Best Organic Sheets 2022 – Our Top 10 Picks Compared

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Sometimes, the smallest things can affect whether or not you have a good night’s sleep.

A lumpy pillow that’;s lost some of its bounce can leave you with a neck pain that you can’t shake off all night. A duvet that doesn’t quite fit your bed will ensure that you and your partner spend all night fighting over who should get the most cover.

While people often consider their beds, mattresses, and even pillows when they’re shopping to ensure a good night’s rest, it’s easy to overlook the importance of another crucial investment: a set of soft organic sheets that are 100% chemical-free. Not only are the best organic sheets designed with a luxurious thread count and a focus on aesthetic appeal, but they’re also ideal for those who are worried about things like fair trade purchases and environmentally friendly textiles.

If you’re sick and tired of being kept awake by scratchy materials and fabrics that just can’t breathe, then now might be the perfect time to upgrade your bedding. Investing in some organic cotton sheets made in USA factories will help you enjoy the sleeping experience that you deserve.

Fortunately, to help you make the perfect choice for your organic slumber, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite sheets on the market today.

Let’;s take a look.

Top 10 Best Organic Sheets

1. Pure Bamboo (Editor’;s Choice)

Pure Bamboo

Thread Count: 300
In-home Trial: 100% refund for returns
Colors: 12 colors: white, ivory, charcoal, sea glass, purple, sand, cobalt blue, silver pearl, sterling blue, stone gray, and stripes
Pocket Depth: 16 inches

Organic bedsheets come in a range of different styles and materials. Some of these products are made from fresh cotton, whereas others rely on wool and other natural textiles to deliver the best results. Manufactured by a company known for producing some of the softest organic sheets on the market, this Pure Bamboo bedding set makes for an excellent option for today’;s discerning buyers.


Made from 100% bamboo viscose, these high-quality bedsheets and flat sheets are never blended with other organic textile fibers, so you know that you’;re getting the ultimate pure experience. The fully-elasticated deep-pocket sheets make it much easier to fit your organic sheets onto any bed too even if your mattress is up to 16 inches thick.

With a 300 thread count sateen weave, you can rest assured that this bedding will be softer, sleeker, and more durable than most of the other products you’;ve had a chance to test so far. What’;s more, the kit comes with everything you need to transform your bed – a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two 2 envelope-style pillowcases.

On the downside, the pillowcases can become quite loose over time, losing their shape in the wash. Additionally, the bamboo organic materials are quite warm so they may not be best for hot sleepers.

  • Complete set for your bed
  • Amazing 300 thread sateen weave
  • 100% bamboo organic textile
  • Easy to fit on even thicker mattresses
  • Very soft design
  • Sheets can stretch over time
  • Quite warm

2. DTY Bamboo 5-Piece (Luxury Choice)

DTY Bamboo 5-Piece


Thread Count: 320
In-home Trial: 90 days
Colors: Light gray
Pocket Depth: 18 inches

Another excellent choice for those who love the luxury of bamboo, these sheets are made entirely from 100% bamboo viscose. If you’;re not a fan of the feeling of cotton, and you need something more luxurious for your bedding, this DTY 5-piece might just be perfect for your bedroom.


The Oeko-TEX certified organic sheets in this DTY kit are sure to give you an amazing night of sleep, with minimal environmental impact. What’;s more, unlike some of the other organic sheets made with bamboo on the market today, these bed sheets remain delightfully cool all night, complete with built-in temperature regulating features.

The absorbent nature of this bamboo organic bedding means that you get a luxuriously soft and comfortable set of textiles, with the ability to get rid of sweat and moisture quickly. The sheets will help to keep you dry in the summer, and warm in the winter make it a great all-year bedroom staple. With this DTY kit, you can enjoy everything you need for a good night’;s rest, from pillowcases to fitted sheets and more. What’;s more, the product is available in a range of sizes.

Unfortunately, some of the reviews that we read suggested that these sheets can be much too cold when you first get into bed. Additionally, the elastic on the fitted bedding can wear out very quickly.

  • Excellent thermal regulation
  • Certified organic design
  • Meets the global organic textile standard
  • Beautiful range of colors and sizes
  • Helps with removing sweat
  • Much cooler than cotton, which can be upsetting in the winter
  • Elastic on fitted bedding wears out quickly

3. Pinzon 300 (Best Value)

Pinzon 300

Thread Count: 300
In-home Trial: Amazon 30-day return policy
Colors: 6 colors: blush, dove grey, flint blue, natural, navy blue, and white
Pocket Depth: 16 inches

Just because you want a luxurious set of organic cotton sheets to sleep in each night doesn’;t mean that you have to spend a fortune on them. Fortunately, these excellent 300 thread count Pinzon sheets offer fantastic value.


Approved by leading organic textile standard companies, like GOTS, these certified organic cotton sheets are perfect for keeping you comfortable all night long.

These organic cotton sheets are made using cotton grown from non-GMO seeds, and there are no chemicals used throughout its processing procedure that could diminish the quality of your bedding. The chemical free sheets provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to soothe you to sleep when you’;re struggling to drift off.

Furthermore, to make your life a little easier, this super soft bedding is designed with techno fit technology. That means that it can fit well to most mattresses and stay securely in bed all night.

A common problem with this sheet set, which often appears in cotton sheets, is that the fabric gets wrinkles and creases very easily. It’;s hard to keep them looking pristine when you’;re using them. On the plus side, you get an excellent lightweight sheet for summer. However, some reviewers say that the cotton organic sheet is too cold for winter.

  • Approved by global organic standards
  • GOTS certified
  • High thread count with breathable performance
  • Technofit technology keeps the bedding secure
  • Available in a selection of styles and sizes
  • Collects a lot of wrinkles and creases
  • Can be a bit too cool for winter

4. Bampure Bamboo

Bampure Bamboo


Thread Count: 300
In-home Trial: 100% refund for returns
Colors: 8 colors: white, stone gray, navy blue, charcoal gray, black, light blue, purple, and sand
Pocket Depth: 16 inches

Another option for lovers of fair trade organic sheets, the Bampure bamboo sheets are made with pure organic bamboo. That means that you get a sensationally soft set of bed sheets, grown in a chemical-free environment.


Made from 100% pure, organically grown bamboo, these sheets are approved by the latest textile standard to provide you the peace of mind you need in your investment. The 100 percent organic bamboo used is also fantastically odor-resistant and great for temperature regulation. The deluxe sheets allow air to move through them freely, which means that odors are less likely to build up. For hot sleepers, the breathability also means that you’;re less likely to wake up covered in sweat as you would be with some other cotton sheet set options.

The Bamboo sheet set from Bampure comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a selection of 2 pillowcases. Your fitted sheet will be fully elasticated, and it’;s capable of fitting mattresses anywhere up to 16 inches thick. Additionally, unlike some other organic sheet providers, Bampure offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

However, if you don’;t like sateen sheets, then you won’;t like this bedding as it’;s very slippery and soft. In addition, you might find that the sheet set starts to wrinkle a bit after regular washes. On the plus side, they do keep you cool.

  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Global organic textile standard approved
  • Luxuriously soft and silky weave
  • 4 piece sheet set
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Won’;t appeal to those who like a cotton feel
  • Can get quite wrinkly in the wash

5. Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch


Thread Count: 300
In-home Trial: Amazon 30-day return policy
Colors: 3 colors: solid natural, solid pewter, and solid white
Pocket Depth: 17 inches

Boll & Branch offers a fantastic certified organic cotton set of sheets for people in search of some extra luxury at night. Not only are these sheets organic but they’;re GOTS certified too, so you know that you’;re getting amazing quality.

These sheets are made with cotton imported from both fair trade certified farms and factories around India. Each set comes with 2 pillowcases, as well as a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. As an extra bonus, this Boll & Branch set also includes a reusable laundry bag.

Available in a wide selection of neutral colors to suit most bedrooms, this luxury organic sheet set is sure to change the way that you think about settling down for bed at night. Made with the best quality cotton on the market, the Boll & Branch sheet set is a world away from what you’;re used to in your local store. What’;s more, you know that you’;re getting a sheet set that has been made with love and ethics.

It is worth noting, however, that these cotton sheets may feel a little scratchy at first, and you may see some pilling after a wash. Additionally, unlike some of the best organic sheets we’;ve seen, these products aren’;t great at stretching.

  • Excellent super soft organic sheets
  • 100% cotton sheets
  • Fair trade and certified organic
  • Available in a selection of colors and sizes
  • Includes full sheet set
  • Can feel a little scratchy at first
  • Loses quality with regular washing
  • Not very stretchy

6. Tissaj 500 Thread Count

Tissaj 500 Thread Count

Thread Count: 500
In-home Trial: 100% refund for returns
Colors: 5 colors: natural, ultra white, navy blue, ice blue, and smoke gray
Pocket Depth: 16 inches

Finding the best organic sheets made in USA can be difficult. That’;s why some shoppers decide to look for imported options to serve their needs. For instance, this set of 500 thread count certified organic cotton sheets from Tissaj is a revolution in luxury. Designed with approval from the Global Organic Textile Standard, this set of organic sheets is sure to delight you and your family.


Every part of this organic sheet set has been constructed with absolutely no exposure to any dangerous chemicals and toxins. Additionally, to ensure that they’;ll fit onto any bed, the Tissaj brand has designed these organic cotton sheets with plenty of elasticity. The queen fitted cotton sheets will fit up to a 16-inch thick mattress. Each organic sheet set comes with all the products that you need to make your bed look and feel amazing, including fitted and flat sheets. There’;s also a set of pillowcases included too.

For extra peace of mind, this contender for the best pure organic bedding on the market also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that you can rest assured that the Tissaj company will be there to help if you encounter problems with your bedding set. Like some of the other organic cotton sheets that we’;ve covered so far in this review, a known downside is that the set can wrinkle a lot.

Furthermore, the neutral colors that these organic sheets come in won’;t be appealing to everyone. You might prefer a company that offers a wider selection to choose from.

  • Excellent cotton sheets approved by organic textile standard
  • Elasticated surround fits a range of mattresses
  • Full set included
  • 100% cotton design
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited range of organic sheet options
  • Cotton isn’;t as soft as some people expected
  • Cotton can wrinkle a lot

7. One Park Linens Set

One Park Linens Set


Thread Count: 400
In-home Trial: 30-day return policy
Colors: 6 colors: white, natural,ivory, grey, black, and light grey
Pocket Depth:16 inches

Another fantastic set of organic sheets approved by the global organic textile standard, the One Park Linens sheet set is created to give you all the benefits of eco-friendly organic sheets and luxury bedding in one package.


Ethically made from the finest high-quality combined yarn, the sheets are delightfully soft and wonderfully breathable. Like many products on the organic sheet market, the One Park Linens set comes with an appealing sateen weave that’;s smooth and silky to the touch. It’;s almost as though you’;re sleeping on silk instead of cotton. Additionally, not only are these sheets organic, but they’;re beautifully wrapped, making them perfect for gifting as part of a total bedding set.

Like some of the other global organic approved companies that we’;ve looked at so far, the One Park Linens brand also promises a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’;re not totally happy with your cotton sheets after 30 days of purchase, then you can email the company and they’;ll sort out the problem for you.

Affordable and rich in value, these organic sheets are great for any household. On the downside, they do come out with a slightly chemical smell. Additionally, the organic set can begin to lose some of its softness after the first wash.

  • One hundred percent certified organic cotton
  • Beautifully packaged set for gifting
  • Global organic textile and fair trade approved
  • Satisfaction guarantee included
  • High quality sateen weave
  • Odd smell when first received
  • Products lose some of their softness after just one wash

8. SOL Organics Cotton

SOL Organics Cotton

Thread Count: 600
In-home Trial: Amazon return policy
Colors:12 colors: burgundy solid, ivory solid, dark grey solid, light blue solid, navy blue solid, silver grey solid, taupe solid, white solid, teal, blush, moss, and funny stars
Pocket Depth: 16 inches

The Sol Organics 4-piece sheet and pillowcase set is another excellent option for those looking for organic cotton sheets. If you want the best organic bedding that money can buy, including the best organic sheets, Sol organics products are sure to impress and amaze you.


Not only are these sheets organic, but they also come with a fantastic satisfaction guarantee, so you know that you can rest assured that you’;re dealing with a company that’;s going to look after you. Once you buy the products you want from this brand, you can simply contact the company if you notice any problems with your organic sheets.

These global trade certified sheets also come with the option to choose expedited shipping. That means that if you need your bedding fast perhaps to impress some impending visitors, then you can have it delivered as soon as you need it. From the moment you lay on these organic sheets, you’;ll be able to feel the value in every thread. On the downside, these cotton sheets are a little thinner than some of the other options on the market.

Additionally, like many organic sheet products, the Sol organics items can be prone to creasing and wrinkling.

  • Expedited shipping options
  • Fair trade and certified organic
  • Complete set including fitted sheet
  • Excellent range of sizes
  • One hundred percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Quite thin cotton sheets
  • Organic sheets can crease and wrinkle easily

9. Sleep Mantra Cotton Set

Sleep Mantra Cotton Set


Thread Count: 300
In-home Trial: 100% refund for returns
Colors: 5 colors: white, ivory, taupe, light grey, and dark grey
Pocket Depth: 14 inches

The Sleep Mantra selection of organic cotton sheets is another fantastic option for people who want incredible comfort, combined with the knowledge that not only are their sheets organic, but they’;re fair trade and trade certified too.


These high-quality organic sheets come with a high thread count for a soft and supple feeling. Thanks to the classic percale weave fabric in this organic sheet, you can rest assured that you’;re going to get a durable performance that stands the test of time. Furthermore, these organic cotton sheets are also designed to be breathable and excellent at temperature regulation. That means that you don’;t have to worry about sweating too much during the night.

The complete certified organic cotton set comes with a chemical-free design and 14-inch deep pockets, perfect for fitting most mattresses. There’;s also a range of other sheets included with your fitted bedding, to complete your bedroom’;s overall look.

If you need cotton sheets that are going to look good and feel amazing, then the Sleep Mantra collection could be the best organic provider for you. Each and every organic sheet in the collection even comes with an easy-to-maintain design. When you clean them, they don’;t lose any of their softness or style. The sheets also come in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Unfortunately, something about these organic sheets causes them to rustle and make a lot of noise as you move around. Additionally, the sheets can be quite stiff when you first take them out of the packaging.

  • Completely organic sheet made with 100% cotton
  • Trade friendly organic cotton sheets
  • High thread count for greater luxury
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Stiff when you first unwrap them
  • Make a lot of noise

10. Whisper Organics

Whisper Organics

Thread Count: 500
In-home Trial: 90 days
Colors: 4 colors: white, natural, ivory, and silver
Pocket Depth: 13.5 inches

Finally, these sensational cotton sheets from Whisper Organics are sure to help you fall in love with your bed all over again. These trade certified organic cotton sheets are some of the best on the market, with full GOTS approval, and a chemical-free design.


The extravagant softness that goes into each of these Whisper Organics sheets means that you know that not only are your sheets organic, but they’;re truly indulgent too.

Along with fitted and flat sheets, the kit comes with a pair of pillowcases for your bed. All of the organic sheets that you’;ll get when you make your purchase share the same silky sateen finish, with an embroidered trim. Unlike some other organic sheets, the Whisper Organics products are also made to deliver excellent results all year round, no matter which size you choose.

The Whisper Organics company is so confident in the performance it can offer, that it provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. All you need to do is contact the company if you’;re unhappy, and you can return your organic sheet for a full refund. On the downside, some people said that when it comes to getting the best organic sheets, these options aren’;t as soft as they expected.

Additionally, the Whisper Organic sheets also suffer from the problem of excessive wrinkling and creasing.

  • Stunning organic sheets with embroidery
  • High quality thread count
  • Certified and approved
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Full sheet collection
  • Products wrinkle and crease easily
  • Not as soft as some organic sheets

Are Organic Sheets Better?

organic cotton bedding
Organic sheets are healthier,
less exposed to chemicals, and often a lot softer than their conventional counterparts. Whether you love the planet and want to protect the world, or you’;re just looking for a good night’;s rest, organic sheets can be a good choice.

The reviews above might have given you an insight into some of the things you can look at when you’;re choosing organic sheets for your bed. Components like thread count, from 400 thread sheets to 200 thread options, can make a huge difference to how your bedding feels. A 400 thread count would definitely provide a more luxurious and thicker sheet experience.

However, before you can make the right choice regarding the best organic sheets, you’;ll need to know what makes organic sheets so much better than the traditional options on the market. We’;re living in a world where buying new bed accessories isn’;t as easy as it used to be. Rather than just choosing color and sizes, you also need to think about everything from the number of multi-ply yarns used to how the organic materials were processed.

What Are the Healthiest Bed Sheets?

Organic sheets – be it percale or sateen – are usually considered to be a lot healthier than their chemical-ridden counterparts. No matter whether you choose cotton or bamboo, picking the best organic sheets means that you won’;t have to worry about exposing yourself and your family to chemicals and preservatives that often go into synthetic sheets.

cotton plant

The best organic sheets for you health-wise will depend on your individual needs. Some people find that cotton is the best option if they’;re looking for softness and simple support. Organic cotton bed accessories are free from pesticides and exposure to GMOs. After all, cotton is grown in fields, but the cotton that you get in your sheets can either be organic or riddled with potentially dangerous chemicals. Organic cotton bedding decreases your risk of being exposed to anything from mites to allergens.

On the other hand, although cotton can have a lot of benefits, it might not be the ideal choice for people who are prone to allergies as adults or those who have a family history of allergies. Some people are allergic to cotton, making options like bamboo and wool much more compelling alternatives for their beds.

Why Are Organic Sheets So Great?

Aside from being hypoallergenic and free from chemicals, the best organic sheets can also have other benefits to offer. For instance, proven organic cotton doesn’t contain any metals, which is usually found in the dyes that companies use to add color and stylistic patterns to bedding. Compared to conventional cotton, this could mean that it’s better for people who suffer from asthma.

Additionally, organic fibers like cotton can also be a lot better for temperature control. While polyester and other synthetic materials can try to offer temperature regulation, they’re never going to be as breathable as cotton. Cotton fibers are able to absorb up to 20% of their weight in moisture before they begin feeling damp to the touch. This is excellent if you sweat a lot when you sleep.

Choose your organic sheets correctly, and you also get the benefit of knowing that you’re buying something that’s durable, low-maintenance, and good for the environment. You don’;t have to feel guilty about indulging in a set of luxury 400 thread count cotton sheets when you know that your purchase is giving something back to the planet.

Organic bed accessories are made with a focus on the needs of the environment, and the workers that cultivate the cotton or bamboo for your sheets. In addition, these products are usually surprisingly easy to wash and maintain.

Which Sheets Should You Choose?

woman shopping for bed sheets
So, which are the best organic sheets for your needs? That all depends on your preferences.

We’;re huge fans of the Pure Bamboo organic sheets because of their fantastic design and ability to regulate temperature. This high-thread-count set of sheets will give you a soft and sateen experience whenever you go to bed. With these sheets, you don’;t have to worry about your impact on the environment.

If you prefer cotton sheets, you can also consider the Pinzon 300. This GOTS-approved sheet set will provide you with a luxurious feel that stays wash after wash.

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