Casper vs Nectar: A Head-to-Head Mattress Comparison

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Buying a bed-in-a-box online usually comes with quite a bit of research. Determining the significant differences between some of these beds can often be difficult, especially when they have a lot in common, like Casper and Nectar mattresses. Fortunately, we are here to help make your mattress shopping a little easier.

This Casper vs Nectar mattress review compares the defining characteristics of each product to help determine an overall winner in the end. If you are wondering if Casper is better than Nectar, or if the Nectar mattress is any good, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which of these mattresses suits your needs.

Casper and Nectar: The Basics

This in-depth Nectar vs Casper mattress review starts with a brief description of each product’s design. This should help you understand their mattress construction and provide you with a basic understanding of each bed’s most important features.

The Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress

The Casper Element mattress consists of four foam layers that feature contour cuts and a 5-zoned support system engineered to provide targeted pressure relief and maximum comfort. In addition, the entire Casper mattress is encased in a removable polyester cover that’s durable enough to withstand frequent washes.

The topmost layer utilizes a breathable open-cell foam that responds quickly and possesses some bounce – similar to latex but not quite as pronounced. Underneath this open-cell material is a layer made up of responsive memory foam for zoned support, contour, and relief to your pressure points.

The third layer consists of an adaptive transition foam which helps to evenly distribute the sleeper’s body weight across the mattress surface while the base layer is composed of durable support foam. The bottom layer helps maintain durability, comfort, and proper body and spinal alignment, especially for users with scoliosis.

Casper is available in the following mattress sizes: Single, Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King.

The Nectar Memory Foam

Nectar memory foam mattress

The memory foam of Nectar mattress is designed to provide top-notch support and cooling comfort. The Nectar mattress is composed of four types of foams along with a separate bottom cover to prevent slipping on your floor or bed frame.

The top layer – which also functions as the mattress cover – is made of quilted memory foam encased in a breathable and soft long-staple Tencel fabric. The second foam layer, on the other hand, is composed of gel memory foam for even bodyweight distribution. This layer also facilitates proper airflow throughout the mattress for a cooler sleeping environment.

Underneath the first two layers of foam is a transition layer comprised of adaptive hi-core memory foam. This is the section that provides pinpointed support and keeps you from getting the feeling of sinking in too far. Finally, a high vegetable support foam makes up the base layer, stabilizing the mattress’s other layers while lending overall support and durability.

The Nectar mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes so you should be able to find one that’s perfect for your bed frame.

Mattress Features Comparison

Now that we have covered the basics of this Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison, let’s take a look at the specific traits to determine where each bed-in-a-box excels, and where they fall short of expectations.

1. Temperature Regulation

Many sleepers tend to overheat at night which can interfere with their sleep quality and duration. In order to prevent the buildup of heat inside their beds, most people would prioritize or, at the very least, prefer a mattress that effectively regulates temperature. Traditionally, any type of foam bed traps heat, but much progress has been made in the mattress industry today that the latest products can effectively handle temperature control when the right materials are used.


The Casper Element mattress is not infused with cooling material but is engineered with heat regulation in mind and uses components that are inherently breathable from the start. The polyester knit cover is breathable and facilitates open airflow throughout the entire mattress without trapping heat inside. The open-cell foam layer does a significantly better job of staying cooler than traditional memory foam while retaining the memory foam feel most people prefer. We also found out that the Casper mattress’ construction facilitates cool and restful sleep, especially when you use equally breathable sheets like bamboo or cotton to enhance its ability to stay cool throughout the night.


Nectar incorporates several temperature-regulating measures to facilitate cooling in their mattresses. First, airflow to the deepest layers of the mattress is ensured by using breathable materials all throughout. The long-staple Tencel fiber cover is more absorbent than cotton and helps wick away sweat. It also promotes breathability on the mattress surface. Additionally, the cooling gel foam layer helps pull heat away from your body and distribute it evenly across the bed to prevent temperature buildup.


When it comes to temperature control, the Nectar mattress is clearly a step ahead of the competition. The addition of gel-infused memory foam seriously amps up its heat-wicking and cooling properties.

2. Firmness

Determining the appropriate level of firmness to suit any sleeper depends on two things: what position you generally sleep in and how soft or firm you want your mattress to feel when you lie on it. As far as the overall feel is concerned, you probably already have a good idea in your mind as to the degree of firmness or softness you’d want in a mattress.

However, when it comes to your sleeping position and how it relates to a mattress, there are a few things to take note of. On average, side sleepers usually benefit from a bed that is a bit softer because it helps enhance pressure relief in the shoulder area and hip region where most of the weight is centralized. Stomach and back sleepers usually prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses to prevent the hips from sinking in too far. Firmer mattresses promote proper spine alignment without sacrificing pressure relief.


The Casper mattress is rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. Casper aims to achieve a universal feel with their mattresses. Meaning, their products should be comfortable while providing ample pressure relief for all sleeping positions or combination sleepers. We agree that a firmness level of 6 should accommodate almost any sleeper because it is neither too firm nor too soft. Our only slight hesitation would be for larger couples or heavyweight sleepers who may benefit from a bed that is a bit firmer, as those who carry more weight will need the added durability and less sinkage over time. However, regardless of your size, the Casper mattress will still provide you with support and the comfortable memory foam feel the brand is known for.


We give the Nectar mattress a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This firmness rating is considered medium-firm and the mattress should be comfortable for any user regardless of their preferred snoozing position. If you generally prefer a softer bed, you may still want to consider the Nectar mattress, even though it isn’t exactly ranked as soft. The mattress interior has a soft foam feel and follows the contours of your body while also providing pressure relief where you need it most. This is one of the reasons people prefer mattresses that provide a memory foam feel so much, as it is firm and soft at the same time.


mattress firmness

The winner of this Nectar vs Casper mattress comparison depends on your personal preference. Choose Casper if you prefer a slightly softer mattress and try the Nectar mattress if you prefer a slightly firmer foam feel. Just keep in mind that there’s only a very slight difference between the two products and both will give you pressure relief in any sleeping position. Hence, the choice is ultimately yours.

3. Support

Support in a mattress refers to how well it promotes proper spinal alignment while you sleep, which is important for your overall comfort and for maintaining a healthy spine. Sufficient support can be achieved in a mattress regardless of whether it is considered to be soft or firm, albeit people often think of firmness and support as the same thing. One of the reasons why people love classic memory foam mattresses is due to their ability to offer that comforting memory foam feel while giving adequate support.

Edge support is also valued in a mattress because it helps to increase the usable surface area of the bed, sometimes by as much as 30%. Good edge support will also allow you to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed with minimal risk of falling off. Substantial edge support in a mattress also makes getting into and out of bed easier, especially for children, larger individuals, pregnant women, or anyone with limited mobility.

Unlike hybrid and innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses have not always been known for superior edge support. However, many can still prevent you from sliding off the edge of the bed.


The Casper mattress we reviewed derives most of its support from the dense polyfoam that makes up its base layer. To enhance support and provide accurate pressure relief, Casper Element has also incorporated a 5-zoned support structure in its design. Each of the 5 zones establishes targeted amounts of support precisely where you need them most in order to prevent discomfort and promote a good night’s sleep. For example, more support is given to pressure points such as the shoulders and lumbar regions because that is where we hold the majority of our weight. Lastly, the layer of adaptive transition foam further accentuates the support of the Casper mattress and inhibits bottoming out on the top layers so you don’t sink in too far.

Casper does not include any extra edge support to their mattresses but that is because they think it is unnecessary. According to the company, the Casper mattress construction is designed for lying down, not for sitting. Another reason they choose to go this route is that they wanted to exclude the use of harsh hardening agents which generally are not human or environment-friendly. Either way, the edge support on this bed is above average when compared to many all-foam mattresses of the past.


Similar to Casper, the majority of support the Nectar mattress imparts is attributed to the dense base layer of super core support foam. Additionally, the layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam enhances the degree of support provided and helps prevent you from feeling as if you are sinking too far into the bed. The Nectar mattress also features great contouring, thanks to the top layer of quilted memory foam that further amplifies the overall support while still giving you a traditional memory foam feel.

The Nectar mattress does not offer any added edge support but it is designed to give even, firm leverage from edge to edge. With this mattress, you should be able to use its entire surface and experience less than average compression when sitting on the sides.


mature woman sitting on edge of bedCasper wins this Nectar vs Casper mattress comparison, thanks to its targeted 5-zoned support system which gives sleepers varying levels of support right where they need it most.

4. Keeping It Clean

Keeping your mattress clean will not only protect your body from disease-causing microorganisms, but it can also increase the lifespan of your bed. The buildup of bacteria, sweat, and other bodily fluids, and dead skin cells can often speed up the deterioration of the materials within a mattress. Additionally, sleeping on a clean mattress can help improve your overall health because you’ll be resting on an allergen or bacteria-free surface.


The Casper mattress comes with an easy-to-remove and machine washable cover. The design also incorporates four hidden handles – one on each corner, to help you reposition the cover when it is time to zip it back onto the mattress after cleaning. The knit fabric used for the cover is durable enough that it should withstand regular trips to the washer for the entire length of the bed’s 10-year warranty.


The Nectar mattress does not come with a removable cover. The cover does zip off but it is difficult to put back on. Removing the cover is not recommended unless you are planning on replacing it entirely. Furthermore, it is not machine washable due to the memory foam incorporated into the quilted fabric. In case of accidental spills, what you can do is just spot clean the Nectar mattress. To maintain general cleanliness, it is also best to simply change your sheets frequently as they will be the primary barrier between you and the mattress itself.


The Casper mattress is the clear winner when it comes to mattress maintenance. The removable, washable cover can be kept super clean for years to come.

5. Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is important in a mattress, particularly if you are a light sleeper who wakes up even to the slight movements, or if you sleep with a partner who has a different sleep schedule. Motion isolation is also a feature that should be considered if you frequently share your bed with children or combination sleepers who tend to toss and turn frequently. In all of these scenarios, minimizing or eliminating motion transfer across the surface of the bed can help increase your chances of getting a regular good night’s sleep. Proper motion isolation should allow you to sleep more consistently without waking up every time someone stirs next to you.


The Casper mattress does an excellent job of reducing motion transfer. Each one of Casper’s foam layers works to actively absorb motion and pressure before it gets a chance to ripple across the bed surface and affect another sleeper. The only material slightly at odds with this motion isolating design is the top layer of responsive foam that has a bit more bounce than other types of foam. This makes the Casper mattress slightly less equipped to absorb rapid movements.


The Nectar mattress is also quite effective in minimizing motion transfer. According to their site, the combination of foam layers inside can even help prevent accidental spills. Each of the layers within a Nectar mattress has motion-isolating characteristics and, combined with the responsive quilted memory foam of the topmost layer, you should be able to rest easy and undisturbed on this bed even if you have a restless partner.


young couple sleeping

Nectar wins this round hands down. The quilted memory foam cover which activates motion isolation the moment your body touches the surface of the bed is one of the best we’ve seen in a mattress for a long time.

6. In-Home Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

Providing potential customers with an in-home sleep trial is particularly important for a company selling mattresses online. A free trial gives customers the opportunity to experience the product before making an investment. Thus, the longer the sleep trial period, the more confident you can be with your decision to either keep or return the bed.

More and more mattresses are coming with a warranty as well, something uncommon before online shopping for bed-in-a-box mattresses became so popular. We recommend using the warranty length as a way to determine the approximate durability of the mattress and the company’s confidence in the quality of their products.

Additionally, make sure to check the shipping terms as free delivery is pretty common in a mattress purchase nowadays. Many of those who are looking to buy a bed-in-a-box shy away from high shipping costs and would choose a brand that offers free shipping and delivery options.


The Casper mattress comes with 100 nights of in-home trial and 10 years of warranty to back the product’s durability. We think these 100 nights should be enough time for you to make a final decision on whether or not this mattress is right for you. Paired with the generous warranty, you can expect to maintain your satisfaction for an extended period of time. We recommend replacing your mattress every 8-10 years for health reasons. Hence, Casper’s manufacturer’s guarantee should be plenty enough.

The Casper offers free shipping and delivery to almost all locations.


The Nectar mattress comes with an impressive 365 nights in-home trial along with the Nectar Forever Warranty to ensure long-lasting satisfaction. With the year-long trial period, you should be able to fully determine if the Nectar mattress is right for you. If not, Nectar offers free returns. Add the lifetime warranty coverage and you can rest assured this mattress will continue providing you with quality comfort for years and years. Of course, realistically, even with the exceptional forever warranty, you shouldn’t expect this to be the last mattress you’ll ever purchase.

Just like Casper, every purchase of the Nectar mattress comes with free shipping and delivery.


With its stellar in-home trial period and warranty, it is pretty easy to understand why the Nectar mattress wins this Nectar vs Casper round. The significantly longer and super impressive full-year in-home trial and forever warranty guarantees comfort and satisfaction for many years to come.


The final results are in for our Nectar vs Casper mattress comparison but before we reveal the overall winner, let’s do a quick review of what we have learned so far.

Areas where the Casper mattress excels:

  • Support, thanks to its 5-zoned varying supportive structure that has been incorporated into the design. These provide targeted levels of support and pressure relief to facilitate proper spinal alignment and prevent back pain.
  • Hassle-free cleaning; with a machine-washable mattress cover that has four corner handles making it easy to move around or replace
  • Universal firmness, which is a bit softer than Nectar mattress and can accommodate any sleeping position

Areas where the Nectar mattress excels:

  • In-home trial length and warranty, with its full-year of 365-night sleep trial and forever warranty
  • Temperature regulation, due to the Tencel fibers and the cooling gel infusion in the memory foam
  • Motion isolation, largely because of the all-foam construction that emphasizes contour instead of bounce, starting with the mattress cover that is made with quilted memory foam.
  • Supportive memory foam feel and universal firmness – a bit firmer than the Casper mattress, also great for combo sleepers

Nectar gel-infused memory foam mattress

So, all things considered, the overall winner for our Nectar vs Casper mattress review is Nectar! We think both beds are great, but our mattress reviews revealed that the Nectar is indeed the better one, just by a hair’s breadth. You may still want to choose Casper mattress over Nectar if you like a bed that feels a bit softer, or you prioritize having a removable, machine-washable cover on your new bed.

We know even after reading many mattress reviews, deciding which brand is right for you can still be difficult when the prices are so similar, as with Casper and Nectar mattresses. Furthermore, you may still have questions to ask like, “What mattress is better than Casper?” or “Is Casper or Purple better?” Ultimately, your decision depends on what features are important to you given your preferences and needs.

We hope this mattress review helped you to choose the best one for your needs so you can start having a greater sleep experience! So, what is your personal verdict on this Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison?

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