Best Full Size Daybeds With Reviews 2020

Do you love accommodating guests over the weekend for sleepovers? If yes, the next question is “Do you have sufficient bedrooms for them”? In case, you don’t have enough spare rooms, the best solution is to transform the living room at night into a guest bedroom. This is workable with a full size daybed.

Full size daybeds are becoming popular nowadays due to their multi-purposes. They can primarily function during the day as a sitting area for you, family members and guests, then, repurposed at night as the guest’s sleeping bed.

If you are interested in buying a daybed for your living room, I prepared a comprehensive guide for the best full size daybeds which I think will cater to customers with varying lifestyles and living room interiors. This is perfect timing to acquaint yourself with different brands of daybeds being offered in the market. Remember, being well-informed is a step closer to making a wise decision.

Top 10 Best Full Size Daybeds Reviews

1. DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle

This first brand of daybed that I’m going to reveal is truly versatile, the DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle. It’s a perfect match for anyone in search of a furniture piece that has combined functions. The DHP Manila Daybed is my personal top pick because it’s a great masterpiece. The structure design of this daybed allows the user to use it as a living room sofa. Then, the built-in twin-size trundle gives the user the freedom to place a mattress and use it at night as an extra sleeping bed. Let’s get a closer inspection of this daybed’s specs.

The physical built of this daybed depicts durability. The workmanship exhibited all throughout the daybed is outstanding. The trundle boasts of two locking casters for greater stability when transformed into a sleeping bed. Aside from that, this brand of daybed is integrated with a rolling motion system, which eliminates the issue that most convertible beds with trundles have to deal with.

Overall appearance, I must say this brand can fit in any living room space. So, if you want to create a modern or vintage living room, it can blend with any living room theme or existing decoration. As for its size, this daybed is suitable for any house with limited space like a condo, apartment or flat. This daybed eliminates the need to buy a separate sofa because it can function both as a huge sofa during the day and twin-size bed at night.

The daybed load capacity when transformed into twin bed can accommodate both kids and adults living in smaller spaces. Does it require assembly? This brand of daybed has easy assembly requirements. In fact, any adult can set-up this daybed alone without any struggle because tools needed are already included. And, the daybed’s sturdy construction doesn’t need adjustment. Anyone can use the daybed after assembly.

  • The product has only a minimum one-hour assembly, can be done by one person and tools included in the packaging
  • Construction frame of the daybed is solid, made from metal with bronze finish
  • This daybed is classified as a multi-functional furniture piece, a daybed can be used as a sofa for the living room and turned into twin size bed
  • It offers two sleeping beds, the daybed itself for the first person with the rolling trundle accommodating a family member or guest
  • Ideal for any home with limited space (apartment, condo or flat)
  • The metal framework of the daybed is quite heavy, especially if you want to redo the arrangement
  • The rolling trundle that serves as an extra sleeping bed is placed low the floor and elderly may have difficulty getting up

2. Dorel Living Kayden Daybed Solid Wood

The next brand of daybed that captured my attention is the Dorel Living Kayden Daybed made from solid wood. I’m sure this daybed will be a great addition to any household lacking space. Here are some of the best offers of the Dorel Living Kayden Daybed.

This piece of furniture has many uses. It can be any living room’s sitting area while entertaining guests, watching television or lounging. Moreover, it can be placed in any tiny bedroom to accommodate two persons. Or, positioned permanently in a tiny apartment as a daytime sofa for occupants including guests to sit on and convertible into sleeping bed at night time with extra bed.

The aesthetic appearance of this daybed suits any modern or traditional space because it’s constructed from premium solid wood material. Plus, its white finish is adaptable in any room. Whether you prefer it in the living room, bedroom or spare room, simply add-on throws or decorative pillows, this daybed will surely be an attention grabber.

How about its construction? I strongly agree that the design and built of this brand of daybed have less tedious assembly instruction. Any adult individual can quickly comprehend the manufacturer’s assembly guide. With regard to its material composition, this particular brand is solid wood inspired. The main material used for the production is a durable wood frame, with wood slates and fine finish. The wood used is environment friendly and exquisitely designed to last for years.

Value for money, I think it’s decently priced with one-year limited warranty coverage applied on repairs or replacements. So, budget-conscious customers, this is a practical investment as it saves you money from not buying other furniture.

  • The daybed is regarded as a space-saver furniture piece, it occupies less space as the daytime bed serve as a sofa during the day and functional sleeping bed at night
  • It can be decorated with throws and decorative pillows of different sizes to enhance the appearance of the living area or bedroom
  • The manufacturer only requires easy assembly, no need to hire an expert for the daybed’s set-up
  • It has 1-year limited warranty applied on issues such as repair or replacement
  • For a person needs to be patient and may need some DIY knowledge to easily assemble the daybed

3. LikeHome Day bed Full Daybed, White

In case you prefer a trendy daybed my next recommendation to consider is the LikeHome Day Bed Full Daybed. It’s very stylish and would go with any furniture piece or interior. And, here’s more that will convince you to take this brand on your list of prospects.

This daybed has a minimalist design. Simple and elegant craftsmanship is evident all throughout, starting from the material used down to its space-saving construction. The mainframe of the daybed has a metal construction with metal slats for maximum support and stability when in use, either as sofa or bed.

What type of living space can accommodate this daybed? The manufacturer recommends this piece of furniture for any space with restriction of movement such as dormitories, condos including apartments. What about assembly? This brand of daybed only requires minimal assembly time. In fact, you can quickly set up the frame in a few minutes without sweating.

Is it a wise investment? Based on my personal assessment this brand is a money saver for anyone trying to save money. It’s made from metal and we all know that this material is expected to last longer and has minimal maintenance requirement as compared to other materials. And, the daybed’s combined functionality ensures potential buyers of bigger savings because of no need to buy separately the sofa and bed.

  • This daybed showcases minimalist look, suitable for any living space with a modern theme
  • The metal framework with metal slats guarantees maximum support and comfort to the user, regardless the daybed will be used as a sofa or spare sleeping bed at night
  • Manufacturer has easy-to-follow assembly instruction, anyone can set the daybed alone
  • The recommended weight capacity limit of this daybed is only suitable to anyone with a maximum weight of 250 pounds

4. Harper&Bright Designs Wood Daybed

The Harper&Bright Designs Wood Daybed Frame Twin Size with Rails is a perfect furniture piece for any customer that wishes to achieve a vintage look. The design shows a classic beauty with its wood material, entirely different from a metal-framed daybed. And, this daybed comes in two shades, the elegant white or expresso. I’m sure it would impact the ambiance of any living room or bedroom. Here are some of my discoveries after doing a strict inspection on this daybed.

The material used for this daybed is extremely durable, derived from solid wood. The whole daybed frame is constructed from 100% eco-friendly wood with ten slats to complete the base of the bed. And, the wooden slats are designed to fit any type of mattress without the need for box spring.

The assembly required for this daybed is provided in the product’s packaging. The instruction is readable and can be easily followed. In fact, any DIY expert can set-up this daybed quickly by complying strictly with the assembly guide. How much weight can the daybed carry? The daybed can hold and carry one or two persons with a combined weight of approximately 250 pounds. More than this weight capacity will already impede the daybed’s stable frame.

How much space will it occupy? This brand of daybed is another space-saver furniture piece because it has multi-usage. It can be a sofa to sit on during the day, then, converted into a sleeping bed at night to anyone living in a small apartment, condo unit or dorm. Plus, the vacant space underneath the daybed can be used to hide discreetly storage boxes for personal stuff.

  • The daybed has a vintage design, suitable for both modern and traditional living spaces
  • The solid wood frame and wooden slats assure the user that daybed is strong enough to support the weight of 250 pounds
  • The daybed frame height from the floor is 9.6 inches, giving you enough room for storage boxes to be kept underneath
  • The daybed has no provision for extra sleeping bed, so if two persons will have to share it the combined weight should not exceed 250 pounds

5. DHP Victoria Daybed, Full Size Metal Frame

This next brand of daybed I have come across will definitely fit individuals in search of a furniture piece that can function as a living room sofa and extra sleeping bed for guests spending overnight. I’m talking about the DHP Victoria Daybed, Full Size Metal Frame. Let’s go over its features to assess if this daybed matches your lifestyle.

When it comes to fashion, I reckon this is the most stylish daybed I have the opportunity to perform a review. The artistry and workmanship done to this furniture are extraordinary. The daybed’s framework shows architectural expertise. Anyone will be astounded with the brushed metal frame knobs and detailed scrollwork.

The construction of this daybed is sturdy. The bed base frame is reinforced with metal slats. The daybed is supported with legs, so no need to worry about stability when sitting on it or using it as a spare bed at night. It’s proved and tested to hold securely a full-size mattress, regardless it’s a memory foam mattress. Plus, it doesn’t need box springs. Its metal slats are built to support weight up to 400 pounds.

The colors available are bronze, white and silver. So, any prospective buyer can buy a color that will blend with the rest of the room’s interior or existing décor.

  • The design and construction of this daybed showcases architectural beauty, with decorative knobs and scrollwork
  • The daybed is made from top quality brushed metal frame with metals slats on the bed base
  • The manufacturer classifies this daybed as a multi-functional furniture piece (serve as a seating area during the day and extra sleeping bed for guests)
  • The weight capacity of this daybed is up to 400 pounds
  • The product has no provision for rolling trundle

6. Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed, Espresso

Another brand of daybed that can function efficiently as seating and sleeping area is the Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed. This daybed is a good addition to any living space that has a modern or contemporary theme. It’s designed and built allows sitting, lounging or sleeping more comfortable. And, by adding decorative pillows and throws the daybed can be a focal point of any dull room in need of a makeover.

The physical appearance of this daybed has spacious width, wide enough to make room for a full-size mattress. The base of this daybed is supported with metal slats. It has raised design, which means you don’t have to worry about box spring. The daybed has a deep brown espresso finish. This shade can perfectly go with any home interior.

The material used for daybed is quality pine wood with espresso finish. It only requires minimal assembly. You will only need a screwdriver to set it up, no special tools required. The daybed is covered with parts replacement.

The weight capacity of this daybed is two persons with a combined weight not exceeding 225 pounds. More than this weight restriction the integrity of the daybed can be impacted. The daybed is also suitable for taller individuals, approximately 6 feet in height.

  • The daybed is robustly designed and built to accommodate two individuals with weight not exceeding 225 pounds
  • Taller people with 6 feet height can also use this daybed because it has raised design, no need to install box spring
  • The daybed can fit any type of full-sized mattress
  • The manufacturer offers this product with free parts replacement
  • The assembly requirement of this daybed is very easy with the use of a screwdriver, no special tools needed
  • Some complaints are reported about experiencing difficulty in setting up the daybed

7. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed 

For prospective buyers in search of a furniture piece with enough storage space, the Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed is highly recommended. Why? This daybed is built with headboard storage to help declutter the house from toys, books, magazines including personal belongings.

The daybed boasts of having cable management feature, situated on both sides of the daybed’s headboard. As for the drawers, the manufacturer used the European Roller Drawer Glides to ensure they glide smoothly. The bonus part of this daybed is the availability of hidden drawers with maximum space measurement of 76” x 26”.

The construction of this brand of daybed is superiorly durable, with mainframe material originating from solid pine wood. It has also been certified to comply with the global standards the ASTM 1427-07 (meaning the manufacturer observed strict compliance on the performance and quality required for daybeds and bunk beds). Guaranteed safe for everyone, including children as long as no misuse or improper handling of the daybed is applied.

The daybed has slat kit inclusion, making it easier for the user to place a mattress with no need for installation of board or box spring.

  • The daybed has been certified with ASTM 1427-07 (passed the strict regulations mandated on the production of daybeds including bunk beds)
  • This product is built and designed with sturdy performance, evident on its solid pine wood material with a honey finish
  • It has multiple storage solutions for items such as books, children’s toys, magazines, and other small items
  • The physical appearance of this daybed is superb, its 3D construction will make it a masterpiece of any room
  • The item is already shipped fully assembled for customer convenience
  • The daybed may be a bit bulky and fitting it inside with limited space can pose a problem on day-to-day movement

8. REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle

Next on my list of full-size daybeds is the REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed. Let’s go over it and find out if this is the right furniture piece for your home.

First, its compact style construction is specifically made to fit any tight space living environment. It allows the user to have a spacious sitting area while at the same time having the luxury to provide an extra sleeping bed for any guest spending the night.

Second, it has a geometric pattern design. This will appeal to the younger generations that prefer a chic or minimalist look. It’s also ideal for any contemporary themed living space.

Third, the material used is a heavy-duty metal frame with rounded metal slats. Since it’s made from metal, any décor or furniture can be mixed and matched to create a cozy living accommodation.

Fourth, easy to clean and maintain because of its metal framework. The metal itself only requires wiping with a clean, damp cloth to remove stains, dust or dirt. And, metal being a durable element isn’t prone to wear and tear. Owner of this daybed can expect many years of service as long as proper care and usage to its acceptable weight limit is followed.

Fifth, many colors to choose from to suit any customer’s personality or home interior.

  • The daybed has compact built, perfect for homes with limited space and readily usable because no assembly required
  • This product has a multi-purpose, sofa for a daytime sitting area and the provision of rolling trundle allows it to be transformed into two sleeping beds
  • The daybed has metal frame construction, sturdy and stable enough to accommodate two sleepers
  • The geometric pattern style is highly recommended for modern homes trying to achieve the minimalist look
  • Non-inclusion of mattress, you need to buy it separately

9. DHP Sophia Upholstered Queen Size Full Trundle

If you want a highly dependable daybed with no need for additional reinforcement, then, my next recommendation is the DHP Sophia Upholstered Queen Size Full Trundle Daybed. Here are some reasons why you need to consider this brand of daybed. It’s a practical investment. The daybed can function both as a luxurious sofa during the day and sleeping beds for two persons with a combined weight of 400 pounds equivalent to 181 kilos.

As for its physical appearance, this daybed has stylish upholstery. I did find it to be a lavish feature as it can help enhance the overall ambiance of any living room or bedroom. And, its wooden legs with scroll design and the sleighed arms, any onlooker will appreciate the artistic craftsmanship.

Inclusion in the product is one daybed and one trundle. The backless design makes it a comfortable sleeping bed with a rolling trundle to accommodate additional sleepers.

The weight limitation of this daybed is only 400 pounds. The provided rolling trundle can hold at least a weight capacity of 225 pounds. This is a plus point for anyone trying to save money because of no need to buy an additional spare bed to accommodate overnight guests.

This item is shipped in two boxes and can be assembled quickly. The measurement of mattresses needed for the daybed and rolling trundle is one queen size mattress and one full size mattress.

  • Elegantly designed with luxurious upholstery material fit for any living room or bedroom
  • The product is fully functional as a daytime family sofa and sleeping bed with trundle to accommodate guest
  • The metal frame of the daybed with metal slats offers stable support, the daybed weight capacity is 400 pounds and trundle weight limits to 225 pounds
  • Mattresses are not included in the purchase

10. South Shore Tiara Kids Twin Daybed

The last brand of daybed I’m going to disclose really deserves to be on my list of top-performing daybeds available in the market, the South Shore Tiara Kids Twin Daybed. Let’s take a look at what this brand has to offer?

Designed to resolve the additional sleeping accommodation that every household with children needs. And, with the provision of storage drawers, keeping a house free from clutter is workable. The drawers are spacious enough to store and organize toys, books including personal belongings.

Overall appearance of this daybed is aesthetically appealing. The daybed has a decorative tiara design, making it a perfect furniture piece in any girl’s bedroom. The drawer handles have a chrome finish, allowing the user to pull them with ease.

Construction of the daybed shows strength with its laminated particleboard, tested and proven to be safe and non-toxic. This brand of daybed is produced in North America with 75 years of experience in the furniture industry. The company is recognized in its diligent adherence to global regulations on quality production.

The product is being offered with a comprehensive 5 years limited warranty. Assembly requirement of the daybed needs two persons to set it up. And, the product has easy care and maintenance. You just need to use a clean cloth to remove stains, dirt or dusty particles.

  • Its feminine design makes this daybed a great furniture piece for any girl’s bedroom
  • The daybed has 3 storage drawers, perfect for keeping personal stuff highly organized
  • Material used for the daybed construction is certified safe and toxic-free laminated particleboard
  • Manufacturer offers the product with 5-Year limited warranty coverage
  • Money saver because no need to buy box spring, the mattress is supported with the daybed tiara frame
  • Assembly requirement may need two persons to do the job
  • Needed tools for assembly are not included in the packaging

What is a Full Size Daybed?

A full size daybed is considered a functional furniture piece. It’s designed and built allows it to perform two functions. It can be used mainly as a sofa for any limited space environment such as condo, apartment or dorm. Then, it serves as a sleeping bed at night. Some daybeds have a provision of rolling trundles, so the daybed can accommodate two sleepers.

Another unique characteristic of a daybed is its storage and organizational feature. Three are daybeds built with hidden storage units where you can store books, toys and personal belongings. With the availability of storage units, the daybeds help create a clutter-free space while keeping things organized.

Daybeds can also enhance the overall atmosphere of a room. For example, a daybed with an intricate design like geometric patterns, with solid scrolled armrest or solid wood finish can be used to highlight or beautify a dull room with minimal space. Imagine, you can decorate the daybed with varying sizes of throws, pillows and decorative throw blanket to create an inviting room.

Important Components of Full Size Daybeds

Every daybed is uniquely built and designed. However, there are certain components that you will normally find in most brands of daybeds sold in the market and here are some of them:

  • Rolling Trundle

Some daybeds come with provision for rolling trundles. The rolling trundle serves as an extra sleeping bed. While other brands may have no existence of rolling trundles, the height of the daybeds from the floor is constructed to have enough space underneath to allow users to buy a separate trundle.

The usual layout of daybeds can either have a pop-up trundle or drawer style trundle that can be easily pulled out when in need of a spare bed for overnight guests.

The pop-up trundle is a popular choice by many customers because its layout is side by side. This type of trundle is easy to operate because it can be transformed from twin size daybed into a full sized or king size bed. Most pop-ups are made from metal framework, with the trundle positioned in alignment with the daybed. This layout makes any room look more spacious as the pop-up trundle occupies less space.

Drawer styled trundles or side trundles usually have provision for storage drawers. The drawer trundles are built to hold a twin-size mattress. They don’t have the ability to elevate. The drawer or side trundles are suitable for households with children. The provision of storage units or drawers helps customers to fully utilize whatever space they have.

  • The Assembly of the Daybed

Yes, this is a major component to consider when you are planning to buy a daybed, the assemble requirement. Most daybeds have easy assembly instructions that any individual could follow. There are some brands that are shipped fully assembled or require minimal assembly.

The assembly instruction of manufacturers is created for everyone to quickly comprehend, both novice and expert DIYers. Be sure to read carefully the product description including the assembly, so that you have an idea which brand suits your DIY skills. If you have no DIY experience, opting for a fully assembled would be beneficial. However, if you love to DIY, then, go for a more challenging style of daybed that will test your DIY expertise.

You may also take into consideration the number of people required to assemble the daybed. Some daybeds only require one person to do the assembly while other brands would need two persons.

  • The mattress support feature

Daybeds do come in varieties. Some are constructed with metal frames and metal slats while others have a solid wood frame and slats. The important component that any potential buyer of daybed must look closely, is the capacity to support a mattress. A daybed with metal framework and metal slats no longer need box springs to support any type of mattress. So, this is a cost-effective approach if you want to save money. Any daybed that is tested and proven to support the mattress steadily is an excellent choice.

  • Durability and Quality

Yes, among other components that daybeds should exhibit is durability and quality. Checkout the materials used on the daybed frame and bed base as well as the rolling trundle. A daybed with metal or solid wood frame and has strong reinforcement technology integrated on the rolling trundle is guaranteed to last for many years. If unsure of what to buy, always ask for assistance.

Advantages of Using a Full Size Daybed

The number of advantages that one could get from buying a full size daybed are countless. I have narrowed them to a few for your convenience:

  • Space saver

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a daybed, it can actually help you make use of whatever limited space you have for now. For example, living in a tight space condo will only allow you to buy a few furniture essentials. With the actual size and built of most daybeds, anyone having to deal with a lack of space will now have the luxury to have one piece of furniture that has a dual function, as daytime sofa and sleeping bed at night. In fact, some daybeds are designed to accommodate two sleepers. The daybed itself as the primary bed and with trundle, it can serve as an extra sleeping bed for unexpected guest spending overnight.

  • Customizable

True indeed, daybeds can be customized to match the user’s lifestyle or personality. For example, if you are a young professional with a flair for the minimalist look you can go for a daybed with a geometric or sleek metal framework. On the other hand, if you are fashionable, you can invest in a chic daybed with upholstered material. This style of daybed allows you to decorate it as you please with pillows or throws to create a fashion statement. And, with many colors to choose from, anyone can find the right shade that will match his or her personality or mood.

  • Functionality

Daybeds are among the functional furniture essentials that you may find in the market. Some daybeds do have rolling trundles while others have hidden drawers for storage. For example, if you have to deal with a lack of storage, a daybed built with drawers can function as additional storage. Or, in the event you often entertain guests with most of them spending overnight, there are daybeds that come with trundles that easily transform into spare beds.

  • Daybeds are easy to move

Daybeds are easy to move around. Anyone won’t encounter difficulty positioning it in a limited space environment. The usual built of a daybed is one single unit with a trundle underneath. If you have limited space, you can set it up at one corner of the house and function as a sofa, then, simply roll out the trundle at night when in need of space bed. And, since daybeds do vary from materials, you can choose for a material that is easy to care and maintain such as a metal-framed daybed.

What Things To Look For When Buying A Full Size Daybed?

Many things need to be accounted for when buying a full size daybed. Keep in mind, there are various styles, structures, features including pricing range that will affect the buying behavior of a potential buyer. Here’s a list for you to use as a reference when making a final selection from different brands.

  • The material used

As I have mentioned, daybeds do vary based on materials used by manufacturers. Some models of daybeds have solid wood material construction while others are built from heavy-duty metal. The final decision on which type of material to choose for the daybed will rely on the user’s personal taste, need or want. An individual that wants a lasting daybed would prefer a metal-framed daybed whereas a picky customer that is more concerned about aesthetic appearance would rather buy an upholstered type of daybed constructed from wood or laminated material.

  • The daybed mattress size

Another major consideration with daybeds is the size of the mattress. Most brands of daybeds can accommodate two sizes of mattresses, the twin and full. So, any potential buyer must factor in the mattress size. It’s expected for a bigger size daybed to require a larger mattress and this could impact the actual space you have at your place. For example, anyone living in a condo or dorm would have to consider the size of the daybed including the mattress required because it will relatively affect freedom of movement.

  • Level of comfort

The level of comfort that a user will experience from a daybed is crucial during the buying process. That’s why careful analysis of one’s specific needs, including space restriction, must all be accounted for when choosing a daybed. For example, a daybed with upholstered material can provide maximum comfort while sitting on it. However, it may have a bulky built and require more space. This will surely make a tight space room appear smaller. The same goes for a daybed made from solid pine wood and constructed with storage drawers. Although it has bulky built due to the storage drawers, it can still improve the comfort level of the user while roaming around the house. How? The storage drawers provide enough storage for items, giving the occupant the chance to move freely without restriction.

  • The warranty of the product

Among the other things that should be included on your checklist when buying a daybed is the warranty coverage. Each manufacturer may have different rules applied to their warranties. Some may offer a certain period of parts replacement while others cover more extensive warranty protection like 5-years limited warranty after date of purchase. For the protection of potential buyers, take time to read the warranty regulations that manufacturers provide on their products.

  • Easy operation

Lastly, one of the concerns that any potential buyer will have to deal with when it comes to daybed is the operational requirement. I do suggest you look for a daybed that is easy to assemble, use and operate. If a brand requires the supervision of an expert for its assembly before you can use it, then, move forward to the next brand on your list that has easy-to-follow assembly and usage instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are daybeds safe to use?

Many daybeds have passed strict inspections on materials used including performance. Every daybed released in the market is classified to be user-friendly and safe for general usage, including children. The materials used are proven and tested to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • What is the ideal daybed for a household with kids?

For a household with children, the best daybed will have to be certified to be safe, sturdy and non-toxic. The height and weight capacity of the daybed must take into consideration the average height and weight limit of children. If in doubt on which among the brands of daybeds are suitable for children, inquire with the customer representative for guidance. You may also read again the above list of brands to verify which daybed is child-friendly.

  • What is a trundle?

Not all daybeds have trundles. For your information, the trundle refers to the framed metal found underneath a daybed specified to have this feature. A daybed with trundle, particularly with a rolling mechanism is a space saver. It’s a perfect furniture piece for any tight space like dorm, condo or apartment.

  • Can the trundle accommodate adults?

Yes, a trundle can accommodate adults, especially if it’s constructed from premium quality metal with metal slats forming the base for the mattress. Most daybeds with trundles are superiorly built to offer stable support for adults and children.

  • Can daybeds go without box spring?

Yes, most daybeds robust built design can hold and accommodate any type of mattress with twin or full-size mattress measurements. You don’t even need to buy and install a box spring.

  • How to locate the best daybed?

You can do online research by visiting forum sites or reading reviews to help you make an informed decision on top-performing daybed brands in the market.


The best full size daybeds can offer many benefits to users. However, deciding on which brand to buy can be truly overwhelming. You may use this review as an ultimate guide when you come up with your own checklist of preferences based on features, materials used and warranties being offered by manufacturers. If one particular brand above meets your qualifying traits, read again its features and conduct a comparison with the other brands.

Decision making really needs careful analysis so that committing mistakes are kept at a minimum level. Once you made up your mind, give it a go and place your order.