Best Bed Frame Legs to Level Up Your Bed

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One of the most important things about living in your own home is making sure that every piece of furniture works to meet your needs. More than anything else, your comfort is of the utmost importance, but how each furniture piece looks comes as a very close second.

You may have probably heard this a million times, but let us tell you once again that a third of our lives are spent sleeping. For that reason, you would want to have only the best of the best when it comes to everything from your beddings to the bed frame itself. Then again, there are instances when what you need is just one simple request to elevate your bed. This is where the best bed frame legs come in.

Bed frame legs are additions that you can attach to your bed in order to raise it up a few inches. These are designed to be sturdy yet simple and functional so that they can serve their purpose for a very long time. You will find hundreds of choices online, so we decided to list our top 10 favorites below to help you out.

10 Best Selling Bed Frame Legs Reviews

1. Home-It Adjustable Bed Risers, Set of 4

If you’;re looking for a set of bed frame risers that won’;t break the bank, check out this awesome package from Home-It. Although the legs look rather bulky, they were specifically designed that way in order to lift the bed safely and have it stay raised securely.

Whether you want to lift your bed extra-high up to eight inches, to medium height at five inches, or just a little bit at three inches, this set of bed risers has got you covered. With just one purchase, you get to have the option to choose the height you want your bed frame to be.

1 15

This set comes with a total of eight pieces. Four of these are five inches high, while the other four are three inches high. You can then stack the five- and three-inch high together to achieve a total height of eight inches.

These are made using heavy-duty plastic called polypropylene, and when installed, can carry weights of up to 1,300 pounds! What’;s more, Home-It made sure that these won’;t scratch or dent hardwood floors. With this set of legs, you can elevate your bed so that you can store some of your stuff underneath your bed. This works perfectly for students living in dorms as well as regular households.

  • Can be adjusted to different heights
  • Very lightweight at 4.5 pounds
  • Available in two colors (black or white)
  • Simple yet functional design
  • Can be used on low sofas and couches
  • Looks bulkier than other options on this list
  • The plastic construction is not that durable

2. King’;s Brand Furniture Bed Frame Glide Legs

If you think that a bed frame leg made entirely of plastic won’;t be able to deliver on its promise, then perhaps this next option from King’;s Brand Furniture is what you need. While it also has plastic construction, it features a metal reinforcement to keep it from falling apart.

Does your bed currently have flimsy legs or on caster wheels? For a more stable place to sleep on, you might want to use these bed frame glide legs from King’;s Brand Furniture. These come in sets of six legs, providing you with two extra legs in case you need them. After all, these are very easy to install, too; all you need to do is remove the casters and just pop these in!

2 17

Similar to the previous bed frame support legs we tried and tested, these are also constructed using heavy-duty plastic. However, to make them even more durable, a metal ring is added around the top part, preventing the plastic from splitting as it carries very heavy loads.

What is great about plastic bed frame legs, like this one, is the fact that they are guaranteed not to leave scratches or scuffs on your tile or hardwood floor. This can be used in bedrooms with any other kind of flooring, and you can be sure that your bed stays stable even when elevated.

  • Has an elegant gold and black finish
  • Strongly and beautifully made
  • Blends in with a bedroom’;s décor
  • The plastic base protects the floor from scratches
  • Can be used on most bed frames
  • Can only carry a maximum of 600 pounds
  • Comes in only one color combination

3. GGLTeck Replacement Furniture Legs

Having space under your furniture provides you with the option to use that extra space for storage. Unfortunately, not all furniture models offer that feature. Thanks to these furniture legs from GGLTeck, though, you can now afford to do this.

The GGLTeck Replacement Furniture Legs comes in a set of four legs. Unlike the other two options we have reviewed so far, these are equipped with mounting plates to secure them onto your furniture. These are made using high-density polyethylene, which is a super strong and heavy-duty kind of plastic.

3 16

Not to compromise on the overall look of your furniture, these have been designed with a wood-grain pattern so that it can complement all kinds of décor. They come in a beautiful black color so as to stay discreet while doing their job.

GGLTeck also kept in mind your convenience, which is why they made sure that this set of furniture legs is compatible with most US-made furniture as well as pieces designed by IKEA. These come with all the needed screws, so all you need to do is mount them to your furniture.

  • Comes in a classic, neutral color
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Can be used on chairs, sofas, ottomans, love seats, and beds
  • Comes with a lifetime money-back or replacement guarantee
  • Designed solidly using durable plastic
  • Arrives with all the needed parts
  • Only available in one color
  • There’;s a visible gap between the legs and the bottom of the furniture

4. Leg Daddy Bed Frame Glide Feet

For our next option, we tried this set of bed frame feet from Leg Daddy. Similar to most legs, these also feature a cone-shaped body, which ensures stability and even distribution of weight.

When you think about bed frame legs, the first things that would probably come to mind are cone-shaped furniture legs, which are actually the most common type. This is because these are designed to be heavy-duty, simple-looking, and functional at the same time. True enough, that is what you’;d get from these bed frame glide feet from Leg Daddy.

4 17

In order to protect your flooring from scratches, these furniture legs are designed with a wide base. You can use these on beds placed on tile or hardwood flooring, as well as on top of a rug or a carpet. With its black color, you can also make sure that these do not take away from the beauty of your furniture.

One major problem you would face if you go for this set of frame legs is the fact that you can only use it on bed frames that have round, hollow legs. This is because it is designed to slide into the legs of your bed frame to elevate it securely.

  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used on different items of furniture
  • Sturdily and solidly built
  • Has a meek yet practical design
  • Available in sets of four legs
  • Only compatible with beds that have round hollow legs
  • Only available in black

5. Home Paradise BG-01 Steel Stem Plastic Feet

Regardless of the type of flooring you have be it tile, carpet, or wood you can securely elevate your furniture using these glides from Home Paradise. You use these if you wish to replace caster or furniture wheels with a more sturdy and stable option.

In order to ensure a maximum level of stability when installed, each of these legs arrives as two pieces: a top part that you insert onto your bed frame; and the base that protects your flooring from scratches. With these, you can rest assured that your bed stays elevated and in place.

5 17

As you may have noticed, most frame legs we reviewed are black in color. What makes these different from the other options so far is the fact that they are dark brown. In turn, they look more natural when used with classic furniture pieces.

These frame legs boast a combination of hard-wearing and strong plastic and steel, providing you with durable legs that can carry heavy loads securely. With these, you can give your furniture an upgrade by simply gliding these on the legs!

  • Safe to use for both soft and hard floors
  • Perfect for replacing bed frame wheels
  • Has a wide base to ensure stability
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Comes in the color dark brown
  • Compatible with standard round hollow legs
  • Only available in one color
  • Can only add about less than three inches to the height

6. Home’;s Place Replacement Bed Frame Feet

Sturdy and stable those are the two words that best describe this set of bed frame feet from Home’;s Place. While they sport a rather simple design, you can be sure that these bed frame legs are among the best on the market.

In order to have a good night’;s rest, obviously, you need your bed to be comfortable and stable at the same time. If you have one that’;s too low for you, you can easily solve that problem with the help of these replacement bed frame feet from Home’;s Place.

6 17

For the manufacturers to ensure that the bed doesn’;t slide when elevated, these bed frame feet feature a cone-shaped design. They even have a wide base that measures 2.5 inches for even more added stability. With these, you get a bed that doesn’;t slip even if you move around as you sleep.

Because of the fact that these are made of plastic, you can rest assured that they won’;t leave scratches on your flooring. This feature makes them perfect for all kinds of floors, including carpet, tile, laminate, and hardwood. These provide a little lower than three inches of added height.

  • Designed to replace bed frame wheels
  • Provides you with good value for your money
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Doesn’;t damage the flooring
  • Lightweight and simple yet functional design
  • Only suitable for bed frame legs that are round and hollow
  • Doesn’;t elevate the bed frame much

7. Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed Riser Legs

If you are very specific and want a set of bed riser legs that are from the same brand as your Leggett and Platt bed frame, then get these bed frame feet right away! With these, you can give your bed a boost and elevate it to the height that you desire.

Unlike most options we checked out, this set is specifically designed to cater to bed frames designed and manufactured by Leggett and Platt. In this way, you can be sure that the quality of the bed frame risers you buy is at the same level as your beloved bed.

7 14

What’;s really interesting about these bed frame legs is that you can buy them in five different heights, allowing you to adjust your bed’;s height according to your specific needs. You can buy them in their three-, four-, six-, nine-, or 11-inch variety.

These bed frame legs also feature a very simple design. They work perfectly and don’;t interfere with the functionalities of your bed frame. These bed frame legs are also black in color, which means that they will easily complement different styles of furniture.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Screws in securely for stability
  • Sold in sets of four bed frame legs
  • Has a sturdy metal construction
  • Designed only for Leggett and Platt bases
  • Much smaller in diameter than most frame legs
  • Won’;t work if you buy the wrong size for your bed
  • Might leave scratches on the flooring

8. Home Paradise Bed Frame Feet Replacement, Set of 4

As soon as we were finished trying out those rise legs from Leggett and Platt, we realized that cone-shaped bed frame legs are really the way to go. And if you’;re on the same page as we are, then check out this set of bed frame feet replacement from Home Paradise. These come in a package of four good-quality bed frame legs.

This set of bed frame legs is yet another awesome option we found from Home Paradise. Indeed, you can trust that this brand knows what works and what doesn’;t when it comes to home living and comfort. This is very much evident in their products.

8 14

These bed frame feet replacement, like many others on this list, are cone-shaped, making them stable, strong, and perfect to use on all types of flooring, including carpet, tile, laminate, or even hardwood! With its wide base, your floor is protected from scratches. This also means that your bed won’;t slip with the slightest movements.

For your peace of mind, these are designed to fit most bed frames. These bed frame feet replacement effectively add about 2.75 inches of height to your bed. These have a dark brown finish to complement most classic-style furniture pieces.

  • Perfect for replacing damaged bed frame feet
  • Designed to replace bed frame wheels
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand
  • Fits very snugly and doesn’;t slip
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing construction
  • Keeps the bed from slipping
  • Doesn’;t really offer much additional height

9. Leggett and Platt 5″ Steel Adjustable Bed Riser Legs

Yet again, as we were searching for the best bed frame legs, we came across a set of high-quality riser legs. These are specifically designed for the adjustable beds that Leggett and Platt offer, and with these, you can be sure that you get the bed height that you want.

These set of four rise legs from Leggett and Platt were designed to replace the original legs that were in their adjustable beds. Each leg has a beautiful yet simple black finish that would not take away from the elegance that your bed emits. Like the other bed riser leg set from Leggett and Platt, these are made durably to ensure that your bed is stable.

9 14

What makes this set different is that the legs are able to lift your bed up to five inches high! This gives you ample room underneath your bed for storage. Aside from that, it would also give your bed a new, improved look.

You don’;t have to worry about having a hard time installing these bed frame riser legs. On top of each leg is an M8 threaded bolt that makes installing these quick and easy. With these, you can either raise or lower your bed according to your needs.

  • Works perfectly for Leggett and Platt bed frames
  • Has a simple yet functional design
  • Strong and long-lasting construction
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Has an attractive black finish
  • Has a smaller diameter than most bed frame legs
  • More expensive than its counterparts

10. IKEA Bjorli 3 7/8″ Silver Metal Steel Bed Risers

As you may have already known, IKEA is among the leading brands when it comes to designing and manufacturing furniture pieces. This company offers anything from ottomans to chairs, sofas, love seats, cabinets, and beds. Of course, they also offer accessories for these items, and this set of bed risers is only some of them.

If you wish to get your bed frame legs from a trusted brand that has been in the industry for decades, then what you want is this set of bed risers from IKEA. With these, you can rest assured that you are getting bed risers that are strong and of the highest quality.

10 14

These bed frame legs are made using powder-coated steel legs, polyamide feet, and galvanized steel screws, resulting in bed frame legs that are corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. What’;s even more amazing is that you can quickly and easily install these on your own. Each leg has a metric head that screws into place in just a few turns.

It is also very easy to care for these bed risers. In order to last longer and keep their shine, it is recommended that you wipe each leg clean using a mild cleaner. Then, dry it using a clean, dry cloth.

  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Also available in different styles, levels, and colors
  • Effectively raises your bed but not too high
  • Guaranteed durable and long-wearing
  • Helps to give your bed a fresh look
  • Requires no additional hardware to install
  • Only for legs that accept metric thread

Things to Consider Before Selecting the High Quality Bed Frame Legs

Evident from the list of bed frame legs we have listed above, there are many different types of bed risers you can choose from. A quick search online or a short trip to your local furniture store will provide you with a vast selection of choices that it can sometimes be challenging to find what you’;re looking for.

If that’;s your case, then what you need to do first is to learn the things that you need to take a close look at when selecting a set of high-quality bed frame legs. In this way, you would know immediately once you’;ve found the right model.

11 8

In order to help you out, listed below are the top considerations to keep in mind:

  • Material

First and foremost, you would want to know the materials that were used in the construction of the bed frame legs that you’;re considering to buy. In this way, you will have a general idea as to whether or not that set of bed frame legs is indeed sturdy, hard-wearing, and worth the price.

More often than not, bed frame legs are made using either plastic, metal, or wood. Of these three, obviously, wood is the most resilient. However, best wooden bed frame legs can also be the most expensive. Nevertheless, these do offer stability and even weight distribution.

On the other hand, if you are going to choose bed frame legs made of plastic or metal, opt for those that are constructed using heavy-duty types of plastic or metal. In this way, you’;d have a greater chance that they won’;t collapse or break due to heavy use.

  • Size

Next on your list of considerations is the size, not only of the legs themselves but also the size of your bed. You have to make sure that the legs that you buy can accommodate the dimensions of your bed without making it unstable and look peculiar. If you don’;t, you will get a bed that’;s crooked, ruining your comfort and the overall appearance of your room.

  • Height

Each of us has our own reasons why we wish to replace the original legs of our beds with new ones. Perhaps we simply need to change them because one of the legs got broken, and it is also a possibility that you want to lower or raise your bed to accommodate your specific needs.

In this case, you have to consider the height of the bed frame legs that you buy. Find out if they will lower or raise the height of the bed that you have right now, and whether they can meet your requirements.

Some bed legs are able to lift beds up to a maximum of three inches only, while there are others designed to raise beds as high up as eight, 10, or 12 inches. Do you prefer your bed close to the floor or inches above it so that you can use the space underneath as storage?

  • Weight

Of course, you’;d also want to make sure that the bed frame legs you buy can carry both the total weight of your bed and the weight of those who will be sleeping on it! This is very important because this will determine the safety of the person or persons who would be sleeping on the bed. After all, you wouldn’;t want the legs to collapse while someone is sleeping on the bed, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet sure if you really do need to buy bed frame legs? Perhaps you still got doubts in your mind whether they are effective or not. To help you out, we have answered some of the most common questions surrounding bed frame legs.

12 8

  • What are bed frame legs?

Bed frame legs or bed risers are heavy-duty furniture accessories that are designed to carry the total weight of the bed frame, the mattress, and the possible weights of the person/s who would be sleeping on the bed. These are sold to replace the original bed frame legs that were either broken or not suitable for the flooring.

Aside from that, there are also bed frame legs that were designed to either lower or raise the height of the bed. In this way, you can customize your bed, depending on your needs.

  • Can you use bed risers on full-size beds?

More often than not, twin or full beds require at least four pieces of bed frame legs to ensure stability. However, if you have a queen or a king bed, you would need to acquire additional legs so that there are legs to support the middle of the bed frame.

  • What is the weight limit of bed risers?

So far, based on our experience, the highest weight capacity we’;ve seen that bed risers can carry is 2000 pounds, which is around 905 kilograms. You have to remember, though, that the bed frame legs would need to carry the total weight of the bed frame, the mattress, and the person/s sleeping on it.

  • Are bed frame legs easy to install?

Installing bed frame legs is easy. In fact, some even claim that doing so will only take a few minutes. More often than not, you also won’;t need tools or additional hardware because they are already included in the purchase.


Bed frame legs are awesome furniture accessories that allow you to modify your bed to your desired height. In this way, you can use the space under the bed as storage. Alternatively, you can also use bed frame legs that are shorter than the original legs of your bed so as to lower the bed to your liking.

With the choices we’;ve listed above, we are sure that finding the right set of bed frame legs for your bed is now easy. Just remember to go over our buyer’;s guide to make the right decision.

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