Best Fleece Blankets Reviews & Ratings 2022

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Keeping yourself warm throughout the winter season is a bit challenging, especially if weather experts forecasted below freezing temperatures in the coming days. So, how can you combat this problem? You can cover up yourself with one of the best fleece blankets designed for these extremely cold temperatures.

Fleece blankets aren’;t the usual covers that you see from shops. These super soft blankets are generally made from synthetic materials that have features similar to wool. They also keep you warm and can wick away any form of moisture. Fleece is a lightweight material, whereas wool is bulky and heavy.

In case you have finally decided to go for ultra-soft fleece blankets, we have prepared this extensive review of ten brands that have proven to provide the highest level of warmth and coziness. Take your time to explore each product, get to know the features and discover which suits your needs, personality, and budget.

Top 10 Best Fleece Blankets Reviews

1. Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket

The first brand we managed to perform a thorough inspection on is the Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket. Bedsure fleece blankets are ideal for any buyer with an elegant taste. This blanket is made from high-quality microfiber. The plushy feel makes it warm and super soft on the skin.

1 19

Is it lightweight? Yes, with its 100% microfiber component, it is considered a lightweight blanket. In fact, it’s classified as a portable blanket that anyone could use as a cover-up while watching TV, travelling, or camping out for the weekend.

How about its design? The design shows sophistication. A fine and detailed stitching technique is visible along the seams. Plus, the reversible style allows you to interchange it depending on your sleeping or lounging needs.

Where can you use it? Well, this fleece blanket’s construction and material are suitable for any setting or environment. You can use it as an additional blanket for your bedroom to keep you warm. Or, you can use this fleece blanket to cover your shoulders while lounging in the living room. On the other hand, when heading off for outdoor activities like picnics, backpacking, or camping, the fleece blanket can truly give you extra warmth when the weather becomes a bit colder.

What do I get in return for buying this product? This brand comes with 1-month warranty coverage on return or replacement service and free lifetime customer support. That’;s amazingly a good bargain for money spent on this fleece blanket.

  • The fleece blanket is made from 100% microfiber, has a plushy feel on the skin, and is lightweight
  • This item can be used in many ways – as a cover-up while camping, backpacking or on a picnic, extra blanket during harsh winter months, additional layering over your shoulders while inside the house
  • The manufacturer offers this product with a 1-month return or replacement and lifetime customer service
  • The blanket offers great value and is available in numerous color options
  • Some customers feedback on the blanket’;s lining material is no quite impressive

2. Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket

For those individuals that prefer a type of fleece blanket that has less maintenance, the Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket Microfiber is highly recommended. The material used is 100% brushed polyester fiber, easy to clean and maintain. You can simply toss it inside the washing machine, set it at a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at low heat. You can also naturally air dry it outside to preserve its original condition. The fabric’;s quality is expected to remain in good condition despite regular washing.

2 19

As for versatility, this fleece blanket material can be also found in the production of hoodies, jackets, sweaters including outdoor apparel. The fabric’;s plushy feel will keep you warm and cozy, perfect for chilly nights of the winter season. It can be used as an extra blanket on your bed, a nap blanket while lounging in the living room, or a cover-up for the shoulders while outdoor (backpacking or camping).

Is it warm enough for extreme winter months? Yes, this brand of fleece blanket can provide the extra warmth that you need, both indoor and outdoor as the freezing temperature worsens.

Can it match any home interior? The color options available are grey, navy, tan, and chocolate which can match any room in the house. It can go along in the bedroom, living room, kitchen as well as in the outdoor.

  • The fleece blanket is made from premium quality double-sided brushed polyester fiber that is super warm and comfy on the skin
  • Versatile use both for indoor and outdoor
  • Four color options to choose from (grey, navy, tan, and chocolate)
  • Hassle-free care and maintenance – the product is machine washable set at gentle cycle, can be naturally air dried or tumble dried at a low heat temperature
  • This fleece blanket is not fire retardant

3. Richave Fleece Blankets Queen Size for All Season

For customers that want a fleece blanket that can be used all-year-round, we recommend the Richave Fleece Blankets All Season. This super-soft blanket is designed to function efficiently regardless of the season. Whether it’;s winter, summer, spring, or fall, the Richave Fleece Blanket promises the right amount of warmth to keep the user comfortable inside the house or while backpacking, camping, or travelling.

3 19

How about care requirements? This brand of fleece blanket has easy-to-follow washing instructions. It’;s machine washable. You just need to set the washing machine at a gentle washing cycle using cold water. As for drying, this fleece blanket is not advisable for tumble drying. You can dry it outside. Also, this fleece blanket should not be ironed to prevent damage to the fabric.

The construction of this fleece blanket is designed to last for years. The fabric material is from high-quality microfiber polyester with 350 GSM (gram per square meter). The higher the GSM score, the thicker and heavier the fabric component. Additionally, this type of fabric is shrinkage and stain-resistant. You can expect the fabric’;s color to remain even when washed frequently.

Is it covered with a warranty? The manufacturer is selling this fleece blanket with a 60-days refund or replacement coverage. If you’re unhappy with the purchase, you can return the fleece blanket in order to get a refund or replacement.

Several color options and sizes are available to meet your personal preference. This blanket is available in brown, camel, dark grey, grey, ivory, lake blue, purple and royal blue. The sizes range from travel blanket, throw, twin, queen, and king size.

  • The product offers multiple uses both for indoor and outdoor (additional bed blanket, napping or lounging blanket in the living room, cover-up or layering blanket while backpacking, camping, or travelling)
  • This fleece blanket is machine washable under cold water gentle washing cycle
  • It comes with 60 days refund or replacement warranty
  • You may need a spare blanket while drying the fleece blanket outside because it’;s not advisable for tumble drying

4. Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

Do you prefer a throw blanket to keep you warm while lounging, watching television, reading, or taking a short nap? If yes, then the Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket may tick all the boxes. This lightweight blanket comes in a size that is perfect for snuggling.

4 20

Is it a wise investment? If you will compare its price and the benefits that this fleece throw blanket has to offer, then, it’;s considered a wise investment. This super-soft throw blanket can be used for any season. Both lightweight and reliably cozy, it will keep you warm during the winter. Aside from that, this product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Any customer dissatisfied with the purchase can return it within the stated period of coverage and get a refund.

The throw blanket exhibit durable construction. The material is sourced from 100% microfiber polyester, which has a plushy texture. It’;s proven to deliver the maximum level of comfort in any season of the year. This product is easy to care for and maintain. It’;s machine washable and can be tumble dried. Plus, it is resistant to wrinkles, pilling as well as fading even when washed often.

  • The fleece throw blanket material is 100% premium microfiber polyester, available in multiple color options
  • The product is classified as an all-year-round throw blanket for home and outdoor use
  • The manufacturer exclusively sells this product with a 30-day money-back guarantee for all unhappy customers, full refund applies
  • The fabric is wrinkle, pill and fade resistant, expected for long-term use
  • It has easy-to-follow washing instruction, machine washed set at cold water gentle cycle, tumble dry at low heat
  • Specified vibrancy of color on the product description may not appear the same upon receipt of the throw blanket
  • Reports of previous customers claimed that the throw blanket’;s fabric is a bit thin

5. Qbedding Luxury Collection Microplush Flannel Fleece Blanket

The Qbedding Luxury Collection Microplush Flannel Fleece Blanket is designed for picky customers that only want the best in their bedding essentials. This ultra-soft fleece blanket has a luxurious feel on the skin, making it your all-year blanket. Let’;s go over this product’;s highlighted features.

5 19

Quite versatile, you can use it to cover yourself while lying on a sofa or drape it across your shoulders while sipping coffee outside the porch. It can also be used as an extra bed sheet for the hard winter season.

The construction of this fleece blanket shows superior workmanship. The fabric’s material is German polyester, which is impressively thick and suitable in areas with colder temperatures. Additionally, the German polyester has an anti-static feature. It doesn’;t collect human or animal hair including elements that could trigger an allergy attack. That’;s why people with allergies or skin sensitivity can safely use this fleece blanket.

Since it’s designed to be durable, the quality is expected to withstand regular machine washing. Just make sure to use a mild detergent and set the washing machine under the gentle cycle, with cold water. Avoid the use of harsh washing agents including bleach. This fleece blanket should be air-dried to reduce the abrasion on its fabric.

  • Great value material made from anti-static German polyester certified with 380 GSM – expected to be thicker and hypoallergenic
  • The manufacturer advises customers to wash it separately via washing machine, set at cold water gentle cycle
  • This product has been classified as an all-season throw blanket, both for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Available in twin size (59-inch x 78-inch)
  • High-quality product that comes with a reasonable price
  • The fabric may experience minimal shedding during the initial wash
  • This product is not suited for tumble dryer and may take some time to air dry

6. HOZY Soft Queen Size Blanket for Fall Winter Spring

In case you prefer a lightweight fleece material that can be used all year round, the HOZY Soft Queen Size All Season Thermal Fleece is one of the best blankets to go for. Let’;s have a look at this fleece blanket’;s winning features.

6 19

First of all, this super-soft blanket is constructed from 100% microfiber polyester that is lightweight and has the coziest feel on the skin. Since it’;s lightweight, this washable blanket is easy to carry, perfect for travelling. You can simply store it inside a bag and have the luxury to use it when the weather becomes cold.

Second, it has been categorized as a year-round blanket, which means anyone can confidently use this fleece blanket regardless it’;s winter, spring, summer, or fall. This fleece blanket is designed to keep you warm and comfortable.

Third, it’;s definitely a practical purchase. This fleece blanket is durable and is not prone to shedding or pilling. In fact, it’;s tested and proven to last for years even with frequent washing. Plus, this product has customer warranty coverage. Full refund is applicable to any unhappy customer.

Fourth, this blanket is available in various color options and sizes. You will never run out of choices to match your personality, home interior, or outdoor needs.

Fifth, this brand of fleece blanket has minimal care and maintenance requirements. It’;s classified to be machine washable at a gentle cycle. It can be dried quickly with the help of a tumble dryer, too. The fabric used is shrink resistant, meaning it stays in its original shape after every wash.

  • The lightweight and breathable fabric comes from 100% microfiber polyester with 350 GSM
  • This product has been categorized as an all-season fleece blanket (winter, spring, summer, and fall)
  • The machine-washable blanket offers manageable care and maintenance
  • Varied color options and sizes to suit every customer’;s preference
  • The manufacturer offers this product with a 1-year refund guarantee
  • The fleece blanket may not be sufficient for winter months with below-freezing temperatures, user will need to use it with a comforter

7. LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket Fuzzy Soft Throw Blanket

Another brand of fleece throw blanket that caught our attention is the LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket. So, what makes it a standout? Here are some of the highlights of this great value fleece throw blanket.

7 19

It comes with a reversible design. One side of the throw blanket is plush, providing optimum comfort to the user. The other side showcases intricate patterns, which makes it one of the best blankets to brighten a sofa, couch, or bed.

How about size availability? This brand of fleece throw blanket comes in varying sizes to match every customer’;s need. The small version would be great for kids while the x-large will suit any adult individual.

When it comes to versatility, the LOMAO Fleece Throw can play many roles. It can be a great gift idea for any occasion. Homeowners with makeover projects inside the living room or bedroom could use this throw blanket for decoration. It can be a centerpiece for a bed with plain bed sheets. Or, be creative and hang this throw blanket on the side of a couch or living room sofa. And, lastly, anyone can use it as a nap blanket, an extra layering while doing outdoor activities (backpacking, camping, or picnic) or while travelling. It’;s everyone’;s all-season blanket.

The material composition of this fleece throw blanket is high-grade microfiber polyester, certified to be soft, warm, and durable. The workmanship applied in the production shows expertise in detailed stitching. That’;s why it’;s expected to last for years with proper care.

What about care instruction? The manufacturer recommends first-time buyers to wash it separately inside the washing machine and set it at a gentle cycle. Make sure to air dry this super-soft blanket to preserve the fabric. You may tumble dry it at low heat temperature. Ironing is not advisable either as well as the use of harsh cleaning agents.

  • The fabric material is high-grade microfiber polyester and has the softest feel on the skin
  • The product has a dual-sided design – the plush side helps you to stay warm and the intricate side for decorative purposes
  • This blanket is available in a number of color options
  • A machine washable blanket that can be air-dried or tumble dried at a low heat temperature
  • Initial washing of the blanket requires extra care

8. NANPIPER Fleece Blanket Reversible Sherpa Flannel Throw Blanket

This next brand has fifty years of experience in the manufacture of quality textiles, fabrics, and blankets. Their products are available from their online store via Amazon. The company’;s mission is to continue to be a top-performing retailer of textile products in the entire USA. If you’re looking for the best faux fur blanket, the NANPIPER Reversible Sherpa Flannel Throw Blanket might be a good candidate.

8 19

The flannel throw blanket has a reversible design, one side has a rich cashmere finish while the other side with faux sheepskin in white color. The user can freely select which reversible side to match his or her present need. For example, if the user prefers maximum warmth, then use the side made from faux sheepskin.

As for its construction, you’ll appreciate the detailed craft done on the fabric. Perfect knit-trim stitches are evident on all edges of the throw blanket. And, the fabric material has the softest feel on the skin, thanks to the 100% ultra-soft microfiber polyester used. The actual weight of this high-quality flannel throw is not too thick and not too light. You can use it for any season of the year.

In addition, this reversible faux fur also has distinct features to offer such as anti-shed, anti-fade and anti-shrink. That’;s indeed great value for your money.

  • The flannel throw blanket is reversible, the top side is cashmere and the bottom part is made from faux sheepskin
  • A reliable extra blanket to keep you warm during cooler or colder months
  • Other uses include decoration on sofa, couch, or bed, gift idea for any occasion or shoulder cover-up while backpacking or camping
  • This item has been rated as an all-season blanket
  • Manufacturer care instruction indicates that it’s machine washable at gentle cycle, tumble dry at low heat setting
  • The flannel throw blanket is not fire-resistant

9. Charm Heart Luxury Fleece Blanket

The Charm Heart Luxury Fleece Blanket, which is rated as an All-Season blanket, could be the next addition to your bedding collections. Why? Below are some of the featured offers of this fleece blanket.

9 19

Durable construction is evident in the fabric material used. Its microfiber fabric has been certified with 350 GSM (gram per square meter), which means the higher the score the thicker the fabric component. Plus, a double stitching method is applied to ensure the durability of this high-quality blanket. This proves it can last for years regardless of regular washing.

Is it warm enough for the winter season? If you will compare it with a comforter, the level of warmth is sufficient enough even when the temperature dips below zero. With its 350 GSM, it has the ability to retain body heat, helping you to stay warm when it’s freezing cold.

How about the size and color of the fleece blanket? It’;s available in varied sizes from king, queen, and twin. As for colors, the choices come in seven shades to match any living room or bedroom décor. You can even drape the fleece blanket on your family sofa or couch to create a dramatic effect.

How about care requirements? This fleece blanket has easy-to-follow care instructions. It’;s machine washable. Use cold water and select the gentle cycle for washing, then tumble dry at low heat. If dried outside, avoid direct sun exposure to prevent the fabric’s color from fading. The material is resistant to shrinking.

  • The fleece blanket has super dense, thick microfiber fabric with 350 GSM, durable and suitable for all-season use
  • It has a classic design, perfect for any living room or as bedroom décor
  • The manufacturer offers this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can return it and get a full refund
  • This item comes in various sizes (king, queen, and twin)
  • Available in a wide variety of shades – grey, dark grey, smokey grey, dark blue, green, ivory and purple
  • The product has no provision for cover

10. GREEN ORANGE Fleece Blanket

Green Orange is a trustworthy brand with ten years of solid experience in the industry. The company also utilizes the latest technology in its production process, ensuring each product complies strictly with global standards of quality and performance. And the raw materials used have been granted with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, meaning they are safe for general use and non-toxic. Now, let’;s take a closer look at what this brand offer to all interested buyers.

10 19

First, this blanket has been graded with the following certifications – OEKO-TEX certified, BSCI, SEDEX, SQP, and WCA. What does it mean to a potential buyer? It simply indicates that the materials used have been sourced carefully, underwent a safe processing procedure, and tested against shedding or pilling.

Second, the micro-plush fabric is 100% hypoallergenic. People with allergies can confidently use this fleece blanket without an allergic reaction.

Third, it’;s lightweight and breathable, which makes it suitable for any season of the year. Expect the fleece blanket to feel extra warm during the winter season and provide just the right amount of heat during chilly nights of spring, fall or summer.

How about flexibility? The fleece blanket is very flexible. It can be used mainly as an extra blanket on your bed. On the other hand, it can serve as a nap blanket while lounging on the family sofa.  Or, it can be your layering cover while doing some outdoor activities like backpacking or camping. Should you buy it? Well, you have nothing to lose because it comes with a money-back guarantee to any unhappy customer. Full refund applies with no questions asked.

  • The product has been certified to be safe and toxic-free, customers with allergies can freely use it without worries of having an allergic reaction
  • It can be a universal gift for any occasion and rated as the all-season blanket
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee, full refund applicable to anyone unhappy with the product
  • The fabric material can be prone to shrinkage if washing instruction provided is not followed

Different Type of Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are widely used in places that often experience extreme weather conditions during winter months because they are very efficient in heat retention. The fabric materials usually have insulation features, are lightweight and breathable. For you to clearly identify which is the right fleece blanket for you, I have listed below the different types of fleece blankets.

11 17

Pure Fleece

This type of fleece is generally lightweight and portable. The fleece material used is thin, which makes it the on-the-go blanket for travelling. Also, the pure fleece blanket is suited for all seasons.


The next type of fleeces that you may find from accredited retailers is the Sherpa-Fleece. It’;s considerably thicker and bulky when compared with pure fleece. However, the Sherpa fleece blanket is expected to deliver maximum insulation to the user, especially during freezing weather conditions.

Weighted Fleece

Among the types of fleece blankets that will make you warm and cozy is the weighted fleece blanket. The material used for its production comes from synthetic micro-beads. So, expect the blanket to be heavier than lightweight fleece blankets. The weighted fleece blanket also has a heat retention feature. Anyone covered up with the weighted fleece blanket during colder months of winter will surely sleep soundly. Since it’;s a lot heavier than pure fleece and Sherpa-Fleece, the weighted fleece is not highly recommended for travelling.

The above types of fleece blankets are the most popular in the marketplace. You may also find other fleece blankets with unique features such as water-resistant, anti-shed, anti-pilling, and anti-fade. And, this could be due to the fabric material used. There are fleece blankets made from a higher composition of premium polyester while others constructed with pure organic cotton or have a combination of brushed microfiber polyester fabric. In some instances, manufacturers also integrate advanced technology in the production of their fleece blankets. These include treating the fabric to be fire-resistant, making it capable of wicking away any form of moisture or certified to be OEKO-TEX (safe for general use, hypoallergenic and non-toxic).

What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Fleece Blanket?

Buying a fleece blanket is a wise investment. Anyone that loves to stay warm can benefit from it. However, finding the best fleece blanket can be a bit confusing. In case you are having apprehensions, use these key features as reference.

13 12

Material Used

Yes, the material is very crucial when selecting a fleece blanket. Premium quality fleece blankets may have varying materials. Some fleece blankets can be made from high graded polyester fabric. There are also fleece blankets with microfiber brushed fabric, Sherpa fleece or combined plush material, and faux sheepskin.


The actual feel of the fleece blanket is mostly associated with the type of finish applied to the fabric material use. Some brands of fleece blankets may have super soft finish while others exhibit plushy or cashmere finish.

Care Instruction

The care instruction of most fleece blankets usually includes the use of cold water and washed separately, either by hand wash or washing machine set at gentle cycle. The method of drying is either air dry outdoor or via tumble dryer at low heat.


The size is another key feature to look for when buying a fleece blanket. Depending on the user’;s preference, the sizes of fleece blankets do vary from throw blanket, king, queen, and twin. These sizes can accommodate the specific needs of customers. For example, if you are a frequent traveler and prefer a compactly built fleece blanket, a throw blanket could be a perfect match.


Fleece blankets are sold in multiple shades. Anyone can find a particular color that will blend with the rest of the home’;s interior and furniture.

Design and Aesthetic

Some fleece blankets are designed with reversible sides. One side could provide a plushy or velvety finish of faux fur while the other side could showcase ornaments or patterns that could be aesthetically appealing to any onlooker.


Every potential buyer has allocated a fixed budget for the purchase of a fleece blanket. The amount of money that one is willing to spend is as important as with the other features. At the end of the day, it’;s the potential buyer’;s final decision that will matter most. So, do careful analysis on which is important, quality, versatility or affordability.


Fleece blankets are also categorized based on their weight feature. Some have a lightweight construction, easy to carry, and compact. And, there are fleece blankets that come with heavier built and are designed for places with below zero temperatures. Again, it all depends on your preferences. For example, if you want a fleece blanket that can be used all-year-round, then a fleece blanket with lightweight material is the perfect solution. However, if you need more insulation during the harsh winter season, then a heavier fleece blanket made from thicker fabric is highly recommended.


The more versatile the fleece blanket the better. Keep in mind, a multi-purpose fleece blanket is a great bargain for any household. For example, some fleece blankets come in medium size. They can be used as a travel blanket, nap blanket or shoulder cover-up while outdoor. That’;s why it’;s important for the potential buyer to address his or her specific needs before making a final purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the fleece blanket suited for the winter season?

Fleece blankets are designed for winter season because most of the materials used have insulation needed for the body to stay dry, warm and comfortable.

  • Is the fleece blanket machine washable?

The washing requirement of fleece blankets may vary depending on the type of fabric material. Some have delicate fabric and need to be hand wash only, while other fleece blankets have thicker material and are machine washable. Strict compliance on the manufacturer’;s care instruction for washing should be carried out to preserve the pristine condition of the fleece blanket and to prevent pilling.

  • Can you tumble dry the fleece blanket?

Again, it really depends on the type of material the fleece blanket is constructed. Some brands are advised for tumble dryer, provided the setting is at low heat. Other brands with delicate fabric or intricate patterns are recommended to be air-dried naturally outdoor to avoid shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

  • What is the ideal size for a fleece blanket?

Fleece blankets do come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The common sizes include the throw blanket with a size measurement of 50 inches by 60 inches. Then, the sizes usually follow the standard bed sizes like twin, queen and king.

  • What is the best fabric for the production of fleece blankets?

The most popular type of material often used in the production of fleece blankets is the synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabric has good insulation and provides the right amount of warmth to the user.

  • Why invest in a reversible fleece blanket?

Buying a reversible fleece blanket is cost-effective because you have the option to interchange it to match your needs. A reversible fleece blanket may have one side with a soft finish while the other side has decorative patterns. Imagine the amount of money you saved from having a dual-purpose fleece blanket.


This comprehensive review of the best fleece blankets aims to enlighten any potential customer in the decision making and buying process. Whether you want a lightweight, heavier built or affordable fleece blanket, we do suggest you read the ten brands mentioned above. We have specifically conducted an in-depth assessment of the value that each brand has to offer. Remember, the final decision on which product to buy should greatly improve your experience. And, take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with the fleece blankets sold in the market.

Once you found the perfect match, get yours now and enjoy the perks of snuggling underneath the best fleece blanket the market has to offer.

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