Live And Sleep Mattress Review

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Searching for a budget-friendly bed-in-a-box? The Live and Sleep could be the one you’ve been looking for. The brand is strongly dedicated to providing customers affordable, yet truly comfortable mattresses designed for all types of sleepers. This bed-in-a-box is mainly sold online.

Now, let us give you a sneak peek of this bed’s highs and lows including its suitability for different sleepers. Our Live and Sleep mattress review will give you a better insight into whether this mattress will tick all your boxes.casp


Recommend for Whom?

The Live and Sleep mattress would be fitting for anyone who meets the following conditions:

  • You prefer sleeping on a medium-firm mattress

The overall feel of the Live and Sleep mattress is firmer. It would be ideal for someone who prefers a medium to average firmness. Aiming to provide a great night’s sleep, the mattress conforms to your sleeping form comfortably while giving ample support in the right places.

  • You want a mattress that has a deep contouring feature

As mentioned, this firm mattress has a great contouring feature. It cradles your body with a balanced level of support and push-back.

  • You want an easy-to-maintain mattress

This foam mattress comes with a removable cover that is easy to clean. The fabric remains comfortably soft even with regular washing.

  • You want a memory foam mattress

The mattress construction is mainly composed of memory foam. Memory foam is known to be an excellent material for mattresses because it’s breathable and doesn’t retain body heat. If you want to make sure your bed remains cool, especially during the summer season, then this brand makes an excellent choice. The memory foam material ensures a cool cloud-like sleeping experience.

  • You have a limited budget

The price of this bed-in-a-box is relatively cheaper than its counterparts. Any potential buyer with limited funds can invest in this mattress. The product is exclusively available via online purchase at the Live and Sleep official website.

  • You will be sharing the bed with another

This mattress is highly recommended for sharing. Its design caters to the demands of two sleepers. Able to reduce motion transfer, both occupants can enjoy undisturbed sleep throughout the night even if the other one tosses and turns.

Who Won’t Like this Bed?

This mattress is not for you if:

  • You favor more a traditional mattress with spring coils

The Live and Sleep is made of memory foam, has a medium firmness level, and conforms to the body’s shape. When compared to a traditional innerspring mattress, this may not feel as sturdy and stable.

Rating Snapshot

Our Live and Sleep mattress review is based on the performance and gathered data. Here’s a quick overview of the ratings generated in the following areas:

Motion IsolationExcellent
Edge SupportGood
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Temprature ControlGreat
Good For Sex Poor

Brand Snapshot

The company is based in Las Vegas. Its mission is to provide a product that will bring your sleep quality sleep to a whole new level. Their team of experts worked tediously to produce the best memory foam mattress that possesses these four elements – Dreams, Live, Quality, and Sleep. Apart from these, the Live and Sleep mattress is relatively cheaper than other memory foam mattresses. Despite its conservative price point, the mattress quality remains competitive. In fact, the product is made according to the highest international standards and is certified to be non-toxic and environment-friendly.


The company sells this memory foam mattress exclusively online and is delivered straight to the customer’s designated address. They don’t employ middlemen, which is a big factor in the affordable pricing of their mattresses. On top of that, the company offers a sleep trial period and a hassle-free return policy.

How is the Mattress Constructed?

For those of you who haven’t got the chance to closely inspect the Live and Sleep, here’s a walkthrough of its composition:

  • Removable Mattress Cover

This mattress boasts of a removable outer cover. The material used for the mattress casing is a stretchable knitted fabric that is soft to touch. When compared with other fabrics, this material is more flexible and able to regain its original shape even when washed frequently.

  • 2.5 Inches Memory Foam Top Layer

Sitting underneath the removable knitted cover is a layer of premium memory foam measuring 2.5 inches in depth. This foam material assures the user of a comfortable sleeping surface. Plus, the memory foam conforms to your body shape, ideal for a back, stomach, or side sleeper. As for the level of support, this foam material is not too soft. You can freely move or shift to different sleeping positions without any struggle.

The construction of this mattress showcases two layers. The top layer is responsible for body contouring and providing pressure relief on the areas where it’s needed the most. Also, Live and Sleep is able to support most body types. Hence, even if you’re on the heavier side, the mattress can hold your weight without that sinking feeling.

  • 7.5-Inch High-Density Foam Base Layer

The second and base layer of the Live and Sleep is comprised of a high-density polyurethane foam that measures 7.5 inches in thickness. This base layer makes the mattress resilient to any body movement. The support foam also provides a solid foundation on any flat or frame surface. And, this thickness level ensures longer service life as compared to other brands of mattresses with lesser depth.

Performance Ratings

Now that we are done with the material composition of the mattress, let’s proceed to the performance rating. Compilation of facts was generated and verified among new owners of this mattress and from other mattress reviews. Below are the results based on these factors:

  • Durability

The Live and Sleep has been thoroughly tested and has acquired certifications proving that the foams used in the production contain no chemicals and are manufactured in an eco-friendly environment. All three layers – from the outer cover, top layer (memory foam), and the base layer made of polyurethane foam – contribute to the durability of this product. New owners will enjoy an easy-to-clean and maintain sleeping mattress, as well as one that provides sufficient comfort and support to any sleeping position.

  • Motion Transfer

The next thing that you would want to check in a mattress is its ability to provide a sound sleep even when shared with a partner. It’s very common for people sharing a mattress to experience sleep disturbance as one of them makes shifts to a different position while sleeping. Interestingly, this memory foam mattress is very efficient in controlling motion transfer. Providing a noise-free sleeping surface, the memory foam of Live and Sleep allows the occupants to have a great night’s rest.

  • Edge Support

Falling off the edge of a mattress can be a nuisance. A good mattress should have reliable edge support to prevent accidental sliding or falling while asleep. The Live and Sleep memory foam mattress is designed and built to provide adequate support on all sides and corners. That’s why this mattress has been rated for the general use of one or two sleepers. The high-density profile of this mattress makes it easy for sleepers to get on and off the bed without difficulty.

  • Pressure Relief

The mattress construction offers a firmness level that is effective in providing pressure relief. The memory foam layer contours to the natural curves of the body, regardless of his or her preferred sleeping position (side, back, or stomach).

  • Temperature Control

Is this mattress suitable for all-year-round use? The Live and Sleep is comprised of memory foam and a knitted fabric cover that offers good ventilation. Unlike other memory foam mattresses that retain body heat, the Live and Sleep mattress materials are breathable enough to dissipate it. An individual or a couple can sleep peacefully without complaining of night sweats.

  • Noise

Traditional beds and mattresses are constructed with spring coils. This memory foam mattress is composed only of two foam layers and no springs. The structure promises to give you peaceful slumber throughout the night. In fact, this model has been regarded as a “silent mattress”.


  • Good for Sex

The Live and Sleep comes with a comfortable memory foam feel, neither too soft nor too firm. When lying on the mattress surface, you won’t experience any sinking feeling or as if you are trapped in the middle. Its decent level of firmness can relieve pressure points. However, if you will compare its bounciness with other memory foam mattresses, this one may not be the best for sexual activities. Couples may find it lacking if they particularly prefer a bouncy bed during lovemaking.

Mattress Rating

This section of our Live and Sleep mattress review will tackle its performance rating when it comes to different weight classifications. Each sleeper may have varying needs and the actual feel of the mattress will depend on one’s weight.

  • Lightweight Sleeper – Below 130 pounds

Although this mattress is classified as medium-firm, it can hold safely a lightweight sleeper weighing up to 130 pounds. Lightweight sleepers can expect this mattress to offer stable support and pressure relief. It is also recommended for children including elderly people who underwent surgical procedures.

  • Medium Weight Sleeper – Between 130 to 230 pounds

The mattress load capacity can also cater to a medium weight sleeper weighing 130 to 230 pounds. Its layered construction is sturdy enough to support the said weight limit and able to last longer. The mattress will still provide a luxurious sleeping surface with its knitted fabric cover and the flexibility of the memory foam still contours to the body.

  • Heavy Weight Sleeper – Over 230 pounds

Sleepers that fall under the heavyweight category can still rely on this mattress. The weight capacity of this brand is 230 pounds. However, with the two foam layers and knitter outer cover, it can’t hold securely anyone exceeding the 230 pounds limit. For overweight sleepers, this mattress may lack the support they need while lying or sleeping.

Is it Good for Stomach, Back, or Side Sleepers?

This brand of mattress caters to all types of sleepers. Whether you are a back, stomach, side sleeper, the Live and Sleep mattress may provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Although it has only two foam materials, this medium-firm mattress is designed to provide support to any sleeping position. Stomach sleepers may slightly feel some pressure in their knees and chest area. As for side sleepers, more pressure is felt on the shoulders and legs. And, back sleepers may experience minimal pressure along the hips and lower spine.


This mattress is exclusively offered with 20-year limited warranty coverage. The terms and conditions of the warranty are only applicable to original owners. Damages or defects caused by customer’s misuse or mishandling are not covered.

Free Trials

Each mattress comes with a free 30-night sleep trial. Any of their mattresses returned within the sleep trial period is accepted. No fees will be collected from the customer for shipping back the item within the 30-nights period.

Price and Discounts/Coupons

The Live and Sleep classic mattress comes at a very competitive price in the market with six size options available from twin to California king.

Size MeasurementRetail Price
Twin39”x75”x10”  $399
Twin XL39”x80”x10” $449
Cal. King72”x84”x10”$649

Price and Discount Coupons

The company is very generous in giving discount coupons. One very good example of their offer includes $150 reduction on the price. These promotional offers are given within a limited timeframe. So, if you really want to get a good deal from your new mattress, be vigilant of the Live and Sleep announcement of discount coupon giveaways.

What Makes Live and Sleep Unique?

The following traits make this mattress unique and worthy of any paying customer’s money when compared with other brands:


  • Company’s Vision

Live and Sleep mattresses are backed with an awesome vision. It aims to provide customers affordable options without having to sacrifice quality and performance. Plus, the company is giving back to the community with every sale made. The donation proceeds are channeled to the National Alliance to end homelessness. Their donations are usually given to the said non-profit organization on a quarterly basis including other forms of financial assistance. Live and Sleep also donates all of their returned mattresses to local shelters, providing everyone the opportunity to sleep on a comfortable bed.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The brand’s strong commitment to providing customers’ satisfaction doesn’t only end in the production of quality and top-performing mattresses. It’s also their endeavor to give excellent customer service for any concern or inquiry that a customer has. A highly trained representative is readily available to answer questions in a professional manner.

  • Acquired Certifications

Another impressive feature that is sometimes lacking in other mattress brands is the certifications. The Live and Sleep mattresses have been certified not only by one but two international organizations. The certifications obtained are from CertiPUR-US (proving all foams are tested to be chemical-free) and OEKO-TEX (the materials used don’t contain harmful toxins and safe for general use).

  • Free Trial and Warranty

As part of the company’s adherence to meeting customer satisfaction, the Live and Sleep mattresses are offered with a free trial period of 30 nights and a 20-year warranty. If unhappy with the product, a customer can return it without worry. The company even guarantees free shipping, just make sure to present the original receipt.

  • USA-Designed and Crafted

The mattress is designed and crafted in the USA while the manufacturing is outsourced overseas.


Will you need a box spring?

It won’t require one. However, for a more solid foundation, you may use a base. This memory foam mattress will work more efficiently if you install a bunk board between the mattress and the box.

Can I flip or rotate a Live and Sleep mattress?

No, this mattress is not recommended for flipping. Its design and construction are solely intended for that specific order. However, you may rotate the mattress position from head to toe if you wish to prolong its service life.

What is the material composition of the Live and Sleep mattress?

The mattress is made up of two foam layers and a removable cover. The top layer is comprised of premium memory foam measuring 2.5 inches while the bottom layer is constructed from polyurethane foam with at least 7.5 inches thickness.

Is the Live and Sleep mattress not prone to dust mites?

This mattress doesn’t attract dust mites. Its removable outer cover allows the users to wash it often and prevent unwanted pests from thriving on the mattress.

Where to purchase the Live and Sleep mattress?

Similar to other online mattress options on this list, Live and Sleep is likewise available in many shopping networks on the internet. This product comes with a 30-night free trial and free shipment.

Where are Live and Sleep mattresses produced?

All Live and Sleep mattresses are designed in the USA. However, the manufacturing phase is performed overseas.

How Does Live and Sleep Mattress Compare with Other Brands?


Live and Sleep vs. GhostBed

The GhostBed is also categorized as a foam mattress. The foam material used is a combination of memory foam and aerated latex foam. The Live and Sleep mattress has only 10 inches depth whereas the GhostBed’s height profile is 11 inches. Both of these foam mattresses offer the same level of firmness – medium-firm. For support, the GhostBed mattress boasts also of having a high-density foam base similar to that of Live and Sleep mattress. The GhostBed mattress also has an outer covering, but the fabric material used is not as breathable as the knitted cover of the Live and Sleep mattress. Plus, the memory foam used for Live and Sleep has an open-cell structure, which is responsible for keeping the mattress surface cool even during the summer season.

When it comes to relieving pressure points and balance, both of these brands are built to provide relief on parts of the body that may develop tension while sleeping. Both mattresses can also fit with any baseboard even without the provision of a box spring.

Additionally, both brands have almost the same level of performance including warranty inclusion. However, the GhostBed offers a longer free trial of up to 101 nights, whereas the Live and Sleep mattress has only 30-nights. But, when it comes to price points, the Live and Sleep is relatively cheaper and eco-friendly than the GhostBed.

Live and Sleep vs. Casper Original

When Live and Sleep and Casper Original mattresses are compared based on construction, both have all-foam composition that offers a medium-firm feel to the user. The difference lies in weight or load capacity. The Live and Sleep mattress can efficiently accommodate average to heavyweight sleepers. Plus, it has a lesser foam layering when compared to the Casper Original’s three-layered structure. The similarity points to the breathability of these mattresses as well as the CertiPUR-US certification that both brands have in common. However, the Casper’s topmost layer has an Airscape structure, where air can pass through more efficiently.

Both brands cater to various sleepers – side, back, and stomach. And, both have the contouring feature that prevents pressure points. As for the manufacturer’s guarantee, the Casper Original mattress comes with a 10-year warranty coverage and 100-days free trial while the Live and Sleep’s warranty extends to 20-years limited coverage, but with only a 30-day free trial. If you are looking for affordable pricing and eco-friendliness, the best brand to consider is the Live and Sleep mattress.

Live and Sleep vs. Tulo

Both Live and Sleep and the Tulo mattresses have an affordable price range. But, when it comes to firmness level, the Live and Sleep mattress only offers medium-firm while Tulo provides customers three firmness options.

As for free the sleep trial, the Tulo is being sold in the marketplace with 120 nights free trial while the Live and Sleep covers only 30-nights. The only thing that sets apart Live and Sleep is its production process. All mattresses of Live and Sleep are manufactured to be eco-friendly. Plus, it also supports a non-profit organization by giving back a percentage of their sales to the homeless.

If you are deciding between Live and Sleep or Tulo mattress based on price range, both can be good candidates if the goal is to invest in a functional and affordable foam mattress.

Final Verdict

Overall impression based on analysis after conducting this Live and Sleep mattress review is – it is highly recommendable for any customer who wants a good deal. The price of this mattress is truly affordable when compared with other brands on the market.

The innovative layering construction of Live and Sleep mattress provides stable support and comfort to all types of sleepers. And, its high-density design allows users with heavy frames to sleep soundly.

And, on top of that Live and Sleep mattress’s contouring and motion isolation feature makes it a suitable sleeping mattress for solo sleepers as well as couples.

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