Why Do You Need a Storage Bed?

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If you ask most homeowners what they really need in their homes, most of them will tell you: they need ample space. This hence, clearly indicates that most people are not fun of clutter. But, if you live in a small apartment, storage space is a major issue you’ll have to deal with as your bedroom can feel downright cluttered if you’re not careful.

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Now, since this issue has proven to be a major problem in most small urban apartments, most homeowners have one pressing question: Where will we put all this clutter? However, if you‘re among those stranded homeowners asking yourself this question, then congratulations! Do you know why?

Because there are clever ways you can increase the space in your bedroom one of which is adding a storage bed in your bedroom arsenal.

Are you curious to know more about storage beds? Well, please read on to discover some key reasons why you need a storage bed in your small bedroom or guest room.

  • They Provide an Organized Closet

The obvious advantage of having a storage bed in your bedroom is to maximize storage space. Traditionally, homeowners relied on platform beds that were somehow uncomfortable. However, following the discovery of storage beds (coined from Captain Beds used in ships to offer additional storage space), these multipurpose furniture rapidly replaced traditional beds due to their design sophistication.

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They’re now used in most small apartments to store folded clothes especially old garments that you’re not ready to donate. For those with seasonal clothing, storage beds can offer a smart way of rotating them to avoid unnecessary clutter in your closet or wardrobe.

  • They Add a Touch of Elegance

Due to their names, most people believe that storage beds focus primarily on providing additional space to your bedroom. However, following their popularity in recent days, these beds have gone beyond their storage tradition to add a bit of touch and style to your bedroom.

So, instead of just focusing on storage, examining the design and the overall construction can really help you to find a bed that will fit in your specific bedroom setting without compromising with the overall furniture scheme.

  • They’re Warmer

If you live in extremely cold regions, a storage bed might be a clever investment. First, the storage compartments beneath them can retain heat especially when warm clothes such as blankets and pillows get stored in there.

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Secondly, the wooden construction coupled with the use of wood plank under the mattress makes the entire bed extremely hot. However, if the heat becomes unbearable, you can always consider switching your mattress with a more breathable one to allow better airflow. You can also consider replacing the wood plank with wood slats as they’re more breathable.

  • Emergency Clutter Control

Apart from offering a permanent storage solution, the best storage bed will offer a huge benefit of quickly de-cluttering your room in case of an emergency.

For instance, close friends, family, and special guests can visit your home unexpectedly forcing you to clean up your bedroom or the guestroom really fast to make it temporarily clean. Here, you can fold all the old cluttered clothes into the storage drawers to create some space in the wardrobe where your visitors can hang their clothes.

  • Protection

If you’re sneezing a lot, or maybe if you’re suffering from respiratory illnesses, one major culprit that is to blame is the dust that has accumulated on your clothes. For those without a storage bed, the only possible way to store your clothes is by throwing them underneath the bed.

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One problem with this practice is that you might end up losing some of your clothes temporarily and secondly, your clothes can accumulate a lot of dust and moisture resulting in permanent damage. However, with a storage bed, all these problems can easily be taken care of as you only have to fold your clothes and pack them in the drawers for protection.

  • Easy Accessibility

If you’re using a standard bed where everything is cluttered underneath, searching for your stuff will require you to crawl. This can be quite challenging or even impossible for seniors or people with injuries. So, to avoid such impossibilities, storage beds come with drawers or easy lift hydraulic mechanisms that let you lift the wood slats effortlessly to access your stuff.

  • They prevent Too Much Furniture

Due to their enormous storage spaces, storage beds provide a duplicate storage option which means you won’t have to add an extra wardrobe or storage furniture in your bedroom or guest room. At least by doing this, you’ll manage to free up more space where you can add other indoor stuff.

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Additionally, a storage bed provides hidden storage where you can keep some of your precious stuff. So, if you have kids and you don’t want them to access your private stuff, you can consider hiding them inside your bed’s storage compartments.

  • Stability

Apart from the factors we’ve mentioned above, there’s another more physical function of storage beds that has forced most sleepers to consider them. Sleepers, especially heavy ones usually prefer storage beds over ordinary beds due to the additional stability they offer at the base.


So, if you’re still struggling to find a storage option that will help you de-clutter your small apartment, then we assume you now have the ultimate answer. Storage beds have been around for so long.

While they were traditionally intended to solve the issue of space, major improvements have been made that have allowed these beds to offer a more streamlined, spectacular, and more organized appeal to your modern or contemporary bedroom space.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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