The Best Mattress For Heavy People: Top 5 for 2022

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Shopping for a new mattress in the rapidly growing online market can be difficult, especially if you have specific needs. Heavy people often experience pain and discomfort from sleeping if they do not have the right mattress. This makes shopping for the best mattress for heavy people a very important decision.

Our Top 5 Best Mattresses for Overweight People

What features should we look for when buying a mattress? What is the best mattress for a heavy person? What is the best mattress for overweight people? What is the best mattress for obese people, and what’s the difference? Let’s explore some of the options on the market and see what the best bed for a heavy person looks like. Here is a list of our reviews of the top five favorite mattresses for heavier people. These reviews were determined with the requirements mentioned above in mind. They offer variety while still meeting the needs of various types of sleepers.

1. WinkBeds Plus (Editor’s Choice)

WinkBeds LogoWinkBeds is an online luxury hybrid mattress retailer. All of their mattresses are hand-made to order in Wisconsin. They deliver straight to your door in a compact box and have an impressive 120-day trial period. At the end of that time, if you decide for any reason it is not the mattress for you, they will pick it up 100% free of charge.

WinkBeds has several models: Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plus. The Plus is WinkBeds’ firmest mattress and it was specifically designed with heavy people over 300 pounds in mind. All models are a hybrid of coil and memory foam. The Plus is an approximate 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit is 500 pounds.

“3-step back relief” Technology

This boasts superior decompression support for your spine. The Plus uses anti-sagging foam, an individually wrapped coil system, and a layer of padding for lumbar support.

Dura-Tech Lifetime Durability System

The patented Dura-Tech lifetime durability system is guaranteed to sag less than 2% in over 20 years. Even with extended and heavy use, WinkBeds have proven themselves to withstand the pressure. A free lifetime replacement warranty ensures potential customers of their confidence in their mattress. This is a great choice if you are looking for a long-term investment. Many mattresses only last as few as 5 to 7 years.

Temperature Control, Coils, and Open-celled Latex

This is another benefit. The copyrighted Tencel outer layer is 30% cooler than linen and smoother than silk. It also is highly absorbent, wicks moisture away from the skin rapidly, and dries quickly. An advanced ventilation system also enables the mattress to move heat away from the body while you sleep. The individually wrapped coils and the open-celled latex also help contribute to the ability of the mattress to stay cool throughout a full night of rest.

coolControl Base

An optional coolControl base, trademarked by WinkBeds, is available to further help you regulate temperature. It allows you to precisely cool down or heat up the mattress from below with an iPhone app. You can even cool one side while heating the other, making it ideal for couples with different preferences.

Sleep Calm Motion Isolation Technology

The unique and patented Sleep Calm motion isolation technology helps to minimize motion transfer on the mattress. A stabilizing gel foam layer surrounds the steel pocket springs ensuring movement on one side of the bed will not be felt on the other.


WinBeds MattressSuperior edge support is achieved through the trademarked ExtraEdge anti-sag support. This allows you to comfortably sit on the edge of the bed without excessive compression, causing you to slide further toward the side, or off the bed entirely. This feature also expands the usable surface area of the mattress allowing you to sleep more comfortably. This is especially ideal for couples.

Compared with our other reviews, The Plus mattress is best for those with heavier weight who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. The Plus is considered by many to be the best mattress for an obese stomach sleeper If you prefer to sleep on your side, or are lighter in weight, this mattress may be too firm for you and could cause shoulder or hip pain. If this is the case, you can always consider one of WinkBeds’ softer options.

Available in sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Extra firm for back and stomach sleepers
  • Superior job staying cool (even without the optional added coolControl base)
  • Heavy duty mattress with long-lasting durability
  • 120-night trial with free shipping
  • Designed specifically with heavier people in mind
  • Maybe too firm for side sleepers
  • May not like if you prefer the memory foam feel of slow compression
  • Uncomfortable for those who weigh less

2. Big Fig (Made For Heavy People)

Big Fig LogoBig Fig mattresses are designed for people with a “bigger figure,” as their motto clearly states. The company was founded in 2016 by a father-daughter team. Their mattresses are built in the USA and delivered straight to your door. They arrive full-size, not compressed. For an additional fee of approximately $150, they will deliver the mattress, completely set it up, and remove your old mattress.

There is a 101-night trial period for all Big Fig mattresses. If at any time during this period, you decide for any reason that it is not the best mattress for you, they will pick it up 100% free of charge.

Big Fig offers two model options: the standard 5” and the extra tall 9”. Their mattresses are designed specifically for plus size and big & tall people. Designing the mattress for big and tall people makes all the difference, especially when it comes to the best mattress for an overweight couple. The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit is 500 pounds for one sleeper and 1000 pounds for two sleepers. The bed can hold more weight from two sleepers because the distribution covers more surface area. Both models are a hybrid of memory foam and coils. The firmness rating is 6.5-7.5 out of 10.

Hybrid 1,600 Pocketed Coil Springs and Latex Foam

Big Fig boasts better support for the neck and back through the use of 1,600 pocketed coil springs. This is more than 50% more coil springs than the average premium innerspring mattress available on the market today.

Three inches of high-density latex foam is also incorporated into the construction of the mattress. This contributes to its anti-sagging capabilities. They extend their warranty to customers who have more than a 1” sag within 20 years, making this a great long-term investment.

The Foundation and Tufts

Another major factor contributing to Big Fig’s support is the foundation of the mattress. It can hold up to five times the weight than that of the average bed frame. It utilizes Amish style construction with 18 2.5” slats and double center rails. The foundation eliminates the need for a box spring or any additional frame unless desired. This is very helpful because a box spring for a heavy person is often problematic and wears unevenly.

Material gatherings designed to add support, called tufts, are evenly spaced throughout the mattress to prevent material shifting over time. There are 16 tufts in a queen size bed which ensure that even with extended use, the mattress will never become lumpy or uneven.

Bed Frame & Durability Tests

While it is unnecessary, Big Fig also sells an accompanying bed frame that will raise the foundation and mattress slightly off the floor. It is constructed out of recycled railroad steel can hold 2,000+ pounds.

Big Fig has conducted durability tests using 350-pound weights and simulating 20 years of use. The test results are very promising and demonstrate the superior quality of the mattresses. You can view the data on the Big Fig site.

ThermoGel Cooling Technology and Gel-infused Latex Foam

Temperature control is also a big concern of Big Fig. To combat overheating, they have a mattress topper utilizing ThermoGel latex foam cooling technology. It is moisture wicking to quickly draw sweat away from the skin. Similar to athletic gear, it activates with the presence of moisture and provides a cooling effect on the skin.

Additionally, the layer of perforated gel-infused latex foam is located directly under the quilted surface layer to facilitate ample airflow throughout the night.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Big Fig MattressMotion transfer is common in innerspring mattresses but the thick layer of memory foam does a great job alleviating it. Big Fig rates well on motion transfer tests, but it does not completely eliminate motion transfer.

Edge support is often an issue with traditional and memory foam mattresses. To combat this problem, Big Fig’s design places the firmest foam around the edges, facilitating almost no compression when you lie down or sit on the edge. This provides extra support and increases the surface area by allowing you to sleep close to the edge on all sides.

Among all our reviews, Big Fig’s firmness and design may not be the best option for someone weighing less than 225 pounds. Side sleepers occasionally find this bed is too firm for them, but some still enjoy it. However, it is most highly regarded by those who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back.

Available in sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Extra firm edge support
  • Moisture-wicking ThermoGel cooling technology
  • 1600 pocketed coil springs
  • Able to hold up to 1000 pounds
  • Designed specifically as a mattress for big and tall people
  • More expensive than a lot of the competition
  • Not ideal for someone under 225 pounds
  • May not be the best mattress for an overweight side sleeper

3. Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series (Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy People)

Nest Bedding LogoNest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series is a certified non-toxic retailer. All of their beds are eco-friendly and are made in the USA.  They have a 100-night trial period and at the end of that time, if you decide for any reason it is not the mattress for you, they will pick it up 100% free of charge.

The Alexander Signature Series comes in two firmness: medium or luxury firm. The luxury firm is generally more suitable for heavier people. Their mattresses are comprised of high-density gel memory foam, Visco memory foam, and their signature SmartFlow air flow foam. The luxury firm option has a firmness rating of approximately 7.8 to 8. The medium option has a firmness rating of approximately 5 to 6. The manufacturer’s suggested mattress weight limit is 750 pounds for the entire mattress.

The luxury firm option provides the extra needed support for sleepers who weigh a bit more. At the same time, the combination of different memory foams allows relief from any pressure caused by lying down. A mixture of pressure relief and support is provided for those who often change positions throughout the night. And it is also for couples who need a hybrid of capabilities to suit their sleeping needs. A lifetime warranty is offered for mattresses that display a visible sag 1” or greater. This reinforces their conviction in its durability.

Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabrics

Heat retention is a major factor to consider with memory foam mattresses. The Alexander Series beds feature Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabrics to help keep the mattress cool. The breathable gel memory foam draws heat away from the body to help regulate temperature as well. Finally, the SmartFlow air flow foam contributes to temperature regulation by ensuring heat does not get trapped inside the mattress and instead easily flows through. Even with all of these enhancements, some users still report a bit of heat retention.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support Base Foam

Nest Bedding Alex Signature MattressThe motion isolation on this series is exceptional. The differing layers of foam provide ample shock absorption for changing positions. A small amount of motion transfer is experienced from getting into bed but it quickly dissipates.

Edge Support Base Foam enhances the Alexander Series beds for maximum utilization and comfort. The edge support is higher than normal for a foam mattress and you are fully supported while lying down. A considerable amount of compression is experienced when sitting on the edge but this is to be expected from this type of mattress.

In comparison to our other mattress reviews, The varying firmness of this mattress allows people who sleep in all positions to enjoy it. The luxury firm is recommended for those that are weighty but may not be the best option for side sleepers because it can cause excessive pressure in the hips and shoulders. However, many side sleepers who are heavier find this is one of the best options for them that allows comfort and decompression.

Available in sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Ability to exchange for a different firmness
  • Great for heavier side sleepers
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • No initial odor
  • 100-day in-home trial
  • Mattresses weigh 100-150 pounds
  • Heavy edge compression while sitting
  • Retains some heat

4. Nectar (Value Choice)

Nectar LogoNectar is an online luxury bedding retailer that offers high-quality mattresses at an exceptional value. Their mattresses are made in facilities around the world but they offer free shipping from their distribution center in Washington state so the delivery time is still speedy. Nectar has the most impressive in-home trial period of all the mattresses in this review, 365 days! If at any time during this period, you decide that it is not the right mattress for you they will pick it up 100% free of charge.

Nectar only has one mattress model and they believe it is suitable for almost everyone’s needs, hence the one-year trial period. Their mattress is comprised of a breathable base layer and a combination of three memory foams: quilted gel memory foam, gel memory foam, and adaptive hi core memory foam. Nectar ranks at a 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale. The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit is 650 pounds.

Nectar has a firm but compressing dual sensation of support. The foam is soft on top and the middle layer is a bit more resistant to pressure which helps distribute the weight evenly while relieving pressure in your spine.

Forever Warranty

The mattress comes with an incredible forever warranty. Nectar is so confident in the construction of their mattress they are confident it should not sag more than 1.5 inches over time. They will replace it anytime, even 100 years from now as their site boasts, completely free of charge if it does. This is a higher sag exception than some of the other choices on the market but the forever warranty still ensures it is a good long-term investment.

Temperature Control

This feature on the nectar is provided through several key elements of the construction. The patented Tencel cooling mattress top layer helps to wick moisture away from the skin overnight. It also provides a slight cooling sensation on the skin. The layer of quilted gel memory foam and the regular gel memory foam below it enable increased air circulation. Finally, the base layer is breathable and designed to help maintain temperature overnight by not trapping or retaining heat. The construction choices help significantly. However, because it is memory foam, it does still retain some heat.

Motion Sensor and Edge Support

Nectar MattressThe motion sensor is an area the Nectar excels in. The combination of memory foams is very absorbent to shock. While some motion can be detected from the application of considerable weight, it dies down quickly. Some users report fewer nighttime disturbances with this mattress because of its excellent job at eliminating motion transfer from a partner.

Edge support is especially important in a foam mattress. Nectar uses the same high-quality foam throughout the bed’s construction. Their site boasts of excellent edge support. However, some users report significant sagging near the edges if sat on or used often after only a year. With this in mind, couples should purchase a slightly larger mattress than normal.

Different from other mattress reviews, Nectar is not specifically designed for heavier people. But, it is still an excellent choice, especially for heavy side sleepers. Depending on your preference, it may be the best mattress for an obese side sleeper. Back sleepers also find comfort using the mattress as it is helpful in relieving back pain. Some stomach sleepers do not prefer it though. Fortunately, there is a 365 in-home trial so don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

Available in sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Great for heavier side sleepers
  • Forever warranty
  • Exceptional value
  • One-year in-home trial
  • Works well for couples of different weight categories
  • Retains some heat
  • Edge support not great
  • Maybe too soft for heavy back and stomach sleepers

5. The New Purple (Luxury Choice)

Purple LogoPurple is an online luxury hybrid mattress retailer that has designed an all-new type of mattress based on scientific research. Their beds are crafted in the United States of America and they offer free delivery and old mattress removal. They offer a 100-night in-home trial and if you decide for any reason that the mattress is not for you, they will pick it up 100% free of charge.

Purple is so confident in their scientifically backed mattress that they only made one model originally. Recently they have expanded their research and new and improved models are available: the 2, 3, and 4. The 2 is the firmest of the three. It adapts and proves comforting for all types of sleepers in all positions. Purple is approximately a 6.5 on the firmness scale. Interestingly, there is no manufacturer’s recommended weight limit because it can accommodate any capacity. However, when asked, customer service recommends 600 pounds for two people and 300 for one as the Purple mattress weight limit. They also clarify that if you exceed this weight it will not void or compromise the warranty in any way. As a result, this may make Purple the best mattress for morbidly obese sleepers.

Smart Comfort Grid

Support is a key factor to the purple mattress which strives to be both supportive and luxuriously comfortable at the same time. Purple designed their patented Smart Comfort Grid to hold your spine and body in its natural position. It conforms and supports simultaneously to provide superior assistance to alleviate pressure experienced from lying down. Another layer of responsive support coils also adds to the mattresses overall and continued ease of use.

Purple’s innovative construction includes the trademarked Hyper-Elastic Polymer to form the grid which is designed to maximize durability. It is also non-toxic and should not wear down. The layer of responsive support coils is made up of individually fabric-encased steel coils that also contribute to its overall durability.

Hybrid Structure

The hybrid structure of the mattress helps to ensure it does not retain heat overnight. The cover is made from a breathable material consisting of Lycra, viscose, and polyester. The material is soft and thin which facilitates maximum airflow through the mattress. It wicks moisture away from the skin and provides a slight cooling effect.

The hybrid structure of their unique Smart Comfort Grid creates air pockets within the mattress which also alleviate heat retention and overheating while asleep.

The Egg Test and Edge Support

Purple 2 MattressMotion isolation is achieved through the Smart Comfort Grid as well. The grid allows stretching in all directions while facilitating isolated movement from possible disturbances. Users report minimal motion transfer that dissipates almost immediately. This is because of how quickly the grid responds to pressure and bounces back from it. They conduct a test with people lying down on an egg to demonstrate this trait.

The new purple mattresses have built-in foam borders to aid in edge support. The added structural stability allows you to utilize more surface area of the bed. Side sleepers will experience some noticeable compression but will not feel as if they are about to slide off the bed.

Similar to the Nectar review, Purple is not specifically designed for heavy people. Instead, it is designed to give comfort and be versatile for all body types. It is also designed to accommodate people who sleep in any position. Purple is advertised as the world’s first no pressure mattress and it does not disappoint.

Available in sizes twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Works well for people who sleep in any position
  • Keeps you cool when you sleep
  • Excellent for couples in different weight categories
  • Has some bounce while still being supportive
  • No weight limit
  • Not the best edge support
  • It is heavy, making it hard to move around
  • A bit smaller than other mattresses so it may not be suitable for extra tall people

Where to Buy

In the past, people would go to a store and try out different mattresses. If none would suit, then you might just resort to making a soft mattress firmer. But, those days are slowly fading. Instead, online retailers dedicated to one particular brand are gaining in popularity. You can have a mattress delivered straight to your door free of charge. This makes deciding which mattress is best for you a bit more difficult. However, this has also brought about innovative mattresses designed specifically to suit the needs of those that are more weighty.

There are many available on the market today. Comparing the best mattresses for heavy people will allow you to decide which mattress best suits your own specific needs. Hopefully, our reviews will make deciding a bit easier and more fun. Let’s take a look!

Guide to Making the Best Decision

The mattress industry and marketplace are rapidly changing for the better. Buying a mattress is easier than it ever has been, as long as you have the right information. Each individual has particular needs when it comes to sleeping in comfort, depending on the position they sleep in and the firmness they desire. For couples, this can make compromising or finding something that suits both of them extra difficult.

First, you want to determine exactly what your needs are. A good place to start is by focusing on what position you sleep in. If you sleep on your side, you most likely will require a softer mattress that will not create too much pressure on your shoulders or hips. If you sleep on your back or stomach you will most likely prefer a firmer mattress so your spine can rest and realign to its natural shape without experiencing pressure through the night.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the other things heavier people need to consider when shopping for a new mattress.

What to Look for:

Once you determine which side you prefer to sleep on, there are several other factors to consider.

inadequate mattress support for heavy people


Those who are more weighty require additional of this in a mattress to accommodate their weight. If it is inadequate, you may find yourself sleeping in a scrunched position which can cause discomfort and pain in the morning. You may also discover that over time, you find yourself sinking into the center of the mattress. The trick is to balance the level of support with your own personal comfort level. This is more difficult for side sleepers who put a lot of pressure on small concentrated areas while they sleep.


This is extremely important for those that are more weighty because the added weight speeds up the degradation of the mattress. Over time, the weight will break down the materials faster. Mattresses are expensive and you spend a lot of time in bed. So, choosing a mattress that will withstand the pressure for a significant amount of time only makes sense. Fortunately, many of the mattresses available today come with 10-year, 20-year, or even lifetime warranties guaranteeing their durability.

Heat Retention

The bigger you are; the more heat you produce. It’s that simple. That’s why there is no surprise larger people value a mattress with temperature control. Ample airflow and a cooling effect are important and these days, very attainable. Hybrid mattresses, new innovative latex memory foams, and new mattress technology are allowing people to sleep feeling cooler. These also allow them to sleep more comfortably than ever before and there is no need to wake up sweaty anymore.

Edge Support

This is important for all mattresses because it determines the amount of usable surface area. However, it is particularly important for heavier people who experience more compression from lying near or sitting on the edge. Couples add another level of importance to this because they are sharing the space. The edge support needs to be sturdy enough that you do not feel like you are going to slide off the bed. You want to feel comfortably safe and secure without too much compression to maximize enjoyment and usability.

Motion Isolation

This is important for those that are weighty as well, especially for couples or people who sleep with their pets in bed. No one likes to be woken up during the night because you or someone else changes position quickly, or gets into or out of the bed. Shock absorption and dissipation are key to ensuring a restful and undisturbed rest throughout the entire night. For heavier people, motion can be exacerbated due to the extra weight when transitioning. Fortunately, most memory foam mattresses today do an excellent job of almost eliminating motion transfer.

Weight Limit

Depending on how heavy you are, the weight limit should be strongly considered. Heavy couples should pay special attention to this. New companies are designing mattresses that specifically take this into consideration. More and more mattresses are being made that can consistently accommodate a lot of weight. It is best not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit because this will decrease the bed’s durability, causing it to wear down and be unusable faster than anticipated.

Conclusion – The Best Mattress For Heavy People Is:

The WinkBeds Plus. This top choice is the clear winner of our reviews of the best mattress for heavy people on the market today. After comparing it to the competition, it outranked Big Fig, Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series, Nectar, and the New Purple 2. These competitors ranked very high in our reviews and may still be the best option for some people based on their particular needs.

However, overall WinkBeds Plus is the best and surpassed the rest. Here is a quick reminder why:

WinkBeds Plus is specifically designed for heavier people who weigh 300 pounds or more and it hits all of our targets.

Factors Considered Why WinkBeds is the Top Choice:

  • The Plus offers superior decompression support for your spine through a three-point system that includes anti-sagging foam, individually wrapped coils, and a layer of added padding for lumbar support.
  • The patented Dura-Tech durability system is proven to last and has a 20-year warranty.
  • Heat retention is not an issue with the Plus. Special materials and ventilation from individually wrapped coils and open-celled latex ensure temperature control throughout the night. For people who sleep extra hot an additional coolControl base is available for purchase, most find they do not need it though.
  • The ExtraEdge anti-sag support allows you to maximize surface area on the bed and utilize the entire space.
  • Motion isolation is prevented through a gel layer wrapping the coils which absorb shock.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit is 500 pounds.

WinkBeds offers a superior mattress with the Plus. In our review, it surpasses the competition and it gives the best value for consumers who require extra support while sleeping. With a 120-night free in-home trial, you have nothing to lose. We highly recommend the Plus for heavier people who are looking for comfort and restful, pain-free sleep. Essential oils can also assist you in a having a good night’s sleep. Choose from our review of the best essential oils for a soothing slumber.

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