible Linen Fabric Tufted Splitback Futon Couch is one piece of furniture that you can invest in if you want a versatile one. It can fit any user who wants to chill, relax and sleep and won’;t look out of place in your home.

5 5


Best Choice Products designed this futon couch to be a versatile and comfortable sofa bed. It has a unique split-back design that allows two users to set it up in various angles based on what they need. It has a soft linen upholstery that also adds comfort to the futon sofa’;s charm. Users will also get two soft cushions to serve as pillows in case users want to sleep or relax.

The upholstery is also hypoallergenic, which ensures that any user can use this without worrying about their health. The filling also won’;t get deformed the longer a person stays in it and helps distribute the weight evenly in the couch so it won’;t get damaged.

This futon couch can handle weight as high as 550lbs without worries thanks to the strong metal legs installed on it and the wood frame that holds it together. Users will also receive an instruction manual and hardware needed to set it up.

  • Very comfortable and firm to use in any angle
  • Comes with two soft pillows
  • Can be reclined as a bed and a seat at the same time
  • Very easy to assemble without worrying about missing parts
  • Works well for tall or large users thanks to its size
  • Can be very heavy to set up in the house
  • The part where the couch splits down can be very uncomfortable to use

6. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon with Microfiber Upholstery

The DHP Dillan Futon is a functional futon that will provide any user comfort whether it is used as a bed or a sofa. It also has a beautiful and simple design that will help users put this futon couch anywhere in the house.

6 5


This DHP futon is designed by a company who knows what users are looking for in a futon. They regularly update their designs and the materials they use to ensure that users enjoy a comfortable futon that will last them a lifetime.  This specific futon uses microfiber with stylish stitching to give it that classic touch. Thanks to its microfiber upholstery, users don’;t have to ask a professional to clean it because users can simply wipe it clean.

Transforming this DHP futon is very simple because it comes with an instruction manual and all the hardware needed to install it together. It also has stable plastic tapered legs to give the futon enough height for taller users to use it comfortably.

Users have the option in purchasing the DHP futon on its own or get the entire set that comes with a Chaise Lounge to design your room. The company also guarantees that each futon comes with a 1-year product warranty in case there is a defect or problem with the futon couch.

  • Easy to assemble and fits in any room space
  • Very easy to maintain thanks to its microfiber upholstery
  • Comes with hidden compartments for extra storage
  • The cushions are firm and will not get deformed in long use
  • Can blend in any room thanks to its neutral and warm colors
  • May be too low for some adults to use
  • Requires careful assembly, especially when changing its setting

7. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon

Looking for a leather futon that will give your rooms a modern touch? The Mainstay Memory Foam Futon is perfect because it has a leather upholstery that is very comfortable to use at any given time of the day.

7 5


This unique futon from Mainstay has a split-seat design that allows two users to use the couch in two different ways. One side can be used as a recliner while the other can be used as a bed.

The futon has memory foam fillings to provide the body with extra support it needs to stay comfortable. As a result, users will have no problems getting a good night’;s sleep when using this sofa as a bed and the cushions won’;t get deformed through time easily.

The futon couch is very easy to assemble thanks to its fold-up design. It also has a sturdy body made from wooden-frames and strong metal legs, which guarantees that you will be able to use this futon for a long period of time. This is also one of the largest futon couches we have on this list because it can sit up to 3 people without problems. Mainstay also comes with a guarantee if there are any defects with the futon couch.

  • The faux leather used is very soft to touch and sit/lie on.
  • Very fast to adjust and assemble without requiring help
  • Memory foam cushions allows users to get all the support they need when lying down or sitting on this futon
  • Has a split-style design which works well for two different uses
  • Stable body which can handle immense weight
  • May be a bit small for some users
  • The faux leather used may not be so ideal during summer season

8. Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed White

The Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed is a great futon couch that will match anyone looking for a classy futon sofa. It comes with a minimalist style that is comfortable to use for a long period of time.

8 5


This classy futon sofa bed from Naomi Home is very beautiful to use. When users receive their futon couch, it has a very simple design that is smooth to look at and feel. It also has small button tufts that guarantees equal weight distribution and the fillings won’;t move out of place.

The padding used for this futon sofa bed guarantees that users can experience a good night’;s sleep in it. It also won’;t deform easily when in use, which is perfect if you want to keep this futon sofa for a long time. It also stays flat when it is in bed mode.

When not in use, the futon couch is very easy to clean thanks to its faux leather finish. The leather also does not rip easily from wear and tear, and handle any weight of its users. Out of all the futons we listed here, it also earned the rating as one of the cheapest futons people can buy today.

  • Can be assembled, converted and adjusted easily without extra tools
  • Futon cushions are comfortable to use and doesn’;t get deformed often
  • Looks very classy to look at thanks to its minimalist design
  • Easy to maintain and clean thanks to its faux leather fabric
  • Affordable than other futons in the list
  • Requires careful handling and assembly as some parts may not be installed properly
  • The leather fabric may be uncomfortable to sleep on during summer months because it sticks in skins

9. DHP Ivana Tufted Futon

Looking for a vintage futon sofa that will last you a lifetime? The DHP Ivana Tufted Futon should be in your list because it has that vintage flare that will blend in any room and offer the right comfort you need in a sofa and a futon bed.

9 5


This DHP futon is made from updated materials and technology to guarantee immense comfort for its users. It has a vintage design that is accentuated by its velvet upholstery and sturdy wood legs.

The upholstery has vertical stitches and button-tufted design to give it a classy feel but also ensure it can handle any length of use. Pocket coils are also inside the sofa body to help people from strained pressure points. The frame of this futon sofa bed is very strong and can be changed to a lounge chair, sofa and bed in seconds. It also has a split-type design so users can use it in different ways without worries.

The futon comes with padded armrests which can help users relax without problems while this futon is on sofa mode. The company also added extra padding in this sofa to ensure it won’;t damage the floor or move around. Users are also guaranteed that this futon can last a long time because it uses polyester to keep the futon mattress strong from wear and tear. It can also support weight as high as 600 lbs.

  • Looks classy in any room
  • Fast assembly and comes with a sturdy body
  • Distributes weight easily without damaging the cushion
  • Includes comfortable armrests for lounging around
  • Won’;t move around easily thanks to the leg padding
  • Requires careful assembly as some parts may not be aligned
  • May be slightly small for some users

10. Best Choice Products 69in Convertible Lounge Sofa Bed

Capping off our list of the best small futons in the market is the Best Choice Products 69-inches Faux Leather Convertible Lounge Sofa Bed. This lounge sofa bed can handle multiple users and will definitely give your room a modern feel because of its unique design and function.

10 5


This futon sofa bed can handle three people without problems. It has comfortable and firm plush padding that is designed to provide every person comfort while they are in the sofa bed.

The company also used tufted faux leather to give it a classy look. Further classy touches were also added such as the solid wood frame it uses and the clean pattern it used to design the cushion. Transforming this sofa bed into a bed is very easy because you only have to adjust the back rests to the right angle you want. Assembling it anywhere is also easy because you only have to put its legs on and it’s ready to go.

This futon sofa bed is made from high quality PU leather that will last a lifetime, as well as strong wood. It can also handle weights as high as 550lbs, which is great if you have a lot of guests visiting overnight.

  • Fast setup because you only need to put the legs on and adjust the back to the right height.
  • Can fit a lot of users easily
  • Cushion is very firm and comfortable to sleep into
  • Made from sturdy materials which can handle the weight it is carrying
  • Affordable as compared to other futons
  • Requires careful adjusting as the back rests may not click into place
  • Can be slightly low for some users

Advantages of Using a Small Futon

Whether you have a small bedroom space or looking for a new way to get some sleep, futons can be an experience. But, what exactly can small futons do for you if you get one for your home?

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Here are the advantages of using a small futon in your home:

  • It can give you more space –

If you will use a futon in a small space, you can fold the futon after you sleep on it and use the room for another purpose. You also do not have to move things around just to make a space for your bed.

  • It is cheaper than beds –

Futons are multifunctional and can be used as a bed and a couch. As a result, you don’;t have to buy two separate furnitures to fit their purpose.

  • It is safe to use –

Futons are required to be aired once a while to retain its lift and comfort. As it is being aired out under the sun, it reduces the risk of molds, germs and allergens from developing in the material. As a result, it is perfect for anyone with asthma or allergies.

  • It is comfortable to use –

Futons may look different from beds but they are actually made from the same material used in standard mattresses. During the summer season, you can modify the futon slightly to allow it to breathe and give users a comfortable night sleep.

  • It can be used anywhere –

Since they can be folded easily and very lightweight to carry around, you can bring your futon anywhere you need a bed. You can even bring it on your trips or during camping.

  • It is very easy to clean –

Futons do not require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean. Simply air them out in the sun and it will do its magic.

What Things to Look For When Buying a Small Futon

Futons are one of the most versatile pieces you can put in your home, but picking between futons can be tough. How do you discern between futons available in the market when all of them promise that they are comfortable to use?

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Here are the list of things you should look for when buying a small futon for your home:

  • Versatility –

When buying a futon, you have to consider what purposes it will do for you. Aside from serving as a bed, futons can also serve as a seat or a lounge sofa after you use it as a bed.

You should also consider how long it will serve as a bed and a lounge sofa. If you will use it often as a bed, you can consider getting a wood frame to provide a firm surface to sleep. If you will also use it as a lounge sofa, pick a best futon frame that is easy to adjust. These futons must also be easy to store and reassemble so you can use them in various functions easily.

  • Style –

Futons vary depending on how they look, which is often determined by the material used to make them. If you buy foam-filled futons, for example, they have a firm shape in them that works well as chairs or sofas.

  • Mattress Type –

There are several types of futons available in the market that can work for any type of user. Traditional futons or Japanese futons are made from textile batting to give its firm filling. Meanwhile, modern or Western futons are made from cotton, foam and a mixture of various materials.

When choosing in between these futons, consider where you will use it and how easy it should be to set up. You should also consider how comfortable they are to lie into or sit on.

  • Cover Type –

A great way to protect a futon from dirt is by getting a futon cover. Pick the one that fits your fabric preferences and if they are easy to clean. Some futon covers have water-resistant properties, while others have breathable properties that work well during summer times.

It is important to remember that futon covers are not always available with a futon. Some are sold separately and have different maintenance requirements compared to built-in covers.

  • Comfort –

Futons are designed for comfort even if they are laid flat on your floor. They are made from the same material used for traditional mattresses, which guarantees that they will also be comfortable to lay into.

Since futons are often aired out of the sun, they are the ideal mattresses for those suffering from allergies and asthma. Airing the futon out reduces the risks of mites and germs from developing and ensures users get a full night’;s sleep.

  • Size –

Futons also come in various sizes to fit any type of space: twin, queen and full. If the futon will be used for both sleeping and sitting, their size is double than traditional futons.

If you don’;t have the space for convertible futons, you can get a twin-size futon as an alternative. If you will get a traditional futon, see how big your closet space is to see if they will fit. The futon must also fit the room despite the number of furniture in the room.

  • Price –

Futons are cheaper than mattresses, even if you purchase the high quality ones. Since they are multi-functional, you are getting two furniture pieces for the price of one.

  • Extras –

Since futons do not necessarily need frames to keep it in place, there is a tendency they will move around at night. If you want to make sure it doesn’;t slip, get ones that have a non-slip pad. Non-slip pads can be placed on the bottom of the futon or on the frame which won’;t feel too obvious when you lie on your futon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to put my futon on a bed base?

You do not need to get a bed base to put your futon on top, especially if you get a traditional futon. But, there are brands who offer specialized bed based customized for futons which you can try out.

  • How can I clean and take care of my futon?

Cleaning a futon is like cleaning a regular bed mattress. You can clean the surface with a damp cloth or use a mattress protector to protect your futon and wash it.

Futon covers or mattress protectors can be washed in a washing machine. But, it is important that you check if the covers can be washed because there are some covers that cannot be washed or removed in the futon.

It is also important that futons are aired out under the sun once a week to maintain its quality. If you own a traditional futon, they must be rolled every day to retain its loft.

If you will be using the futon when guests are over, you don’;t have to air it out regularly. You can store them using the vacuum pack it will come with to retain its loft.

  • When should I replace my futon?

Futons have a similar longevity like regular mattresses if they are taken good care of since they are purchased. Usually, they can last up to 10 years before it needs to be reconditioned or replaced.

  • What does reconditioning do to my futon?

If your futon no longer looks fluffy or comfortable to use, you can recondition or refill it. During reconditioning, the futon will be refilled with extra cotton and replace the cover.

If you want to get your futon reconditioned, you can reach out to the futon’;s manufacturer to help you out.


With space at a premium in many parts of the world, it is best to get items that will allow you to maximize the space you have and have a second use. If you get one of the best small futons for your small home, you not only have a place to sleep, but also a space you can use in two ways.

Don’;t settle for a cheap futon that doesn’;t work for you. Check our guide today to help you get the best one to make sure you will get a futon that is durable, comfortable and affordable.

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