Best Leather Bed Frame to Buy in 2022

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The leather bed frames pertain to a broad array of products that are primarily built to provide the much needed support for users and beddings. In addition to this, there are a few bed frames that are especially made to provide support to the bedding foundations; however, most of them are built using metal or wooden slats that could only hold the bed itself.

It is essential to note that many leather bed frames sold at present are constructed using a combo of metal and wooden materials, and there are also some that were manufactured and upholstered using top quality fabrics or foam material. Do you have plans of purchasing a bed frame but do not have any idea regarding the most appropriate option for your needs?

Then, worry no more. This post will tackle different leather bed frames for you to explore. You can also go over the special features and shopping guides if it is your first time to buy one. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each product, you can narrow down your choices and avoid getting the faulty one.

Top 10 Best Leather Bed Frame Reviews

1. Zinus Cherie Faux Leather Classic Platform Bed Frame

As the name implies, it is true to its classy, elegant look. But before the looks, it’;s best to check on the details of the bed frame first. Starting off with the metal frame where it’;s classic black finish is a good partner for different kind of mattresses. However, a lot of reviews said that there’;s a tendency for the mattress to slide so you need something to address that issue. All corners are meticulously finished with screws and bolts around. It will only take 15 45 minutes putting up the bed frame, no complicated instructions.

Best Leather Bed Frame

The headboard denotes its classic contemporary design. Made from faux leather that has padded button tufted at the leather. The sturdy look isn’;t just looks but has proven its claim when it comes to durability. Your back will find its comfort resting on the headboard, you need not extra cushion when reclining. It is also not too tall that you may feel dizzy while looking at it when you’;re lying in bed already.

  • Easy to assemble because of numbered and lettered screws for guidance
  • Grilled platform metal base for great support
  • Great for those with furry babies because of the leather finish
  • Simple design that can easily match any bedroom design
  • The mattress slips because the metal base doesn’;t have a grip support
  • For some, the headboard is short, a 3 inch mattress covers a portion of the headboard
  • Some experienced some squeaky sound


Go for this bed frame if you are looking for just a basic and plain style. The price is cheap so you can base your expectations from there.

2. DHP Emily Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

This is not just your ordinary bed frame. In fact, it’;s one of a kind because of its bentwood slat system. The bent though will never be felt since a mattress will be put on time. Bentwood slat system will allow the air to flow smoothly so bacteria and odor won’;t build up. There are 4 short leg stand supporting the bed too, so it won’;t touch the floor and it will be easy to move the bed frame around. Your mattress can also rest well on top without the discomfort of slipping and sliding.

Leather Bed Frame reviews

DHP Emily Bed frame also knows that matte is the in thing today as many liked this bed frame because of that matte finish. The well tufted headboard adds to the elegant look. The headboard is another one of a kind because of the extra storage built at the sides of the frame. The storage can be used for your sheets and blankets and other things.

  • Durable that even if a 200 lb.-man stand on one side, the bed frame will not move an inch
  • Bentwood and grilled slats are guaranteed protection to the structure as well as the one using it
  • Very easy to assemble because of clear instructions
  • Elegant looking because of the earth colored frame
  • Some parts are missing making it difficult to assemble
  • 4 legs are not recommended for wooden floor
  • Slats are flimsy and easily broken


If you’;re looking for functionality, this bed frame deserves to be at your list. You just need to be meticulous in deciding since some of the reviews say it’;s not that durable.

3. AmazonBasics Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

If you prefer a twin platform bed that is stylish yet is not priced expensively, then this is the right match for you. It is easy to assemble which means it does not really require more tools and screws to set it up and it seems to be well-built.

leather bed frame

In the same way, you’;ll love its nice finish; it is not lumpy and feels durable. As a matter of fact, this can handle a very active and energy teenager. The headboard looks great too and it can be a nice gift that you can give to someone special.

However, two of the downsides of this twin bed are its being hefty to carry in and it’;s being prone to slide about when you’;re tossing and turning.

  • This is designed with contemporary and comfortable artificial leather.
  • It is made using durable wood construction.
  • This twin platform bed is built with post-style legs.
  • It is supported by a 1-year limited warranty.
  • This comes with 4-sided framing and rectangular-shaped headboard.
  • This is slightly heavy to carry in.
  • It has the tendency to slide about when you’;re tossing and turning.


Overall, if you’;re looking for a twin platform bed that is quite straightforward to set up and capable of perfectly holding memory mattress, then this is the best bet for you. This does not encourage any squeaking or creaking sounds. It also comes with a stunning headboard and it is not burdensome to clean and maintain. As for the price, this won’;t seriously hurt your pocket.

4. Mecor Faux Leather Bonded Platform Bed Frame

Are you planning to buy a good looking bed that could provide adequate support for your teenager? Then, this may be the right pick that could cater to your requirements and preference. While it is true that it is lightweight, you cannot doubt its sturdiness if used with proper care.

black leather bed frame

But, beware that this can’;t be reliable for adult’;s activities. If you used it for that purpose, stability can be a little questionable in that aspect.

This will make a great option for your rarely used bedroom too. So, in case you have friends who are coming over, this can best accommodate them for a few days stay. The quality is fine and it’;s certainly a nice value for the money.

  • This is pretty easy to assemble and durable.
  • It is lightweight and good for sleeping purposes.
  • This does not require box spring.
  • It is highly recommended for children and teens.
  • This comes with just the right size.


All in all, this product is impressive for its value. Even if you inspect it closely, you’;ll see its decent quality. And, the best of all, this comes with an affordable price tag. It sits low to the ground; hence your most cherished pet can enjoy it too. As for its assembly, you can set it up in less than an hour without the need to use a plenty of tools and screws. For a fact, the installation procedure is just a one-man job.

5. Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

It is natural for us to opt for a platform bed that comes with a luxurious look that makes an appealing addition to any bedroom. But, it is also crucial to consider other vital factors such as comfort, stability and durability. Luckily, this bed comes in great shape and it can guarantee no disturbing movement while in use.

faux leather upholstered bed frame

Moreover, it is not that intricate to put together and the headboard can even be utilized as a mini storage. And, most importantly, it does not have sharp edges that could be potentially dangerous to users. The slats seem heavier than expected and its leather material is of top quality that makes it look authentic.

However, if you prefer a bed that sits low on the ground, then this is not the right choice for you. And, it seems to be smaller for couples to share or use together.

  • The metal frame is heavy.
  • Instructions are designed to make assembly a cinch.
  • It comes with a fancy look.
  • This is especially designed with durable wood slat support.
  • It is neatly packaged.
  • This is not ideal option for couples.
  • It’s a lot higher off the ground.


In a nutshell, this is a stunning looking piece that is not complicated to set up. It seems sturdy enough particularly the bed frame. Thus, you can be at peace of the fact that you won’;t encounter any squeaking or cracking sounds and lots of movement due to instability. When it comes to comfort, durability and luxurious look, this appears to be unmatched.

6. DHP 4156029 Janford Upholstered Bed with Chic Design

This bed is specifically constructed using durable metal and wood frame that also comes with center legs to provide more additional support. It can be put together without any struggle and it looks fantastic as well. It is capable of holding by up to 500 pounds and that alone is already a clear proof of how stable it is.

black leather queen bed frame

Besides the fact that it does not wobble, this bed also comes with contemporary design that looks more costly that it actually is. You will love its headboard that is particularly designed to guarantee more back support and much needed comfort. Its artificial leather material looks genuine too.

For all that, this bed comes with a frame that seems to be awkwardly wide that enables improper fit. And, it especially calls for a solid base or box springs for it to work accordingly.

  • This bed is capable of sitting perfectly.
  • Headboard is primarily built to offer more comfort and back support.
  • It is built with durable wood as well as metal frame.
  • This is smooth sailing to put together.
  • It is available in black or grey linen artificial leather.
  • It especially requires solid foundation.
  • The frame is appears too wide.


Right to it, if you want a high quality bed frame but do not want to break the bank, then this product is worth-considering. It is not prone to shifting or moving and it comes with elegant design that could be a nice addition to your dull-looking bedroom. This works best in providing the comfort, modern style and exceptional back support that you have long been searching for.

7. Boyd Sleep ERFAUNAWQN Flex Form Montana White Bed Frame

Would you like to invest in a bed frame that looks appealing, capable of fitting to an adjustable bed inside the frame and is a child’;s play to put together? Then, this bed frame seems to have all the features that you’;re eyeing to purchase.

white leather bed frame

While many claim that this is not the most durable bed frame available, it can still manage what it was designed to do provided that you use it with utmost care. Should you encounter some issues with regards to the product you have purchased, you can rely on its very friendly customer service.

Regardless, a few of the minus points that come with this bed frame are the support bars that seem not durably built. So, this must not be used by an overweight individual. And for that, this does not consider it to be one of the sturdiest bed frames sold on the market nowadays.

  • It already includes all necessary assembly tools.
  • This is made using sterling materials and good texture.
  • It can match the color scheme in a bedroom.
  • This can be assembled in less than an hour.
  • The manufacturer can guarantee friendly customer service.
  • The support bars are slightly skeptical.
  • It cannot be regarded as the most durable bed frame.


Laid on the line, this makes a great option for anyone searching for quality point and decent price. Its ease of assembly, fancy look and well-built construction are what make it more prominent among other available options out there. This is highly recommended for those looking for a bed where they can comfortably rest and enjoy a soothing sleep.

8. Baxton Studio Vivaldi Modern and Contemporary Bed Frame

This bed frame can be highly recommended to a friend. It is well-made, comes with modernized design and seems reliable to use. But, if you prefer a little higher bed frame, then you may search for other available choices. This is ideal for those who like low bed frame that allows easy movement in going up and down the bed especially for those suffering from arthritis and other related conditions.

modern leather bed frame

This will work best in small bedrooms and it can also help make the bedroom look cozier and a relaxing place to rest and sleep.

Not withstanding, the artificial leather comes with slightly irking noise. And, you need to inspect the pre-installed brackets, side rails; footboard and headboard because these are untightened.

  • This is suitable to standard queen size bedding.
  • It comes with an impressive contemporary headboard.
  • This is fully upholstered using top quality artificial leather.
  • It can promise timely shipment.
  • This is practical to use for small bedrooms.
  • The faux leather comes with unpleasant odor.
  • The pre-installed brackets seem untightened.


To conclude, this bed frame was comparatively less complex to assemble even for beginners. It comes with exquisite style and is also well-padded. It is a good option for those with limited budget and for those who opt for modern design. To ensure durability, this was built with sprung wooden slatted foundation that comes with support rail in the middle. See to it to tighten the side rails, brackets, footboard and headboard that were pre-installed to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

9. Modway Linnea Upholstered Black Faux Leather Platform Bed

Do you want a bed frame that is not as high off the ground as you would have hoped? This product is a great deal and with the right bedding, it will surely satisfy your requirements. It actually looks a lot better as compared to the product’;s picture. This is sturdy enough to provide support and ensure a soothing sleep whenever you most need it.

faux leather bed frame

Howbeit, the assembly process for this bed frame is really a struggle and this is perhaps because of the complex instructions that do not clearly indicate the right tools and methods to execute. And, the fabric seems to be made of cheap quality as it easily gets damaged.

  • This is well-constructed and makes use of premium quality materials.
  • It is designed with very reliable wood slat support.
  • This can be used for a long period of time.
  • The material is quite soft and come with nice look.
  • The height is just right for children.
  • It can be a pain in the neck to assemble.
  • The fabric is susceptible to getting torn easily.


Ultimately, this won’;t waste any single cent spent for it. This would be a great choice provided that you have paired it with the right mattress. It is essential to devote some time in setting this up to make sure that it won’;t cause any issues in the long run. This is a durable bed frame that you can count on, and it is not as high off the ground that makes it an ideal option if you have children or teens to use it.

10. US Pride Furniture Dona Faux Leather Modern Bed

If you wish to compliment your bedroom with an elegant and expensive-looking décor, then this bed frame can help you achieve that. Its modern and sophisticated designs are what make it a standout among other choices available these days. Once assembled properly, it can offer you the maximum comfort that you specifically require after a very long and exhausting day.

faux leather double bed frame

Unlike other bed frames, this does not call for a huge space. It is certified designed to last and is also upholstered in premium quality artificial leather material that comes with exquisite look.

Nevertheless, this bed frame is difficult to assemble and may require a professional one to execute the job. Aside from this, the padding seems to be made of cheap quality making it not longer-lasting.

  • This modern bed is crafted to last long.
  • It is designed with curved rails and durable frame.
  • This is an ideal option for an elegant finish.
  • It does not take up huge amount of space.
  • This is deemed as a practical bedroom addition.
  • This may necessitate professional assembly.
  • The padding does not seem to last long.


To sum things up, this bed frame is crafted with comfortable dimensions, it is an extraordinary addition to any bedroom, it is specifically constructed to last and this will surely be a smart purchase that you can consider for you or your loved ones. Not to mention, it is delighting to know that this is the right pick for superb quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Things to Consider when Buying a Leather Bed Frame

The best quality leather bed frame does not only refer to the place where your bedding will be positioned. For a fact, a chic bed frame can serve as the focus of your bedroom adornment and this could also add some necessary storage space where some valuables can be securely kept.

11 4

Below are some of the vital considerations that you need to ponder on before making the final purchasing decision for a bed frame:

  • Will you buy genuine leather or opt for artificial leather?

As you might already know, faux leather made these days look like authentic leather and you cannot question their aesthetic side but these are not usually that durable as compared to the original ones so they are not meant to last. Anyhow, these do not come with costly price tags. On the other hand, genuine leather is not only elegant in the outside. They are also very durable and can withstand the test of time. Aside from this, they are also capable of providing the much required comfort you could ever ask for. But, these are quiet expensive.

  • The size of your mattress

Picking a bed frame is a piece of cake once you already have your preferred bedding. For example, if you bought full-size bedding; you will need to get a double bed frame. Meanwhile, you need to buy a queen size bed frame if you have a queen size bedding. Take in mind that if you are purchasing the entire bed set from scratch, then it matters to be well aware of the spare space you still have for a bed. Of course, you also need to think about what type of bed will be capable of offering you the most comfort.

  • Height and weight of the bed

Once you know these dimensions, it won’;t be that difficult for you to decide whether the bed frame you are considering to buy can best match the space where it will be positioned in your bedroom. Buy a small and lightweight bed frame if you have limited space and only you or another person will use it; purchase a big and a little heavy bed frame if you have more spared space in the bedroom or if many people will use it. In so doing, there is no need for you to disassemble and reassemble bigger beds just to get them through the door of your current bedroom.

  • Does the bed frame match the decoration style of your bedroom?

Of course, it is important to consider if the bed frame can be a great addition in your bedroom. Check if it can complement the paint color, other furniture and adornments in your bedroom. Once you have pointed out what styles may fit in your bedroom, it will be a lot easier for you to pick the one that best matches the current embellishment you have in your bedroom. With lots of available models to select from, you can certainly find the right match.

  • Do you prefer something that does not take up huge amount of space?

There are bed frame models that come with space-saving features; others come with extra storage space and the like. There are those who come in modern design while there are others that are designed for minimalists.

Different Styles of Leather Bed Frame

There are distinct styles for you to choose from when it comes to leather bed frames. Some of them are not just for aesthetic looks; some are made to serve a number of different purposes, while others are made of distinct materials.  Here are the different leather bed frame styles that you can check out so you can easily pick the right match that perfectly suits your needs and style:

12 3

  • Panel:

This is nearly identical to platform beds. The only distinction is that it comes with side rails for bedding and it especially requires the use of box spring. As for its footboard and headboard, this style is designed with lanky wood panels.

  • Sleigh:

Obviously, the name was derived from the fact that it looks precisely like a sleigh that typically comes with curved headboards and footboards that are manufactured using high quality wood, aluminum, iron or steel.

  • Ottoman:

This style is manufactured using various kinds of materials like leather. It is capable of offering more storage or space as compared to other leather bed frame styles available on the market nowadays. Interestingly, what sets it apart from other options is that it is constructed with hydraulics that enable adequate amount of space below it. This is indeed a practical choice because it is multifunctional.

  • Platform bed:

This is built having rows of wooden slats and lattice structure that are especially intended to provide support to the bedding. Many homeowners pick this leather bed frame style because it allows better air circulation and helps ward off the accumulation of mold and mildew. As you can see, aside from its durability, it is also very favorable when it comes to human health.

  • Canopy:

This is commonly manufactured with metal or wood. Canopy leather bed frames are generally built from a combo of superb quality wood and metal and then these are fully covered using leather material. Many consumers prefer this style because they are fashionably designed and look more lavish in style than other bed frame styles. Typically, they come with wood posts that are responsible for linking to the footboard and headboard.

  • Storage beds:

These are mostly wrapped with artificial or authentic leather. They look identical with ottoman beds mainly because they are adept at offering sufficient amount of space where you can conveniently store your valuables. Be that as it may, these are more likely to have more considerable storage alternatives because they are made with big drawers situated on each side. Hence, if you have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored properly and you need to organize some of your personal belongings, these make a great solution for your needs.

  • Divan:

This is the right pick if you opt for a bed frame that comes with space-saving feature. It is usually designed with built-in drawers that serve as very practical storage space for some valuable stuff. Thus, even if you have a small bedroom, this won’;t consume more space. So, if you live in a limited space like a dorm, this is highly practical to consider.

There you go, you now have several leather bed frame options to look through. Since these are detailed, you have no reason to end up purchasing the wrong style that won’;t meet your standards. See to it to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which one to get for you or your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Bed Frame

  • How to determine if the leather is genuine or artificial?

Genuine leather is more expensive than the faux ones. Besides, artificial leather droops when touched while the genuine one will prune up. Genuine leather smells similar with that of animal skin while the artificial one smells just like plastic.

Also, authentic leather absorbs moisture while artificial leather will simply slide off or dabble on top. Be sure to purchase from legit stores to get genuine leather products.

13 1

  • What’;s the best technique to clean and maintain artificial leather?

It is imperative to execute the vacuuming or cleaning more often, preferably once per week. You may consider using lukewarm water, soft fabric and liquid wash to deal with stains or spills. Do the cleaning gently and avoid anything that could abrade the leather.

But, if you want to ensure that the cleaning solution you’;ll use won’;t damage the material, first try it to the back or bottom of the bed or headboard. The reason for this is because these areas are not seen. So, in case there are possible damages, it won’;t be noticeable.

  • Are leather bed frames supported by warranties?

In general, products that were manufactured by legit and reputable brands support their products with warranties. However, you need to keep in mind that warranties differ and this commonly depends on the brand of your choice.

To check the kind of warranty you can avail of, you can check the product description. But, if it is not indicated there, you can directly ask the manufacturer about it. For refunds, replacement parts and specific period warranty offers to be possible, make sure to only choose legit online shopping sites and highly trusted local furniture stores when shopping.

At times, you can be offered with some special discounts, promos and freebies depending on the amount of purchase you have made.


Remodeling and designing your bedroom does not need to break the bank if you seriously look into the practical and the best leather bed frame buying guides. It is indispensable to have a budget plan prior to starting the process of investing in a bed frame that could complement the current adornment in your bedroom. And, by weighing the pros and cons of the options detailed in this post, you can select the right pieces at a decent cost.

The product reviews featured in this article as well as the discussed factors that need to be taken into account when shopping one are definitely useful guides for you to carefully contemplate on so that you can ensure that you can get the real worth of your hard-earned money.

With sufficient amount of research and being armed with ample insight regarding the best option that best match your needs and bedroom style, you can enjoy the much needed comfort and relaxation you can ever ask for a bed frame. As always, it matters to be well-informed before you take the plunge to avoid spending lavishly in the end.

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