Best Bed Frame Brackets 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Setting up your bedroom to a rich taste requires you getting the best kind of bedding materials of which the bed frame is essential. Do understand that Bed frames guarantees you stability and enhances comfort. A typical bed frame must be sturdy, durable, and easy to install. They consist of parts such as Headboard, footboard, and rails.

However, constructing or setting up the above frame components require the use of Bed frame brackets. The brackets act as joints or joists for holding frame pieces together, and they give your bed frame a strong foot-hold.

Now, this post itemizes some of the best selling bed frame brackets you can find in the market today. It includes quality reviews and things to consider before making your final choice.

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9 Best Bed Frame Brackets Reviews On The Market

1. Zinus Headboard Bracket – Best Headboard Bracket with Multiple Slots

The Zinus Headboard Bracket from the Zinus brand is the best kind of bracket for customizing your bed frame’;s durability. It comes with an easy installation feature to join the parts of a bed frame effectively. The bed frame bracket comes out of the box with size dimensions around 5 x 5 x 10 inches and weighs 2.38 pounds.

best bed frame brackets

Moreover, the brackets come as a set of two which is essential for attaching both the Headboard and Footboard frame parts. Also, it features a steel material construction which gives a durable and reliable feel. The bracket features a multiple slot system for a different mode of attachments. However, the Zinus Headboard Bracket can only be found compactible with 14-inches smart Base Bed frames. It comes with a 1-year warranty for lasting assurance.

  • It is highly durable due to heavy-duty steel construction.
  • The bracket is compatible with 14-inch smart Base Bed frames.
  • It allows for multiple adjustments.
  • It fully supports both headboard and footboards.
  • Zinus Headboard Bracket does not support 16 or 18-inches bed frames.


If you are looking for a bed frame bracket that can be used with legs having about 14-inch length and can also function as legs? This Zinus Headboard Bracket with smart base can be a great choice.

2. Ronin Factory Hook On Bed Frame Brackets best brackets with hook-on to bolt conversion

The Ronin Factory Headboard bracket lays more emphasis on stability and durability. Its use in jostling or joining frame component to headboard or footboard does not come with squeaks or wobbles. The product features a thickened steel material construction, which makes it heavy-duty and improves its stability.

bed frame bracket reviews

A set of 2 brackets having size dimensions around 8 L x 2.2 W x 1.0D inches and weighs 15.2 ounces are included. It relies on a hook and claw style means of attachment, which is easy to assemble. This means the bracket comes with attachment feature which helps in placing the hook part over a part of the frame while the other end is bolted.This means of attachment makes it possible to attach older headboard to latest bed frames in the market today. It is being backed up by a 90-day warranty.

  • The product comes with a pro-longed 90 days warranty.
  • It features heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Ronin Factory Headboard bracket highly stable.
  • It features an easy assembly system.
  • It works with old head or footboard to the latest bed frames.
  • It is not effective with full-sized frames.


If you are looking for a perfect way to attach your old headboard to a new metal frame, Ronin Factory Headboard bracket can be a perfect choice. With the arrangement of the claw and hook, can carry the weight of your headboard and offer more stability.

3. Kings Brand Bed Frame Footboard Brackets Best Brackets For Footboard

The Kings Brand Bed Frame Footboard brackets is a firm type of footboard extension brackets compatible with Twin, full, queen or King-sized bed. It appears like a set of rails that support a bolt-on style footboard allowing for a faster and a secure means of connection to the headboards only.

bed frame brackets

It features heavy-duty steel construction. Also, the Kings Brand Bed Frame Footboard brackets come with size dimensions around 16 x 2 W x 4H inches and weigh 2.36 pounds. It is constructed out of steel material with a black finish for a stylish look. A set of two brackets with extra hardware components are included in the package. The brackets are being backed up by a lifetime warranty.

  • It has heavy-duty support.
  • It comes with the ability to withstand heavyweight.
  • It is well coated to give it a stylish look.
  • It can work perfectly for bolt-on footboards.
  • Some customers complained of the presence of incorrect pieces in the package.


If you are looking to add a footboard to a bed frame without bracket, this is the perfect choice as this product comes with extension rails that would work with a bolt-on style footboard. It can convert your bed into a king-sized, full-sized, twin, or queen-sized bed. The lifetime warranty also makes it a good buy.

4. Bed Claw Hook Plates Best Durable Bed Frame Brackets

The Bed Claw Hook plates is an American branded product that is intended to work as a replacement for damaged hook plates on the bed frame. The Hook plates come with size dimensions of 3.4 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches and weigh 2.4 ounces. It features holes of 11/32-inch diameter and 2 inches separated from each other. The Bed Claw Hook plates are a heavy-duty material as they are made up of 13 Gauge steel. For top-notch durability and long-lasting effect, the plates have Nickel plating for resistance to corroding elements.

metal bed frame brackets

This package comes as a set of four along with eight sets of mounting pins. It is quite universal as it doesn’;t only fit to bed frames but also compatible with other furniture. Any hook plates can be fitted into any wooden rails, and they work well with rails, headboards, and footboards. The product also comes with an unlimited warranty.

  • Bed Claw Hook plates are quite versatile has it fits most American beds.
  • It has a heavy-duty steel construction material.
  • The product features Nickel plating for corrosion resistance.
  • It is highly durable and can last for a long while.
  • It comes with an unlimited warranty.
  • Some customers found some of the Hook plates bent.


If your hook plates are damaged or you have some old furniture that needs to be restored, the Bed Claw Hook plates are an ideal choice. Instead of throwing those old treasures away, they can help you restore them for reuse.

5. Richohome Heavy Non-Mortis Fittings Brackets Best Brackets for Universal Use

Richohome Heavy non-Mortis fittings brackets come as a 4 set of durable brackets (two for headboard and other two for footboard) which serve as the best fit for rail fittings. It is made out of a galvanized, heavy-duty 12-gauge steel material which confers on it a level of durability. Taking a look at the brackets, you did observe them comprising of two by the side while the other end is fitted with bolts.

bed frame brackets for wood beds

Moreover, each bracket has a size dimension of around 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.9 inches and weighs 1.05 pounds. It comes with a universal design as it can be used with varying kind of furniture. It is Non-mortise, which allows for a quick fit into the headboard and footboard. It also features a quick assembly and can be dissembled for smooth shifting. They are quite tough and can withstand a massive amount of load without reaching a breaking point. The Richohome Heavy non-Mortis fittings bracket comes with a lifetime warranty assurance.

  • It comes with a galvanized steel construction which renders it durable.
  • Richohome Heavy non-Mortis fittings brackets is quite versatile in usage.
  • It allows for quick fixing without knocking out any niches from head or footboard.
  • It has a lifetime product warranty.
  • The brackets may not be reliable for holding headboards.


Do you need a bracket that can be used with anything from your bed rails, and footboards to bed frames, headboards, and sofa? Richohome Heavy non-Mortis fittings brackets may be able to fill the gap because they are application universal.

6. Elegant Upholstery Frame Bed double Hook brackets Best Lightweight Frame Brackets

Elegant Upholstery details products such as hook plates and brackets. The Elegant Upholstery Frame Bed double hook brackets come as a set of 4 brackets. Two are compatible with the headboard and the other two with the footboard. They can also be used on rails which have double hooks and two spacing. It comes with a general size dimension around 5 x 3 x 2 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds. On the brackets are found three holes with a diameter of 0.25-inches and two holes diameter of 0.312-inches which allows it to fit hooks of varying sizes.

hook on bed frame brackets

The product is constructed out of a durable 12 gauge steel material which has a 1-inch thickness. The steel material is plated with a brown primer to prevent surface corrosion and always an excellent bonding surface for paints. They are double hook slot bed frame plates and can either be mounted on a surface or flushed on a bedpost. The Elegant Upholstery Double Bed Hook brackets are insured by one year warranty.

  • It has a polished finish.
  • The presence of a primer allows paints to stick once done.
  • It comes with varying options of holes for effective fittings.
  • Heavy steel construction confers durability.
  • It is lightweight but can accommodate the heavy load.
  • The bracket does not have wide opening angle.
  • If it’;s not fitted properly, it can damage the rails.


If you are looking for a bed frame bracket that is lightweight, durable and at the same time fits hook of various sizes, this product can bridge the gap.

7. Bed Claw Headboard/Footboard Attachment Brackets Best Versatile Bed Frame Brackets

This peculiar Bed claw attachment bracket is the best fit for use with either a headboard or footboard. It features some brilliant characteristics of color and luster as it is made up of premium high-quality materials. At the same time, the bracket confers the necessary stability needed on a bed frame. This typical steel bracket is constructed out of steel material construction which is quite resistant to scratches. They are suited for bed frame attached to a bolt-on style of Headboard or footboard. It comes out of the box with size dimensions around 4.6 x 3.9 x 3.2 inches and weighs 1.15 pounds.

bed frame headboard bracket

Additionally, the product consists of four wide pre-drilled holes which allow for ease in adjustments and assembling. It can be slotted on both sides. Also, it comes with extra accessories such as 4 Hex nuts and four interlocking Tensi Nuts for attachment. The Bed claw attachment bracket offers a lifetime warranty.

  • They consist of more amounts of holes for fittings.
  • Bed claw attachment bracket is versatile for a wide range of furniture.
  • They are durable and also stable when you install them.
  • It is not compatible for use with the 18-inch bed.


This Bed Claw Bracket is perfect for beds of all kinds. With this product, you can repair and restore your old furniture to save some money.

8. Kilofly Wooden Bed Frame Brackets Best Brackets for Wooden Bed Frame

The Kilofly bed frame brackets come as the best fit for wooden bed frames. It comes out of the box has a set of 4 hook plates with excellent load-bearing ability.The product comes with size dimensions around 5.5 x 3.9 x 0.1 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces.Ten premium pins are included, and these are highly resistant to wears. Also, the mounting pins come at a diameter of 0.34325-inches.

bed frame with headboard and footboard brackets

The set is made up of a heavy-duty 13-gauge steel design that allows them to fit into most American Home-made beds. The steel material can resist corrosion, thanks to the presence of a galvanized zinc coating. Once bought, the brackets allow for quick and easy installation and at the same time can fit into rails. It is highly suited for bed frames requiring hook plates and can be used in the replacement of damaged ones.

  • It comes with quality steel.
  • The 13-gauge steel allows it to withstand heavy load.
  • It has a hook and Peg design that is versatile.
  • Presence of Zinc coating protects the hook plates from corrosion.
  • It features quick and easy installation.
  • It does not give space for recess.
  • It does not support bed frame rails, just the Headboard, and footboard.


If you are looking for the best bed frame bracket with a streamlined and simple design that works perfectly with most beds, the Kilofly bed frame brackets is a good choice. They are easy to install and serves as a good replacement for damaged hooks.

9. Zinus Headboard Bracket with premium Smartbase Best for Any Bed Frame

The Zinus Headboard Bracket allows for a reliable and enhancing customization of your bed frames to a smart base. It comes out of the box with size dimensions around 5 x 5 x 14 inches and weighs 4.0 pounds. Moreover, the brackets come as a set of two for attaching both the Footboard and Headboard.

bed frame brackets for headboard

It features a steel material construction which provides firm support and enhancing durability. The Brackets also features multiple slot system for a different mode of attachments. The numerous slot system enables adjustable sizing. Furthermore, this Zinus model is found compatible for use with an 18-inch premium smart Base relative to their unique height and weight support. It comes with a one year warranty for lasting assurance.

  • It has heavy-duty metal construction for firm support.
  • The product is compatible with 18-inch premium smart base.
  • It allows for different forms of adjustment.
  • It is quite heavy for a bracket.


Are you looking for a bed frame bracket that can be used with legs with higher lengths and can also function as legs? The 18-inch premium Zinus Headboard Bracket with smart base can be your best bet.

Different Types of Bed Frame Brackets

Several types of bed frame brackets which help you to connect the side rails, and the foot and headboards are available in the market.  They come in different sizes so they can accommodate any leg length and rail thickness. Basically, these brackets are constructed with steel. Some may be plated with zinc, while others may not. Also, the bed frame brackets don’;t require tenon and mortise joints. All that you need is to screw the plates into the foot or headboard, and rail. The different types of bed frame brackets available are:

12 1

  • 90-degree bed corner brackets

These types of brackets use a strike plate and a hook plate to connect the corners. With these brackets, you can easily disassemble and transport your bed.

  • Bed corner brackets featuring bolt for 90-degree connection

These bracket types come with corner bolts and metal plates. They also have hook brackets which engage and hold the corner bolts in a secure position. Often, a set of this bracket type comes with four pegged metal plates having corner bolts, and two right and two left hook brackets.

  • Keyhole 90-degree connection angle bed frame brackets

this bracket types usually come in sets of four. You can install these brackets by using screws. The bolt enters the keyhole on the other plate and grips it, ensuring that it is secured in the right and fixed position. You can easily use the bracket on the left and right side by flipping it.

  • 90-degree bed corner connecting brackets featuring dual hooking system

They are a pair of brackets that comes with a curved L-shape. These brackets hook into one another after which you will screw them into position. They work well for narrower legs and rails. This is because of its compact design.

  • Bed-loc brackets for corners

These are solid fixing system types of bracket. Like other types, you can screw them in the corner. Usually, a set comes with four angles having Allen key, wood screws, bolts, and threaded bushings.

Things to Look For in a Bed Frame Bracket

There are tons of bed frame brackets and selecting the best one for you might be overwhelming. In a bid to help you make a perfect decision below are some factors you need to consider while on your purchase journey.

11 2

  • Construction material

This is very important because the material used in the construction will determine their durability and longevity. Bed frame brackets constructed with high-quality steel are the best way to go.

  • Bed frame or rails height

The rails of a bed are different from the frames. For bed frames, you don’;t need the foot and headboard to support the mattress and box spring because they are stand-alone structures. When you connect the frame completely, the structure gets extra support from the slats or beam across the frame. On the other hand, bed rails are parallel, and they do not depend on each other. However, you can connect rails parallel to each other at the center using another rail. The size of the bed determines if or not the central have support, and the height of th`qe bed determines the joints between the footboard, headboard, and rails. Usually, most beds come with a standard height between 18-inches to 36-inches.

  • Height, breadth, and length of the bed’;s legs –

The bed frame bracket dimensions you need will be determined by the dimension of the legs of your bed. Remember that when you are fixing the bracket in the corner, you will need enough space for a perfect installation.

  • Versatility and easy fitting

No doubt, the frame of a bed can either be wooden or metal. So, to be on the safer side, you should go for the best frame brackets that are compatible with both metal and wooden frames. Also, make sure your choice of brackets is not complex but easy to attach to your bed.

  • Rails thickness

Considering how thick the rails are will help you make the perfect choice of bed frame bracket for you. If the headboard and rails of your bed are slim, you will need a bracket that fits the dimension of the corner and makes a sturdy joint. However, if they are thick and large, you will need sturdier, larger brackets. Also, thicker bed frame brackets are required if you have a bed with broad side-rails or upholstered bed.

  • Easy assembling and disassembling

If you are someone who moves frequently, this factor is worth considering. Go for a bed frame bracket that is easy to put together and put apart. With bed brackets like these, the tools you will require for assembling and disassembling are simple. Some don’;t even need any tool to install or uninstall them.

FAQ About Bed Frame Brackets

  • How can a headboard be installed using the bed frame brackets?

Hook-on and bolt-on are the two common types of headboards. You must ensure your headboard style matches the bed frame bracket style you go for. To attach a bolt-on headboard to your bed, follow the steps below.

  • Ensure your headboard comes with all part needed for successful installation and also fit the bed frame perfectly.
  • Keep the headboard away from the wall to prevent damage and create room to work
  • Put the headboard against the bed frame and align its screw holes with the frame bracket’;s slots
  • Insert the bolt in a washer and put it into the hole at the headboard leg through a slot in the bracket.
  • Screw a nut on the bolt but not tightly
  • Repeat step three, four, and five for the other side
  • Ensure the headboard is centered and in the right place, then use pliers to tighten all bolts and keep it secure.

  • For hook-on headboards:

  • Align the hooks in the bed frame bracket with the slot in the legs
  • Start with one side of the bed frame by inserting on end of the hooks into the leg slots
  • Repeat step two for the other side
  • Ensure all the hooks are connected and then lock the brackets into place by pushing down on the rails of the bed frame firmly.

  • What should I do if my bracket-style does not match my headboard style?

You don’;t have to throw them away. You can get your dream headboard installed by adapting the bed frame bracket to what you want. There are additional parts which help for easy modification.

  • How can I attach the footboard to my bed using the bed frame brackets?

You can follow the same steps as the installation of the headboard. But take note that there are some frames that don’;t come with brackets. So, if you have this type of bed frames, you will need to buy a footboard bracket from one of the high quality bed frame brackets in the market.


Whether you want to attach the footboard or headboard to your bed, you need to use the best bed frame brackets for the best result. With the review of the best brackets provided above, I believe you won’;t find it hard to get the best one for you. No matter what your choice may be, remember to always weigh your options by considering the different factors that can contribute to a perfect purchase.

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