How to Choose the Right Bed Frame For Your Bedroom

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Fun fact: Did you know you actually spend about 1/3 of your life lying on your bed? It might be more for some of us though. Kidding aside, this little tidbit of trivia should implore you to invest in choosing the best bed for you. It goes without saying that the wrong bed can cause some problems in the long run. Bad back, sore muscles, and lack of proper sleep can really ruin what should be a period when your body gets to recharge.

With that in mind, we figured we can give you pointers on how to choose the right bed frame. Considering all the important factors can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Let’s begin our journey from here to snooze town, shall we?



An Introduction to the Different Sizes of Bed Frames

Before we head on out to your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store, you should be aware that there are several types of bed frames available in the market.

  • Twin-sized Bed Frame

The smallest one you can find, the twin-sized bed frame is mostly ideal for children or as a spare bed for guests. It has a dimension of 38 x 75 inches, so it might not offer the most comfortable sleeping experience for a full-sized adult.

  • Full-sized Bed Frame

Full-sized bed frames are designed for adults and offer enough space to offer a comfortable rest for one and large enough to accommodate two people, albeit with considerably less leg room. Its overall dimension is around 53 x 75 inches.

  • Queen-sized Bed Frame

This bed frame is the ideal choice for two people or couples who prefer an adequately sized bed frame. Large enough for two people with a relatively compact design to maximize space inside the bedroom. Personally, we consider this as the best bed frame size for couples. Enough space for each but keeps both of you close enough for a comfortable snuggle. Its total dimension is usually at 60 x 80 inches.

  • King-sized Bed Frame

For couples who want to get ample sleeping space, the King-sized bed frame is the best option. However, it can be rather large and is an impractical choice for rooms with limited space. You should measure your room’s overall dimensions first to see if a King-sized bed frame will fit in nicely without taking too much space. As for its dimensions, it comes in at 76 x 80 inches.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame

Now that you are familiar with the different variety of bed frames you can buy, it is time to learn how to narrow down your choices. Follow the guideline below to shorten your option of bed frames to the best possible ones that will suit your needs.

  • Check the size.

This is the most important factor to consider before purchasing a bed frame. You should have an idea of the right bed frame size to fit inside your bedroom without taking more than its fair share of space. If you are planning on replacing an older bed frame then choosing the right one will be much easier as you already have a reference. For example, is the current bed frame taking too much space? Can you spare more space for your bed?

A good tip for deciding the right bed frame is by using masking tape and placing an outline on the floor to help you visualize the right bed frame size. However, I do advise to take extra care if the room is still devoid of any furniture. Take into account where you will place your wardrobes, cabinets, etc. before buying a bed frame.

  • Preferred bed frame height.

Bed frames come in different shapes and sizes. The height is mostly an aesthetic preference but will also come into play with certain activities. For example, if you plan on installing a television inside your bedroom then a low bed frame might make for a difficult watching experience.

High bed frames offer a more visually pleasing experience and also opens up more floor space. Lower bed frames are ideal specifically for relaxation due to its Japanese-style design.

  • Bed frame material and aesthetics.

Take into consideration the overall aesthetic you want the room to have and decide which bed frame style will accentuate that design. You can choose from a variety of bed frames made from polished metal, covered in leather, or wood. It is all up to you, just make sure that the quality and integrity of the bed frame is up to industry standard.

  • Consider additional uses of the bed frame.

Modern minimalist design is all about optimizing space. You can incorporate this style into your bed frame as well. Some bed frames come with several extra compartments that can be used to store clothing, shoes, toys, and other accessories. Modern bed frames even have built-in lighting, cooling, heating, and media ports for your device/gadgets.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right bed frame, modern technology has actually widened our selection when compared to a decade or two ago. Factors to consider when choosing the best bed frame for your bedroom stayed practically the same. But as you can see above, you can also take a few extra steps if you wish for a bed frame that not only offers comfort but also the utmost convenience as well.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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