Best Reading Pillow Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

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The sweetest place to relax on earth is none other than your very own home. Now, it has to be the bed where you can think of unwinding yourself. So, what if the dose of comfort and coziness can be put on a bit more? A reading pillow can get this done for sure. These come in exclusive designs so as to provide adequate support to your head, neck, and spine. As a result, you can acquire a convenient posture and enjoy your reading sessions without any worries. You are left with no back aches and can lie down for hours without altering your position. If you are, therefore, willing to bring one for your home, you need to choose the best reading pillow and make sure that it matches your comfort level.

Top 10 Best Rated Reading Pillow Reviews

1. LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

If comfort and coziness are what you expect in your reading sessions, bring home this reading pillow by Linenspa. Made of high-quality memory foam and equipped with back support, it is no doubt a perfect platform for relaxation with friends and loved ones. Whether you wish to lie down and watch television for hours or play games with your dearest pal, this reading pillow with a nice velour cover will cater to diverse purposes. Allowing to pass air smoothly, it does not trap the heat within your body and let you stay cool and comfy. Also, it has arm support that lets you unwind while its top carry handle lets you carry it with ease.

best reading pillow

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed for reading, gaming, relaxing and watching television, Linenspa reading pillow is high on comfort and caters to both kids and adults
  • Superior airflow for being made of premium quality shredded memory foam
  • Can be adjusted as per the user’;s convenience and comfort
  • Comes with a velour cover that is both plush and durable
  • A convenient top carry handle and arm support make this reading pillow quite beneficial for relaxation
  • Available in diverse sizes ranging from extra-large with neck support to standard

  • Returns to its old shape quickly after undergoing twists and turns
  • Provides great support to the back
  • Excellent arm construction that lets one rest with pleasure
  • Extremely comfortable to lie down and watch television
  • Lacks firmness and does not expand fully after vacuum packaging
  • Assembly is not great as it should be

2. Brentwood Shagalicious Bedrest

Brentwood Originals brings you an incredible resting platform where you can have quality time reading your favorite book. Sporting a hot pink shade, it provides unmatched support not only for the back but for the neck and arms as well. Even if you are willing to watch television, just lie on it and you will love the experience. With a sturdy handle on the top, it is very easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, it can fit at any place, be it your living room, dorm room or guest room. To clean it well, take a damp cloth and maintain it for years to come.

reading pillow reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Offering great support to your back, neck, and arms, this reading pillow by Brentwood Originals lets you do multiple activities
  • Comes with a very sturdy handle attached on the top that lets you transport it easily to places
  • Can be kept at any corner of your home, whether it is a bedroom, lounge, kids’; room etc.
  • Can be easily carried to picnics and even college dormitories without any hassle
  • Involves no hassles in cleaning as it just requires a damp cloth
  • Dimensions are 26 x 18 x 18 (W x D x H)

  • Plush, big and stylish pillow to provide comfort at its best
  • Easy to clean and can be washed multiple times
  • Light in weight and provides ample support at the back
  • Perfect for college students as well as for dorms
  • Lacks the real color as what is shown
  • Zipper is not strong and breaks apart after a few months of use

3. Husband Pillow – Dark Grey, Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Arms

Forget taking those pillows for resting that left you in back pain as here comes a big, multipurpose and a huggable husband pillow. Dark grey in color, it is equipped with a backrest and ensures full support to the upper body, making you relax without any discomfort. The premium-quality memory foam with which it is made makes it quite soft and comfortable to lie upon. In fact, you can sleep, lie, read and watch television hassle-free just for its solid back support. The bungee pocket at its side is able to hold your TV remote and phone while its back pocket will preserve your books, magazines, and glasses.

best pillows for reading books

Features and Specifications:

  • Husband pillow in dark grey shade comes equipped with a full backrest and supporting the upper body entirely
  • Excellent quality memory foam makes it quite comfortable to lie down and relax with a book for hours
  • Includes a micro-plush cover that is soft to touch and creates no discomfort while you read, watch television, play games or lie down
  • Built-in side pocket lets you keep your phone and TV remote secure while its back pocket allows keeping your glasses and books
  • With a handle at the top, it becomes quite easy to carry

  • Great for people with short heights
  • Size of the armrests is quite big, making it easier to relax
  • Straps are well-stitched and quite durable
  • Made of good quality fabric that extends its longevity
  • Emits a bad chemical odor
  • Quality of the foam is not good
  • Turns hard and compressed after using it for a few minutes

4. Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

A reading pillow could never have been as soft as this exclusive piece from the house of Milliard. What you will love is its high-quality shredded pillow that makes it quite soft to touch and comfortable to lie upon. Light in weight, it comes with elevated legs and arms, and hence proves to be an excellent choice for those who want to relax with a book after dinner. Even if you are willing to take morning tea or read a book or watch a movie, this reading pillow will no doubt be the right choice.

pillow for reading book

Features and Specifications:

  • Equipped with armrest for unlimited comfort and support, this reading pillow by Milliard can be kept anywhere, be it on the floor or your couch
  • Foam included can be accessed anytime for customization as per the user’;s comfort
  • Quite airy and does not trap heat within the body while one is sleeping or relaxing on it
  • Can be carried easily from one corner to another with the help of its handle at the top
  • Includes a velour cover that is machine washable and wipes off stains in no time

  • A couple of zippered coverings make the backrest more comfortable
  • Velour cover provided can be easily detached and washed
  • Very comfy and supportive to relax for hours
  • Handle provided to carry the pillow cover easily from one place to another
  • Quality of the foam is not good
  • Packaging is not done in the right manner that makes it flimsy

5. Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest

Be it backpacks or reading pillows, polyester is a superb material to consider for both. Brentwood Originals brings a super sturdy polyester-made bed rest that would now let you take pleasure in reading, relaxing, watching television and what not. With solid support for the neck and back, this reading pillow comes with a sturdy handle at the top for carrying it with ease. Keep it anywhere and it would prove to be a perfect platform for relaxation. Cleaning is also easy as it requires a damp cloth for this purpose.

best pillow for reading in bed

Features and Specifications:

  • Pure-quality polyester-built reading pillow from Brentwood Originals with a width of 21.9 inches
  • Equipped with back, neck and arms support, making it easier to watch television, reading a book and relaxing for hours
  • Robust handle located on the top that makes it convenient to carry from one place to another
  • Deserves to be kept anywhere, be it in the college dorm room, living room or the guest room
  • No hassles in cleaning as it just requires a damp cloth
  • Looks very stylish and complements the room decor

  • Quite comfortable to lie back for hours
  • Provides unmatched support to the back and neck
  • Soft to touch that makes it pleasurable for relaxation
  • Pillow is quite sturdy and durable
  • Handle at the top for carrying it with ease
  • Not a pillow for adults
  • Size is too small to fit a king size

6. Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket

What about reading your favorite storybook with your back leaning on a soft plush reading pillow? Keen Edge Home brings such a comfy reading pillow that would let you relax without any back pain. Designed to make you sit up straight and read, this reading pillow lets you relax just the way you want. With armrests on both its sides, this husband pillow promises to keep you seated for hours with pleasure. There is a handle at the top which is quite sturdy and makes it easier to carry. Also, it has a detachable cover that involves no cleaning hassles.

bed reading pillow

Features and Specifications:

  • Built out of pure quality foam, this reading pillow from Keen Edge Home comes with a velour cover that is soft to touch
  • Sporting a vanilla shade, this reading pillow looks quite trendy and would complement your bed as well
  • Firm yet cozy armrests will let you keep your hands comfortable while you take pleasure in watching your favorite movie
  • A sturdy handle at the top has been provided to carry it without much effort
  • Cover provided is removable and also stain-free

  • Made out of a very soft fabric
  • Looks very attractive owing to its nice color
  • Cover can be easily removed and washed without any difficulty
  • Can be kept on the floor or the bed
  • Too short to cover the back of a tall person
  • Smells a bit toxic that makes it difficult to sleep

7. YESINDEED XL Reading Pillow for All Ages

After a long tiring day, you will no doubt love staying glued to this wonderful reading pillow from the house of Yesindeed. Designed to soothe both kids and adults, this reading pillow comes with full support for not only one’;s back but also the neck and the arms. Besides lying down to relax, you can even choose to stay busy with your laptop against this super cozy pillow. Stuffed with shredded foam, it is not only soft but also quite breathable. As a result, it doesn’;t trap the heat within one’;s body and keeps one cool for hours.

reading pillow with arms

Features and Specifications:

  • Hypoallergenic, ventilated and soft, this reading pillow from Yesindeed comes in a high-quality velvet fabric
  • With a skillful hand-stitch, it scores high in terms of durability and takes no time to expand to its full size after unpacking
  • What makes the back support extra comfy is due to the stuffing of shredded foam
  • A perfect replacement of a chair, this reading pillow has an arm length of 12 inches and a height of 18 inches
  • Light in weight as it weighs only 6.6 pounds and can be carried from place to another

  • Great for studying without paining one’;s back or neck
  • Soft and comfy to let one relax for long hours
  • Can be considered for a peaceful slumber
  • Relieves one of back pain
  • Great for watching television
  • Arms cannot connect to the back portion
  • Fails to hold on to its shape after unpacking

8. Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

Stop getting dependent on your bed as the only place for relaxation as here comes something unique from the house of Z. Yes, it’;s an exclusive reading pillow whose sides and back have been stuffed with memory foam so as to make it extremely comfortable to lie down. Assuring optimal comfort and massive support, it sports a superb construction for being made out of comfy rayon. Moreover, the cover it brings along is absolutely breathable and does not allow heat to arrest within one’;s body. Also, its dark grey shade is sure to complement your room décor.

book reading pillow

Features and Specifications:

  • Z brings a soft, cozy and modish reading pillow that has been designed to make one watch television or read a storybook with no backache
  • Enjoy double the comfort of what you expect from this reading pillow as it comes stuffed with shredded memory foam on both its side and back
  • Dark grey in color that would surely match up with your room décor
  • Requires mild detergent when required in case of spot cleaning
  • With dimensions of 6.5 x 5 x 3.3 inches, it is a compact sleeping solution

  • Scores high in comfort and sturdiness
  • Does not take time to expand to its full size
  • Works great for women post pregnancy
  • Made of superb material and heavy-duty pillow
  • Comprises a higher back
  • Too heavy and large for aged people
  • Not a good pillow for readers
  • Foam inside is not of good quality

9. Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Bed Rest

If a reading lounger is what you have been looking for, Deluxe Comfort will surely make you happy with an amazing product. Have a look at this bedrest cum reading lounger where you will love to not only lounge in bed but also enjoy reading your favorite books and watching the best movies. With such an incredible product, your inclination towards spending major time in bed will shift towards this versatile resting pillow. Forget getting pains on your neck and back as this Microsuede Bed Rest comes with neck rest, backrest, and armrest as well.

book pillows for reading

Features and Specifications:

  • Soft yet firm; versatile yet stylish, this bedrest and reading lounger from Deluxe Comfort features double-stitching and is quite durable
  • Convenience is guaranteed with a couple of armrest pockets designed to let you preserve your TV remote, phone and earphones as well
  • Equipped with a handle at the top that is quite durable for carrying it from one place to another
  • Absolutely safe for the skin for it is allergen-free

  • Returns to its original shape after unpacking
  • Light in weight and has a handle that makes it easier to carry
  • Superb construction and comes with pockets for carrying little things
  • Good for both kids and adults
  • Not a good pick for people who are shorter
  • Pillows are too soft to support and rest

10. VERCART Sofa Bed Large Filled Triangular Wedge Cushion Bed

Now get rid of your typical cushions and try new relaxing positions with Vercart reading pillow. Imported, soft and comfortable, it is made of good quality polyester and comes with a detachable cover as well. Ideally designed to be kept on the bed or sofa, it allows one to sit upright with a perfect posture. What is unique is the triangle design that gives it maximum back support for various activities like watching movies on a laptop or reading a book. Stomach resting is also possible on this pillow and that also without any discomfort.

backrest reading pillow

Features and Specifications:

  • High-quality, durable and versatile, this reading pillow by Vercart is an out-and-out stress reliever for one and all
  • Made out of pure quality polyester fiber, it has great elasticity and would stand strong for years to come
  • Holds the ability to withstand pressure of your upper body
  • Ergonomically designed, this reading pillow perfectly supports the waist and ankle, keeping the body relaxed
  • Zipper at the back is both washable and removable

  • Complements the bed during daytime
  • Material is very soft to touch and makes it comfortable for the user
  • The fabric used is quite durable
  • Comes as a perfect replacement for a headboard
  • Design is quite unique
  • Lacks firmness and a bit flimsy
  • Buttons tend to fall off while its fabric has been sewn badly

What to Look for in a Reading Pillow

When you lie on the bed taking a book for reading, you start switching poses every ten minutes or so. You keep taking turns on a regular interval and this slowly takes off your concentration. Finally, when you get up, the muscles hold you down for a moment disallowing you to move freely. So, does that mean you will stop reading a book by lying on the bed? Of course not, because a reading pillow will make things look completely different. But it has to be the best one that can cater to your comfort and let you relax like anything.

So, if you are heading towards investing in a reading pillow, you must be aware of the things to be considered in this respect. Here are a few factors to count on prior to buying a reading pillow. Take a look:

Preview Image 25

  • How soft is the cover

Fabric is a huge thing to consider, especially when choosing one for a pillow cover. Of course, you won’;t use a pillow without its cover; so it must be soft to touch as whenever it comes into direct contact with your skin, it makes you feel pleasant. Softness, in other words, is a priority when you are looking for the best quality reading pillow.

  • How strong is the support

A reading pillow has to be a lot firmer in comparison to an ordinary pillow. Remember, it should provide you an upright position so that your neck and back get the required support. If things go wrong here, the consequence would be no less than pain and discomfort. So, whichever product you are buying, make sure you talk to the seller about its support factor.

  • How perfect is the size

Finding a reading pillow of the right size is essential as it would play a key role in covering the entire portion of your back. So, if you are a tall person, you need to ensure that the reading pillow you are choosing is not falling short of its size to support your back. On the contrary, a pillow too short a size would also cause discomfort. The size, therefore, should be checked accordingly so that you don’;t have problems sitting with it.

  • How easily can it be cleaned

While you will be relaxing with drinks and snacks, there are chances that your pillow cover might catch a stain. In such cases, the best thing is to look for detachable covers so that your pillow keeps distance from water. The more you wash your cover, the cleaner it would look.

  • How safer it is

A lot of people prefer using pillows made of anti-allergic materials because bedding is one of the sources of triggering infectious skin allergies. So, while choosing the good reading pillow, be aware of this safety factor because allergies do irritate a lot.

So, with these chief factors, you can be pretty confident in choosing a reading pillow and would, thereafter, spend quality time with your favorite storybook.

Types of Reading Pillows

Where there are reading pillows, you will need nothing more to relax upon after a long and tiring day. In fact, there are different types of reading pillows you can choose from. But whichever you lay your hands on should be able to provide you comfort, unlike anything. So, if you think your hours of relaxation badly needs something special to assure comfort at its best, a reading pillow will fix things up without an inch of doubt.

So, here are the major types of reading pillows for you. Have a look:

  • Armrest pillows

As the name says it all, these reading pillows include a high back, armrests, and headrests at times. The best thing is that you can position these pillows anywhere, be it on the floor, on your bed or even on the couch. While reading, you can even rest your elbows on the arms and stay relaxed for hours.

  • Wedge pillows

If you are in quest of the best reading pillows on bed, here comes the wedge pillows. With the shape of a doorstop, these pillows need to be placed under one’;s back. This helps him/her with a more convenient reading angle. Also known to relieve backache, these pillows can be used to sleep upon. Popular among all pillows, wedge reading pillows are preferred by the majority of people.

  • Pyramid pillows

Unlike wedge pillows, the pyramid pillows bring elevated support to your reading device so that your neck is not strained. Padded and plush, these pillows are quite useful for regular readers in bed.

  • Bed support pillows

No matter how engrossed get into while reading your favorite novel, the conventional bed support pillows would let you sit in the right posture and keep you absolutely comfortable. These reading pillows too are among the favorites for a lot of booklovers.


Now forget straining your neck and enjoy long-drawn reading sessions with a high-quality reading pillow. Whether you wish to take along a Wedge or a Pyramid, just be sure that it’;s keeping you relaxed and not causing pain on your back. Feel the right support, enjoy the soft touch and get going with your most cherished storybook with utmost pleasure. Just make sure that the support provided is not weak enough to affect your spine. Be wise to make the choice for the best reading pillow and invest smartly on the right product.

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