Best Mattress For Sex 2022 – Our Top 7 Choices Compared

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We don’t often talk about it, but there is no denying people love to have sex on their beds. When you take into account that your mattress is the most likely place you’ll be having sex, it is only natural to put this into consideration when looking to buy a new bed. Just like any other individual who’s involved in an intimate relationship, you probably want to know what the best mattress for sex is and why.

This article will explain all you need to know about finding the best bed for sex, and our top 7 mattresses, from high-density memory foam mattresses to the best hybrid mattress on the market, will help you find the best type of mattress for you. Keep reading to find out what we learned so you can get a mattress type that exceeds your expectations in every aspect, including enhancing sex!

Top 7 Best Mattresses for Sex

We rated our best mattress choices based on overall support level, enhanced lumbar support, contour, edge support, bounciness, responsiveness, and temperature regulation. We will explain why these characteristics should be prioritized, but first, let’s explore the different type of mattress out there and the hottest mattresses for sexual enhancement!

1. Saatva (Editor’s Choice)

Saatva Luxury Firm

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid innerspring and memory foam
  • Firmness: Plush Soft: 3, Luxury Firm: 5-7, Firm: 8 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest)
  • Height: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches
  • In-home Trial Period: 120 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 15 years

The Saatva hybrid mattress is our pick for the best bed for sex because it excels in all of our qualifying traits. This high-density memory foam mattress comes in three different firmness options, but we recommend the Luxury Firm, which is a medium-firm mattress, or the Firm mattress when considering sexual accommodation and heightened satisfaction, but plush soft for all kinds of sleeper style including side sleepers, stomach sleepers and even combination sleepers. The firmer option may also be considered if you require additional back support.


The Saatva hybrid mattress goes above and beyond in the realm of support, meaning this makes our list in the search for the best mattress for sex. This memory foam option offers additional support in the lumbar region to accommodate the additional weight held in the hips. Something that is particularly important when you are having sex.

Furthermore, the Saatva foam mattress excels in edge support, thanks to its dual system made from a foam encasement. The encasement ensures you and your partner can use the entire surface area of the mattress when you are getting frisky. Also, it makes sitting on the edge of the bed possible without feeling like you may slide off the edge. Additionally, this hybrid bed comes in multiple height options to ensure ease of access when using the sides of the mattress.

This amazing hybrid mattress incorporates two comfort layers of individually wrapped coils, some of the best memory foam layers, and a Euro pillow top. All of these materials combined will give you the optimal feel for sex. The mattress is not only bouncy and responsive, but it is also contouring without allowing you to sink in too much for a quick change of position.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about overheating on this mattress either because of the open-air coil systems which promote ample airflow throughout the bed. The mattress’s cotton cover also helps to wick moisture away from your skin while maintaining breathability.

  • Enhanced lumbar support
  • Great edge support
  • Multiple heights for easy access
  • Excellent bounce and responsiveness
  • Promotes airflow and breathability for better sleep
  • The mattress is heavy and hard to move around
  • Not easy to clean
  • May not be affordable on tight budgets

2. The Winkbed (Best Choice for Durability)

The WinkBed

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid innerspring and foam
  • Firmness: From Soft: 4.5 to Plus: 8
  • Height: 13.5 inches
  • In-home Trial Period: 120 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: Lifetime, plus a 50% “any reason” lifetime replacement guarantee

The WinkBed innerspring mattress is the best mattress for sexually active couples who prioritize durability and could also be the best hybrid mattress on the market. Not only does it offer a lifetime warranty, but it also has a plus-sized option designed to consistently support heavyweight without sagging over time. While this mattress is available in 4 firmness options, we recommend the last three choices when considering the best mattress for sex.


This hybrid mattress utilizes a superior support system, as well. It includes an extra edge design to boost support, an additional lumbar layer to prevent your hips and midsection from sinking too far into the mattress, and varying sizes and shapes of coils to establish a 3-step Back Support system. All of these factors combined ensure proper spinal alignment and support while you sleep and play in your bed.

The combination of the coil support core and interspersed foams within this innerspring mattress also provide you with the best level of bounce and responsiveness, making this a great mattress for sex. The top layers contour to your shape and relieve pressure where needed without making you feel stuck in one position.

Winkbeds does a great job with regulating your temperature by employing their Triple Layer Heat Disperse technology. This includes the use of a Tencel cover which sleeps cooler than linen while simultaneously wicking away sweat. Likewise, a Euro-pillow top quilted with gel memory foam is added to pull heat away from the body and Micro Air Springs to promote breathability and airflow throughout the entire mattress, making it on to our list of the best mattresses for sex.

  • Increased mattress edge support
  • Enhanced support in the midsection
  • Impressive lifetime warranty
  • Mattress option for plus-sized people
  • Excellent bounce and responsiveness due to spring support core
  • Off-gassing period lasts about 24 hours
  • Not affordable on every budget
  • Heavy and hard to move around
  • Not easy to clean

3. Casper (Best Choice for Spinal Alignment)

The Casper

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Firmness: Targeted regions vary in firmness
  • Height: 10 inches
  • In-home Trial Period: 100 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 10 years

This contender from Casper is our best pick of mattresses that promote advanced spinal alignment. The mattress is guaranteed to provide optimum comfort while you sleep or play.


The Casper mattress is one of the best for sex due to its medium-firm feel that is fine-tuned to different regions of the body. It is also affordable without sacrificing any luxury traits.

The foam mattress helps support core muscles in the lumbar region and provides a softer feel around your shoulders so you can rest easily in any sleep or sex position. This bed also has a dense support layer on the base to eliminate bottoming out and to increase durability.

When it comes to cleaning unexpected messes, the Casper mattress has you covered. It has a removable cover that can easily be machine-washed, dried, and put back on as often as you need. When it comes to sex, this is a great advantage that can keep your mattress clean for many years to come.

The upper layer provides more bounce than most foam materials and the transition layer enables even weight distribution across the surface of the mattress so you do not sink in too far for comfort. All of the foams combined provide pressure relief to maximize comfort during sex or sleep, as well.

The Casper uses open-cell memory foam on the top layer and throughout the mattress to help regulate temperature. The tiny pores let heat escape so it does not build up inside the mattress and cause you to overheat while being active. Considering the Casper mattress for sex is something you won’t regret if you value healthy intimacy with your partner.

  • Zoned support regions maximize comfort
  • Advanced motion isolation
  • Accurate pressure relief
  • Super easy to clean
  • Affordable with speedy delivery
  • Mattress retains some heat
  • Does not have anough bounce for some
  • Slight off-gassing smell
  • No additional edge support

4. Bear (Best Choice for Athletic Couples and Recovery)


  • Mattress Type: Memory foam blend with Celliant technology
  • Firmness: 7 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest)
  • Height: 10 inches
  • In-home Trial Period: 100 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 10 years

Moving forward with our mattress reviews, when it comes to athletic couples seeking an active recovery, the Bear mattress takes the cake.


Considered among the best mattresses for sex, the Bear mattress’s cover is woven with Celliant’s infrared yarn technology which converts your body’s heat into infrared light to reflect back at your body’s skin and muscle tissue. Celliant is an FDA-determined medical device that claims to promote better sleep, regulate body temperature, aid in the recovery of sore and strained muscles, and increase daily and athletic performance. Of course, all of these perks are great for your sex life and sleep comfort, too!

The layers in this high-density memory foam bed even support core muscles and advanced contour for healthy spinal alignment. Although this is considered one of the best mattresses for sex, it is not as bouncy as some of the other options, but it is responsive and supportive for a better sleeping experience.

The Bear employs a breathable cover paired with a cooling graphite gel memory foam to help you stay cool, even when you are heating things up before you fall asleep. Thus, it provides the best comfort in any sexual activity.

  • Celliant technology increases circulation and athletic performance
  • Advanced mattress cooling and moisture-wicking capability
  • Supportive with accurate pressure relief
  • Offers a 100-night sleep trial
  • Environment-friendly materials
  • No additional edge support
  • Minimal off-gassing period
  • Lacking in bounce for some
  • Recommended 30-night break-in period
  • Not easy to clean

5. Leesa (Best Value)


  • Mattress Type: Foam blend
  • Firmness: 6-7 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest)
  • Height: 10 inches
  • In-home trial period: 100 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 10 years

Taking the reviews’ best value choice is this mattress from Leesa which is not only great for sex but for side sleepers, too. It is certainly affordable and guaranteed made from high-quality materials. With its medium-firm feel and advanced responsiveness, choosing the Leesa mattress for sex can be considered quite a good bedroom investment.


The upper layer of Avena LSA200 foam makes the Leesa mattress a bit bouncier and more responsive than many other foam mattresses. It also provides a nice contour that does not make changing positions rapidly difficult. However, despite it being a good mattress for sex, it does not have additional lumbar or edge support. Despite this, the surface does provide accurate pressure relief and just enough bounce to make sex enjoyable and fun.

The unique Avena LSA200 foam also has an open-cell structure in order to help facilitate cooling and airflow throughout the entire mattress. Furthermore, the Leesa mattress also has an open weave knit cover which helps to wick moisture away from the skin while maintaining breathability.

  • More bounce than other foam mattresses
  • Advanced motion isolation
  • Leesa donates 1 bed for every 10 sold
  • Excellent at regulating temperature, providing great comfort
  • Supportive with accurate pressure relief
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not easy to clean
  • No additional edge support
  • No additional lumbar support
  • Only 1 firmness option

6. The Loom & Leaf by Saatva (Best Memory Foam Choice)

loom & leaf

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Firmness: Relaxed Firm: 5-7, Firm 7-9 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest)
  • Height: 12 inches
  • In-home trial period: 120 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 15 years

Coming in with two firmness options, the Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva is our pick for the best memory foam mattress for sex. Both of these two different choices are great for intimate adventures. Although, we recommend the firmer option for heavier couples or back and stomach sleepers.


The high-quality eco-friendly foams used in the Loom & Leaf are dense and supportive. This memory foam mattress also provides superior contour, thanks to its memory foam construction. Some people do not prefer having sex on a memory foam mattress due to its extreme level of contour. However, this foam bed is responsive and does not allow you to sink in too far for quick position changes.

To ensure we stay cool, the Loom & Leaf incorporates a layer of convoluted foam to enhance airflow and breathability. This convoluted memory foam also has a gel-swirl construction technique that helps the mattress feel cool to the touch. A cooling gel spinal panel also targets your lumbar area, which generally tends to retain heat. This is particularly beneficial for keeping you cool during sex or sleep. In addition, the cover on these memory foam mattresses is breathable and helps to keep stale air from getting trapped inside.

  • Advanced cooling for best comfort
  • Multiple options for firmness
  • Free white glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • Uses only eco-friendly foams
  • Advanced pressure relief and contour
  • Not as bouncy as a hybrid mattress
  • No additional edge support
  • Minimal off-gassing period
  • Not affordable on every budget
  • Not easy to clean

7. Helix (Best Choice for Couples with Different Sleep Needs)


  • Mattress Type: Hybrid innerspring and varying foams
  • Firmness: Multiple firmnesses: Dawn: 8-8.5, Twilight: 7-7.5, Dusk: 6-6.5, Midnight: 5-5.5, Moonlight: 4-4.5, Sunset: 3.5
  • Height: 10 inches
  • In-home trial period: 100 nights
  • Mattress Warranty: 10 years

Not only the best hybrid mattress for sex, but the Helix hybrid mattress is also our finest choice for couples with different sleep needs.


This hybrid mattress is available in six different firmnesses, but we recommend the Twilight or Dusk mattresses for a medium-firm feel that is both supportive and responsive enough for sex but also a great choice for side sleepers or those who move around a lot during the night. Furthermore, the Helix mattress offers a design that specifically caters to heavier people and two split designs that allow you to have different firmness levels on the left and right sides.

This mattress’s layers of memory foam – paired with hundreds of tiny individually wrapped coils – make this mattress supportive across the entire surface, so you can feel free to move around. In addition, the Helix hybrid includes zoned lumbar support and advanced edge support for luxurious comfort. While the springs add to the edge support significantly, the mattress design also includes a reinforced perimeter so you can sit on the edge with ease.

The individually wrapped coils give the bed ample bounce and responsive feel that many find ideal for a sexual romp. Furthermore, the layers of poly foam and memory foam provide contour without allowing you to sink in too far.

Additionally, the dual-layer cover on this memory foam mattress is breathable and wicks away moisture while you’re busy or in deep sleep. The open-air coils work together with the breathable foams to keep you cool by ensuring heat is not building up and retained within the inner layers of the bed. This provides additional comfort in any activity making this a top contender on our list looking for the best mattress for sex.

  • Split design is great for couples
  • 6 firmness levels with an additional option designed for heavier people
  • Enhanced lumbar support
  • Bouncy and responsive
  • Reinforced edge support
  • Customer reports of mattress cover bunching
  • Not easy to clean
  • No additional lumbar support
  • Some motion transfer experienced

How to Get a Mattress That is Great for Sex: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

a couple thinking on the bed

Choosing a mattress that makes sex easier and not more difficult, is simple if you know what to look for. The following sections further explain why we chose the mattresses in our top 7 reviews, so you can be confident in your decision. Moreover, you can get the best mattress for your specific sleep needs whether you and your partner are side sleepers, combo sleepers or you just need some extra lumbar support.

Best Traits of a Mattress Ideal for Intimate Adventures

When it comes to buying a mattress for ultimate sexual satisfaction, you should start by understanding which mattress type is available and which traits make them more or less ideal for accommodating sexual encounters. Some will let you complete a sleep trial, so you can test it out and send it back if it doesn’t work out. The best mattress for sex will include the following characteristics:

a. Sufficient Support for Couples in Any Position

When it comes to sex, most people enjoy a medium-firm feel. Generally, this will be firm enough to support those vital pressure points as well as the stacked weight of two people without a lot of sinkage or spinal misalignment. Aside from the discouraging spinal condition, a softer-feeling bed could make you feel stuck on the surface causing you to use more energy when you try switching positions quickly.

b. Additional Features Beneficial to Sexual Activities

  • Edge Support

This particular feature can be quite advantageous for sex because it allows you to sit on the edge of the bed without falling or sliding off. Many mattresses offer reinforced edge support so you and your partner can try seated positions on the edge, or even hang off the side of the mattress to access different angles and increase sexual pleasure. Depending on if you have a memory foam choice, an innerspring mattress, or a latex mattress, the edge support will vary and should not be overlooked.

  • Lumbar Support

This comes in handy when you stack your body weight during sex. Keeping your hips and lower back regions elevated will promote healthy spinal alignment and help prevent straining your back muscles with the repetitive motions often associated with sex. Many mattresses offer this kind of additional support because we hold most of our body weight in our midsections, and this often doubles during sexual activity.

c. Bounce and Contour Balance

Your mattress’s responsiveness also factors heavily in sexual enjoyment. The last thing you want from your bed is for it to throw off your rhythm when things are heating up. You also want to avoid sinking in too far, as we mentioned above regarding the firmness.

To achieve an optimal feel for sex, you will want to find a great balance between bounce and contour. Bounce can help enhance your natural rhythm while also allowing you to use a little less energy, which often results in prolonged endurance. When it comes to contour, a memory foam that responds quickly to your movements will be ideal for sex and changing positions rapidly, so you do not feel stuck and can focus your energy on enjoyment.

d. Temperature Regulation

Maintaining a cool mattress surface is definitely a key when it comes to languorous activity in bed. Many new mattresses incorporate breathable materials, open-celled or convoluted foams, graphite infusions, and/or gel infusions or layers to help keep you cool, even when things are heating up. Look for these materials to ensure heat does not get trapped inside, to wick away moisture, and to emit a cooling sensation that feels great while sleeping or playing in bed.

e. Easy to Clean

Truth be told, sex can be messy. Not only do you work up a sweat, but saliva, lubricant, and ejaculatory fluids can also contribute to the mess. This makes it important to keep your mattress clean so it will last for as long as possible without developing any smell or stains. Some mattresses are starting to use removable, machine-washable covers to make clean-up super easy, but the trend is only starting to take off so it’s not very common yet.

If you are a particularly messy lover, you may want to make a removable cover a priority. On the other hand, you may want to consider buying a mattress protector that can easily be removed and washed. 

 f. Minimal to Zero Noise

Anyone who has tried having sex on a squeaky bed or bed frame can tell how inconvenient it can be. Not only it is distracting, but such an intriguing sound may also cause embarrassment on your part if there are other occupants in the house.

With the increasing prominence of innerspring mattresses, a noisy bed is becoming less and less common. Often, when there is noise, it can be attributed to the bed frame and not the springs inside your bed. All of the mattresses on our list are squeak-free and will stay that way for their entire lifespan. You may also consider a latex mattress if you are looking for a noise-free option.

 g. Durability, Lifespan, and Warranty

pillow fighting couple

Considering the additional pressure of sexual activity in your bed, you want to ensure that your mattress is durable and long-lasting. With the incorporation of varying memory foams into mattress designs, you can certainly expect more durability than with explicitly innerspring mattresses of the past. Alternatively, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option then latex mattresses would be a good fit.

A mattress warranty is a good indicator of what you should be able to expect from a new mattress considering its lifespan. The warranty also indicates the company’s confidence in their product which is a definite nod to durability. What’s more, some will allow you to complete a sleep trial so you can send it back if you lose any sleep.

There are definitely mattresses that cater to a healthy sex life that did not make our list. So while Purple mattress, Nectar mattress, and Tuft and Needle mattresses did not top the chart, that does not mean you shouldn’t look into them if you want. You may also want to consider latex mattresses which have a range of great properties you may find beneficial to your sex life. However, we have done the reviews and we stand behind our choices for the 7 best mattresses for sex.

Final Thoughts on Picking the Right Mattress

Now that you have learned so much about what makes the best mattress for sex. Let’s quickly review so you can make a final decision on what will work best for sex, as well as for your other sleeping priorities. Our Editor’s choice for the best bed for sex – the Saatva mattress. Here’s why:

  • The hybrid design provides just the right amount of bounce and contour.
  • The memory foam and coils are responsive and fast-acting.
  • Different firmness options provide you with a customizable feel.
  • The mattress has varying heights for easy access, regardless of your height.
  • It has a lengthy 120-night in-home trial period with a 15-year warranty.
  • This mattress features additional lumbar support.
  • Reinforced edge support makes the entire surface stable and usable in any position.
  • Lastly, the Saatva mattress is breathable and wicks away moisture from your skin.

Our only complaint regarding the Saatva mattress is that it does not feature a removable cover.

Looking for a new mattress that suits your needs can be a daunting task, but we are here to help even when it comes to sex. We hope all of our extensive research is just what you needed to point you in the right direction and get you on your way to a healthy, and active sex life that is truly enhanced by your mattress. Have fun experimenting once your decision has been made!

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