Best Sectional Couch Covers 2022 (In-Depth Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Sectional couch covers are designed to protect couches from dust, stains, and dirt. They provide an external layer, like a skin, that prevents damage and dirtying of the sofas, making them easier to clean. As an outer layer, they can be easily removed and washed.

Sectional couches are versatile pieces of furniture that are great to keep in your living room to comfortably accommodate people in your living room. What sets sectional couches apart from conventional couches is that they are composed of multiple independent pieces that can be arranged in various placements. The most sought-after aspect of these sectional couches is their ability to maximize space and use. The parts of the sectional can be used individually or together to provide plenty of seats while maximizing floor space.

To get the best-rated couch covers for your beloved sectional couch, read on as we provide a guide for the best couch covers for sectionals:

Our Top Picks

  1. Sofa Shield Reversible Large Sofa Furniture Protector (Editor’s Choice)
  2. OstepDecor Couch Cover, Sofa Cover
  3. PAULATO BY GA.I.CO. Sectional Sofa Cover
  4. TEWENE Couch Cover, Sofa Cover
  5. Vagasi 1/2/3/4 Seater Sofa Cover
  6. Royhom 2pcs Square Covers for Armrest & Backrest
  7. WOMACO Sectional Couch Covers L Shape Sofa Cover
  8. HM&DX Waterproof Sofa Cover
  9. Beacon Pet L Shape Sofa Covers Sectional Sofa Cover
  10. CHUN YI Two Pieces L-shaped Sectional Couch Cover

Top 10 Best Couch Covers for Sectionals

1. Sofa Shield Reversible Large Sofa Furniture Protector (Editor’s Choice)

The Sofa Shield Reversible Large Couch Protector features a simple but highly functional and elegant design. It’s thick and durable, making it the perfect couch cover for pet owners. Pet claws and fur are among the bane of couch owners, and having a couch cover that’s thick and durable can relieve them from having that stress.
1 14


The chocolate-beige Sofa Shield measures a seating width of up to 30 x 30 inches. Overall, it measures 108″ wide with 64″ for the width of the mainframe and 22″ each for the arms.

It is a slipcover design that makes it easy to put on your favorite couch. It’s also extra thick and soft with an exceptionally plush filling for a most satisfactory comfort experience. The Sofa Shield is equipped with wide 2-inch straps and strong adjustable hooks to help secure the couch cover to your couch. Its long arm and back coverage provides more space and allowance to fit sofas of the same size with taller backrests and broader armrests.

The Sofa Shield has reversible sides, so you switch from one color to another depending on your mood or the occasion. Use the chocolate color side for an overall neat look and prevent a discolored look when you’re having a party, and someone spills their drink on the couch cover. The beautiful beige-colored side could complement most living room themes and decor. The Sofa Shield is 100% machine washable and easy to wash.

  • Thicker and Durable fabric
  • Reversible cushion cover
  • Equipped with thicker straps and stronger adjustable hooks
  • It has a long arm and back coverage
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Not recommended to be used with leather couches
  • The fabric is like a magnet to pet hair and fur, which can be annoying to clean.

2. OstepDecor Couch Cover, Sofa Cover

The OstepDecor Quilted Sectional Couch Cover doesn’t just look premium, but it also feels premium. It is thick and heavy, offering high-quality and resilient protection for your beloved couch. But despite its weighty look, it is super soft and cozy, and it’s so soft and comfy you might even prefer it over your couch’s fabric.
2 14


The OstepDecor comes with the following measurements:
Rectangular dimensions of 36″ x 70″ can fit a seat width between 24″ and 32″.

The delicate coffee-colored velvet fabric is very smooth and soft to the touch, and it’s also not a magnet to pet hair and fur like other fabrics. The quilted design gives it a premium look that helps accentuates your furniture in the living room. It also features an anti-slip back that ensures the cover won’t slip during use. This feature provides a firmer hold compared to designs using straps.

The OstepDecor is easy to apply on your couch. This is mainly designed for sectional sofas, so no matter if you separate the pieces individually, the furniture cover stays with the piece it’s attached to. It is also compatible with fabric and leather couches, thus giving you a better option. The OstepDecor is also easy to maintain and fully machine washable.

  • It’s compatible with both fabric and leather couches
  • Super soft and comfortable velvet fabric
  • The fabric is not like a magnet to pet hair and fur
  • Features an anti-slip, silicon rubber puppy paw design for a firmer hold
  • It’s an excellent option for those who like to separate their sectional couches more often
  • The stitching isn’t sturdy, so it may be prone to becoming undone
  • The anti-slip feature may not be enough to keep it in place if rowdy movements are made when using the couch

3. PAULATO BY GA.I.CO. Sectional Sofa Cover

The elegant and premium-quality PAULATO BY GA.I.CO. Sectional Couch Cover is the perfect all-type fit for L-shaped couches. It also fits any type of furniture – whether it’s fabric, wood, or even leather.
3 14


The PAULATO is crafted from premium 100% soft Italian polyester certified by global fabric safety standards. It features a beautiful lush array of folded pieces of fabric that gives it a pleasant, inviting, comfy texture resistant to pet scratches. This premium polyester is also hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, making it an instant go-to option for those with such sensitivities.

The PAULATO measures 70 “-145” wide and 40 “-70” deep. The fabric can stretch as much as 120%, making it one of the best options for your L-shaped couches. It is easy to install and equipped with elastic straps and buckles to keep the cover in place. It also comes with a special anti-slip board to prevent the L-shaped couch cover sliding.

It is easy to maintain and machine washable in cold water. Take note never to bleach, dry-clean, and iron this couch cover. The grey-colored fabric makes it less susceptible to looking dirty and getting colored stains. However, do take note that the material isn’t waterproof.

  • Made with premium-quality polyester
  • One size fits any type of L-shaped sectional couches
  • It is certified 100% hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Anti-claw design that prevents pets from scratching through your couch
  • Highly elastic fabric can stretch up to 120%
  • It’s far more expensive than other products on this list
  • You can’t use the couch cover if you plan to separate your sectional couch into individual pieces

4. TEWENE Couch Cover, Sofa Cover

The looks of the TEWENE Sectional Couch Cover can be deceiving. At first glance, you may think it might feel firm and somewhat uncomfortable, but beyond its basketweave-like pattern lies a soft and comfortable fabric that’s smooth to the touch. The patterned design also looks good in a vibrant grey color that complements most dark and light couch colors.
4 14


The TEWENE is sold by the piece and does not come by the set. The rectangular couch cover comes in 36″ x 63″ while the armrest and backrest cover come in 28″ x 28″ in a set of 2. However, you can use another rectangular couch cover as an alternative for the backrest cover.

The TEWENE is made from high-quality fabric mixed with velvet to give it that smooth and soft texture. Unlike some materials, this does not easily collect pet hair and fur so that it can look clean and tidy at all times. The TEWENE is thick and durable thanks to its basketweave-like pattern and edge wrapping technology. It is easy to wash and maintain. Thanks to its improved corner stitching, it remains firm and feels like new after washing.

A non-slip backing feature using small silicone dots is designed to keep the couch cover firmly. For the environmentally conscious, the TEWENE is ecologically friendly with its printing and dyeing process. The color is also less susceptible to fading.

  • It’s compatible with fabric and leather couches
  • It has an elegant pattern fabric that looks and feels pleasant to the touch
  • It has an improved anti-slip feature to help keep the couch cover in place
  • The fabric does not easily collect hair and pet fur
  • It’s an excellent option for those who like to separate their sectional couches now and then
  • It does not come in a set
  • The anti-slip feature may not be adequate for those who tend to move a lot while using the couch

5. Vagasi 1/2/3/4 Seater Sofa Cover

The Vagasi 4-Seater Couch Cover looks quite dashing in a well-lit room thanks to its Dandelion cover design. It is an elastic sofa slipcover compatible with any type of couch. Three words define this couch cover: simple, functional, and elegant.
5 14


The Vagasi is made with skin-friendly polyester that feels soft and comfortable. The fabric is relatively thin, but it should be good enough to add a layer of protection from stains, spills, dirt, and pet fur. Beneath the sofa slipcover lies a highly elastic rubber to allow you to fasten and secure the cover to your couch, and it is also slip-resistant.

The Vagasi measures 235-300 cm or roughly 92 to 118 inches. It is highly recommended to purchase and use two covers for L-shaped couches to avoid having a stretched part of the cover at the intersection. You can maintain the use of the covers even when the sofa is separated individually.

However, it is essential to take measurements of your furniture beforehand to get an appropriate size for the second cover of your L-shaped couch. It is machine washable and can be dry cleaned; note never to use bleach, do tumble drying, or iron the cover.

  • It has a practical and elegant design
  • The fabric is skin-friendly and comfortable
  • It has quite a large size
  • It comes with instructions
  • It’s compatible with different types of couches
  • It is quite expensive compared to other items on this list
  • The fabric is thin and may not protect against scratches from pets

6. Royhom 2pcs Square Covers for Armrest & Backrest

The Royhom Armrest and Backrest Square Couch Covers bring out a native tribe aesthetic due to their brown color and basketweave-like pattern. But the looks can be deceiving. Despite the pattern in its design, it’s pretty soft and soothing. However, it can also be as sturdy as it looks, making it an excellent choice to protect your couch.
6 14


The Royhom is made with 100% cotton. It feels soft and comfortable, so don’t be deceived by its design. The brown basketweave aesthetic makes it a good fit with white and dark-colored couches and a living room with a nature theme. The fabric is also water-resistant, preventing accidental spills from ruining your couch underneath.

At the backside of the cover are non-slip silicone dots that ensure the cover stays in place. The Royhom measures 28″ x 28″ and comes in 2 square pieces. It can be used to cover the armrest or the backrest. Depending on how oversized your couch is, you need multiple purchases to provide sufficient cover for your sofa. It is easy to wash and maintain. To prevent damage, you should avoid using bleach and ironing.

Reminder: This product only comes in a set of 2 pieces that can either be used for both armrests or just for the backrest. You will need at least four pieces to complete both armrests and the backrest. This item also does not include the seat cover.

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • It has a gorgeous aesthetic for nature-related theme living rooms
  • Thick, sturdy, and water-resistant
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • It’s an excellent option for sectional couches
  • It does not include a seat cover.
  • It’s pricey, considering one set is enough for only a pair of armrests or the backrest alone

7. WOMACO Sectional Couch Covers L Shape Sofa Cover

The WOMACO L-shape Sectional Couch Cover offers you a stylish stretch slipcover option for your sectional couch. Elegant and straightforward, this couch cover provides more functionality than what meets the eye.
7 14


The WOMACO is a fit stretch slipcover made with 92-95% Polyester and 5-8% spandex. The spandex gives it an extra stretch to fit most L-shaped sectional couches. The sanded fabric gives it a soft and smooth texture, while the bottom edges are double-layered to make it stable and durable.

It comes in a set of 2 cushion covers to accommodate both the chaise part and the couch part. Because they are fitted with separate covers, you can change the placement of the couch as much as you like while the cover remains affixed to both parts.

The WOMACO measures 74″ x 90″ and, of course, it comes in 2 pieces. It comes with foam rods to help neatly tuck some parts of the cover to give it a snugly-fit look. The chocolate-colored cover is reversible, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out which side is which. It is easy to set up, and it comes with instructions. It is also machine washable and easy to clean.

  • It has a reversible cover
  • The sanded fabric gives it a soft and smooth texture
  • It has durable and robust edges
  • It has an extra stretch to enable it to cover the entire couch
  • It is an excellent option for sectional couches
  • The fabric is thin and almost see-through
  • The material used is like a magnet to dust, hair, and pet fur

8. HM&DX Waterproof Sofa Cover

The HM&DX Water-resistant Couch Cover takes protection from spills and stains to the next level. Suppose you like your couch just as it is and only want a thin layer to preserve your furniture from unwanted and unforeseeable damages. In that case, this might be the one you’ve been looking for.
8 13


The HM&DX may be thin, but it is designed to be conveniently water-resistant. It can also prevent moisture from building up. It is perfect for those who like to lay down on the couch a lot. The fabric helps keep those oil and grease from tainting your furniture underneath. Despite being water-resistant, you still should wipe off any spills as soon as possible because the fabric isn’t waterproof.

The HM&DX measures 43″ x 94″ and is only sold per piece. If you want to cover the essential surfaces of your couch, you’d need to make multiple purchases. The fabric is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, and it helps make it easy to clean dust, pet hair, and dirt away from the couch. There is also an anti-slip feature at the back using a sticky silicone-type material to fix it in place.

It is highly recommended that you choose a larger size than your couch’s measurements to allow it more. You could simply insert the excess part of the cover into the gap anyway, so it would be wiser to get something more substantial than something more minor. It is machine washable and retains its quality even after multiple washes.

  • The polyester fabric is comfortable
  • The material is hypoallergenic
  • It is water-resistant and great at preventing stains
  • It is effortless to install on the couch
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • It’s sold per piece, and at that price per piece, it’s costly
  • The fabric is fragile, and it may not suit other people’s preferences

9. Beacon Pet L Shape Sofa Covers Sectional Sofa Cover

The gorgeous blue leaves design of the Beacon Pet L-shape Sectional Sofa Cover gives it an inviting look, luring you to get that much-deserved rest and relaxation. But that color isn’t just for aesthetics. Functionality-wise, darker colors help hide stains and spills. However, you still need to act on any mishap to avoid damage to your couch.
9 14


What’s great about the Beacon Pet cover is that it comes in a set of 2 covers to fit both the chaise part and couch part, and it also comes with 2 pillow covers. All of that at an affordable price. The Beacon Pet cover is also treated with an anti-mite process, making the fabric resistant to dust mites. Aside from that, it also provides the usual functions such as stain and scratch protection.

The Beacon Pet cover comes with the following measurements:
The 3-seater portion measures 74-90.”
The 4-seater piece measures 90-118.”
Each of the pillows covers measures 17.72″ x 17.72.”

The product comes with foam tubes to slip them into gaps to provide a snugly fit and tidy look.

  • A great aesthetic that accentuates your couch
  • You get 2 pieces of cover and 2 pieces of pillow cover at an affordable price.
  • The product underwent an Anti-mite process to resist dust mites
  • It has high-strength elastic polyester that makes it more stretchable
  • It’s an excellent option for those who like to separate their sectional couches
  • The installation will require you to go underneath and tie the stretchy belts together.
  • Will look awkward for non-sectional or non-separating couches

10. CHUN YI Two Pieces L-shaped Sectional Couch Cover

If you’re allergic to chocolates, don’t worry. This delectable, chocolate-colored sectional couch cover won’t give you any allergies. The CHUN YI Two pieces L-shaped Sectional Couch Cover has a soft and flexible fabric that’s also skin-friendly. You can rest easy now that you can have a chocolate treat that you can safely enjoy.
10 12


The CHUN YI is made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. This gives it breathability, a soft texture, high elasticity, and a skin-friendly attribute. It is an elastic slipcover designed explicitly for sectional couches that allows you to access almost the entire portions of the sofa.

The CHUN YI has the following measurements:
The Chaise section measures 62 to 72″ x 27-37″
The Couch section measures 55-70″ x 27 x 37″

The chaise position of the CHUN YI cover is located on the left side of the main couch. As long as the armrest length does not exceed half the size of the chase, the CHUN YI is guaranteed to be compatible with your couch. It is also compatible with various types of armrests.

What’s great about this couch cover is that the armrests and the chaise section can perfectly fit, sparing you the inconveniences of slipping and shifting. The chocolate color helps hide stains and maintains an overall clean look in any living room. It is also machine washed. Like most colored couch covers, never iron, use bleach, and put it on low dry.

  • The combination of polyester and fabric gives it a beautiful extra stretch and soft texture.
  • The material is breathable and skin-friendly
  • It comes with a product manual to help guide you on installation
  • It comes with couch slipcover accessories
  • It is a preferable option for those who like to separate the chaise and the leading furniture
  • It’s only compatible with sectional couches that have a left chaise section.
  • The material is quite flimsy

What Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sectional Couch Cover

Sectional couch covers are made and designed for sectional couches. Although some of these covers can fit some conventional sofas, most do not, so it would be better to stick with using sectional couch covers for sectional couches and typical couch covers for traditional couches.
12 11
Even though sectional couch covers are designed specifically for sectional couches, there are various factors to look out for to find a sectional couch cover that best suits your furniture back at home.
The following are the things to take note to find that perfect sectional couch cover:

  • Size
The first and most important thing to consider is the size of the furniture you plan to cover it with. The sectional couch cover should just be the right fit for your furniture back home. To get the right size, getting the measurements for the back, arms, base, and height of the couch is essential.

  • Separation
Considering that sectional couches can be separated into several individual pieces that can serve their function independently, you should take note of sectional couch covers that can be separated from the piece it’s attached to.

  • Backrest
Determining the specifications of the backrest can be crucial since it helps get the correct fit for the couch. Learning what type of backrest your furniture has can prevent you from getting a cover that’s loose on the edges. Examples of backrests include straight backs, rounded backs, barrel backs, camelbacks, highbacks, wingbacks, and roll-backs. Some couches, in general, usually have their backrest and armrest to have complementing designs.

  • Armrest
There are several types of armrests that you should take note of. Getting a sectional couch cover can be pretty tricky thanks to the numerous types of armrests that you have to find a compatible cover to fit it with.

  • Classic round arm
This timeless classic design can be used as an armrest and a headrest. The roundness gives a perfect cushion for both the head and the arms to rest on, but this makes the furniture prone to grease and oil, hence why you need a cover for your couch.

  • Retro Square arm
Another timeless design, the square format, is an alternative to the classic round arm that goes well for both foam and wooden armrests.

  • Rounded Wedge Arm
The rounded wedge arm design combines the round and square designs.

  • Hard Wedge arm
This design features a usually tall and sloping wedge.

  • Sloped Arm
This design has a curved downwards slope. It gives an elegant aesthetic and a contour to complement your arms resting on them.

  • Belgian Roll arm
The Belgian roll is a combination of round and sloped arm designs. Because of this intricate combination, it can be pretty tricky to get the right fit for this type of armrest. For this type, it would be better to get the stretchable or elastic fabric to make do with minor errors if ever you won’t be able to find a perfect fit.

  • No Armrests
Some couches don’t come with armrests. For this type, it’s easy to find a cover that would fit the sofa.

  • Aesthetics
With the couch as the highlight of the living room, getting a perfect design to match the theme and color of the living room to help accentuate your furniture.

  • Fabric Material
Take note of how thick and comfortable the fabric is. The material shouldn’t be too thin, or else it defeats the purpose of protecting your couch from stains and moisture. The fabric should also not compromise your comfort just to protect your sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Chaise section in Sectional Couches, and How can I tell its position?
The Chaise section in section couches is the one that looks a lot more like a lounger than a couch. It has more ample space to rest your legs on top, although it can also be used for sitting. The Couch section is the central seating portion of the sectional couch. For L-shaped designs, it usually has an armrest on one side. The Chaise position is located where there isn’t an armrest on the Couch section. So, for example, if the Couch section doesn’t have an armrest on the left, then the Chaise position is located on the left side.

It is vital to note that not all sectional couches have a Chaise section. Some models have two Couch sections and no Chaise section. Some Couch sections may also lack 2 armrests. This design makes it flexible for the Chaise section to be on either side when preferred.

  • Why is it recommended to get a couch cover larger than your couch’s size?
It is always wise to have a little bit of excess when it comes to measurements. At least with the excess, you can simply trim it down. This isn’t the same case when you have something that is lacking. If something is lacking, you cannot fit everything in. In this case, smaller couch covers would only give you regret and a waste of money compared to getting larger couch covers. You can insert the excess portions of the couch cover underneath the gaps or under the cushions, and it will still look snug and fit.

  • Can we use the armrest covers as backrest covers?
Yes, it is possible in some sectional couch cover designs, and they are even designed to be that way. However, if you don’t fancy having smaller armrest covers for your backrest, you can always get another rectangular couch cover to use as your backrest cover.


In modern times, it’s essential to be stylish and practical. If you have an old couch sitting at your home that looks torn and overused, don’t throw it away. Even if it looks worn and torn but still can function, it deserves a second chance.

Whether you have an old or a new couch, it doesn’t matter as long as they are still functional and you can use them. Slipcovers for sectionals bring life back to old couches and add protection and longevity to new ones. Finding a compatible cover for your old or new sofa can be an exhausting ordeal, but stick to our suggestions for an easy shopping experience.

In the long run, you’ll save more money and avoid buying a new couch every so often.

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