Best Modern Bed Frames Reviews 2022 (Ultimate Buying Guide & Comparison)

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When I was designing my bedroom, I immediately knew I wanted the best modern bed frames for it. Those standard bed frame types have the cool and fresh feel to it, which I felt made a room more comfortable. As I began my search for the perfect bed frame though, I realized that there was so much more to it than expected.

I found out that there weren’t only different modern bed frames based on design. There were other different factors to consider as well, such as its size, material, texture, even how you assemble it! Honestly, it was all so confusing and I just wanted to get the cheapest one to get the search over and done with.

However, I learned that it’s worth the research and effort in searching for the most suitable bed frame. So if you’re on the search for the good modern bed frame, read on!

10 Top Rated Modern Bed Frames – Comparison Chart

ImageNameDimensionsMaterial TypeItem WeightWhere To Buy
1 min 3Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed85 x 63 x 44 inchesWooden slats, Steel Frames103.8 lbsCheck Price
2 min 3Manhattan Queen Bed Frame65 x 26.8 x 4.2 inchesWood and Faux Leather67.8 lbsCheck Price
3 min 3South Shore Step One80 x 76 x 10 inchesWood198 lbsCheck Price
4 min 3Zinus Olivia Platform Bed74.5 x 53.5 x 14 inchesSteel65.9 lbsCheck Price
5 min 3DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame63 x 84 x 73.5 inches
Metal96 lbsCheck Price
6 min 2Baxton Studio CF854090.9 x 65.5 x 37.8 inchesLeather108.5 lbsCheck Price
7 min 2Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Linen Bed64 x 85.5 x 43.5 inchesWood88 lbsCheck Price
8 min 2Zinus Korey 14 Inch Bed Frame80.5 x 38 x 53.5 inchesSteel67 lbsCheck Price
9 min 2Baxton Studio Vivaldi Modern56.6 x 79.7 x 34.5 inchesLeather90 lbsCheck Price
10 min 2Mellow 12" Classic Bed Frame59.5 x 79.5 x 12 inchesWood61.8 lbsCheck Price

Top 10 Best Modern Bed Frames Reviews On The Market

1. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed

If you’re looking for something simple yet beautiful, you’ll appreciate the Zinus Premium Platform Bed. It’s got the classic and traditional style but with a modern touch! You can choose between a variety of different sizes and two colors according to your preference.

It’s made of a soft and button tilted upholstery, using knitted polyester for good texture and durability. As for the frame, it’s made of steel, adding to its strength to accommodate your mattress and body. The mattress itself will have wood slats supporting it, adding foam-padded tape to reduce any noise made.

1 6

You receive the complete package with all parts and tools included, as well as a 5-year limited warranty. There’s not much of a hassle with installation and assembly, as you can find its parts in the headboard. While it’s a bit heavy moving the package to the room, you can easily assemble it with one person helping out.

Overall, this bed has simple features that perform fantastically, which is what makes it worth the investment. You don’t get any frills or huge features, but exactly what’s needed from complete tools to a solid foundation.

  • Traditional yet modern style for attractiveness
  • Solid construction with steel frame and wood slats
  • Designed with a soft upholstery for extra comfort
  • Foam-padded frame to make no noise or wobbling
  • Includes all necessary tools for easier assembly
  • Comes in a heavy box, difficult to move around alone
  • Not the best customer service, takes long to respond

2. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

Many appreciate the Manhattan Bed Frame for its simplicity and strength, fitting all queen-sized mattresses. While simple, you can see the contemporary style to it, with a low produce headboard and platform box style.

This makes the frame look minimalistic and stylish, which is what I want in modern designs. Its contemporary lines and smooth black upholstery really blend into most rooms! Furthermore, both the frame and upholstered headboard are padded with a faux feather, increasing its comfortable feel.

2 6

Like most platform bed frames, wooden-slats support the mattress so you won’t need a box spring. The solid wood is strong enough to withstand your mattress’ and body weight, while still reaping the benefits of a platform bed. I love that it still stays put and doesn’t crack from pressure, especially since children jump on it a lot.

I love the simple classic design not just for its looks, but for its ease of assembly, too. It includes understandable instructions and only takes a few hours or less to set it up on your own. You can assemble it all by yourself, though it’s good having one person with you since the frame’s a bit heavier to handle.

All in all, many modern designers will enjoy its simplicity, especially if they focus more on a minimalistic style.

  • Simple and contemporary design for a low-profile look
  • Can assemble the bed frame and upholstered headboard on your own
  • Extremely solid wood slats and frame
  • Soft upholstered headboard and padded frame for comfort
  • Some complaints of receiving the frame damaged
  • One leg under the frame may tilt from heavy weight

3. South Shore Step One Platform Bed with 2 Drawers

Another excellent choice goes out to the South Shore Step One, another platform bed made for space savers. Why space savers? Because this platform storage bed comes with hidden extra storage, having large drawers on each side.

Besides this, eco-friendly consumers will appreciate the fact that the bed frame’s made with environmentally-preferred laminated particle panels. It’s not completely natural, but still a significance towards a sustainable environment.

3 6

This bed frame has no headboard, but with the frame underneath supported with wooden-slats. It’s very simple, made for the modern minimalist, and you can choose between three different colors. It has no other accessories included except for the basic parts, but you still have value to the frame with its sturdy construction.

Assembly’s a breeze, taking less than six hours to do it on your own. Plus, it’s fairly easy to clean since you just need to wipe it down regularly. Just make sure that you care for it well and check that all bolts are tightened to prevent any damage.

With all this in mind, this frame’s best for those looking to save space and add extra storage to their bedroom. Coming at a more economical price range, you get more than what you pay for.

  • Comes at an inexpensive price but with good value
  • Arrived in good packaging for safe moving
  • Feels strong and made to last provided it’s cared for well
  • Assembly takes less than four hours when alone
  • Eco-friendliness in mind with laminated materials
  • Drawers can’t store anything very heavy
  • Boxes are still heavy and require help to move

4. Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support

Another affordable and inexpensive bed frame goes out to the Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed. I appreciate its combination of both wood and metal construction here, which gives off a modern look with sturdy construction. It has the wooden headboards with a steel frame and tapered legs to support your mattress and weight adequately.

Besides its wooden and steel making, it also has foam-padded tape around the steel frame. This dampens out any noise when moving around the bed. For an affordable price, it seems supportive and solid, with the ability to withstand heavier weight and pressure.

4 6

However, there have been complaints about its durability, having a shorter lifespan compared to other bed frames. However, its durability is only questionable if the frame wasn’t cared for well. It’s advised to avoid adding too much pressure and activities on it to prevent its tapered legs from breaking down.

With that being said, you can still enjoy the frame as long as you don’t put in too much intensity to it. While I do wish that they had better customer service for any bad reviews and complaints, it’s still a good investment. I recommend it if you’re on a budget and plan to use it for the guest room.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • A good combination of metal and wood construction
  • Sturdy enough for daily use
  • Easy assembly with foam-padded tape to prevent noise
  • Questionable durability and wobbles if too much pressure
  • There are complaints of slow customer service

5. DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame

The DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame is another favorite for its mix of classical and modern style. It’s a canopy bed frame with the industrial theme, looking sleek and modern for any bedroom.

The square lines this frame exudes gives it the classy and timeless look without taking up too much space, too. And if you want to change up your style to something more classy and vintage, simply add curtains for your desired aesthetic. The curtains are also a great addition if you need more privacy in the room.

5 6

Furthermore, its frame’s made purely from metal supported with slats and metal side rails. With its sturdy metal construction, you can expect it to stay stable and durable with a weight limit of 500 pounds.

Because of its simple and straightforward look, there’s no hassle in assembly. If done right, it can take only two hours on your own, though you’ll need some power tools for it.

I love it most for its design and sturdiness, a must-buy if you’re into the modern industrial theme. A bit on the higher price range, but a worthy investment to last for years.

  • Made of sturdy metal construction to last for years
  • It’s fairly easy to assemble on your own
  • Versatile design, made for industrial modern styles
  • Offers great and responsive customer service
  • Heavy weight limit and can withstand pressure well
  • You may need power tools when assembling the frame
  • The frame might squeak a lot with lots of movement

6. Baxton Studio CF8540-Queen-White Faux Leather Platform Bed

The Baxton Studio Bed Frame doesn’t just add a touch of modern vibes to your room, but luxury, too. It exudes luxury and futuristic looks with its faux leather fabric and the tufted platform box style. Its curve and chrome legs seem sturdy and add a contemporary look, making it aesthetically pleasing to view and use.

The plush upholstery’s made of white faux leather and gray fabric, with these two tones combining smoothly. Besides this, it has supportive chrome legs and the hardwood and plywood frame to last. As a platform bed frame, it supports the mattress with the use of wooden slats made of an Mdf Lvl system.

6 7

For its price, you’ll be surprised that it looks even more expensive and luxurious. However, there may be complaints about its assembly, taking very long because of its design. Furthermore, you’ll need to take proper action in caring for it well to prevent its slats from breaking.

Despite its weaker wooden slats, I would purchase it for the design alone. As long as you avoid putting too much pressure and keep cats from scratching the upholstery, it’s a long-term investment.

  • Beautiful design with futuristic and contemporary vibes
  • It’s moderately priced but with excellent value
  • Head and outer boards are built with sturdy material
  • Has quick delivery and arrives in strong packaging
  • Wood slats aren’t as durable as its frame
  • Difficult and takes longer to assemble the parts

7. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Bed

This Novogratz bed frame’s named Her Majesty for a reason, exuding luxurious looks with a touch of modernity. You can choose between different size and colors to find the right one for your bedroom, too.

The bed frame itself has the grew linen upholstery, also having a wingback for a better design. It’s also designed with slanted wood legs, which are made with quality materials and construction to support the bed. Its slant actually helps in keeping the entire bed stable while using it.

7 6

This frame’s not only good for your body and support, but it also helps with your mattress’ lifespan as well. It’s made with a Bentwood slat system, which provides ventilation to your mattress to keep it fresh. As for the support, it provides a solid foundation, allowing your back to stay in a natural position for pain relief.

It’s no miracle worker in terms of its pain relief and sturdiness. You’ll need to have the equally supportive mattress to ensure longevity and pressure relief, too. With that being said, you still get great value with the frame with its majestic look and robust construction.

  • Majestic and luxurious design for any bedroom
  • Has a soft upholstered headboard with tufted style
  • Slanted wooden legs for sturdiness and stability
  • Has a unique slat system for mattress ventilation
  • Good body support and distributes weight pressure well
  • Connectors aren’t as sturdy as the frame itself
  • Complaints of its color not arriving the same as advertised

8. Zinus Korey 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Zinus is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to bed products. The Korey is no exception, a platform metal bed made of a combination of wooden slats and steel tapered legs. It’s designed modernly with gray headboard made with gray foam upholstery.

Just like most of Zinus’ bed frames, it comes with a foam-padded tape around the frame to lessen noise. It also has non-slip tape to prevent wobbling during movement, making sleeping and moving around comfortably. Furthermore, it comes with the 5-year limited warranty, though customer service can improve in terms of its responsiveness.

8 6

What I believe you’re paying mostly for isn’t just its sturdiness and durability. You also pay for its ease of assembly, taking only less than an hour to set up. With its high quality and lower price range, you actually get more than what you pay for.

If you’re on a budget and focus more on strength and longer lifespan, this bed frame’s for you.

  • Solidly built with metal construction and strong wooden slats
  • Includes foam pads and non-slip tape to prevent wobbling or noise
  • Very easy to assemble, only taking less than an hour for some
  • It has a comfortable headboard with simple design
  • The company has very slow customer service response time
  • Box arrives heavily and needs more than two people to move

9. Baxton Studio Vivaldi Modern Platform Base Bed Frame

Many people will appreciate the Baxton Studio’s clean-cut style, truly made best for modern bedroom designs. You can also choose a darker color theme to match your personality and bedroom’s look.

It has a faux leather modernized upholstered headboard with the straight square lines, built using MDF and rubberwood. As for its wooden slats (It’s a platform bed frame), it’s built with sprung wood and has a center support rail. With all those materials constructed well, you can expect it to last long with care in mind.

9 6

Expect the bed frame to be delivered on time and without the extremely heavy boxes. There were some complaints with missing parts, but they were solved with the company’s quick and helpful customer service.

Overall, I think that this frame isn’t perfect, but with the beautiful looks and adequate construction to last. If you like the luxurious and simple look that still stays solid, you’ll find this frame a good choice.

  • Quick delivery and fairly easy to assemble by yourself
  • Contemporary design with a clean and plush headboard
  • Sturdy material with enough support for heavy pressure
  • Two sizes to choose from and fit most mattresses well
  • Some people may receive a package with missing parts
  • The headboard’s faux leather may have a bit of a smell

10. Mellow 12″ Classic Wood Platform Bed Frame

For those on an ultimate budget or want something simple and strong, the Mellow Platform Bed Frame’s a great option. Besides its affordability, it has the sturdy wooden frame design built with various features for a better sleep experience. Even I was surprised that with a budget frame, you get good value in it.

For starters, it has the mid-century modern look, without any headboard but a thin and sturdy wooden frame. Its wooden material’s both quality and constructed with durability in mind. Plus, while it has no headboard and just the wooden frame, assembly only takes less than an hour.

10 6

Granted, this frame isn’t perfect and its features might not perform as accurately as advertised. But as long as you don’t exert too much weight or pressure on it, you won’t have any trouble. It’s made to last with daily use, just assemble it correctly and avoid pushing it over its limits!

  • Extremely affordable price with necessary features
  • Non-slip tape for less noise and better stability
  • Lightweight and easy to set up, taking minutes
  • Can last for years of daily use with careful handling
  • Very simple design without a headboard, some may not like it
  • Can break easily if jumped on or with too much movement

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What to Consider When Buying a Modern Bed Frame

Besides looking into the best quality modern bed frames, you also have to take account the different factors to consider. There’s more to a bed frame other than its price and design, so look into these crucial frame features:

11 6

  • Size of Your Room and Mattress

Before you begin looking into the different aspects of bed frames, you have to consider what your bedroom!

If you don’t have a mattress yet, measure your room’s size and know how much space you can accommodate. Avoid cramping the entire room with a huge bed frame and mattress! If you already have a mattress, check its size and match it with a bed frame of the same size. Measuring both mattress and room space helps you decide what size your bed frame should be.

  • Platform or Box Spring Bed Frame

There are many types of bed frames to choose from, the box spring and platform bed are two main ones.

  • Platform beds only require a bed and have no box spring, sitting low to the ground. It’s a cheaper alternative and a better choice for the more contemporary look.

  • Bed frames with a box spring are the classic and traditional types. It adds height to your bed and comes in different designs other than modern themes.

  • Material Quality and Strength

Like mentioned, there are many materials and ways bed frames are made. The most popular materials for bed frames are either metal, wood, or leather.

Wood is a more versatile material that works for both modern and traditional design. There are different kinds of wood that affect the frame’s look and strength.

Metal bed frames have more of a sophisticated touch to bedrooms. They’re also more solidly built and durable, made best if you want something to last.

Leather bed frames are another great choice for contemporary-styled bedrooms. It adds a touch of luxury and comes in different colors.

Remember to also focus on the frame’s overall construction, focusing on something that lasts for years of daily use.

  • Ease of Moving and Assembly

You wouldn’t want to waste so much time and effort in moving your bed frame and assembling it. I recommend that you find a bed frame you can easily install with some help at home. It should also arrive with ease of transport in mind, especially if you’ll move it every now and then.

This can also cut costs in having to hire someone to move and install the frame for you.

  • Frame Style and Design

This factor depends on personal preference, as we all have different perspectives on what looks great in our rooms. There’s more than just one type of modern bed frame design, with some having more simple and clean bases. Others have a curved style, while others have a metal frame for an industrial look. You can even find platform beds that have drawers with extra storage space for more convenience.

  • What’s Your Budget?

You should always consider your budget when buying anything, including bed frames since they’re a bigger bedroom investment. Usually, the price ranges from $100 to $500, sometimes even more than that!

Take note that the most expensive one doesn’t equate to the best bed frame for you. BUT, you shouldn’t scrimp and get the cheapest one, which can most likely incur damage in short times. Find the middle ground and set a reasonable budget based on what YOU can afford, with $150-$300 a suitable range to begin with.

Wrapping It Up

Searching for a modern bed frame shouldn’t be difficult with knowledge of the top brands and important factors to consider. Through knowing what you want, you won’t have a problem in finding a beautiful frame to last for years!

I hope my review and purchasing guide on the best rated quality modern bed frames helped you out! Now that you know how to select one and the ten quality choices, look into getting your own now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your own reviews and experiences when choosing a bed frame? Please comment below, I appreciate all your thoughts!

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