Best Leather Sectional Sofas Reviews in 2020

To boot, you can only fully enjoy leather furniture when it is properly manufactured and constructed with the most premium materials.

Leather furniture is a very well-known option for many homeowners. It’s the look that has been renowned for several years now and it’s something that certainly won’t run out of style. In addition, diverse types of leather are utilized in furniture and this comes with its own features.

It is worth mentioning that the type you must choose highly relies on how you will utilize the furniture. It is crucial to account for your family’s current lifestyle aside from the personal preferences that merely focus on the aesthetics aspect. Do you find yourself undecided about the type of leather is suitable for you and your loved ones?

Then, the following best selling leather sectional sofa reviews will help you figure out which one will be the ideal match for you!

Top 10 Best Leather Sectional Sofas Reviews

1. DHP Emily Sectional Futon Sofa with Convertible Chaise Lounger

Do you prefer a faux leather sofa that is easy to assemble and is capable of holding a plenty of weight? Then, DHP Emily Sectional Futon Sofa is the right couch for you! As you can see, it is designed with stylish look; it looks contemporary, comes with clean design and polished legs and is made with quality materials that are sure to last for years.

Best Leather Sectional Sofa

In the same way, it does not only serve as a simple and regular couch in the living room, but it could also be converted to a lounger and a bed that you can sleep on whenever you feel like it in an instant.  With this versatility, it is no doubt a good catch to buy.

  • This sofa is made of high quality faux leather.
  • It comes with contemporary low profile design.
  • This furniture is especially ideal for small living spaces.
  • It can be quickly converted to sleeping and lounging positions.
  • This sofa is highly recommended for multifunctional uses.
  • It does not come with cup holders.
  • The legs are made with thin metal that bends easily.


Overall, this is a superb option for those who prefer multifunctional type of sofa that can be used and converted in diverse ways: lounger, a regular couch and a bed that you can sleep on whenever you want. Furthermore, should you wish to extend its versatility, this option could also offer matching chairs and chaise lounge that you could easily combine together. It is really an amazing deal to invest in.

2. Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

This contemporary bonded leather sectional sofa is highly recommended for a dorm office, kid’s room, or any less utilized space. What’s more, it is capable of accommodating 2 adults and it cannot be denied that its simplicity is brilliant.

modern leather sectional sofa

Indeed, this sofa comes in a box where there is no wasted space and it could be set up instantly without hassle. It is a great deal for you to consider since it is a product that won’t hurt your pocket.

If you have limited budget and limited space, then this is the perfect choice for you. It is convenient and comfortable to utilize and you can be guaranteed that both young and old people will enjoy it.

  • This furniture is made of sturdy bonded leather upholstery that comes with hardwood frame.
  • It only requires minor assembly.
  • This couch is designed with bonded leather and reversible chaise sectional sofa.
  • This sofa is recommended for limited apartment, bedroom or office space.
  • It is budget-friendly for most homeowners.
  • This sofa is hard and the cushion has the tendency to be bumpy.
  • The footrest is too short for the seat cushion.


Over and above, this is a wonderful small sitting couch that is made of microfiber type of material. It is ideal for small living room. When purchased, the package comes with an instruction manual as well as all the components needed when setting it up. You can rest assure that the assembly process is just a breeze. And, best of all, it is quite affordable.

3. Poundex B00NNKC6VK Sectional Sofa, Black

This very exquisite sofa is specifically built to support avant-garde lounge innovation. In addition, it is manufactured with a two-piece sectional sofa consolidated with a nice lounger. Poundex B00NNKC6VK also ensures beneficial back support and excellent mobile armrests.

leather sectional sofa

The elegant tapestry is finished with firmly tufted and dark artificial leather. You could delight in the cozy padding that comes with foam inside the seat cushions. Obviously, this is intended to ensure a sensitive sensation when you relax after a long and tiring day.

Needless to say, if you wish to get a faux leather sofa that can guarantee modern style and design and could provide you nearly all your requirements, then this is it! It looks pricier than it actually is and it does not force you to spend more for good quality.

  • This sofa is sturdy and made of durable faux leather material.
  • It is easy to set up and all the necessary assembly tools are included.
  • This comes with rich and elegant style.
  • It is comfortable and firm to utilize.
  • You won’t have a hard time cleaning it.
  • Sitting between the cushions may sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • The backrests are slightly tough to adjust.


On the button, this sofa is engineered with wooden edge polished with dark faux leather. Its sturdy pine and artificial tufted leather provide ultimate glare. Surprisingly, it looks more costly than its actual price. When it comes to size, it is big enough which makes it a better option. Moreover, its height is also practical for both short and tall individuals.

4. Homelegance Pecos Leather Gel Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa

Are you shopping for a bigger than expected, extraordinarily comfortable and amazingly easy to assemble type of sectional sofa? Then, you no longer need to further your search. While it is true that Homelegance brand is not made of genuine leather, you can’t say anything negative about its solid construction.

leather sectional sofa with recliner

It appears rigidly built and it can provide the convenience and comfort you could ask for. Furthermore, the two recliner seats are smooth sailing to operate. However, the recliner may only be useful for a small person.

More than that, this couch even comes with bonus features such as the storage console and cup holders.

  • This furniture is designed with sturdy 4-piece sectional sofa that’s easy to clean.
  • It is engineered with easy to utilize reclining system for more additional comfort.
  • This is available in a number of diverse configurations to select from.
  • This brand is bigger than expected and quite a piece of cake to install.
  • The sofa is made of high quality faux leather materials.
  • The hinges are slightly shaky.
  • The recliner is only ideal for a small individual.


Why is this a good deal to consider? It is capable of providing users with a “real leather feeling” yet it does not require you to spend more on it. The couch is surely cozy and the depth of its seating area is perfect for everyone. Thus, you get what you pay for and you can get a couch that best matches your preferences within your budget. To conclude, this feels and look like the real deal.

5. Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa

Divano sofa is built with sturdy bonded leather upholstery that comes with various outline exposed stitching. In like manner, it is constructed with overstuffed and ultra-plush seats as well as armrests.

best leather sectional sofas

What makes it different from other models is that it is engineered with an underlying compartment below the armrest for TV remote control and cup holders. The frame of this couch is wooden which is especially meant to combat rugged use.

Aside from these, this sofa’s scroll arm design comes with a causal and exquisite look. It is capable of resisting scratches and tears since it is built with full grain leather material.

  • Setup process is a no sweat task to deal with.
  • It can accommodate a total of six people.
  • The couch comes with a lovely color and the texture of the leather is similar with fabric.
  • It comes with a wonderful size and is well-built.
  • This sofa is designed with end reclining seats for supreme comfort.
  • The recliner bases are slightly bulky to move around.
  • It is susceptible to peeling.


Right to it, this is the perfect option for people who prefer sturdy foam set and huge traditional sectional sofa. It is built with reclining seats to guarantee an out-of-the-ordinary comfort. The best part is that it is particularly made for big-sized families or groups since it comes with a huge size and can accommodate a total of 6 people. The couch’s look and feel is wonderful and it comes with such a reasonable price.

6. Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa Bed

This Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa Bed is a nice investment to consider mainly because it comes with a number of practical features. Its long chaise is capable of providing users with more time to enjoy a good sleep on the living room or delight in watching your favorite TV shows.

leather sectional sofa bed

What’s more, it can be easily transformed into a cozy bed and it can also serve as a corned sofa as well. As you can see, it comes with different functions and uses. You don’t need to worry about keeping it clean since it only require regular wiping and drying to ensure that there is no stain or dirt left.

Basically, it looks huge; however, it is small enough to suit an apartment’s living room. And, it is the type of couch that is comfortable to sleep on.

  • This sofa is not burdensome to set up and transport.
  • It is designed with comfortable cushioned back and sturdy padding.
  • This couch is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is built with a longer chaise that makes it more functional.
  • This furniture can serve different functions and uses.
  • The cushions feel slightly stiff.
  • The artificial leather feels like vinyl.


In a nutshell, this sofa is well-constructed and may be considered as one of the best bang for the money. It looks exquisite, the seams are properly sewn, the frame is durable enough and the bolsters easily move up and down. It could also serve as a trundle bed that is uncomplicated to put up and down.

7. Soft Touch Reversible PU Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set

If you are searching for a first rate couch set, then you can stop your long search with this Soft Touch Reversible sofa. This couch is built with solid bottom cushions and the back cushions are quite soft. It is designed with easy to reverse chaise and another storage space on its footrest. The frame is solid enough to withstand incidents of bending and breaking.

white leather sectional sofa

This couch is the ideal choice for those who opt for simple style and design. Unlike other brands on the market, this sofa does not complicate things for you.

However, it comes with unclear assembly instructions and without the necessary tools; setting it up won’t be that easy.

  • This product is equipped with reversible chaise and storage footrest.
  • The durable frame of this sofa makes it less prone to breaking or bending.
  • It is made of high quality leather that comes with appealing look and feel.
  • This couch comes with sturdy yet cozy back and bottom cushions.
  • It is constructed with rigid bonded leather that matches the hardwood frames.
  • This sofa is slightly tedious to set up.
  • The legs of this furniture are made of plastic.


On the whole, the leather quality of this sofa looks and feels nice. It comes with a plain design, very durable and the framing is reliable. There are no metal hinges or springs that bend or break. The plastic legs of this sofa are somehow doing their job. But, without the required tools and instructions in assembling it, it may be slightly tedious to set up.

8. Lifestyle LSF091A-3PC Sectional Sofa Set

Lifestyle LSF091A-3PC Sectional Sofa Set is manufactured with modern artificial leather and equipped with footrest that provides huge enough storage space for users. Once purchased, two square pillows are also included. This couch is a very popular right-facing sectional couch that looks impressive with its stylish and century classic design with modern touch.

genuine leather sectional sofa

And, since it is engineered with high quality upholstery material, it is wonderful and comfortable to sit on. Its feather filled scatters, sprung seats as well as hollow pocket fiber made backs can definitely enable users to take pleasure sitting or sleeping on it.

  • This sofa looks exquisite, comes with a great size and made of premium quality.
  • It is designed with easy-to-remove cushions that are nice and soft.
  • This furniture is capable of holding up well and can ensure a comfortable sleep.
  • The artificial leather looks elegant and sturdy.
  • The seat padding is durable and footrest comes with big storage space.
  • The two square pillows feel and look inexpensive.
  • The footrest does not come with screw holes.


To conclude, this sectional sofa is the perfect choice if you opt for comfort, convenience and durability. Not to mention, the chaise is quite cozy and the cushions that you rest your back against are soft enough. Nevertheless, the cushions that you sit on are slightly firm. The ottoman provides adequate storage area too. And, when it comes to the price, there is nothing to complain about. The materials are superb and this couch is quite practical and functional to use.

9. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

When buying a sofa set, of course it matters to consider the space where you plan to assemble it. And, since this HONBAY sofa couch comes with space-saving feature and can be converted into a sectional sofa in an instant, this is the right option for those who reside in small apartments or upstairs loft.

leather sectional sofa reviews

The cushions you sit or sleep on are firm and impressive so they could provide much needed comfort. Thus, there is no need to worry about sinking in. On the other hand, if you have pets at home, this couch is pet-friendly too. The fabric is thick so it could withstand scratch and rugged use.

  • This sofa can guarantee comfort and firmness.
  • It comes with exceptional space-saving feature that is ideal for limited spaces.
  • There are no tools required when setting it up.
  • This is a convertible couch where you can guarantee a soothing sleep and relaxation time.
  • This sofa set is recommended for homeowners with pets.
  • The cushions are firm and come with chemical smell.
  • It comes with a smaller-than-expected side.


By and large, if you dwell in a small place and you opt for affordable sofa sets, then this could fit the bill. It is essential to consider that the sofa’s fabric is ideal for homeowners with pets. The cushion is thick so it does not seem like it will peel or snag instantly. This is also easy to clean and maintain. This is a practical convertible couch where you could build the position you most prefer.

10. Poundex F6973 Bobkona Viola Faux Leather Sectional Set 

If you are dreaming of purchasing a transitional style sofa set that is available in different colors, then Poundex F6973 might be the right pick for you. The materials utilized in manufacturing this couch are reliable and durable. The fabric is topnotch, the cushions are button tufted, nail-head trim and it comes with tapered wooden legs.

poundex bobkona atlantic faux leather 2 piece sectional sofa

Besides, the seat cushion is equipped with inner spring and foam to ensure durability and functionality. It comes with huge-enough seating and plush as well. The best of all, minor assembly is required and all the necessary tools to set it up are also included.

This furniture’s fit is for a normal-sized individual. As you can see, it is a certified great deal for the price!

  • This sofa set seems to be well-built and durable.
  • The seat depth and the height of the back are quite satisfying.
  • Setting up the couch is fairly uncomplicated.
  • The seat cushions are equipped with inner spring and filled with foam for more additional comfort and sturdiness.
  • It comes with superb packaging.
  • The cushion is kind of stiff.
  • This couch may not be ideal for rugged use.


Laid on the line, this is a nice sofa set that is highly recommended for small living room areas. The sofa set comes in a three boxes that comprise of chaise, sofa and ottoman. The assembly tools and cushions were in Velcro of all three boxes. It is a good catch for the price! This is a lovely and bold sectional sofa!

Types of Leather Sectional Sofas

For you to come up with a well-informed decision with regards to the right sectional sofa for you and your loved ones; it is crucial to explore the different types and these are as follows:

  • Reclining sofa

There are two different versions: electric and manual. In general, electric versions are much more expensive but they could provide more convenience and avant-garde features as compared to the manual versions. They also come with other unique specifications that you won’t find in manual models.

Meanwhile, a manual version is not bad at all as it has the capability to provide complete body support although you need to operate it yourself for it to function more efficiently.

  • Stationary Sofa

From the name itself, this is the type that is motionless. Typically, this is mostly preferred by anyone who does not specifically require the assistance of a reclining sofa. This is usually sold in a pocket-friendly price tag. Should you wish to delight in a more calming and stress-relieving experience, you may consider utilizing this with a large ottoman.

  • Chaise Sectional

This is commonly comprised of two or more pieces. If you utilize fewer pieces to form your sectional sofa, the current price tag would be more likely to be less expensive.

  • L-sectional

This type looks identical with two chairs that are fastened together. Each of the side of this couch has hind part and seats; on the other hand, the edge section of the chair is designed with arms.

  • Doubled with Chaise

This is the opposite of a standard chaise since this comes with a more extensive form of sectional sofa.

  • Bumper Chaise

This comes with a contemporary design feature that highlights more functionality and unique style. It provides more space to allow more people to enjoy more spacious seating. It looks even more welcoming to guests due to its open space.

  • Double Chaise Sectional

This is the type that is commonly a bit difficult to find. It is the common option for people who opt for additional comfort, something that can help them form a sense of intimacy and a sofa that could guarantee a comforting atmosphere in their lounging spot.

  • Modular Sectional

This type can be easily reversed, adjusted and extended if you prefer. In other words, it is easy to convert to whatever preference you want it. Whether you want it to serve as a sofa bed, a regular couch, you want it to function as split seating, or you want it to look quite huge or transformed it to a sectional sofa, then it is possible to do all these.

  • One-arm

From its name, this is the type that is designed with merely one arm. The design is especially intended to keep the left section of the sofa widely opened as this will serve as the part to attach it to the other sectional pieces.

Benefits of Leather Sectional Sofas

In the past up until now, leather has been one of the most prized commodities that are generally wanted by wise consumers and business people. At present, it cannot be denied that leather is still a very famous and highly desired commodity. For a fact, although we have a broad array of synthetic materials and fabric, it seems leather remains as the top-drawer option specifically when it comes to the materials used for furniture-making.

Here are the advantages of investing in leather sectional sofas:

  • Sturdiness

It is not new to many that aside from the classy look of leather sofas, many wise consumers prefer this type of material mainly because they have been tested and proven to last for a longer period of time. As compared to other kinds of materials used in sectional sofas, leather is reliable, tough and can combat frequent and rugged use.

Since it is sleek and thick, it is not difficult to clean and it is not that high maintenance. You may consider buying cleaning materials and products to maintain its shine and appealing look.

  • Comfort

Sectional sofas made of high quality leather are capable of providing much needed comfort mainly because they are smooth, soft and cozy to sit or sleep on. As compared with sofas that are made with fabric, you can count on leather made sofas more because they could make you feel relaxed and they do not restrict your moves when sitting or sleeping.

Leather is also breathable which means it does not absorb too much coldness or heat. It could provide you just enough temperature that does not cause any discomfort. Unlike fabric made sofas that are prone to getting moist, leather materials won’t give you that problem to deal with.

  • Quality

Ever since, leather is linked with sophisticated and A-1 products. Leather also comes with a very expensive look that it could provide a very good lasting impression. It looks classic and classy at the same time. Indeed, contemporary tanning procedures significantly help make leather become more resistant to sinking, flaking or breaking. Apart from this, it also comes with a rich odor, feel and appearance.

  • Cost

While it is true that leather sectional sofas are typically expensive, if you’re going to contemplate deeply, they are actually a good catch considering their amazing features and the fact that they could last for many years even under various weather conditions and rugged use. Even if they age, they could still provide a much better value.

  • Appearance

If you dye leather products, the color is absorbed into the material so the color is less likely to fade. Moreover, since leather is commonly sold in neutral or natural colors, this shall also last all through changes to homeowner’s interior design.

Most importantly, since leather is manufactured from animal hides, every piece is distinctive with natural grain, markings and even blemishes.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Leather Sectional Sofa

It is critical to know the valuable factors when buying a leather sectional sofa whether you are planning to buy it in a retail store or online.  Truth is, this is a pricey purchase reason why deciding smartly conveys you will be investing in a piece of furniture that will last for many years to come.

Here are the things you need to factor in when buying a leather sectional sofa:

  • Budget

As you know, buying a sofa is a large purchase. Therefore, you need to set aside the necessary amount of money to buy the one that exactly matches your preferences and can provide you the features and functions you are aiming for. Do not just buy for the sake of buying.

  • The features of the leather sectional sofa

Many options come in different specifications. It is helpful to make your own research first with regards to your preferred features so that you can pinpoint which one you precisely need.

  • The materials it is made of

Various leather sectional sofas come in different materials aside from the leather quality. So, you need to check out the materials first before you come up with the final decision. See to it that the one you choose is built with premium quality construction materials.

  • Durability

Needless to say, we all want a type of sofa that could last for years and could serve as for the longest time possible. Inspect the frames, legs and other sections of the couch you are eyeing to buy and see if this could suit your weight or number of people who will use it. Consider if it is fine with frequent and rugged use.

  • Size and Height

Of course, the size of your sofa will depend on the space where you plan to put it. It is common sense to buy only the sofa that can fit your place. Before buying one, it is a must to measure the area where you intend to put the sofa you are buying.

  • Color and design of the sofa

It is wise to match your sofa with the painting, other designs or other ornaments in your home. Without any doubt, your dwelling place will look even more impressive and inviting if your furniture, paint and other embellishments at home complement each other.

  • Good Warranty

Various products are usually covered by limited warranties. If you could get one, then it is a good pick!

  • Do you have a pet?

Since pets have sharp paws and love to stay in cozy sofas, look for sofas that come with high quality leather and fabric materials. If the leather and fabric is of poor quality, then this will only be so easy to be scratched and broken by your most valued pet at home.

  • Reputable manufacture

If you hope to get the right product and get the real value of your money, then only deal with the most reputable manufacturers that have been in the field for many years and are highly trusted by most consumers around the world.


As discussed in this article, shopping for the right leather sectional sofa is never a plain sailing task as this is a costly purchase that could seriously hurt your pocket once you fail to choose the wrong one. Thus, it is substantial to explore the reviews explored above so that you could mull over the important features, functions and factors that you need to take note before splurging.

With a lot of options to choose from, it is practical to be armed with valuable insight to greatly aid you as you make a smart purchase when it comes to the best quality leather sectional sofas of your dreams!

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