Best Storage Beds in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you in the market for the best storage bed, or have you been thinking of buying one? Whatever your intentions might be, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to storage beds. There are so many different options out there that it can be challenging to find the best storage beds. This article will guide you through all you need to know about the best storage beds, potential pros and cons of each and why they come recommended. Additionally, we’;ve also included a comparison table and a short guide on what to look for in storage beds!

An In-Depth Review of the Top 10 Best Rated Storage Beds

This in-depth review will give you outstanding descriptions of each of the ten best storage beds out there! Complete with pros & cons lists and all the information you’;ll need to find a storage bed that’;s perfect for you!

1. Sonoma Platform Storage Bed

If you’re looking for a storage platform bed that offers generous storage space, the Sonoma is an excellent choice. This bed brings you both lightweight versatility by weighing in at only 74 pounds as well as six drawers (three on either side of the bed) that are 18’’ deep! This is a generous drawer space big enough for all those pairs of shoes you might own! Furthermore, you won’;t have to spend extra for a box spring mattress like you might have to with other storage beds. This Sonoma bed features a slat support system, which means, you’;ll only need your mattress!

best storage beds

Also, this wooden slat system that distributes your body weight ensures you’;ll get a full comfortable night of sleep. Storage beds with wooden slats are as comfortable, or more comfortable even, than a traditional box spring. For your convenience, this storage bed comes in six different color options and there is a 5-year limited warranty on parts offered as well! Lastly, with it’;s classic, polished finish, this piece of furniture will look great in any room and could easily be one of the best storage bed options for your needs!

  • A 5-year limited warranty on parts is offered.
  • This bed is lightweight only 74 pounds!
  • 6 18’’ deep bed drawers offer plenty of storage for shoes and accessories.
  • No purchase of an additional box spring is required.
  • Slat support system technology provided for a comfortable night’;s sleep!
  • The storage bed is available in a range of color options.
  • Some assembly is required.
  • Warranty only covers the parts of the bed.


Ideal for guest rooms and master bedrooms, this storage bed is an excellent, lightweight option with very few downsides. With the storage underneath and the affordable price point, you really can’;t go wrong with this platform bed! There is some assembly required, but it’;s not too difficult to put together. The only potential issue is that the warranty is limited to certain parts of the bed.

2. South Shore Summer Breeze Storage Bed

If you’re looking for a bed with storage that’s perfect for your little girl or boy, this one won’t disappoint. To make this the best storage bed for kids, the attachable headboard can go on either end of the bed! Even better, this storage bed won’;t require the extra purchase of a box spring; your regular latex or memory foam mattress will do perfectly! This cute bed can offer 3 large drawers, all located on the same side of the bed. Storage beds with compartments on the same side are designed to help keep your child safe, all the corners of the drawers are rounded. Also, keep in mind, since this bed is intended for children, the simple wooden knobs on the drawers will continue to look great, even after any wear and tear from the kids!

storage bed reviews

Moreover, this storage bed only weighs in at 124 pounds and come ready to use! No assembly required! Even better, you can rest at ease, knowing the materials for this bed are made from laminated particle panels that have been certified environmentally friendly. If it’s your first time to purchase a bed with storage, you can also buy at ease, knowing this comes with a five-year, limited warranty to cover defects. Finally, no matter what color your child’;s bedroom is, the blueberry finish will look great anywhere! Hence, this product is easily one of the best storage beds for kids and teens.

  • This storage bed has 3 spacious bed drawers.
  • There is also an attachable headboard that offers additional storage.
  • Has safety features, so it’;s safe, even for small children.
  • The durable design means the bed is meant for children’;s wear and tear and was built to last
  • No assembly is required, so there’s no need to worry if it’s easy to put together.
  • Built with environmentally friendly materials.
  • This platform bed is relatively lightweight, so it has decent maneuverability.
  • The warranty is limited to manufacturer defects.
  • This piece of furniture is sized in a way where it’;s only intended for children.


Built to withstand the rough wear and tear from children, along with its safety features this storage bed is definitely worth your money. It has very small drawbacks and with the three drawers, plus an attachable headboard, you’;re getting what you paid for. All in all, this sturdy platform bed is one of the best storage beds for growing kids.

3. Hillary Queen Bookcase Storage Bed

Next on this best storage beds list is this wooden platform bed from Hillary. Offering you everything you might need in a storage platform bed, this is the perfect choice for those looking for spacious storage beds. From its large queen size to its bookcase headboard (with two extra bed drawers included), to its six commodious bottom drawers, to its elegant finish, this bed has great features! In addition to its physical features, you also get the feature of its 12-slat technology. Storage beds with this feature are designed to keep your body weight spread out evenly for a comfortable night’;s sleep. Furthermore, if you love reading, what better storage bed for you than one that includes a big, beautiful bookcase headboard?

storage bed

Made from high-quality Maple and Asian Hardwood, this bookcase bed has a professional and polished finish to it. That being said, assembly is required and although this bed does offer significant storage, it comes at a small cost. This bed will look wonderful but will be difficult to carry since it weighs in at about 386 pounds after assembly. It might be heavy, but take one look at this bed’s exquisite wood construction, and you’;ll be impressed. With its finish and its height (56 inches; top to bottom), it’s hands down an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy a new bed with storage drawers for your master bedroom.

  • There is a bookcase headboard available for additional storage space.
  • There are 2 drawers on the bookcase headboard for even more easy-access storage space.
  • This bed has six drawers large enough to offer plenty of storage space.
  • 12 slat-technology is built into the storage bed, so you get a comfortable night’;s rest.
  • Impressive & grandiose design to fit most rooms, including guest rooms.
  • Eliminates the need for a box spring.
  • This storage bed weighs 386 pounds so it might be challenging to put together.
  • Overall, this piece of furniture is rather large so it’;s not ideal for those with small rooms/small spaces.


If you don’;t mind that this storage bed lacks maneuverability, it’;s a great option to consider if you’re in the market for the best storage beds! It has a beautiful design with an impressive amount of storage capabilities. It also has the slat technology to ensure you get a great night’;s sleep.

4. DHP Cambridge Faux Leather Platform Storage Bed

If you’;re looking for a bed that prioritizes small spaces contrasted with trendy designs and affordable prices, then this very well could be the storage bed for you! DHP, the manufacturer of this storage bed, just so happens to be the leading manufacturer when it comes to home furnishing products that are intended to be for smaller spaces, affordable living, and impressive designs.

platform bed with storage

This faux leather platform bed combines the two focal points of storage space with comfortability. What’;s neat about this specific storage bed is that the bed frame is actually meant to move up or down, depending on how much under-bed storage space you require. That being said, the slat system technology that’s often used in premium storage beds is offered as well. Meaning, when you sleep, your body weight will be spread out evenly amongst the slat pieces. Thus, this is one of the best storage beds for those looking to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

The DHP Cambridge faux leather upholstered bed comes in three color options to fit the design of your guest room and master bedroom and well as having twin, full, queen, and king options! In addition, you won’;t have to worry about any hassles when moving this storage bed, since it weighs in at only 89 pounds! Finally, rest assured, you’;re guaranteed a one-year limited warranty after purchase!

  • DHP is an outstanding manufacturing company with an excellent reputation.
  • This bed has an affordable price tag!
  • There is flexible bed storage available, depending on your needs (this bed has an adjustable hydraulic bed frame).
  • This upholstered storage platform bed is specifically designed for small spaces.
  • Slat technology is offered for comfort.
  • This faux leather platform bed comes with many color and size options.
  • This upholstered bed is lightweight, so maneuverability isn’;t a problem.
  • Only a 1-year limited warranty is available on this upholstered storage platform bed.
  • There are no drawers or bookshelf headboard, so storage space is somewhat limited.


This upholstered storage platform bed and the manufacturing company are all about clean lines and minimalism, so, if that’;s your top priority, this bed is perfect for you. Great for a small space, it only costs you a small price and the one drawback might be that there is only a small amount of storage, nonetheless, it’;s a very compact bed.

5. Sauder 411222 Shoal Creek Mate’s Bed

This timelessly designed storage bed is one of the best storage beds for relaxing, lounging, or sleeping. Its design is intended for those seeking a balance between conservative space, classy looks, and flexible storage spaces. It offers storage drawers under the bed and bed frame and in each drawer, there are removable and adjustable dividers so you can always personalize and fit your storage space to your specific needs! You’;ll also be pleased to hear that, on average, this storage bed is usually given. 3.9 out of 5-star customer satisfaction review!

sauder storage bed

The Sauder Shoal Creek Mates Bed is finished in an elegant, soft white, which can add nicely to any bedroom. It is also one of the best storage beds for a twin-sized mattress. Rest assured, you won’;t have to spend extra for a box spring with this platform bed, your regular twin mattress will suffice! Weighing in at 138 pounds, with a little additional help, it won’;t be a headache to move this bed! Lastly, as can be expected from a high-quality storage beds, your purchase is backed by a five-year warranty that’;s limited to parts only.

  • Centered around a timeless design.
  • A few storage drawers available.
  • The drawers come with removable and adjustable dividers for prime organization.
  • This bed has a high customer satisfaction review.
  • It also has an accommodating mattress size because there is no box spring needed!
  • This bed is also lightweight, so it has nice maneuverability.
  • There is a 5-year warranty offered!
  • This bed only accommodates twin-sized mattresses.
  • The 5-year limited warranty applies only to parts.


This storage bed offers a decent amount of storage, with an affordable price tag, a nice warranty, and is also lightweight. The pros offered with this bed, hands down, outweigh the cons!

6. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed

If you’;re looking for a great storage bed option for children, this could be the perfect storage bed for you! First and foremost, this is the best bunk bed that also offers a bookcase for extra storage space! So, if your kids happen to be bookworms, you just need additional space, or, you need a bed with more realistic space flexibility (perhaps for two children), this furniture piece has a lot to offer you!

bookcase storage bed

Of course, there is a stair unit provided, with this bunk bed so your children can easily and safely climb into bed or find their next book! For your convenience, the bookcase can easily be used to also store toys, alarm clocks, and even clothes! In addition, there are six airy drawers located on one side of the bed, for even more storage space!

You can also rest easy knowing this storage bed offers you and your children both safety and comfort. It has been tested and certified to meet any and all safety regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thankfully, this bed comes mattress ready; meaning, you won’;t have to spend extra money on a box-spring or Bunkie board. Lastly, just like the other storage beds we featured, it also offers slat technology, to ensure that your children get a comfortable, cozy night’;s sleep!

The one and perhaps only disadvantage of this platform bed might be that it weighs in a little on the heavy side. At 167 pounds, in addition to its height (since it is a bunk bed), you’;ll need a little extra assistance to move this piece of furniture.

  • This is a great storage option for children because it’;s a bunk bed.
  • Come with a bookcase headboard for even more additional storage.
  • There are 6 spacious drawers available.
  • The climbing ladder is safe and reliable.
  • This bed has been safety tested and certified.
  • Additionally, it’;s mattress ready, there is no box-spring purchase needed.
  • Slat technology is built in for a great night’;s sleep.
  • This bed is heavy so you might need help in order to put it together.
  • It’;s only and specifically made for children.
  • This bed is quite tall so it’;s not ideal for low ceilings.
  • There is a climbing ladder which could be dangerous for small children.
  • The drawers are positioned on just one side of the bed, and not on either side.


With the combination of the bunk bed style, the bookcase headboard and the storage drawers, this is an excellent option if you’;re looking to save room in a children’;s room! If maneuverability isn’;t an issue and your children aren’;t too young, there is no better option!

7. Baxton Studio Cont. Storage Bed

If you’;re on the lookout for a storage bed that allows you flexibility, yet also features an elegant modern design, look no further! Baxton, while perfectly merging function and style, is here to offer you two large storage drawers with additional clusters, to make things even more organized when it comes to your storage needs. These drawers are perfect to store your essential sleep items or perhaps any clothing that might not be in season.

best beds for storage

In an addition to the neutral and fashionable design to perfectly complement any bedroom, this storage bed also comes with an affordable price tag! Making it even more affordable is the fact you won’;t have to invest in a box-spring! The latex or memory foam mattress you already own is perfectly fine!

Finally, you can always rest easy, literally, since this already eye-catching upholstered storage platform bed also comes with slat technology. Meaning, you can have a comfortable night’;s sleep because your body weight will be dispersed uniformly throughout the entire bed.

That being said, although this upholstered storage platform bed offers numerous features, it ultimately does have a downfall in how much it weighs. At 200 pounds, this bed is defiantly sturdy but when it comes down to it, it will be a headache to move.

  • This bed offers an attractive, luxurious design.
  • There are 2 large drawers available.
  • Organizational clusters are included for each drawer for additional storage options!
  • This bed, thankfully, has an affordable price tag!
  • No additional box-spring purchase will be necessary.
  • Slat technology is built in for ultimate comfort.
  • This bed is 200 pounds and will be difficult to move and put together.


If you don’;t mind the limited maneuverability, this is an outstanding option for a platform bed with storage compartments! With organizational clusters and slat technology, you get the perfect balance of comfort and storage options!

8. BOWERY HILL Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed

This Bowery Hill Bookcase and Platform Storage bed impeccably combines both contemporary, elegant design with your minimalist or smart space storage priorities in mind. Thankfully, when it comes to this storage bed, things are both practical and appealing.

One of the best options with this bed is the bookcase headboard. This optimizes your storage abilities as well as adding an elegant twist. The bookcase headboard is made from composite wood with a black laminate finish and three open compartments as well as a central adjustable shelf, to give you added storage space for things like alarm clocks, sleeping essentials, and your favorite bedtime read.

bowery storage bed

In addition to the excellent bookshelf headboard, this bed by Bowery Hill also gives you the storage options of six sizeable drawers at the foot of the bed. You can also be assured you’;ll get a comfortable night’;s sleep with the slat technology offered in this storage bed option.

Although an excellent option for a storage platform bed, this one has a small drawback. This bed weighs in at about 266 pounds, so, defiantly a consideration if you even plan to move your bed!

  • This bed has an elegant design.
  • A bookcase headboard adds extra storage options!
  • There are 6 large storage drawers available.
  • Slat technology is built-in for comfort.
  • At 266 pounds, this bed will be challenging to move and put together.


If maneuverability isn’;t a huge priority to you and things like an elegant design, excellent storage options, and a restful night’;s sleep are more important, then this is definitely one of the best storage beds for your needs!

9. Phoenix Eastern King Bookcase Bed

Featuring solid wood construction, this storage bed is yet another option for a polished, sophisticated, yet, minimalistic balance. The functionality and classiness of this bed make it perfect for well-designed master bedrooms and guest rooms!

One, if not, the best feature when it comes to this storage bed is the bookshelf headboard that’;s offered! Here, you can keep your favorite reading pastimes, watched, jewelry, alarm clocks, sleep essentials, or any knick-knacks you desire. It gives you both excess functionality as well as more idealistic and fashion-forward storage space. As if the bookcase headboard couldn’;t get any better, it also includes two felt-lined drawers!

coaster phoenix eastern king bed storage

Moreover, below the bed, you’;ll find six roomy drawers that are also felt-lined. This felt lining will give the drawers just that extra level of durability and you, the extra space you’;re looking for! In these drawers, you can store excess bedding, seasonal clothing, or even more books!

Now, that being said, some assembly will be required for this bed and it’;s also important to note that, since it weighs in at about 500 pounds and is 56 inches tall, it won’;t be easily moved! Depending on what your top priorities are when it comes to your storage bed, these could be important considerations.

  • Made with a fashion-forward sophisticated design.
  • Bookshelf headboard gives this bed additional storage space with 2 additional storage drawers!
  • The felt-lined drawers offer increased durability.
  • 6 spacious drawers are available as well.
  • This bed weighs 500 pounds so it might be difficult to put together.
  • Standing 56 inches high, this bed is also quite tall!
  • Therefore, this bed will be difficult to move.


Although this bed is incredibly heavy, with just one look, it’;s also very fashion-forward. It also offers the most storage options out of any other bed on the list. Despite the heaviness and height, this is certainly one of the best storage beds for your master bedroom!

10. DHP Dorel Home Products Maven Upholstered Platform Bed

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at our tenth storage bed with another option manufactured by DHP. Known for its fashion-forward, yet minimalistic approach to furniture, this is a great choice if you’;re looking for a storage bed for, specifically, a small space. Featuring clean lines and straightforward simplicity, this Maven storage platform bed will leave you feeling stylish, well-rested, and organized!

dhp cambridge upholstered bed with storage

On each side of the bed, you’;ll find a roll-out drawer, perfect for extra bedding, clothing, books, and even shoes! In addition to its pleasant amount of storage space, you’;ll be guaranteed an enjoyable night’s sleep because the modern design incorporates Bentwood slat technology. This technology, first and foremost, ensures air is able to flow freely, so, your slumber is cozy but never too warm. All your body weight will be evenly dispersed, giving you the storage space and a good night’;s rest all in one.

Lastly, this bed becomes even more affordable since you won’;t need to purchase any type of additional box-spring and if you ever need to move it, there won’;t be any headaches! Even with all the available storage, this bed only weighs 110 pounds! Stylish, storage-friendly, and affordable is the name of the game with DHP.

  • Built with DHP quality and dependability.
  • This platform bed comes with a roll-out storage drawer on either side.
  • Bentwood Slat technology built-in for an excellent sleeping experience.
  • No box-spring purchase will be necessary!
  • This bed has an affordable price tag.
  • Lightweight design and weight will make this bed easy to move!
  • Only 2 storage drawers are offered with this bed.


With DHP, you can count on minimalism being first priority, and therefore, if you’;re looking to save space, first and foremost, this is a great option for you. However, not an abundance of storage space is offered, however, the affordability and slat technology could outweigh that, depending on your needs.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Storage Bed

As you’;ve probably gathered from the above in-depth product reviews, storage beds have a lot of positive benefits. That being said, it’;s also important to know what to watch out for while you’;re shopping for a new bed. Let’;s take a closer look!

storage bed

  • Maneuverability

If you foresee yourself wanting to move your bed around, the weight and height of your storage bed is something you’;ll defiantly want to take into consideration. With many storage beds, you’;ll find the assembly and disassembly process can be quite time-consuming and many storage beds are simply really heavy because of all the added storage space they offer. This is definitely one area you want to be careful about when looking for the best storage beds.

  • Durability

If you’;re spending your hard-earned cash on a bed with storage, chances are, you have some sort of high hopes in mind. So, it’;s important to always keep an eye out for the most durable storage beds and not just purchase something that looks like the popular Murphy beds. It’;s no secret that over time, that even the best storage beds can cultivate some issues, just because they have so much more to them than regular beds.

For example, the hinges and tracks on the drawers can wear out. This is especially true for storage beds intended for children because, well, kids will be kids. Simply put, try to avoid storage beds that just don’;t seem like they offer highly durable materials and overall construction.

  • Comfort

When it comes down to it, the comfort of your new bed is probably one of your top priorities, as it should be! So, therefore, you’;ll want to remember, while researching and shopping for your new storage bed that these types of beds tend to sleep hotter than regular beds. This is especially true if the storage bed has a lot of storage compartments under the bed itself. These extra storage places can be great, however, they simply don’;t allow the air flow a bed sometimes needs for your comfort.

The best storage beds on the market are comfortable. Therefore, your solutions are to look for a bed with not quite as much storage underneath, or, if you do buy a bed with such storage options, try not to overload it with too much stuff.

  • Ease of Use

The entire point of searching for and purchasing the best storage bed is, well, for the storage! If the storage compartments aren’;t easily accessible, or you find them especially cumbersome or very difficult to put together, you might want to keep looking at other storage bed options.

  • Size

Here is something you might not know about storage beds: the size of your mattress will probably be standard but the bed frames on storage beds tend to be larger. This is because so much extra storage space is needed and therefore, the bed frames tend to be bigger than the regular mattresses. Be sure to ask careful questions about the size to be sure that you’;re buying the best storage bed option in the size you truly want.

  • Sturdiness

Sturdiness matters when it comes to storage beds. Imagine buying your storage bed, getting it home, getting everything stored and organized, and then having the storage areas on your bed break! Not ideal! If this happens what was the point in the first place? While shopping for your storage bed, be sure to be extra careful about the materials your bed is made out of to ensure it’s strong enough to store all that it promises.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have all the information and guidance you need to move forward and look for your perfect storage bed! From a comparison table to an in-depth review of the ten best storage beds (complete with a pros and cons list for each bed) and an information guide for what to watch out for when buying a storage bed, you’;re set to go! Be sure to shop smart and keep all of this valuable information in mind! Remember, affordability, durability, comfort, and storage options are the key! Best of luck in your storage bed search!


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