Big Fig Mattress Review 2020 – Is It the Best Choice for You?

Big Fig Mattress

Durability 4.5
Motion Isolation 4.6
Temperature Regulation 4.5
Edge Support 4.8


  • Very comfortable
  • Suits different sleep positions - back, side and stomach
  • Immediate cooling sensation
  • Withstands frequent heavy motion


  • May be too firm for some
  • Delivery time could be tricky depending on your schedule

The Big Fig Mattress is one of the first-ever mattresses to be designed with heavier and taller sleepers as the target demographic. For this reason, it is able to best cater to more specific needs, like overheating in bed and it excels in certain categories like extreme durability, superior edge support, and advanced motion isolation. This Big Fig Mattress review will help you determine if it is the best mattress for you so you can achieve restful and rejuvenating sleep night after night.

Big Fig Mattress Review

Big Fig recently sent us one of their mattresses to sleep on and review so we can share our thoughts with other consumers. We chose the King size mattress, the standard 5” foundation, and the Big Fig bed frame for our setup.

Following is a complete review of the delivery process and the unboxing, or lack thereof. We will also talk about the materials used to construct the mattress, the foundation, and the frame. Additionally, we will discuss the best features of the mattress and the experience we had sleeping on it even though we do not fit into the demographic of heavier or taller sleepers that this mattress was specifically designed for.

Features & Benefits

1. The Delivery Process

There’s is no better place to start our Big Fig Mattress review than at the very beginning, with the delivery process. We got the white glove delivery service, which is often included with promotions on the site.

Once the Big Fig mattress was at a carrier facility near our location, the company gave us two dates to choose from for delivery and setup. We chose a delivery date and was given a four-hour window for delivery. On the day of delivery, we was given a courtesy call 45 minutes prior to the delivery team’s arrival. They showed up right on time and once they were at the front door, it only took them a total of 10 minutes to completely set up the entire Big Fig bed, including the bed frame. When they were finished, they even took all of the plastic and packaging trash with them. It was the best perk.

2. Construction of the Mattress, Foundation, and Frame

a. Mattressdifferent layers within the bed

The Big Fig bed is a firm hybrid mattress comprised of 6 different components listed in order from top to bottom:

  1. A quilted topper infused with ThermoGel Cooling Technology
  2. A layer of perforated, gel-infused latex foam
  3. 3 layers of polyfoam
  4. A base of 1600 individually wrapped steel coils
  5. A perimeter of high-density edge foam surrounding the entire mattress
  6. Tufted in sixteen different places

b. Foundation

the foundation

The Big Fig Foundation is included in the overall price and is part of every mattress purchase. It is available in a 5” or 9” standard height and you can further customize the height of the Big Fig bed to best suit your personal needs. Big Fig foundations are made with a double center rail and 18 2.5” wooden slats.

c. Frame

the frameThe Big Fig Frame also has a double center rail and is made from recycled railroad steel. It boasts a 2,000 lb. weight limit and has individually functioning legs that allow it to level on uneven surfaces. Reviews have mentioned that the more weight is applied, the sturdier the mattress becomes.

3. Stand Out Features

The Big Fig mattress has several prominent features that allow it to not only cater to the big and tall community but also be appealing to the average consumer, let’s check them out.

a. Durability

Several reviews have mentioned that durability is key for big and tall sleepers, as the added weight causes deterioration of the materials at an accelerated rate.

Big Fig mattresses combat this issue by using 50% more steel coils than your average mattress, 50% denser foam than your average mattress, double center bars for support in the foundation and frame, and by placing 16 tufts on the cover which help prevent sagging and stretching over time.

Big Fig mattresses also have a 20-year warranty and are made in the USA, which denotes quality and durability.

b. Edge Support

edge support

Having good edge support on a foam mattress can be hard to come by, but the Big Fig handles it with ease by incorporating a high-density layer of foam around the perimeter of the mattress. This foam helps it maintain its original shape and not compress when you sit or lie near the end.

Edge support is particularly important for sleepers with limited mobility such as hip or lower back pain and women in late-term pregnancy. Good edge support allows you to sit and stand off the end easily which can alleviate some pain. Edge support is also important for couples who want to maximize the usable surface area of their mattress. Some reviews say that having good edge support can increase the usable surface area by as much as 30%.

c. Motion Isolation

Motion isolation can be beneficial if you sleep with a fidgety partner, sleep with pets, or sleep with a partner who gets into and out of bed throughout your sleep cycle.

Customer reviews mention that unlike other mattresses that contain springs, the Big Fig mattress does a fantastic job at absorbing energy and motion before it can transfer across the surface. The thick layers of foam paired with the quilted topper nearly eliminate motion and you can rest assured that you will not be disturbed while asleep.

d. Temperature Regulation

Overheating at night is particularly prominent in heavier and taller sleepers because they emit more body heat which is absorbed by the mattress. However, sleeping hot can affect many types of people and a mattress that sleeps cool, like the Big Fig, can lead to better quality sleep and prevent excessive sweating at night.

To provide superior temperature regulation, the Big Fig Mattress uses ThermoGel Cooling Technology in the top cover which is moisture activated. The cover is also breathable and promotes airflow to the inner layers of the mattress. The second layer of latex foam is perforated to ensure breathability and is also gel-infused to promote a cooling effect. The individually wrapped coils also allow air to escape through the bottom layer without absorbing and retaining heat in the process.

The Experience

What We Liked

sleeping on my backSleeping on the Big Fig Mattress was very comfortable and woke up every morning feeling well-rested. During this review, even though the mattress was a bit firm, we were able to sleep on our side comfortably and did not wake up with any shoulder pain. Although we change sleep positions frequently throughout the night, we still felt supported and comfortable sleeping on our back and sleeping on our stomach in this mattress.

The most noticeable feature for us was the immediate cooling sensation the mattress provides. As soon as you lay down, you can feel how cool the top of the mattress is and it maintains this all night long. If you are someone who sleeps hot and often sweats during the night, you’ll be able to sleep on this mattress without overheating at all. All of the cooling components of this mattress work extremely well.

Reviews from other customers say that another good feature to note is the sturdiness of the Big Fig bed frame. We were able to test this by jumping on the mattress and moving around vigorously. The frame of the mattress didn’t budge at all. It is rather impressive and appears to be best at being able to withstand frequent heavier motion without any disturbance. Old bed frames can be a bit wobbly so the difference is very noticeable if you will make the switch.

What We Didn’t Like

As for Big Fig Mattress complaints, we don’t have many. First, as someone who weighs less than 150 pounds, the Big Fig bed feels a bit firm. Many reviews from other people mention that they prefer this but we do not. If you want a softer mattress or you don’t weigh much, this may not be the best choice for you.

Second, because this mattress is not compressed, it cannot be delivered at any time in a small box. The delivery service was a great benefit but if you are not able to get four hours off of work during the week for delivery, then some customer reviews say that receiving your new mattress could become tricky.

In Conclusion

Let’s quickly review. The Big Fig bed is best at being a high-quality product that excels in durability, motion isolation, temperature regulation, and edge support which make it particularly beneficial for tall and heavier people. It is a long-lasting mattress that accommodates all sleepers in different sleep positions.

the Big Fig bedOverall, this mattress is very supportive and comfortable for back, stomach and side sleepers. We recommend it for those who prefer a firm feeling mattress or people who want a long-term investment. This mattress is also best for sleepers who tend to overheat at night and sleep hot. And of course, it is for big and tall people looking for a mattress that caters specifically to their body type.

We hope this Big Fig Mattress review helps you decide whether or not this is the best mattress for you and your specific sleep needs, even if you are not part of their target big and tall demographic.

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